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Editorials Archive

Welcome to the Editorials archive! Here is the land where opinion is everything. All editorials, Op-Eds, and Letters to the Editor can be found by selecting a year from the list at the left.

What is an Editorial?
An Editorial is a written commentary which reflects the official opinion of this publication, The Journey Zone. Effective March 1, 2003, all editorials are written by Journey Zone staff members and approved by a majority of the staff. If a prospective editorial is not approved by the staff it is published as an Op/Ed.

What is an Op/Ed?
An Op/Ed is an Opinion Editorial which does not reflect the official opinion of the publication. Any individual can submit an Op/Ed for consideration by the Journey Zone, and it will be considered for publication regardless of the opinion discussed, precisely because that is the nature of the Op/Ed--it does not reflect the official opinion of the publication, The Journey Zone. Op/Eds written by Journey Zone staff members are guaranteed publication. Effective March 1, 2003, Op/Eds submitted by persons not working on the Journey Zone staff must be approved by a majority of the Journey Zone staff.

What is a Letter to the Editor?
Letters to the Editor are written in response to an existing Editorial or Op/Ed. They can be of any length, and can reflect any opinion, but they are subject to editing for size, and are not guaranteed for publication.

How do I submit an Op/Ed or Letter to the Editor?
Please e-mail all Op/Eds and Letters to the Editor to editorials at All Op/Eds should be between 300 and 500 words long, should have a title, and should not be in response to any existing editorials or Op/Eds. All Letters to the Editor should specifically state which Editorial or Op/Ed they are addressing.

The fine print:
All submissions remain the intellectual property of their authors, and can be copyrighted by the Journey Zone as such. Unsolicited manuscripts are not guaranteed a reply. The Journey Zone maintains the non-exclusive right to publish (or re-publish) any received Op/Ed or Letter to the Editor upon receipt or at a later time, in full or edited, as well as the non-exclusive right to advertise its publication. Your submission of an Op/Ed or a Letter to the Editor constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

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