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  • May 2, 1999David Hamilton Golland first posts on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board. He is shocked to learn of the fact that Steve Perry has been replaced, but his first post, like all of his subsequent writings, is moderate. Portions of this post would later be reprinted on his website. He quickly makes the acquaintance of fellow Journey fans on the Bulletin Board, ydoboN, Andrea86, Madresfield, JRNYGRL, and others, and develops a reputation as a knowledgable Journey fan.
    June 28, 1999Changing his screen name for the first time to JRNYDV (Journey-Dave), Dave writes a review of his first Journey concert on the IMusic board, and reprints portions in the reviews section of, the original official Journey website.
    July, 1999-
    July, 2000
    JRNYDV continues to surf the web for any and all "Signs of Life" of the band and it's online fan community. He familiarizes himself especially with Steven Lake's Journey Tribute Page, and spends many an hour reading and enjoying that site's content. But he laments the fact that the Journey Tribute Page is not updated frequently. Meanwhile, he teaches himself html to build and improve a website for his current job.
    August 21, 2000JRNYDV moves to Charlottesville, Virginia and enrolls at the University of Virginia in the Graduate History Program. He quickly discovers that the University makes individual websites available to its students.
    October 8, 2000JRNYDV creates JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page, a single-page website within the University of Virginia website. The page features pictures of the current band members, and brief blurbs.
    October 10, 2000JRNYDV takes the day off from work and builds the single page into a multi-page website featuring pages on the band, the hits, the albums, and one with links to other Journey sites. On this day the website that would become Jrnydv.Com is launched, as is a trademark rotating background image, which changes every day.
    October 17, 2000The "Fan Reviews" section is created, featuring a survey and single-question opportunities for fans to make their voices heard on the new album, the lead singer debate, and concerts. ydoboN is the first to post. The website becomes a part of the Journey Webring.
    November 9, 2000Having allowed himself two weeks for the album to sink in, JRNYDV publishes his review of the Japanese version of Arrival. Over the next several days, he collects the rest of his scattered online writings into a new feature for the website, "JRNYDV's Reviews".
    December 2, 2000Andrea86 has a post chosen by JRNYDV as the first Post of the Day, thus inaugurating a continuing favorite aspect of the website.
    December 5, 2000JRNYDV begins republishing the official Journey news, taken from the band's official site.
    December 10, 2000Overwhelmed with the work of maintaining and growing the site, JRNYDV asks for help from his online friends. YdoboN and Andrea86 immediately respond.
    January 16, 2001
    YdoboN becomes the maintainer of the surveys and Andrea86 becomes the Post of the Day Editor, thus relieving JRNYDV from these two duties and forming the first JRNYDV team.
    February 1, 2001The Journey Portal is launched. This is the links page re-done, with each link represented by an image from its respective site. The Journey Portal is conceived of as being beside and just as important as JRNYDV's Journey Tribute page, with its own hits counter and URL address. The portal divides the websites into three categories, and gives each of these categories its own page.
    February 18, 2001Immediately following the release of VH1's Behind the Music: Journey, JRNYDV creates a new single-question survey on the topic, with ydoboN again providing the first response.
    April 4, 2001Immediately following the US release of the new studio album, Journey conducts an online chat on A transcript of this chat is placed on JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page in the Fan Reviews section.
    May 20, 2001JRNYDV returns to New York City for the Summer, updating the website via remote.
    June 26-29, 2001For professional reasons, Andrea86 steps down from her position as Post of the Day editor. she is replaced by Alibabe, who adds an "Editor's Comments" line below each post.
    July 18-
    August 17, 2001
    A problem with the remote connection forces JRNYDV to temporarily put off updating the website until his return to Virginia.
    August 18, 2001JRNYDV posts a written apology for not having updated the site in a month above the website header. This apology, after two weeks, is replaced with a "New this Week" feature, with quickinks to the latest Journey and website events and news.
    September 1-
    October 1, 2001
    Thanks to a promotional call from Higher Octave Records, JRNYDV is sent several copies of Neal Schon's latest solo CD. JRNYDV posts his own review of the CD and holds a contest for the remaining copies. The entries to the contest form the nucleus of the JRNYDV mailing list.
    September 11-
    September 13, 2001
    The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington stun the Journey community, yet the band amazingly plays on, refusing to give in to terror, performing at the last two scheduled nights of the tour, in Michigan and in Pennsylvania. JRNYDV attends the final show, meets the band for the first time, and gets the famous JRNYDV license plate signed. The next day, he writes a lengthy review of the show and the experience. While the tragedy causes the temporary voluntary withdrawal of many Journey sites from the web, in honor of the victims, JRNYDV resolves to face the tragedy with the same determination showed by Journey: the website stays up.
    October 10, 2001The first anniversary of the site is also the occasion for a major expansion of the Band section. Each band member is given his own page, with a plethora of personal information, including birthdays.
    November 10, 2001Alibabe steps down as Post of the Day Editor. Andrea86 agrees to fill in temporarily until a replacement can be found.
    November 11, 2001JRNYDV sends out his second "cry for help", this time, to the new mailing list. The responses are stunning. By Thanksgiving, he, ydoboN, Alibabe, and Andrea86 have selected six new staff members.
    November 17, 2001Bowing to the pressure of slow download times, JRNYDV consolidates the three separate pages of the Journey Portal into a single page with quicklinks for each section at the top.
    November 25, 2001Augerifan, Radiochick, and TowandaRG become the Post of the Day editorial staff, rotating the duties. LAWoman takes over the news collection helm as the first Journey News Editor. Ohiojourney takes over the Journey Portal. Onthefritz joins the team as an informational consultant.
    January 4, 2002
    Ohiojourney reviews Jonathan Cain's latest solo CD, thus writing the first JRNYDV staff review.
    January 9, 2002LAWoman reviews the Journey 2001 DVD.
    January 13, 2002Onthefritz takes over for Radiochick as Post of the Day co-editor.
    January 14, 2002Drmaftrdrm joins the JRNYDV staff as an informational consultant.
    January 22, is purchased.
    January 23, 2002All pages on the website, with the exception of the main page, are moved over to
    January 28, 2002Drmaftrdrm replaces Augerifan as Post of the Day co-editor.
    Janaury 30, 2002The main page is moved over to the new URL, thus officially launching
    February 2, 2002An Interviews section and a site info section are added. The site info section contains hit statistics, a site history, and a site map. A new section is added to the Journey Survey which contains a poll for song requests for the band to play for their next tour, as well as an all-new survey on the Journey 2001 DVD.
    February 3, 2002JRNYDV's Journey Store is added.
    February 4, 2002Neal Schon's guitars go on sale in JRNYDV's Journey Store.
    February 9, 2002DEPARTURE's daily Head 2 Head forum matchups find an archival home at JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page, and DEPARTURE becomes a JRNYDV staff member.
    February 12, 2002JRNYDV begins working on a brand-new look for the website.
    March 2, 2002Three more of Neal's guitars are made available in JRNYDV's Journey Store.
    March 13, 2002Drmaftrdrm resigns as Post of the Day co-Editor. She is replaced by Andrea86. Onthefritz agrees to manage the Post of the Day feature.
    March 16, 2002Oscarguru joins the JRNYDV staff as the team industry insider; Rosvet joins as artistic advisor and financial manager.
    March 18, 2002VocalLizzy joins the JRNYDV team as a Post of the Day Editor, freeing up Onthefritz to just manage that page.
    March 21, 2002Four more of Neal's guitars are made available in JRNYDV's Journey Store.
    April 2, 2002The Arrival Survey is closed after having been open for one year.
    April 3, 2002
    The completely new look of is launched, replacing the old site with an easier-to-use and more attractive version. The old icons and footer toolbar are replaced with a blue left-hand side bar, and the pages are more rationally organized into Sections and Features.
    April 20, 2002Jrnyval joins the jrnydv staff.
    April 23, 2002The Summer 2002 Concert Review Series is launched. It is intended to publish one full-length review for each Journey appearance on their Summer 2002 tour.
    May 4, 2002As part of the 2002 Concert Review Series, a Jrnydv.Com photographer attends the Journey concert in Saint Petersburg, Florida on a professional photography pass.
    May 5, 2002Jrnydv.Com staffers receive and use two additional photography/press passes at the Journey concert in Atlanta, Georgia.
    May 6-27, 2002In a gross over-reaction to a misperception, employees of Journey management, probably in a fit of jealous rage over the professional quality of, attack jrnydv personally and professionally. Dave is falsely accused of fraud and misrepresentation regarding two issues, the first being his having legally and validly obtained legitimate media credentials from two concert venues, and the second being his legal and approved affiliation with Bananas at Large, the company which is selling Neal Schon's Guitars. No evidence against Dave is ever presented, but all references to are immediately and punitively removed from the official Journey forum. When the attempts of these employees of Journey management to assassinate Dave's character do not succeed in forcing him to admit any wrongdoing in the press pass "misunderstanding" or end his affiliation with Bananas at Large, these members of Journey management take to bullying members of the JRNYDV staff as well as Alan Rosen, the agent of Bananas at Large who had asked Dave to advertise Neals's guitars on The results of this attack are the removal of the "Neal Schon's Guitars" page from the MERCHANDISE section of and the resignation of four staff members: Vocallizzy, Ohiojourney, Departure, and Jrnyval, which entails the loss of the Head 2 Head feature to the site.
    June 7, 2002JRNY02 joins the JRNYDV staff as Portal editor.
    July 19-August 5, 2002JRNYDV hits the road and records his "JRNYDV Across America" Editorial Series of his experiences driving back and forth across the country. The series is initially sent to the JRNYDV staff as e-mails, with the intention that it will constitute the first in a new series of website Edtorials.
    August 5, 2002Lunchbreak joins the JRNYDV staff as a Post of the Day editor.
    August 6-7, 2002The REVIEWS Feature is re-organized chronologically, and the new EDITORIALS Feature is added to the website.
    August 19, 2002I'llBeAlrightWithJourney and Cudaclan join the JRNYDV staff as a Post of the Day Editor and a News Reporter, respectively; Onthefritz resigns, having never satisfactorily done any of the jobs she had promised to do. As a Post of the Day Editor from January through April, she had selected and submitted only ten Posts of the Day; From May to August, after she had agreed to manage the Post of the Day Feature and its staff, she had not turned in a single Post of the Day herself and had never contacted the staff to set up a single schedule. Ostensibly, however, she left over her disagreement with the developing editorial position of the site.
    September 22, 2002LAWoman and Lunchbreak resign from the JRNYDV staff in disagreement with the editorial direction of the site.
    September 24, 2002New Editorial approval guidelines go into effect. No piece thereafter, including those written by Dave, could be published as an editorial without approval by all senior editors. Pieces not gaining full approval would be published as Op/Eds.
    September 30, 2002The 2002 Concert Reviews Series concludes, having survived the attacks of Journey Management which blocked the granting of additional press passes, and having morphed into pages of a brand-new REVIEWS Feature of the website. More than twenty individual reviewers participated in this successful venture. The tour songs survey is closed, having served its purpose, and a new question about Journey's latest release, Red 13, is added.
    October 07, 2002GumOnMyShoe27 and Dragon join the Jrnydv.Com staff.
    October 10, 2002AS Jrnydv.Com celebrates the second anniversary of its launch date, the News and Post of the Day staff is reorganized in the wake of the recent resignations. Towanda is made Senior Editor for News, with Cudaclan and Dragon as her Associate Editors; Andrea86 is made Senior Editor for Post of the Day, with I'llbeAlrightWithJourney and GumOnMyShoe27 as Associate Editors. YdoboN remains Senior Associate Editor at large and maintainer of the surveys, JRNY02 remians Associate Editor in charge of the Portal, and NealsTwin? remains site troubleshooter.
    November 17, 2002Jrnydv.Com staffers attend the Gregg Rolie Band concert in Uncasville, Connecticut having arranged passes beforehand with band management. A variety of excellent pictures of Rolie and his band are taken, and former The Storm drummer Ron Wikso, former Santana bassist Alphonso Johnson, founding Santana conga player Michael Carabello, and Gregg Rolie himself sit down with Jrnydv.Com staffers for interviews.
    November 18, 2002The INTERVIEWS sub-section is re-organized chronologically and made into a Feature, and Jrnydv.Com publishes it's editorial "Softening the Edges...or, Walking Away From Them," another attempt to make things right again in the website's relationship with Journey management. A "favorite song from Red 13" question is added to the survey.
    December 1, 2002Jrnydv.Com publishes the Gregg Rolie Band interviews from November 17.
    December 2,'s press page sets up a link to Jrnydv.Com.
    January 8, 2003
    Having been approached by his brother, Michael Fleischman, JRNYDV is granted an hour-long telephone interview of former Journey lead vocalist Robert Fleischman.
    January 9, 2003The "Accreditation" and "Affiliation" pages are added to the SITE INFO Section.
    January 10, 2003Jrnydv.Com staffer Cudaclan puts together a presentation, consisting of a re-published interview, in honor of Aynsley Dunbar's 57th birthday.
    January 19, 2003Jrnydv.Com is granted the Golden Web Award by the International Association of WebMasters & Designers.
    January 22, 2003Jrnydv.Com staffers Towanda and ydoboN put together a presentation, consisting of interviews and photos, in honor of Steve Perry's 54th birthday.
    January 25, 2003The Randy Jackson profile page in THE BAND Section is overhauled and added to the American Idol Webring. Jrnydv.Com is added to the "For the Love of Steve Perry" Webring, the "Everything Eighties" Webring, the "Everything Seventies" Webring, and the Classic Rock Webring.
    January 31, 2003The Robert Fleischman interview from January 8 is published, along with a review of Robert's latest solo CD, World in his Eyes, written by Rich Meyers of Journey Internet Fan Radio. The Journey 2001 poll in the SURVEYS Feature is closed, and the "favorite lead singer" question in the main survey is overhauled to include all five former Journey lead singers as well as the current lead singer.
    February 15, 2003Towanda steps down as senior news editor to become Special Projects Coordinator; GumOnMyShoe27 replaces her.
    February 19, 2003The "Tour Schedules" Page is added to the NEWS Feature. It includes the current tour schedules of Journey, Gregg Rolie Band, Steve Smith & Vital Information, Kevin Chalfant, and all the Journey Tribute Bands.
    March 1, 2003A new website democratic policy goes into effect whereby the entire staff, not simply the senior staff, gets input into the publication of editorials and Op/Eds, the promotion of junior staffers to the senior staff, the admission of new staffers, and all major website decisions.
    March 6, 2003Jrnydv.Com publishes the Worlds Apart Event, which features a concert review of, and an interview with, the Journey Tribute Band Worlds Apart.
    March 20, 2003The site staff votes a change of policy. Henceforward all profits earned by the MERCHANDISE Section of the site will be donated to the site's official charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.
    April 3, 2003The website news page is moved from the NEWS Feature to the SITE INFO Section.
    April 6, 2003Greg "Drum1949" LaBruno joins the News Department as a new Jrnydv.Com staffer.
    April 17, 2003Drew "Scarab49" Backoff joins the News Department as a new Jrnydv.Com staffer.
    May 16, 2003Dave interviews Steve Smith at The Bottom Line in Greenwich Village, New York City. The interview is published in the first week of June.
    June 17, 2003Wendy "waguitar" Andino and Jenn "Journeyfer" Walker join the POTD Department as new Jrnydv.Com staffers.
    August 7, 2003JRNYDV and Towanda see The Gregg Rolie Band and Two Fires at Waterfest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on press passes, and interview Kevin Chalfant and Josh Ramos of The Storm. Within the next two weeks, e-mail interviews are conducted with Gregg Rolie Band members Ron Wikso and Kurt Griffey.
    September 1, 2003
    Thanks to a staff vote, Jrnydv.Com changes its name from "The Journey Tribute Page" to "The Journey Zone." A new URL,, is purchased, and the web address is changed. JRNYDV steps down as Editor-in-Chief and continues on as website publisher.

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