News: 1997-2001

21 November, 1997
"Hip News From Journey, Van Halen," MTV News.

Click HERE for the article.


24 April, 1998
"Journey Confirms New Lead Singer," MTV News.

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05 December, 2000
"The Tour Poll has concluded but we aren't finished yet! We have created Tour Poll II. In this poll, we've removed the most popular votes from the previous poll and we ask that you vote again for your favorite top 12 of the remaining songs. Thanks again for participating!"


19 December, 2000
"Journey is pleased to announce the release of a new Greatest Hits compilation CD titled "The Journey Continues". It will be released, in Japan only, on Jan. 31. It will feature 2 new songs with Journey vocalist Steve Augeri, "Remember Me" (from the soundtrack, Armageddon) and "All The Way" from the soon to be released CD "ARRIVAL". "The Journey Continues" CD is not currently scheduled for release in the US."


15 January, 2001
"SONY Records is releasing the single 'Higher Place' to AOR/Rock radio as of the first week in February. 'ALL THE WAY' will be released to Adult Contemporary and Hot AC Radio stations at the same time. This is the time to start calling and making requests for those songs. Don't call until after the first week in Feb. SONY plans to ship 'ARRIVAL' to retail stores across the country at the end of March. Our 'IN-STORE' date is April 3, 2001. We look forward to seeing you all in concert, soon!"


16 January, 2001
"The Journey Digest originally started out as a mailing list a number of years ago before existed. It has recently evolved into, a site dedicated to Journey. We would also like to thank Jasparina's Journey Fans' Network, Steven Lake's Journey Tribute Page and the many other sites too numerous to mention. We are flattered by the amount of time and energy fans put into their sites dedicated to Journey. Our sincerest thanks :)"


01 February, 2001
"A great deal of interest has been expressed about the set lists for the Japan tour. Click HERE to view the Official set lists to date."


02 February, 2001
Reprinted from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune
Get ready for a rock 'n' roll wedding.

Journey's Neal Schon of San Fran is set to marry Waseca's Amber Kozan, a model, in April. The guitarist's name and face gave him away to tipsters, who contacted me after reading the engagements in Thursday's paper.

Her parents, Jim and Judy Kozan of Waseca, are thrilled. "Neal's a great guy," Judy said today. "We are so happy to see our daughter so happy. She's really in love and so is he. It's just real special."

Journey is in Japan, as is Amber, "to support their new CD that's coming out soon in the U.S. I think the first cut off that CD, 'Higher Place,' gets radio air play the first week of February. One of the songs on that CD, called 'A Lifetime of Dreams' Neal, wrote about and for Amber. I know. And it's so sweet. He's so sweet to her."

Neal and Amber met in Minnesota in October '98, almost by accident.

"Amber had been hired in August '98 to be the video host of the Moon Dance Jam in Walker, Minnesota," Judy said. Two months later, she went to Journey's "Vacation's Over" concert and ran into someone from the Jam.

"She was going out to her car, and someone from Moon Dance recognized her and said, Hey, do you want to use my backstage pass? She went back and met the band, and she and Neal have been together ever since. It's amazing," Judy said.

Just how much will this wedding rock? "We won't know until all the RSVPs come back. But yeah, it will be a rock 'n' roll wedding. People in Journey are going to do the wedding, and Neal hired a band for the dance."

Neal has an impressive resume that includes stints with Santana and Bad English, so this could really be a bash.


02 February, 2001
The results of Tour Poll I and Tour Poll II are online. Once again, thanks to everyone that participated. The polls provided valuable feedback from the fans. As you can tell by the set lists in Japan, they definitely had an influence.
We are moving ahead full speed with the new site and we think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. Call those radio stations!


10 February, 2001
VH1 gave us the official airdates for their premier of "Journey: Behind The Music" program. Sunday February 18th at 9 PM and 11 PM eastern and pacific times. We are aware their website indicates a showing at 11 AM on that same day however they have not given us that time as official.


15 February, 2001
VH1 has told us the 11:00 AM airtime listed on their site for "Journey: Behind The Music" this Sunday is official. Set those VCR's!

Also, we are pleased to announce the official launching of the new site Sunday morning.


17 February, 2001
Welcome to the new design! You will notice many changes from the old site, the most significant being the forums. If you were registered with the old Forum, please re-register. Enjoy.


19 February, 2001
A compilation of all Japan Tour 2001 set lists is now available. The band would like to thank all of the Japanese fans for their warm hospitality. They had a fantastic time and they look forward to their next visit.


25 February, 2001
For your enjoyment, some behind the scenes pictures from our Japan Tour!
Many people have written and asked what the release date is for Arrival. The date is April 3rd.


07 March, 2001
Our very own Jonathan Cain is scheduled to play in the 2nd Annual Mark & Brian Golf Tournament on March 16th and 17th. Good luck Jonathan!


14 March, 2001
Get ready for Journey on Direct-TV! This live concert special which contains footage from their December 30th concert in Las Vegas will premiere in April. The program will air free to Direct-TV subscribers all month. The air dates will be posted here as soon as they are available.


16 March, 2001
Just a heads up, tour dates will be posted at the latest, early next week.

As a reminder, Higher Place and All The Way have been released as singles. Please call and request the singles with your local radio station. Many of you have done a fantastic job of requesting the new singles, keep up the good work!


17 March, 2001
Tour dates are posted! Have a great weekend!


19 March, 2001
Some changes and clarifications to the tour schedule, please note the changes.


21 March, 2001
The Journey Fan Club is finally here!


22 March, 2001
More site update news! We have updated the Band Bio. Also, in response to the many questions we have been getting regarding the Fan Club, we have created a "Fan Club FAQ" located in the Fan Club section of the site. The response to the Fan Club so far has been astounding. Many, many thanks to everyone that joined!


27 March, 2001
Wal-Mart will soon be taking pre-orders of Arrival. They informed us their sound clips will be online ASAP.


27 March, 2001
For your listening pleasure, sounds samples for Higher Place and All the way!

Higher Place Windows wav
Higher Place Real Media
All The Way Windows Wav
All The Way Real Media


27 March, 2001
Mark & Brian of KLOS will be going to see and talk with Journey this Thursday, April 5th for an hour starting at 9:00 a.m. (PST). Journey will play live some songs off their New Album "Arrival" during that hour. The KLOS internet listening area is being restructured right now and may not be back online prior to this broadcast.

Mark & Brian Affiliate Stations:
KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles, CA
K100 99.7 FM Visalia, CA
KCDU 93.5 FM (CD 93) Monterey, CA
KCLB 93.7 FM Palm Springs, CA
KGON 92.3 FM Portland, OR
KHWI 100.3 FM Hilo, HI
KKLZ 96.3 FM Las Vegas, NV
KKPL 106.7 FM Santa Fe, NM
KLUK 97.9 FM Laughlin, NV & Bullhead City, AZ
KQBZ 100.7 FM Seattle, WA
KRAB 106.1 FM Bakersfield, CA
KRWN 92.9 FM Farmington, NM & Cortez-Durango, CO
KSEG 96.9 FM Sacramento, CA
KSLY 96.1 FM San Luis Obispo, CA
KTHU 102.1 FM Chico, CA


02 April, 2001
Journey will be performing live, and doing interviews with the following radio stations.

Wednesday, April 4

8:00 am ET WBAB Long Island
8:15 am ET KUOL Kansas City
8:30 am ET Q104 New York
8:45 am ET KYMX Sacramento
9:00 am ET WFBQ Indianapolis
9:15 am ET WOBM Atlantic City
9:45 am ET KSAN San Francisco
10:00 am ET KKLT Phoenix
10:15 am ET WZLX Boston
10:30 am ET WLUP Chicago

Thursday, April 5

8:45 am ET KVLY
9:00 am ET WPYX Albany
9:15 am ET WLIT Chicago
9:30 am ET KOKG Phoenix
10:00 am ET KLPX Arizona
10:15 am ET KLSY Seattle
10:45 am ET WDHA New Jersey
11:00 am ET KLOS Los Angeles


02 April, 2001
Chat with Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve on Yahoo Wednesday, April 4 at 7PM ET!


03 April, 2001
Arrival is in stores today!

We apologize for the confusion regarding the KLOS date. Is is Thursday, not Wednesday.


03 April, 2001
Call in and speak with Journey on Rockline - April 11th at 11:30(est)/8:30(pst).


08 April, 2001
Some changes and clarifications to the tour schedule, please note the changes.


09 April, 2001
We regret to announce that the Journey Fan Club concert tickets will not be available today at 12:00 p.m (California time) like originally planned. We have all the tickets but we do not have other vital information that must be in the system prior to selling these tickets. We understand how anxious you are and we apologize for this delay and any inconvenience. We are working as diligently as possible to be able to bring you preferred seating as soon as possible. Please continue to watch your email box and the official Journey website for updates. We will notify you when we open the Fan Club area. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


09 April, 2001
The Journey Fan Club Member Section is now open.


11 April, 2001
A few show dates were modified on the tour schedule and here is a list of stations that carry Rockline. Reminder Journey is on tonight in most areas, check your local stations for exact times. (Lincoln, NE) (Chicago, IL) (Philadelphia, PA) (Utica, NY) (Portland, OR) (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) (Paris, TX) (Green Bay, WI) (West Palm Beach) (Fort Wayne, IN) (Charleston, West Virginia) (Greenville, SC) (Mobile, AL, WKRH) (WNRQ - Nashville) (WTPA - Harrisburg, PA) (KZPS - Dallas, TX) (WXLT - Carbondale, IL) (KGB - San Diego) (KSHE - ST. Louis) (KKTX - Tyler/Longview, TX) (WQBZ - Macon, GA)


16 April, 2001
The Fan Club ticket window will open on Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 4:00 p.m. (PT)/ 7:00 p.m. (ET). Preferred seating for thirteen venues will be available at that time with more to come soon. Journey Fan Club Registration


17 April, 2001
Journey will be featured on Access Hollywood this Saturday and Sunday (4/21 & 4/22). Check your local listings.


03 May, 2001 will be interviewing our very own Jonathan Cain this Friday, May 4 on their radio program Hits Live. The show starts at 4pm ET. Tune in!


10 May, 2001
Journey will be in concert in Acapulco, Mexico on May 26th, 2001. Stay tuned for more details about this event coming soon!


12 May, 2001
Andrew McNeice has a great interview with the guys on his site


15 May, 2001
Chat with Steve Augeri on Wednesday, May 23rd at 8 p.m.(ET) online at


21 May, 2001
The interview on Wednesday May 23 is not a live chat. This is only a phone interview between Neal and the MSN writer. This interview will be used to put together an artist feature on the band to be published soon. We'll keep you updated!


23 May, 2001
A press release regarding the May 26th Acapulco, Mexico performance.


23 May, 2001
Joe Benson, ARROW 93's Morning Man in Los Angeles, CA. has a hour long nationally syndicated program in the United States called 'Off the Record.' This Sunday 05/27/2001, Joe will feature the music of Journey and Joe's recent conversation with the entire band, including guitarist Neal Schon, bassist Ross Valory, keyboardist Jonathan Cain, singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo. Click here for local station listings.


06 June, 2001
The Review links are now live in the "On The Road" section at We invite you to post your thoughts and comments on any of the shows you attend. All reviews are subject to approval. The links will go live the day after each show. We look forward to reading your reviews!


09 June, 2001
Due to the severe weather conditions in Houston, Texas, the Cynthia Woods Amphitheatre show has been postponed (not cancelled) until late August. We deeply regret having to postpone this venue as we know how disappointed many of you are. I'm sure everyone can agree these circumstances are beyond our control. A detailed announcement from Neal will follow on Sunday.


10 June, 2001
We are sorry for all the hardship this storm has brought to the city of Houston.

Speaking for Journey, Peter Frampton and John Waite....

We were all looking forward to performing tonight. We expected over 12,000 people to be in attendance.

We are happy to announce that we've decided to extend our tour and come back to play Houston on August 22nd. Peter has confirmed he'd be there with us and John Waite is trying to adjust his schedule.

In addition, Journey and SFX have agreed to donate all proceeds from ticket sales from the Houston show (from this day forward) to Houston's Flood Relief Effort.


14 June, 2001

The members of Journey take time off from their Arrival 2001 World Tour to crack the majority whip as Florida Senator and Majority Whip Charlie Clary took part in 'Take Your Senator To Work Day.' The senator was put to work as a roadie/lighting tech for the day as stage crew prepared for Journey's show at Pensacola's Civic Center on Wednesday, June 13.

L-R: Ross Valory, Steve Augeri, Florida Senator Charlie Clary (R), Deen Castronovo, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon of Journey.


02 July, 2001
Journey will be featured on the CBS Early Show on Monday, July 16th. Check your local listings and tune in!


05 July, 2001
Journey will be on the CBS News "MarketWatch" segment this weekend July 7th and July 8th. Check your local listings for times & tune in!


06 July, 2001
Watch the CBS MarketWatch online interview with Journey! Musicians and Money: Interview with Journey


10 July, 2001
Journey has signed on with the Bright Star Foundation as their official charity to promote "Children's charities"!

For more information and/or questions, please contact Bright Star Foundation at


17 July, 2001

* * *

Legendary Arena Rockers Journey Join Forces With Clear Channel Entertainment To Benefit Victims of Tropical Storm Allison With Benefit Concert and Exclusive Ebay Auction

(7-16-01 - Los Angeles) Multi-platinum recording artists Journey will auction off rare, signed memorabilia including guitars, drum heads, and a platinum Greatest Hits record as well as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet, dine with, interview and even receive a personal guitar lesson from legendary Journey Guitarist Neal Schon as a part of their commitment to raise funds for victims of Tropical Storm Allison in the greater Houston area. The storm, which forced the postponement of the Houston, TX date of Journey's "Arrival 2001 World Tour" at C. W. Mitchell Pavilion (CWMP) (originally scheduled for Sunday, June 10) has been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 22nd at CWMP as a benefit for flood victims in the greater Houston area. 100% of the proceeds from tickets for the rescheduled date sold from June 11th - August 22nd will be donated on behalf of Journey, Clear Channel Entertainment and CWMP to Houston area flood relief charities.

"Our hearts go out to the people of Houston who have lost their lives, loved ones and their property." said guitarist Neal Schon.

The auction will run from Monday, July 16th through Monday, July 23rd at

Tickets previously purchased for the June 10 show will be honored for the August 22 date and tickets are on sale now for Journey's Arrival 2001 World Tour, with special guest, Peter Frampton on August 22 at Houston's Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Get tickets at, 713-629-3700 and all Ticketmaster outlets including Foley's, Fiesta, Kroger and Warehouse Music.

With eight multi-platinum albums and album sales in excess of 50,000,000 - Journey recently released their 18th US studio recording entitled, Arrival (Columbia Records) features the hit singles, "Higher Place" and "All the Way."


26 July, 2001
We regret to announce the cancellation of the Oklahoma City show due to a scheduling conflict. We apologize for the delay in announcing this cancellation.

The show on August 25th has been changed to Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, DE. Tickets will be available for purchase this Saturday at


03 August, 2001
Taken from an e-mail from the staff at Two Sheps That Pass... to JRNYDV.

Dear Dave,

I am writing this email to see if you might be interested in helping us promote the new Neal Schon album entitled Voice, for release on July 31, 2001. Neal's guitar mastery has generated millions of album sales for two of the greatest names in Rock n' Roll - Journey and Santana. Urged to expand his talent and virtuosity into the solo realm, Neal has unleashed three staggering albums. Voice is Neal's third masterpiece.

Voice, simply, takes the listener into Neal's heart. Between melodic riffs and complex song stylings, Neal's gentle melodies make the album powerful and personal. From quiet, lilting cadences to intense, forcused harmonies, Schon's musical sensitivity and technique combine to life his "voice" higher than ever.

Voice is a tribute to Schon's musical peers and the timeless melodies that have affected his life. The ten songs presented on this album have been performed by a diverse and impressive set of artists. From Andrea Bocelli to Annie Lennox, Bryan Adams to Bonnie Raitt, from Leon Russell to Mariah Carey, Neal's guitar interpretations create a balanced, emotionally-charged instrumental collections. Every nuance and subtlety that has made each of the vocal performances so extraordinary in the past is captured by Schon's flawless precision and gentle grace, and Neal's sublime embellishments make each track his very own.

Editor's Note: Look for JRNYDV's review of Neal Schon's Voice elsewhere on this site.


09 August, 2001
Journey's August 15th date of their Arrival 2001 World Tour at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre will serve as the backdrop for the "ultimate blind date" when contestants from the syndicated television show, "Blind Date" will attend a Journey concert and meet the band as part of their dream set up. Air date for the Journey episode of "Blind Date" show has not been confirmed.


15 August, 2001
Arrival album spotlight and audio interview with Neal Schon online at

Listen to "All The Way" while you enter to win Journey's new DVD (due out later this year) and a Sony DVD player from


19 August, 2001 is featuring the video "Higher Place" in Windows Streaming Media from the forthcoming Journey 2001 DVD.


Also available is the single "With Your Love"

Enjoy :)


01 September, 2001
Read Castles Burning, Livin2Do's Exclusive Interview with Herbie Herbert. Read Kevin Chalfant's Response to Herbie's Interview.


11 September, 2001

Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve join our fellow Americans in mourning the catastrophic loss of life in the great cities of New York and Washington and we share the outrage at these senseless acts of violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, relatives and friends. We are proud Americans and our spirit during dark times such as these will never be broken.


26 September, 2001
The Essential Journey
32 All-Time greatest hits from one of rock's biggest acts ever!
Digitally remastered for staggering sound on 2 comprehensive CD's
including the tracks
"Don't Stop Believin'," "Wheel In The Sky,""Any Way You Want It,"
"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)," "Who's Crying Now" & "Faithfully"
In Store date is Oct. 16


27 September, 2001
Classic-rock luminaries including Styx, REO Speedwagon and Journey will assemble in October for two concerts to raise money for rescue workers and the families of those killed during the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. KBR The concerts, titled Volunteers for America, will be held October 20 at HiFi Buys Amphitheatre in Atlanta and October 21 at Smirnoff Music Centre in Dallas, according to Charlie Brusco of Atlanta's TBA Entertainment, which is producing the events. Tickets for both shows go on sale Saturday. Click HERE for more Info.

Tickets will be on sale through TicketMaster.


02 October, 2001
From an e-mail sent out by Kevin Chalfant, former lead singer of the Storm.
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to tip you off to a new CD about to hit the radio airwaves. The CD is called "The Day America Cried" Songs of Inspiration For Unified Nation. The release will be on Transcension Music Group (TMG) and distributed by Baker & Taylor Distribution.

The title cut The Day America Cried will be the first single. Performing the song is Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Johnny Van Zant and Grammy Award Winner Jim Peterik of The Ides of March and formerly Survivor. Also include on the CD will be Don Barnes of 38 Special, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, The Storm-featuring past and present members of Journey, Brian Anderson a new comer to the music world, and myself Kevin Chalfant of The Storm, 707, and Two Fires.

The inpiration for this CD came from the terrorist attacks on New York, DC and Pennsylvania. We felt that we needed to do something to help these broken families, so all of the recording artists agreed to waive all of their artist royalties and donate it to The United Way. The money will go directly into the September 11th Relief Fund to benefit those who were directly effected by this tragedy.

Please call your local stations and request the single "The Day America Cried". We are counting on you, our music supporters to help make this effort a huge success. Our early indicators point to a successful record, but I wanted to inform you myself to help insure a positive result.

God bless you all and God Bless America. We truly are blessed. Sincerely,

Kevin Chalfant


02 October, 2001

Click HERE for the winners of JRNYDV's Neal Schon's Voice CD giveaway.


10 October, 2001
From a Forum Post by Rhonda, one of the webmasters of; updated and confirmed 25 October 2001 as an official Journey news item:

Jonathan will be appearing in Portland, OR on October 26th. Jonathan will be performing on a local morning TV show [Good Morning Oregon] and appearing at Millenium Records for an in store performance, approx 6pm. He plans on singing "The Time It Takes" from his newest release, Anthology, on the TV show. More details will be posted at as they become available.


13 October, 2001

John D. Kalodner reports that he is currently working on, among his various upcoming projects, an album tentatively titled Best of Neal Schon through Sony/Legacy.


16 October, 2001
Journey Concert DVD in stores Tuesday, December 11, 2001! More information coming soon.


21 October, 2001
Originally posted by BTM on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website; Reprinted as an official news item on 24 October, 2001.
There is in fact a BTM Director's Cut Version of the Journey show that will air on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2001. It airs @ 7pm EDT/PDT... unless you have sattelite in which case you'll only see it @ 7pm EDT (4pm PDT). The BTM-Journey Director's Cut will air as part of an all day marathon of Director's Cut episodes. Other expanded versions of BTM aired that day are: Leif Garrett, Mammas & Pappas, Snoop Dog, and Ozzy Osborne. The first episode begins @ 2:30p with Journey's episode airing at 7pm.


24 October, 2001
Neal Schon will be performing [at San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium] with The Tri Chromes on October 26, 2001 at 8:30 p.m. The Tri Chomes features: Billy Kreutzman, Neal Schon, Ira Walker, Ralph Woodson, Sy Klopps [AKA Herbie Herbert], Grateful Dead's Sunshine Daydream. Tickets: $ 20.00 General Admission. Concert Gates Open: 8:00PM Pacific Time.


24 October, 2001
Journey will re-open the doors to the Journey Store Wednesday night, October 24th, 2001. All remaining inventory from Journey’s 1998, 1999, and 2001 tours will be liquidated at greatly reduced prices. Sales are limited to stock on hand and only credit card orders will be accepted. Prices include domestic shipping (international shipping will be extra and listed on the order form). All sales are final.


27 October, 2001
VH-1’s Behind The Music: Journey "Director’s Cut" airs Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. (ET). and Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. (ET). Watch (faulty link removed 01 June, 2002.


28 October, 2001
Thank you for coming out and supporting the Volunteers for America Benefit Shows. The funds raised through ticket and merchandise sales will be donated to The Firefighters of New York, The New York City Police Department, and The American Red Cross. The benefit shows were a huge success due to your involvement and we were honored to take part in this great cause.

Special thanks also to Tommy Shaw of STYX, Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, Charlie Brusco , Sterling Bacon, and Simon Horrocks from TBA Entertainment, Tim Rozner (Production Manager), and all of the hardworking crews and technical support staffs.

Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve


30 October, 2001 is featuring the video "Higher Place" in Windows Streaming Media from the forthcoming Journey 2001 DVD.
300k is featuring the TV spot for "The Essential Journey Collection" in Real Audio and Windows Media.

Real Audio

Windows Media:


31 October, 2001

Journey as a band have begun a well deserved break after a hectic schedule of touring and recording over the past 2 years. The band plans no more activity until the summer of 2002. There are no plans for a studio follow up to Arrival at this early stage.

The band have closed the Online Store at Journey's Official Website.

This is merely a reflection of the lack of promotional activity to follow and I am assured the official site will remain online and updated when any individual member has news to report. The Store will re-open when there is new merchandise available, which should be to coincide with any activity mid next year.

Neal Schon is looking at a number of projects, including his solo Best Of and a new Herbie Herbert collaboration, plus a possible project with Jack Blades [of Night Ranger].

Updates on the remaining guys when available, but for now they are all taking that break.


01 November, 2001
[ reports that a major British music festival this weekend, sponsored by Now & Then Productions, will feature Journey tribute bands as the final act on Sunday, November 4.]

THE GODS 2001:

1030-END Journey Tribute: Party time! Urban Tale and special guests pay tribute to the AOR masters.

Doors open at 1130 A.M. All times are approximate and are subject to change. Tickets will be available on the door priced £22.50 for each day or £40 for the whole weekend. Credit card orders (as well as cheque transactions) can be made at the following outlets (subject to booking fee): Destiny Records Tel (01489) 603549 Email Web site; Loud One Mail Order Tel (01782) 522370 Email Web site; The Groove Machine Tel (016977) 46102 Email Website; Ticketline Tel 0161-832-1100 or 0161-832-1112 Web site For further details and directions to Maximes check out the Now & Then website.

There will be another news item in the next day or two which will detail the raffle prizes and other money raising ideas for the families of the victim`s of the September 11th atrocities. Also, in this announcement we'll let you know about the showcases of forthcoming releases that will be played between the bands. There are some fantastic new titles which will receive their debut airings this weekend!!! Check out the Now & Then Productions Website at


02 November, 2001
Official Journey News:
The BLIND DATE episode featuring Journey will air on November 14, 2001. This show was taped live at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on August 15th during Journey's Arrival tour. Check your local listings for time and channel.


03 November, 2001
Kevin Chalfant has sent out an e-mail aimed at addressing problems people are having finding the Jim Peterik USA tribute album The Day America Cried - released by Transcension Music. Kevin says: "This past Monday & Tuesday, many of the artists involved that are local to the Chicago area shot an infomercial. It should be ready to air on network TV soon. I will be selling the disc on my website, but for those of you who just can't wait, here is a direct link to purchase it: HERE. Remember, all of the artist royalties for this CD have been kindly donated by all of the involved artists to The 911 Relief Project. Peace, Kevin Chalfant

"P.S. While we were videotaping on Tuesday. A call came in from Los Angeles to inform us that newcomer Brian Anderson was chosen as one of the performers to open the Olympics in Salt Lake. Brian is featured on this disc as well. Congratulations Brian!"


06 November, 2001
Official Journey News:
Hello Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Journey is continuing strong with the current line-up. As with any entity, there are certain changes that must take place to proceed and we are focusing on moving forward into 2002. In addition to some internal business re-structuring, we are also enjoying spending some quality time with our families and looking forward to the holidays which lay ahead.

The closing of the store at serves to clear out past tour merchandise and allows us to create another area where fans can purchase Journey merchandise at a later date. Our plan is to re-open the store with new products just prior to the start of our next tour, which is currently being planned to begin in JUNE 2002.

The new membership database for the Journey Fan Club is under construction. The restructuring of the Journey Fan Club will allow all fans to participate in all areas at The fan club will not charge a fee to new members and all current fan club members will continue their membership with no renewal or annual fee. The Journey Fan Club will continue to offer a limited amount of preferred seats at concerts, a chance at backstage passes, special contests, access to the fan club area, and members will continue to receive email with the latest news and announcements.

Thank you for coming out to support us this summer. We enjoyed being on the road with you and meeting many more of you during the tour. Your faith and love continues to amaze us. We look forward to talking with you on the forums and seeing everyone again next year!

Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve


11 November, 2001
The TriChromes [featuring Neal Schon and Herbie Herbert as Sy Klopps] are back in the studio, ready to record some original compositons which are the result of an exciting collaboration (more to come on that later!) and get ready for the next two gigs, the first the return of the Rex Foundation for their Healing Power of Music Benefit show, which proves to be interesting undertaking with old Friends like Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Peter Rowan and Merl Saunders. Also up is a Dec. 15th gig at the Last Day Saloon's northern extension up in Santa Rosa. (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)The Fillmore gig is also now up on DeadNet Radio, which has been going down every now and then, so if at first you don't succeed, keep trying, it's worth it!

Also, the Photos from rehearsal have been archived. Stay tuned for more from the Harvest ball.


12 November, 2001
From The Unofficial Steve Perry Fan Club:
Don't miss Rockline's rebroadcast of Steve Perry's 1999 interview with host Bob Coburn this Wednesday, November 14, at 11:30 p.m. EST! Click here to check listings for an affiliate station in your area, as well as on-line listening resources! (Faulty link removed 01 June, 2002.)


12 November, 2001
From JourneyCat, posting on the forum:
Thanks to the powers that be for the following info:

The In-Store date for the JOURNEY 2001 is December 11th. This is the date that the DVD will be shipped out, so it's coming to a store near you anywhere from the 11th - 18th.

Thanks to CJ for the following info

PRE-ORDER the DVD or VHS from

All is good in JourneyLand.


14 November, 2001
Johnny Gioeli and his guys are hard at work in the studio for the new album of Hardline; under the direction of producer Bob Burch.

Johnny decided, in the end, to entitle the album simply II because, he explains, "it is a natural prosecution of what we have started with our debut album"! Also Johnny has discussed with Neal Schon of Journey the idea of having him as guest on the album. Johnny is thrilled about this possibility and this would surely enhance even further the quality of the forthcoming album.


17 November, 2001
Official Journey News:

(11-14-01 - Los Angeles) Members of Styx and Journey presented a check for $500,000 from the recent "Volunteers For America" benefit concerts featuring performances from legendary rockers Styx, REO Speedwagon, Bad Company, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Eddie Money, Peter Frampton, Jack Blades, Survivor, John Waite, Edgar Winter and Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner to the New York Port Authority on Tuesday, November 13th. Nearly 30,000 attended the benefits held Saturday, Oct 20th at the HiFiBuys Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, GA and Sunday, October 21st at the Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, TX.


17 November, 2001
By Dave Golland for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Naoki Hamajima reports that the Trichromes (Neal and Herbie's band) are currently in the studio recording their first album and have announced two gigs in San Francisco during December. Also, Kevin Shirley (Journey's producer) has released the DVD playlist, special features, and updated release date. The playlist is: Program Start : Intro : Separate Ways : Ask The Lonely : Guitar Solo : Stone In Love : Higher Place : Send Her My Love : Lights : Who's Crying Now : Piano Solo : Open Arms : Fillmore Boogie : All The Way : Escape : La Raza Del Sol (Intro) : La Raza Del Sol : Wheel In The Sky : Be Good To Yourself : Any Way You Want It : Don't Stop Believin' : Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' : Faithfully : Credits. The special features are: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM Stereo, Interactive Menus, Instant Chapter Access To Songs, Biography, Discography, and Photo Gallery. The updated release date is Tuesday, December 18, 2001. (Thanks to for the heads-up).


Barb ("LAWoman") became the first Journey News Editor effective November 25.

25 November, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
It is a slow holiday newsweek but here are a few tidbits:

The latest on the Trichromes from
"We are pleased to announce that the TriChromes first single is on the way! 'Dice With the Universe', an original composition with lyrics by Robert Hunter, will be released through Tower Records as streaming audio. Two bonus tracks, 'Congo' and 'New Speedway Boogie', will round out the release. Detailed information on how to hear this exciting new music will be availible shortly!"

The Arrival CD is available individually autographed by the band members through the Journey Store at as long as supplies last.

Coming Up on Off the Record with Uncle Joe Benson--Arrow 93 FM radio: Sunday (December 30) OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson will feature the Best of Off The Record 2001, including the music of CSN&Y, Styx, Journey, BTO, ELO, Santana, Journey and Rush, and conversation with Stephen Stills, J.Y. Young, Randy Bachman, Jeff Lynne, Gregg Rolie, Journey and Geddy Lee.

Coming up this week--Gregg Rolie is performing live at the following dates per

Wed. November 28, 2001 Icon Supperclub Palo Alto, California
Thurs. November 29, 2001 State Theater Modesto, California
Fri. November 30, 2001 Slims San Francisco, California
Sat.. December 1, 2001 Mystic Theater Petaluma, California
Sun. December 2, 2001 Roadhouse Sacramento, California

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


27 November, 2001
Ron Wikso, Gregg Rolie band drummer has announced some live dates for the band and says that any fans who might be coming to the upcoming to the shows are welcome to tape (audio and/or video tape) the shows.

The guys decided to make it like The Dave Matthews Band, The Grateful Dead, Phish etc., and allow taping so that fans can have something to talk about and share with other fans and friends who might not have been able to attend any of the shows. Ron added that the band will also be shooting an official video on at least one of the dates.

Besides Gregg on keyboards and vocals (Santana, Journey, The Storm) and Ron on drums (Richie Sambora, Foreigner, David Lee Roth, The Storm, Cher), the band will also feature Dave Amato on guitar (REO Speedwagon, Richie Sambora, Ted Nugent, Cher, Jimmy Barnes) Alphonso Johnson on bass (Phil Collins, Weather Report, Santana, Billy Cobham), Tom Gimbel on keyboards & saxophone (Aerosmith, Foreigner), Michael Carabello on congas (Santana), Adrian Areas on timbales (son of original Santana timbale player, Jose "Chepito" Areas).

For those of you who haven't picked up Gregg Rolie's Roots CD, it's been getting great reviews and it will definitely give you a strong indication of the influence he had on both the original Santana and Journey.


28 November, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Concerning Neal Schon & the TriChromes' upcoming appearances in December, Journeycat posts the following on Journey's Official site:

"Neal Schon has been called out of town and will not be performing with the Trichomes on Saturday (12/01/01). The Trichromes appearance in Santa Rosa (12/15/01) may be cancelled at this point and Neal was not slated to perform with them at that venue. Please watch their website for more information." (in Dixie Highway)


02 December, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:

Kevin Shirley writes the following regarding Journey's upcoming DVD:
"The Journey DVD is nearly out - and I'm excited about how you guys like the surround sound mix - the 5.1 sound! I don't think the band guys have even had a chance to hear it yet, but I think they're going to be suitably impressed! I am certainly very happy with it - and of course the 2 track mix is totally different (so you can burn a CD off it!). It's due out December 18, and please let me know what you think!"--Kev, the Cave.

Jonathan Cain has replied to several questions in the Ask Journey Section of the official Journey website. Visit to read Jonathan's replies.

Neal and the Trichromes:
I ran into Ralph Woodson, guitarist with the TriChromes, prior to the TriChromes show at the Rex Foundation Benefit in San Francisco on 12/1/01. Ralph confirmed the TriChromes will be performing in Santa Rosa on 12/15/01, however, Neal is unable to appear at that show. Ralph also indicated that the release of the TriChromes upcoming CD will be delayed.


05 December, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Considerate of their fans as always, the journey guys are stopping by Back Talk (on the official site) quite a bit lately. Stop by and read their posts in Ask Journey, Castles Burning and the General Forum and Steve's Holiday Greeting in the Fan Club Area. Here is a little sampling.

From Steve 12/05/01
"Hey you guys,
Yesterday we were knocking around with some acoustics at my little studio with an old bandmate and song-writing buddy of mine and he asked me to play something from the Arrival recording. It was then that we both immediately and coincidently broke into 'I'm Not That Way'. We must have jammed on it for at least an hour. He admitted that it was one of his favorites on the record and of all the songs he would have picked that as a radio single. I miss it myself too. What are you gonna do? Wishing you all well this holiday season."
Steve "I'm Not That Way" Augeri

From Jon 12/03/01 in response to a question about his new CD:
"Namaste will be released on exclusively on www.jonathan on Dec 12th I hope. It will be the first release on my own label so the art work is just being finished."--JC

From Jon 12/03/01 in response to a question about The Whale:
"The 'Whale' nickname came from the giant case the 7'4 Yamaha piano travels in. It is enornous to look at and has 'THE WHALE' stamped on it...It has been with the bandsince 1983 so the red piano has become 'THE WHALE'>>>>long live the whale baby!"--JC

From Jon 12/03/01 in response to a question about his holiday:
"Thanks my Thanksgiving was awesome! Hope to see you in the summer...wish me well on my knee surgery...torn cartilidge...Dec 13th ...I should be OK for Christmas...It's a bitch getting old"--JC


06 December, 2001
Official Journey News:
The Journey Store will close at midnight on December 24, 2001 (PST).

Autographed Arrival CDs, hats, t-shirts, stickers, hockey jerseys and more are still available at greatly reduced prices. All prices include shipping within the United States. The Journey store merchandise is shipped out priority mail within three days of receiving your order. There is still time to do your holiday shopping at the Journey store!


09 December, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
The following was announced on by radjrny (aka Rhonda who runs Jonathan's official site):

Jonathan Cain says that Namaste, his new CD, is ready to go. It will be added to the "Merchandise" page on Jonathan's official website,, on 12/11/01. The price will be $13.98, until Christmas. You can get it personalized and autographed, by buying any 2 cds through Jonathan's site.

Also per
Jonathan is also working on a couple of new cd projects. One is a cd of Disney love songs, due out around Valentines Day. And the other is a jazzed up instrumental, which will be released later in the year.

Steve Smith seems to have been busy lately. You can keep up with all his activities by subscribing to his newletter through his site: Here is a little of what Steve says in his latest newsletter:

"Vital Information has a busy 2002 coming up which will include a US tour in March and April, (starting on the West Coast and then playing the East Coast and Midwest) a week at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Las Vegas, a week of teaching and playing at the Berklee College of Music in June and traveling to Costa Rica in August....

"The new VH1 Journey Behind The Music -- Directors Cut -- is a 100% improvement over the original debacle. Producer Doug Rittenhouse has included an extra half hour of interview footage and now I'm in it for more than the original 3 seconds. He did a much better job of telling the Journey story this time around. Journey has a new Columbia release just in time for Christmas, The Essential Journey, a double CD with all the greatest hits plus many other good songs, a great gift for the true Journey fan!"--Steve Smith


12 December, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
According to Billboard magazine Journey's Greatest Hits, Live CD (released 03/24/98) was certified Gold on 11/20/01.

The Deadnet radio site announces that Trichromes Streaming Radio should be up and running on 12-15-01.

Per Tower Music the TriChromes CD Single, Dice With The Universe, will be released 02/12/02.


16 December, 2001
By JRNYDV for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Steve Augeri has been asked to join the 12th annual Glen Burtnick (of Styx) Holiday Extravaganza. The show will be appearing at The Bottom Line in New York City at 7:30 and then again at 10:30 on two nights, Friday, December 21st, and Saturday, December 22nd. As of this writing, both 7:30 shows were sold out, but e-mail reservations were still being accepted for the late shows.

Update 22 December, 2001: According to Journeycat, moderator of the Journey Forum, Steve has agreed to appear at the 7:30 and 10:30 showings on Saturday, December 22 (JRNYDV).


18 December, 2001
Official Journey News:
New Release: JOURNEY 2001 is featuring the song "Higher Place" in Windows Streaming Media from the Journey 2001 DVD and Video:


18 December, 2001
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Ira Walker (Trichromes bassist & singer) announced at last Saturday's Santa Rosa show that the band's new CD, Dice With the Universe, is being released January 2, 2002 online and as a CD single from Tower Records. There are two bonus tracks: "New Speedway Boogie" and "Tore Up". The band played "Dice With the Universe" at the Santa Rosa show and Neal Schon obviously had a hand in writing it. Lots of that sweet, clean, distinctive Neal sound in the guitar--so add it to your shopping list. According to Ira, the song's title, "Dice With the Universe", is derived from a quote by Albert Einstein so look forward to some meaningful lyrics as well!

Other reminders for your Christmas shopping list:

Journey's Greatest Hits is being re-released in Super Audio format on 12/18/01 per

Jonathan Cain's Namaste (more info at

Gregg Rolie's Roots (

Steve Smith's Vital Information, Live Around the World (2 CD