News: 2002

03 January, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
The biggest Journey news of the new year is Journey's DVD, Journey Live 2001. The DVD (which is also available on VHS) entered the Billboard Music Video charts at #26. It is currently #1 in music video sales on CD Now, #4 in music video sales on CD Universe and #13 in music video sales on Amazon. If you don't have this DVD yet--get it!

Acording to Rhonda (webmaster at Jonathan is recovering nicely from his recent knee surgery and is getting physical therapy.

Gregg Rolie has added a little video snippet from his recent concerts on his website--so go have a look at how great Gregg is looking and sounding lately.

The always busy Neal Schon is sitting in with Paul Rodgers and Bad Company when they record a live DVD at Konocti Harbor in Kelseyville, CA later this month. The dates for Bad Company in Konocti are January 18 & 19th. (see in Dixie Highway)

By all accounts Steve Augeri's performance at Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza was fabulous. There will be a first-hand report from our own Journey Dave, but until then you can check out some pictures and reviews of the event at in Dixie Highway. Click Here. (Faulty link removed 01 June, 2002.)


04 January, 2002 Neal Schon's Voice has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category. Congratulations Neal Schon!


14 January, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
The Week in Journeyland!

Journey's DVD, Journey Live 2001, is still selling quite well. On the Billboard music video chart it is now #24--up 2 slots from its entry position of #26. The DVD remains #1 in music video sales on CD Now. It is #3 on CD Universe and #12 on Amazon music video sales charts.

Neal Schon is staying busy. Amber Schon dropped by Back Talk to let us all know that Neal played "Ode to Joy" with a children's choir during the half-time show 1/12/02 at the East-West Shriner's Bowl Game (charity for Shriner's Hospital in S.F.) that was broadcast on ESPN2.

Neal will be performing with Paul Rodgers and Bad Company on January 18th & 19th when Bad Company records a CD/DVD (due out in May) at Konocti Resort in Kelseyville, California (I'll be there!!). Neal will also be playing with Sammy Hagar at Konocti on February 2 & 3. ( for ticket info.)

Neal's side-band, the TriChromes, maxi-single, Dice With The Universe was released and is available through Tower Records. You can also hear "Dice" online along with some of the TriChromes' Rex Foundation Benefit show (Neal was not present at the Rex show) at:

Jonathan Cain thanks everyone for the cards and well-wishes sent in response to his recent knee surgery.

Catch a rerun of previous Journey radio interviews with Uncle Joe Benson, January 27, 2002--OFF THE RECORD (ArrowFM in S. California and syndicated elsewhere). Uncle Joe will feature the music of Journey and Joe's conversation with guitarist Neal Schon, keyboardist Gregg Rolie, singer Steve Perry and keyboardist Jonathan Cain.


22 January, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
The biggest "news" today is, of course, Happy Birthday, Steve Perry!!

Perhaps in honor of Mr. Perry, VH1 is adding a little Journey on their show "Before They Were Rock Stars" airing today, 01/22/02 at 11pm (ET). The promo indicates there will be something on Steve Perry, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain (although I don't know how there could be anything on Neal before he was a rock star since he has been one since age 15!)

More on the Neal front--a great time was had by all who saw Neal jam with Paul Rodgers and Bad Company this past weekend at Konocti Harbor. Neal is looking and sounding great! (For some reviews of the shows click Here. (Faulty link removed 01 June, 2002.)

Bad Company is recording a DVD and live CD during their concerts this month. The Producer/Director of the DVD, Michael Drumm (who has previously worked with Queensryche and Ringo Starr to name a few), said that Neal is very excited about working on this DVD project and they expect to include Neal's performance of "Saving Grace" on the final DVD which is due out May 2002.

Something also seems to be brewing with Neal and Sammy Hagar. Of course they are appearing in Konocti together February 2 & 3, but some info has been put out on various radio stations indicating Neal & Sammy are planning a project (perhaps group), and Deen Castronovo seems to be along for the ride as well! They are looking good together anyway: Source.

Finally, on the Journey 2001 front, the DVD remains strong in the music video charts as it has for the last month. It is currently #2 on CDNow and #25 on the Billboard charts. At Konocti Neal was overheard to say that the band was pleasantly surprised at how well the DVD is doing.


22 January, 2002
Official Journey News:
Journey's 2002 summer concert dates are posted! Watch for more tour information coming soon.


22 January, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
OK--this is more news than I can take in one day! There is an actual message dated today from Steve Perry on He seems to have gotten many of his birthday messages from the fans!


25 January, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
In the last few days Neal and Jonathan have dropped by the official site and given us some news. The big news is that Sony and Journey have gone their separate ways. Jonathan indicates that the band may consider a private label in the future.

Neal confirms he is jamming with Paul Rodgers on January 30th at the Grove in Anaheim when Bad Company continues to record for their upcoming DVD. Neal will be featured on a song he wrote with Paul, "Saving Grace". Look for the DVD to be released in May 2002.

Also from Neal: "I have already finished another record that is in the can, and I'm waiting to see if I am going to find a new "home" for it. This is sort of a techno-rock record. Lots of soaring leads, and some cool melodies. Next for me......I am going to rock hard."

Stop by in the Ask Journey section to check out all the questions and answers.

Also--a chance for more news straight from Da Man's mouth. Per, this Sunday's "Off the Record" With Uncle Joe Benson will include new conversations with Neal Schon.


29 January, 2002
Much is being made of the split between Journey and their long time label Sony Music.
Well, for the first time - here are the simple facts:
Guitarist Neal Schon gave me this comment over the weekend:
"Right now, where it's at: Sony had made us an offer to do another record, and we basically said 'Why? You didn't do anything with the first one...' We are researching many different ways of getting our future product out there."

Journey will tour again this year, but not a full scale tour like 2000 and 2001. As yet, there is no recording schedule for the next album.

A little more information is to hand. A solid industry source of mine in Los Angeles says there is already a lot of interest in Journey from several smaller labels.
The band also were working on an album by album deal starting with Trial By Fire, so in all reality they've been without a contract since Arrival was released.

Former Journey drummer Steve Smith and his band Vital Information have finished work on a new album. Show 'Em Where You Live is released in the US April 9. The album is the tenth release from the band.
The all-star soul/jazz/rock super group is made up of drummer Steve Smith, keyboard player Tom Coster (Santana), guitarist Frank Gambale (Chick Corea Elektic Band) and bassist Baron Browne (Billy Cobham/Jean-Luc Ponty).


01 February, 2002

A new supergroup is being formed in Los Angeles, with plans being formulated for an album then a US Summer tour.

The group will be fronted by former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar. Playing alongside Hagar will be long time friend and current Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

It's no secret that Sammy and Neal have been looking for a situation where they could work together again. News of the pair's intended plans have been the subject of discussion on a dozen Internet message boards. Current Journey (and former Hardline) drummer Deen Castronovo is also involved with the project. But the interesting twist in this tale is the question of just who would be the bass player.The hottest tip out of L.A. for this position is none other than Sammy's former band mate - Van Halen's own Michael Anthony. Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have maintained their friendship over the years, despite Hagar's acrimonious split with the band he fronted for over a decade.

The only individual that has recently commented on anything related to the band's activities - Brad Starks, Van Halen's webmaster, was contacted for a comment, but had not replied at time of printing this. It is understood that a legendary rock n roll manager is behind the super group's plans and is shopping a Studio Album and US Tour package to various companies.The other rumour associated with this super group project is the possible inclusion of a second guitarist.

If so, the hottest tip from LA based sources is that the position was offered to and accepted by former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash.

Planning is still in it's early stages and there is as yet, no suggestions on the board for a name to the project.

Until a formal Press Release is made available, consider this group a work in progress. But I hope full confirmation of the band's line up, plus plans for the album and tour will be announced soon.

Schon and Hagar have previously recorded and toured together, with the 80's supergroup HSAS, which was rounded out by Michael Shrieve (drums) and Kenny Aaronson (bass). Interestingly, Hagar has also shared the stage with Schon and Castronovo on at least one previous occasion - as a special guest of Hardline, live in Marin County, California in 1992. As a show finale, they jammed on the HSAS track Top Of The Rock.

Neal Schon jammed with Slash as recently last night in Los Angeles as guests of Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers. Slash and Schon both previously appeared as guests on Rodgers' Muddy Water Blues album. Yet another odd connection between this group of musicians was the recent appearance of Slash performing Eddie Van Halen's famous guitar parts on Michael Jackson's latest TV special. Neal is again scheduled to guest on stage this weekend - with Sammy Hagar live (February 2 & 3) at Konocti Harbor, Kelseyville, California. Tickets are available from the venue. One big question is whether or not another guest - Michael Anthony - might also join the guys onstage?


02 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Here's a little update on the Neal, Sammy, Deen, Anthony, Slash supergroup plans reported on For those Journey fans who were nervous that the supergroup might conflict with Journey's summer tour, according to Andrew McNeice of Melodicrock (on the noticeboards) the supergroup project "will commence late summer, after Slash's current plans and AFTER Journey's summer dates." Andrew also says that Slash is a definate and the only question is Anthony's participation.

As was reported on Melodicrock, Neal sat in with Bad Company at the Grove in Anaheim when Bad Company was recording a DVD. Slash also jammed with Neal and the band. For a little taste of how that concert went, go to (news section) and see Tommy Shaw's comments about the show and pictures of the backstage events at


06 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Ross Valory stopped by Ask Journey the other day and answered a few questions. It also sounds like the Hive buzzing again.

"I figured you'd all want to know what I've been up to in last half year or so... First thing in order after the final gigs in October was to take a big break from everything. Not long after, I put on my overalls and joined George Tickner, Mark Shilts, Tom Size and Steve Roseman in a major remodeling and redesign of the Hive Studio. Tom Size, our resident designer and engineering mentor, put together a new design for our recording system that involves using Pro-Tools music software. We also completely re-painted and reconfigured thelayout of the room. Allen Craft and associates installed new track lighting and A/C and heating systems. Everything now is up and running, looking and sounding great!!"--Ross Valory


This is a little further information available about the proposed Super Group involving Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo, Slash and hopefully Michael Anthony.

The project is set to start officially after this coming summer. Sammy Hagar is about to announce summer tour dates, Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo have 2 months of Journey dates already booked and Slash is working with Izzy and Duff on a record.

Once these commitments are fulfilled, get ready! In the meantime, I hear there is some chance of the guys meeting to write and record one or two songs to start the publicity ball rolling. Don't expect any official announcements for this group for a little while yet!


11 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Journey's DVD is still #2 on CD Now in the music video category!

For the Journey fans who are asking about Journey's summer tour dates, the dates were taken down from the official site pending confirmation.

The TENTATIVE dates are:

05/05/02 Music Midtown Festival--Atlanta, Georgia (Per the bands will be officially announced 03/12/02 and tickets go on sale 03/15/02)

07/12/02 Moon Dance Jam--Walker, Minnesota (per Journey will perform either 7/12 or 7/13)

07/19/02 Rockfest--Cadott, Wisconsin (per Journey is appearing)

07/20/02 Joplin, Missouri

08/09/02 Iowa State Fair

08/10/02 Illinois State Fair

08/24/02 Antelope Valley Fair--Lancaster, CA

Additionally, lists Styx appearing with Journey 7/13/02 at Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

***Please keep in mind that these dates are TENTATIVE and should not be considered confirmed until they appear on Journey's official site.***

Finally, under the heading: "Journey treats their fans better than any band around" consider the following:

A group of Journey fans got together for a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC this past weekend. They posted an invitation to Steve Augeri on Journey's official site, thinking, of course, that nothing would come from the invitation.

The fans were having a great time at their lunch when the manager of the Hard Rock comes over and delivers the message that Steve had just called and apologized for being unable to attend, but was sending two bottles of Perrier Jouet Champagne for the fans! The fans (and apparently the manager of the Hard Rock) were floored by Steve's kindness and generosity. Proving once again that Steve has earned his name among Journey fans: Steve "Awesome" Augeri.


12 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
PerryPalooza 2002 has been announced!

It is scheduled for:
Universal Sheraton, Universal City, CA
July 19, 20, & 21, 2002

What is PerryPalooza you ask? It is a gathering of fans of Steve Perry from all over the United States who come together to celebrate Steve's contributions to music from the past to the present. It is an event organized by the fans for the fans. For more info visit:

The TriChromes are back in the studio, exploring various possibilities and doing some recording for an upcoming album! Look forward to some exciting shows in April, as well as an appearance on the KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon coming up on the 16th. You can listen in on KPFA 94.1 and KPFB 89.3 from Berkeley, or KFCF 88.1 FM in Fresno. And for you Chromies out there who aren't in the Bay Area, you can Listen Online as well. The TriChromes are scheduled to play from around 4-5PM PST. (time subject to change.)

(Note: It is unclear whether Neal Schon will be involved in these events.)


13 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
If you want to catch up on Kevin Chalfant (formerly of the Storm and The VU), you can read a review of Kevin's new CD with the Two Fires. The CD, IGNITION, on Frontiers Records, was produced by Kevin and is due out February 22.

There is also a new interview with Kevin.

Then, if you want to drop a line to Kevin, you can stop by his message board with Clique Records.


15 February, 2002
Official Journey News:
Journey's 2002 summer confirmed concert dates are posted! Watch for more tour information coming soon.


20 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
"Supergroup" news from Sammy Hagar's site They need a name now!

Sammy, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon, Dean Castronovo and Slash are in the studio recording a few tunes! They've finished two great songs, "Vertigo" and "Peeping Through A Hole" and are hoping to have them in a movie soundtrack. The music sounds like a combination of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Tool. This is a great and fun side project for all involved. Sammy is also currently in the middle of planning the Summer 2002 tour with the Waboritas!!


22 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Read a new online interview with Neal Schon:

A little additional info on Neal & Sammy's "Supergroup" activities from Andrew at

"Journey's manager, the legendary Irving Azoff will be involved with the band and there are plans for a full album late in 2002, early 2003, with a tour to follow. I am also told that Eddie Van Halen has given Michael Anthony his blessing to join this group, although that is unconfirmed. Believe me, this will be more than a 'fun side project'! Stay tuned...."

Read Jonathan Cain's comments about working with John Kalodner:

Steve Smith's Vital Information is on tour now and is coming soon to a venue near you!


22 February, 2002
Official Journey News:
The Grammy's will be televised next Wednesday, February 27th on CBS. Read Neal's comments about the Grammy nomination for his solo album "Voice" here.

Neal Schon, Sammy Hagar, Deen Castronovo and Michael Anthony have recently completed a two-song demo tape at Sammy's home studio in Marin County, California. Neal stated "in only ONE day they laid down two kick-ass songs that f*ckin ROCK!" One of the songs, tentatively titled "Vertigo", will be presented for consideration on the soundtrack for the upcoming summer blockbuster "Spiderman". Neal and Sammy are also considering the idea of doing some live performances during the Fall/Winter of 2002 after they have wrapped up their separate summer tour seasons.

In the meantime, Neal along with Jonathan, Steve, Ross and Deen will be spending the month of March writing new material for this summer's Journey tour. Stay tuned for a lot more surprises coming your way and only announced here at!


26 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Everybody seems excited about the "Supergroup" with Sammy, Neal, Deen, Mike Anthony (and maybe Slash). The rumors and info are flying. There is some info about whether Slash will or will not be in the band on

Sammy's official site says the working name of the band is "Planet Us": "February 26 2002--Slash wasn't able to make it to the studio on short notice. We took that opportunity with the four of us Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon and Dean Castronovo and recorded the two songs, "Vertigo" and "Peeping Through a Hole." The working name of the band is Planet Us. We are hoping that Slash can join us down the road because we won't be doing anything serious until the fall since Sammy and the Waborita's and Journey will be on tour this summer. *Dates to be announced.* It is possible that Planet Us will be part of the Meltdown in Cabo this October."

The Spiderman connection is discussed.

And VH1 seems to have mistaken some "legends" for "dinosaurs"!


28 February, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Steve Smith/Vital Information News: There is a USA release date for our new Vital Information CD, Show Em Where You Live--April 9, 2002! Visit for more details.

Steve Smith and Vital Information are going out on tour starting March 1 on the West Coast. During the short break between the West Coast and East Coast tours, Steve will travel to NY to film the solo drums and most of the technical educational segments of his new DVD for Hudson Music. Two weeks later, during the East Coast tour, the Vital Information band will go into the studio to film musical examples and some performance footage to be included in the DVD. Watch Steve's website for news on the release of the DVD later this year.


01 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Gracious as always, Neal Schon stopped by Journey's website to thank the fans and posted the following regarding his Grammy experience:

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for all of your support! It felt great to have all of you so behind me. It was an honor for me to just be nominated. My hat goes off to Luke and Larry, they are both extremely talented guitarists. So, I didn't come home with the gold, but I did leave with a trophy.....the trophy was my wife, Amber. We had a great time!Wishing you all the best!"

Gregg Rolie has announced some new shows on his website:
April 10--Palo Alto, CA
April 11--Sacramento, CA
April 12--Santa Cruz, CA
April 13--Petaluma, CA
April 14--Jamestown, CA
July 27--Freemont, CA
August 2--Blackhawk, CA
Check Gregg's site for more information:

I caught Gregg and his band in San Francisco a few months back and you should definately go see Gregg live if you have a chance and pick up his latest CD, Roots.


06 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Now that I have finished jury duty with fellow juror Danny Bonaduce (is L.A. a freak-show or what?), let's recap the recent Journey news!

The always generous Deen Castronovo recently donated one of his top-of-the-line drum sets to his son's school.

Read what producer Kevin Shirley has to say about Journey and some of his other projects.

The TriChomes seem to have a new line-up according to their website ( The TriChromes now consist of Sy Klopps (aka Herbie Herbert on vocals), Bill Kruetzman (drums), Ralph Woodson (guitar) and Michael DiPirro (bass). Bassist and fabulous vocalist Ira Walker is apparently gone from the line-up.

The TriChromes will be appearing April 5, 2002 at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, California with Special Guest - guitarist Steve Kimock

Neal Schon recently clarified in Ask Journey ( that his association with the TriChromes was always meant to be temporary and he added that "they are a great bunch of guys, and I wish them well."

Much loved AOR vocalist Hugo is back on the road. In fact, he is fronting Journey - sort of...The #1 Journey Tribute Band in the World - Featuring Hugo as Steve Perry & Eddie Jelley (formerly w/ The Good Rats) as Neal Schon, Lance Millard (Bad Medicine) as Jonathan Cain, Joe Cumia (formerly w/ The Good Rats) as Ross Valory & John Cappadonna (Bad Medicine) as Steve Smith. The band will be making their 1st New York Appearance @ Mulcahy's in Wantagh on June 1, 2002! Stay tuned for more on the guys and their plans...

Finally, under the topic of freak-shows (within seven degrees of separation to Journey), Ozzy Osbourne's new show on MTV, The Osbournes, is fabulous! Tune in!


07 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Enter Gregg Rolie's contest to help choose a t-shirt design for his band and you may win tickets to one of his upcoming shows and a t-shirt! Check out the contest at: (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)

Gregg has also added a couple of additional show dates to his upcoming spring/summer mini-tour. He has added July 26 at Slims in San Francisco and August 3 in Tracy, California. Check out his site for the full schedule and see his show if you can. Gregg and his band are fabulous live.

More Hugo activites:
The Swedish AOR/MHR act STREET TALK have now started the recordings of the as yet untitled forthcoming third studio album which is scheduled for release in September 2002. The band consists of Goran Edman (vocals), Hugo (Vocals), Fredrik Bergh (Keyboards), Sven Larsson (Guitars), Bjorn Lodmark (Bass) and Christian Johansson (Drums). For more on Street Talk go to:


10 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Reunion Rumor Number 1,267,562: Because of a mistake in a Minneapolis newspaper, there have been rumors buzzing about the possiblity of Steve Perry reuniting with Journey for a tour. Allen Craft, Jr., (who many know as AlienC) personally called Neal Schon regarding the Minneapolis story. The response from Neal was, of course, that there was no truth to the rumor. Steve Augeri is the lead singer with Journey--period. End of rumor--until the next one.

More on Planet Us from
It seems that the Hagar/Schon/Anthony/Castronovo super group have settled with the name Planet Us for their project together. I only heard of one other name being considered, that was RedDog. No further updates from band possible Slash.

Updated news from Michael Anthony on the Planet Us project. From his website:
March 8, 2002
"Things are getting pretty exciting these days. I thought you'd like to hear a little bit about two of the kick ass songs we've been working on, so strap in and check this out!
"Vertigo has a slow, heavy groove and has Sammy's killer pipes all over it. Watch out for Neal Schon too, 'cuz this fucker be-a-shreddin'! Peeping Through A Hole is a high energy song that will almost leave you pissed off by the time you're done listening to it because it's so intense. I especially dig the killer drum work on this song, compliments of my man Deen Castronovo.
"We're currently bashing out some more tunes and I can't wait to open this baby up full throttle. Ow!
"Stay tuned for more, Michael"


12 March, 2002
Official Journey News:
March 11, 2002

JUST IN: Journey has just announced their first concert for 2002! Journey's "Family and Friends" performance will be held on Saturday, April 20th at the Luther Burbank Center For The Arts in Santa Rosa, California. Journey and their special guests will perform at 8:00 p.m. Tickets will go on sale Friday, March 29th. Tickets are priced at $50 (Main level) & $35 (Balcony) and can be purchased through the LBC box office. More information coming soon!


13 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Songwriter / producer David Pack has teamed up with vocalist Steve Perry to write a couple of new songs. These sessions were not lined up for a possible Perry solo album, but rather for Pack's in-recording solo release.
From David's website:
"One of DP's favorite singers and writers, Steve Perry, have gotten back in touch with each other and have written 2 new incredible songs, Almost A Brand New Start and For A Woman. DP says "Steve is one of my favorite people on the planet...amazing person, amazing writing intuition, amazing voice...he's the best, and we truly enjoy working together". DP is hoping to add at least one of the songs to his almost finished solo CD for Atlantic."
For those who aren't familiar with David Pack, he is the singer / guitarist / writer for the legendary rock group Ambrosia. More recently, he has established himself as a respected solo artist, Grammy winning record producer, and music director of special events, including both of President Clinton's Inaugurations.
More details at:


14 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Journey has just added lots more tour dates to their On The Road section of their official site. The tour now runs into September and apparently more dates are coming. Go check it out! Some shows already have tickets on sale.

Jonathan Cain's site announced that with the up coming summer Journey tour, they will be closing Jonathan's General Store in about a month. So, do your shopping now!


16 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:

This beautiful artwork is done by Back Talk's talented Christopher. Wouldn't that be a very cool cover for a Planet Us CD?

On the Sammy Hagar news front Sammy may team up with Diamond Dave this summer? Holy moley! Just a few days back was reporting that Sammy might join Journey this summer. This summer is going to be rockin' one way or another!

March 15 2002
"Believe it or not Sammy & David Lee Roth are talking about touring this summer. Sammy was blown away at how well they got along together. Sammy says: "If this happens, this would have to be the party of a lifetime"!!!!"

For all the Sammy Hagar fans, Sammy & the Waboritas are playing Vegas May 17th & 18th. That should be a wild weekend.

Want to read a great review of Journey's DVD? Go to:

Journey Live 2001 is giving Britney Spears and U2 a run for their money as it remains in the top 10 DVDs in the music video category on CDNow--where it has been sticking since its release in December.


20 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Remember Dr. Brown, former Santana/Journey equipment manager? His real name is Jack Villanueva (not to be confused with his brother John). You may remember him from Journey concerts in the '80's or if you ever saw the "Frontiers and Beyond" video, you will remember him as "Prophet of the Asphalt" or maybe even "the oldest roadie in captivity" among other terms of endearment. Sadly, Dr. Brown, who helped make it possible for Journey to put on so many shows over the years, is seriously ill. If you have a moment to give a little back to Dr. Brown who gave so much to the fans over the years, consider the following.

Currently there are a series of auctions on E-Bay with the proceeds all going to help Dr. Brown. Four tour jackets donated by Herbie Herbert are already on the block with more items to come. Check out the auction through JRNYDV's store or go to:
Herbie's Jackets on E-Bay

If you want to send donations, Send Cash, check or money order made out to Herbie Herbert or Cash, ONLY to:

Herbie Herbert's Dr. Brown Relief Fund
c/o Nocturne Productions attn. Patricia Griffiths
2051 3rd St.
San Francisco, CA. 94107
(These donations are not tax deductible)

In happier news, would you like to help name Journey's upcoming tour? Check out the suggestions and make some of your own at:

Jonathan Cain's General Store (Merchandise Page) announced it will be officially closing on April 7th. So shop 'til you drop now! The store will reopen in the Fall after the tour season has ended.


24 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Great news from the one and only Neal Schon posted in Back Talk's General Forum:

Just thought I would let you know that all the boys are in town, and we got off to a great start with a new song in the can already. It's definitly an epic. We plan on using this song to open our shows this summer. The title is "State of Grace." This is one of three or four songs we are going to put on an E.P. that we will be selling at the shows this summer, and we will be performing these songs this summer as well. It seems we are getting very creative.....nothing "poppy" about this stuff. Definitely on the heavier side.

That's all for now, I will keep you posted on how it's going....



24 March, 2002
Official Journey News:
Neal Schon Interview now online at

Neal reveals plans on the new Van Halen/Journey Supergroup! Also, don't miss out as Schon takes us on a time capsule back through Journey's amazing career and unveils the direction that he wants the band to take while on the road in 2002.


29 March, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Tickets for Journey's April 20 Santa Rosa concert for friends and family went on sale today to the general public and sold out within hours! This concert is sure to be amazing. If ticket sales for this show are any indication, buy your tickets early for Journey concerts this summer. If you can't make the Santa Rosa show, never fear--Journey Dave's site will be carrying a review of the show (and hopefully all the shows this summer).

Update on the Dr. Brown fund and e-bay auctions. A special account has been set up for donations to Dr. Brown's fund.

Jorstad Incorporated CPA
Client Trust Account FBO Jack Villanueva
1000 Fourth Street, Suite 850
San Rafael, CA 94901-3121

Please make the check payable to either Account Number - 1212042 or Client Trust Account FBO Jack Villanueva. This account is NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE and all donations are gifts for the benefit of Jack Villanueva aka Dr.Brown.

Currently there is one item on e-bay, a vintage Journey tour jacket:

The Arrival Tour Setlists went for $360! Yikes! According to Allen Craft there are some interesting items coming up. Allen mentions jackets from Brett Valory (Ross's brother) and Diane Valory. Plus, Ross is donating a "very special" item. So stay tuned!


30 March, 2002
Official Journey News:
The Friends and Family show at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 20th is sold out. We would like to thank you all for your enthusiastic response and look forward to performing for you at this show! For our friends who missed the opportunity to purchase tickets, we hope to see you all somewhere on tour this summer.

Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve Augeri

View Pictures: Journey Fans at The Luther Burbank Center Box Office


09 April, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
The concert season is upon us, so get ready to rock! Gregg Rolie is kicking off his summer mini-tour on April 10th in Northern California. His band will consist of Gregg (of course), Alphonso Johnson, Michael Carabello, Adrian Arcas, Ron Wikso, Kurt Griffey and Wally Minko. It looks like Dave Amato will be unable to join the band as he did for the last mini-tour due to his touring schedule with REO. Gregg and his band are definately worth seeing. For more info go to

Steve Smith's Vital Information tour is going strong on the east coast. There are some reviews of his recent shows in the NYC area on Journey's site in the Dixie Highway forum. Smitty is a magician on those drums and he is also definately worth seeing whether jazz is your cup of tea or not. For the full tour schedule go to

Word has it that the Journey guys have finished writing and recording and are now rehearsing at an undisclosed location in Northern California for their Santa Rosa show. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

Recent auctions of tickets and passes to Journey's sold-out Santa Rosa show raised a nice piece of change for the children's charity, the Bright Star Foundation. The winning bids were $1025 on an e-bay auction and $1685 on a Yahoo auction. Word has it that similar auctions will be going on for charity throughout Journey's tour so check Bright Star's site for upcoming auctions.

Finally, believe it or not, Journey's DVD is still in the top 5 selling music videos on CDNow, currently at #3 in sales!


14 April, 2002
Official Journey News:
Dear Friends,

We would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on the current events surrounding the band and the preparations currently underway here at

As you may know, Journey is no longer signed to Sony Music. This was a mutually agreed upon decision between the band and the label. We are in the studio now recording new music that will showcase the true Journey sound in the direction the band wishes to follow. We will produce and distribute our CDs through the new Journey store and at concerts.

The Journey store will feature many new items including previously unavailable and rare merchandise. The store will re-open sometime in April. The new fan club will be free of charge for all Journey fans and the registration form will be online when the Journey store re-opens.

The Journey team has been going through many phases of restructuring since the end of the tour last year. We would like to send a special acknowledgment to some hard working people who have contributed to the Journey family these past years.

Thank you to Richard (Rindell) Ivers for his hard work and dedication for over 20 years. We wish him well in his new endeavor. This web site would not exist if it were not for the incredible technical skills of Mike Sorrentino and Frank Benenati.

Finally, we would like to thank the moderators at Backtalk for their sacrifice of time and energy in maintaining the forums; Caryn Sinagra, Michelle Aheron, C.J. Shilts and Miles Kaplan.

We thank them all for their selfless contributions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the following additions and promotions to our Management and Operations staff:

John JT Toomey Promoted to Tour Manager. AKA: Chief Cook & Bottle Washer and The Buck Stops Here Guru!

Allen AlienC Craft has been promoted from Road Crew Chief and Bass/Guitar Tech to be our new Internet Operations Manager.

Mark Shilts is coming aboard as our new Web Host Administrator.

Caryn Sinagra is now our Official Fan Club Liason / Promotions & Special Events Coordinator.

Dawn Purdee is our Charities Projects Coordinator (

Some of the new faces you will see on tour this summer with us include:

Rocko Reedy - Production manager who comes back to us after we loaned him to U2 for the last year.

Jim Handley - Drum technician for Deen. You may have seen him last year as drum tech with Peter Frampton.

Jeff Hanna - Bass / Guitar technician has come along to fill the position Allen held. Jeff is from Memphis, TN. And has recently been working for a local San Francisco band called STROKE 9.

Steve Owens Lighting Designer and Operator. Steve was on tour with Journey for the Central America shows and also on the road with Lynyrd Skynrd last year.

And finally....

Rick Chainsaw LaPointe comes aboard as Neal's new guitar technician. Chainsaw has recently completed his duties with Billy Joel, and some of you might recognize him as Peter Frampton's tech from last years Arrival tour.

The most important people we would like to thank is you, our fans. We look forward to seeing you on the road this summer and the opportunity to meet more of you as the opportunities present themselves. In respect to the concerns some of you have voiced about the choice of venues this year, we would like to say that we are looking forward to visiting areas that were bypassed with last year's tour. We are looking forward to playing in Europe as well as the rest of the world, as the occasion allows. We are eager to play the new music we have written this year, as well as playing the favorites that are the soundtracks to our lives.

Neal, Ross, Jonathan, Deen and Steve Augeri


16 April, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Paul Rodgers and Bad Company's DVD recorded in Anaheim with appearances by Neal Schon and Slash is set for release on May 21, 2002. Since Neal is appearing on the DVD, it is appropriately titled: "In Concert--Merchants of Cool". Bad Company has also announced their summer tour dates.

In other almost Neal-related news, it looks like the Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth tour is actually going to happen. The two are having a press conference this week in L.A. (according to Sammy's site and details will be announced later. The show is being billed as "Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth Tour 2002: Song For Song, The Heavyweight Champs Of Rock 'N Roll". The expected first of 25 dates will be May 29th just outside of Cleveland.

Other sources indicate Diamond Dave has already hired guitarist, Brian Young, of the Van Halen tribute band, Atomic Punks, ( and there are hints on a few websites that Michael Anthony may make an appearance. These should be very interesting shows.


24 April, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Sammy Hagar is performing at the California Music Awards (formerly the Bammies) this weekend, April 27, in Oakland. That should be an interesting show. Tickets are still available. For details check out and

The Journey Family and Friends show this past weekend in Santa Rosa was just amazing. I think many of us are still coming down from that high. It was a great show topped by a couple of the guys graciously spending some time with fans after the show. Read all the details in the review section here on

Some new merchandise will be available at Journey's online store,, that should be opening this month. We got a little preview at the Santa Rosa show. People seem to like the Journey soaps and incense. We have "Open Arms" soap that has a cinnamon scent (and is not girly per Allen Craft) and "Escape" soap with lavender and coconut. Then we have "Lights" and "Faithfully" incense. Everything seemed quite reasonably priced at the concert.

The Journeyswag store will also carry all the normal t-shirts and, of course, the EP when it is available along with other Journey recordings. Apparently the EP will not be available for a little while, but is expected to be available by the official start of the tour in July. We can also look forward to a CD due out toward the end of the year.

In other news, now is the time to start thinking of a project for Journey's Brightstar Fan Challenge on Make a Difference Day in October. As a little incentive to helping a good cause, this year's winner who creates the most awareness in their community for Journey's chosen charitable cause, children's charities, will get a 5 minute phone call from a band member! Check out the details on Brightstar's site.


27 April, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
The rumors are flying that Planet Us will make an appearance today at the California Music Awards. Since Sammy is officially playing that show and even Michael Anthony is reporting the rumor on his site, it seems pretty likely. We will find out later tonight!


Planet Us are likely to play live for the first time this weekend at the California Music Awards, held in San Francisco at the Henry J. Kaiser Arena in Oakland. The event was formerly known as The Bammies and is being co-hosted by none other than Jack Blades. Jack's son Colin will also be one of the evening's performers.

"Speaking of rumors, a Las Vegas radio station, KOMP, that recently interviewed Michael Anthony is now saying that when Sammy plays the Hard Rock in Vegas May 17 and 18, he may have some "friends" with him. Hmmmm.

"Also in Planet Us news:
I got an e-mail update from Neal Schon today and with the Ok from Neal, I thought I would share part of it. It seems the official word from management is that the Planet U.S. did not get on the Spiderman sound track because the musical director of the soundtrack said the band were to heavy! Yes, sad but true...Planet U.S. will likely start work on their album late this year."


29 April, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page:
Congratulations, Amber and Neal Schon! Per the proud grandpa, Les, they are the parents of a baby girl as of this morning!

Planet Us rocked out at the California Music Awards this past weekend. They played "Vertigo" and "Peeping Through a Hole" as an encore to Sammy's set. Now there are lots of rumors as to where Planet Us might pop up again. Michael Anthony's website states that Planet Us will be appearing at Sammy's show in Vegas on May 17th and 18th. Sammy has also said that Planet Us with be appearing at his annual Cabo Wabo festivities in October. Apparently any of Sammy's shows might include some surprise guests when there are no conflicts with the other members' tour obligations--so, catch Sammy when you can!


01 May, 2002
Official Journey News:
Congratulations to Amber and Neal Schon! They are the proud parents of a baby girl. Little Aja Schon, born April 29th, weighed in at 7 lbs. and is 21" long. Join us in wishing all the best to the happy family.


03 May, 2002
Official Journey News:
The New Journey Store will open on Monday, May 13th at 9:00 a.m. (PDT) /12:00 p.m. (EDT)! The Journey store will feature previously unavailable and rare merchandise.

Journey has named their tour Under the Radar and the tour schedule has been updated. We look forward to seeing you on the road this summer!


13 May, 2002
Official Journey News:
We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen technical problems, the opening of will be delayed until sometime this week. We are diligently working to resolve these issues and look forward to seeing you at the Grand Opening.


17 May, 2002
Official Journey News:
We are pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of the ONLY OFFICIAL Journey store online at Visa and Mastercard are accepted now with American Express and Paypal to follow soon.

The new Journey store features previously unavailable and rare merchandise available nowhere else in the world! Shop at and save 25-30% on merchandise sold at the concerts. Be the first on your block to get Official Under the Radar tour shirts, stickers and much, much more!

A limited amount of this merchandise will be offered at the concerts but ONLY will carry ALL of the new tour merchandise. will also be the only place online to get your copy of Journeys upcoming EP-4 entitled RED 13.

Sign up for the new Journey Fan Club at to receive Journey news and announcements, and be eligible for special contests and giveaways. Registration is FREE! Fan Club Members will have an "all-access pass" to special areas of where only members can view and purchase limited edition, rare, and one-of-a-kind collectibles. Join today!


26 May, 2002
By LAWoman for
The Bright Star Foundation continues to have charity auctions on e-bay. Currently they have an autographed Journey photo and a Neal pick on the block. Recently a rare Steve Augeri pick went for $58!

Planet Us recently made an appearance at Sammy Hagar's shows at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. For some picks of the festivities check out Sammy's and Mikey's sites. Sammy also discusses Planet Us in the Rockline interview which is up on his site.

Gregg Rolie has added some dates to his summer tour schedule including a couple dates in Las Vegas, June 15 and July 4.


04 June, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
John Kalodner is having a contest in which you can win tickets to see Journey in the town of your choice. Check it out:

Journey's online store is adding new items all the time so check back often. Red 13 coffee mugs and lighters were recently added and Journey calendars are on the way!

Bad Company's new DVD, Merchants of Cool, features Neal Schon on two songs. Neal appears jamming with Bad Company and Slash on "Wishing Well" and he plays on a song he wrote, "Saving Grace". Neal is also in several of the backstage interviews. Merchants of Cool entered the Soundscan charts at #4 in the Music Video category. Paul Rodgers and Bad Company are currently on tour and are definately worth seeing live.


12 June, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Neal stopped by the official site today to let us all know Red 13 is about ready:

"We just completed mixing our EP, "Red 13." In my opinion it's very cool. Right now the running order is "The Time," "State of Grace," and a very musical ballad, "Walking Away From the Edge," and another rocker, "I Can Breathe." I look forward to playing all of this for you in concert. See you out there, Neal".

The classic Journey video "Frontiers and Beyond" should be available on June 17, 2002 at Journey's online store. They also have several new items so go shopping.

A couple video shorts are also available for viewing in the fanclub area of Journeymusic.

John Kalodner has answered a few Journey-related questions and puts out a few interesting tidbits in his Ask JDK column on his site.

The TriChromes with Sy Klopps (aka Herbie Herbert) (minus Neal) are touring June through August with several dates in California as well as Vegas, Portland, Denver and several cities on the East Coast.


20 June, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
With the release of Journey's EP of four new studio tracks due next month, I thought a few words with guitarist Neal Schon would be in order.

So Neal, where did the EP's title come from?
"I simply thought of red because I wanted something that was hot. And Jonathan wanted 13 because it's our thirteenth album. Something to break the mold of what we usually come with."

Great, now I can't resist, I have to ask you about the style of the 4 new tracks. Can you tell us a little about them?
" 'State of Grace' is a very guitar driven up tempo heavy rocker. We are also playing this in the beginning of our show now. 'The Time' is a very cool guitar driven 6/8 time signature, with some very huge, but different hooks. Cool jammin' solo guitar. Also fun to play live. 'Walking Away From the Edge'--this a very musical power ballad with some great lyrics, and with a very haunting guitar solo at the end. 'I Can Breathe' is another cool rocker. Some very cool hooks, cool wah-wah solo......and there you have it!"

Awesome - thanks. What comes next? An self released full length album?
"Ya sure why not!"

Gregg Rolie and his band will be joined by Kevin Chalfant on July 4th, 2002 in Las Vegas at the Santa Fe Station Hotel/Casino. Catch it if you can!


09 July, 2002
Official Journey News:

(7-11-02 -- Los Angeles) Legendary rockers Journey will perform their first-ever club show on Wednesday, July 17th at Minneapolis’ club Quest ( In this one-night-only exclusive performance, the band will debut songs from their yet-to-be released EP Red 13 as well as perform all of their hit songs in an intimate club setting.

Tickets for this exclusive one night only performance are $41.50. Ticket sales are extremely limited and will go on sale Thursday, July 11th at noon and are available through Ticketmaster outlets including Marshall Fields, Mervyn’s California and Rainbow Foods, online at or Ticketmaster charge by phone numbers.

Journey is Neal Schon (guitar, vocals) Ross Valory (bass, vocals) Jonathan Cain (keyboards, vocals) Deen Castronovo (drums, vocals) Steve Augeri (vocals). For additional Journey information, please visit


14 July, 2002
Official Gregg Rolie Band News:
Hi to Gregg Rolie fans everywhere. We don't impose on you too often with too many emails, but when something new comes up, we want to keep you informed. In our attempt to leverage touring activities for the band, in all USA markets, GRB management has hired FANTASMA to represent the band for future live show booking. Fantasma, hq'd in Palm Beach Florida handles many acts that you have heard of, including The Little River Band, Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen's sax player), Leon Russell, Rick Derringer, just to name a few. The company is excited to add Gregg Rolie to its roster. They are "WAY excited" by the CD and video performance footage and believe that Gregg's definitive original Santana sound is "just what people want to hear", in today's confused marketplace. Hopefully, performance offers will be made in the near future for a series of shows that can be strung together for a USA tour that can reach out to some of you that aren't able to get to California for shows. In the meantime, GRB will perform in San Francisco at Slim's on July 26th and festival dates through August as posted on the site. Peace out GRB.


18 July, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Melodicrock is giving us a peek at the cover art for Journey's new EP, Red 13. Apparently the EP is due to ship July 26 and will be available at and at shows this summer.

According to reviews at journeymusic, Journey's club show at the Quest in Minneapolis July 17 was a smash. A really interesting addition was an appearance by the next generation of Journey musicians, Kyle Castronovo and Miles Schon, who jammed with a little band they are calling Lucifer's Litter prior to Journey taking the stage.


30 July, 2002
Official Journey News:
Jonathan Cain's new CD Animated Movie Love Songs will be released on August 27th, 2002. Fans can pre-order their copy now through and Barnes & Noble. Starting August 1st, pre-orders will be taken through Jonathan Cain's official website at


31 July, 2002
Official Journey News:
We are happy to announce that RED 13 has arrived!! RED 13 is an EP-4 (extended play 4 song CD) featuring brand new songs from Journey. We started shipping RED 13 on Wednesday, July 31st, 2002 to Journey Fan Club members who pre-ordered. RED 13 will be available for purchase at Journey concerts starting Friday, August 2nd, 2002. The general public can order RED 13 and Frontiers & Beyond online through the Journey store at on Monday, August 5th, 2002.

LISTEN to RED 13 audio clips now online at!


03 August, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
If you have a Barnes & Noble near you, check out their bargain bins for a nice little book called Guitar People by Willie G. Moseley. If you find the book, your attention will be grabbed by a fabulous picture of the rock god himself, Neal Schon, in full 'fro adorning the cover. There is a nice little interview with Neal in the book as well as some other outstanding guitarists including Dave Amato (REO), B.B. King, Howard Leese (Heart), Mick Ralphs (Bad Company) and many more. Not bad for $4.98.

Gregg Rolie is still on tour, but seems to have only a few more dates scheduled, so catch him while you can.
August 9, 2002 Kane County Music and Rib Fest Chicago, Ill.
August 11, 2002 Conejo Park FREE 5PM Thousand Oaks, Ca.
August 25, 2002 Bolado Park info to come Hollister, Ca.

Steve Smith and Vital Information are winding up their U.K. shows and have a couple more U.S. dates. If you have not seen Steve Smith, you need to! August 12 & 13 at 8 pm. George Brooks, Zakir Hussain, Kai Eckhardt, Fareed Haque, Steve Smith. Yoshi's Jazz Club, 510 Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA.

Bad Company News: Jeb at Classicrockrevisited is giving us a chance to win an autographed DVD of Bad Company's new release Merchants of Cool (with Neal Schon appearing on a couple tracks and several interviews). Go to to enter and check out the Bad Company interviews while you are there (and the older Neal Schon one if you haven't seen it yet).

Bad Company finished their U.S. tour in July and are set to do some dates in the U.K. in September. For my fellow Paul Rodgers (aka Slinky) fans, Paul will be doing a show at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington on November 23.

HARDLINE PREVIEW: is bringing us sneak previews of two new Hardline tracks. The tracks are from the band's upcoming Hardline II release, due September 23 from Frontiers Records. The entire Hardline II album is being uploaded to MelodicRockRadio shortly.


21 August, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
A few more concert dates have been added to Journey's tour and Red 13 is getting out to select radio stations as we speak. Check the official site for specifics and radio stations you might want to call to request a little "State of Grace" or one of the other Red 13 gems.

Jonathan Cain's new CD, Animated Movie Love Songs, is due to be released August 27, 2002. You can order the CD now through his website. Rhonda, the webmaster at Jonathan's site, indicates the first batch of CDs to be autographed and personalized will be shipped to Jonathan next week so make sure your orders are place placed by August 23rd to be included in the first batch sent to Jon.

Gregg Rolie has added a date to his tour schedule: August 25, 2002, Bolado Park in Hollister, Ca.

In classic rock news look for a benefit concert, "Rock to the Rescue," Coming some time in October. So far REO, STYX & BAD COMPANY are slated to play. Dates and Venues will be announced soon.


25 August, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Journey is slated for a plaque on the S.F. Walk of Fame! At the Journey show in Konocti, California this past Friday, Dennis Erokan, the founder of Bam Magazine and the Bay Area Music Awards (aka the Bammies), appeared on stage and announced that next year in honor of their 30th anniversary, Journey will be honored with their own plaque on the Bammies Walk of Fame in San Francisco! Currently there are seven plaques on the Bammies Walk of Fame -- Bill Graham (1997), Carlos Santana (1997), Jerry Garcia (1997), Janis Joplin (1998), John Lee Hooker (1998), Jefferson Airplane (1999), & Metallica (1999). The Journey Past and Present committee members were instrumental in making this richly deserved honor become a reality for Journey.

The other newsworthy event that happened at the Konocti concert was that original Santana members Michael Carabello (congas) and Chepito Areas (timbales)along with Chepito's son, Adrian Areas (timbales) joined Journey on stage. They played "Black Magic Woman" (with Neal Schon on vocals), "La Raza del Sol" and "Everybody's Everything" with Jonathan Cain on vocals. It was amazing!

Steve Smith will be appearing at the Montreal Drum Fest, November 8-10, 2002, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Pierre Mercure Hall. This tenth anniversary festival will present a selection of audience faves including Steve Smith, Marco Minnemann, Paul DeLong, Rick Gratton, Santana's Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo, Paul Brochu, Rayford Griffin, Walfredo Reyes, Jr., Tony Royster Jr., Thomas Lang, and more. Check out the festival website for updates.

It looks like John Kalodner is working on getting some DVDs of classic Journey performances released. On Kalodner's site he states he is "presently trying to assemble one or more DVD’s featuring much of the footage of the lineup of Journey with Steve Perry. Once I gather it up, we need to get it cleared and gain permission from the band members. This idea has been suggested by other fans who have written to me on my website and I really appreciate it, since it has spurred me into action to try to get this together. Hopefully, it will be available within the next six months." Ask JDK at


27 August, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Gregg Rolie announced some fall tour dates. Support for this tour is Brian Auger. If you have not seen Gregg--go see him! Even if you have seen him lately--go see him! Gregg and his band are sounding great.
10-3 Canes Ballroom, Tulsa, Ok
10-4 The Cotillion, Witchita, KS
10-5 In Cahoots, Oklahoma City, OK
10-9 venue TBA, Columbus, OH
10-10 Coyotes, Louisville, KY
10-11 Eight Seconds, Indianapolis, IN
10-12 Surf Ballroom, Clearlake, IO
10-16 Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL
10-17 House Of Blues, Orlando, FL
10-18 Factory/Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10-19 Bikeweek Event, Daytona Beach, FL
10-23 BB Kings, NY, NY
10-24 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NY
10-25 Maddies, Philadelphia, PA/NJ
10-28 Full Moon Saloon, Dover, DE
11-21 Tucson, AZ, venue tba
11-22 Phoenix, AZ, venue tba
11-23 Las Vegas, NV, venue tba

Check out a real audio interview with Steve Smith at:


03 September, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the return to the market of former Journey and Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman. His album is finally ready to be unleashed on October 21st 2002!


07 September, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
Journey's DVD Journey 2001 was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)! We all knew this was coming.

Yet another Journey Message Board is born in case you don't have enough already.


11 September, 2002
By LAWoman for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
In Classic Rock news--remember the Volunteers for America shows in Atlanta and Dallas last year in the wake of 9/11? Many of the same bands are getting together this year to do it again. Rock To The Rescue will feature Bad Company, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Jack Blades, Felix Cavaliere, Mark Farner, Eddie Money, Sam Moore, Survivor, John Waite, Edgar Winter and others to be announced. Two shows are scheduled: Saturday, 10/19/2002 at the Continental Airlines Arena (The Meadowlands) in Jersey and the Gund Arena in Cleveland on Sunday, October 20th.

Proceeds from the show at the Continental Airlines Arena will benefit the Port Authority Police World Trade Disaster Survivors Fund while the show at the Gund Arena will benefit that fund as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Educational Fund. Details are at several of the bands' sites including

Check out Jeb Wright's latest concert review featuring Journey at and stay tuned for an upcoming contest at his site to win some cool Journey items. Enter the other contests Jeb has running while you wait.

Steve Smith's Hudson DVD project, Drumset Technique and History of the U.S. Beat, which was filmed during the Vital Info tour is in final editing and should be released in October.

Steve has also announced many more show dates and drum clinic dates for the rest of the year. The September dates are:
September 13 & 14
Steve Smith/Mike Zilber Quartet
w/Special Guest Geoffrey Keezer
Jazz at Pearls
256 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

September 15
Steve Smith/Mike Zilber Quartet
w/Special Guest Geoffrey Keezer
The Jazzschool
2087 Addison
Berkeley, CA

Saturday, September 21
Vital Information
Fairfax World Music Festival
Downtown Fairfax
Marin County, CA 94930

Check for other upcoming shows and clinics and subscribe to Vital Information's newsletter by e-mailing and asking to be added to their list.


04 October, 2002
From, 03 October, 2002:

Underway is an online petition to try and get Journey nominated and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And so they should be!

Joy [Onthefritz] Crisler started the petition after seeing the idea on Cheap Trick's message board.

Caryn [Journeycat] Sinagra then had it approved by the Journey powers that be, to give it the green light to be mailed to the official Journey mailing list and it is now on the frontpage of

The petition now features nearly 5000 signatures!! Add yours now, and get Journey the recognition they deserve.

View and sign here:


04 October, 2002
From, 23 September, 2002:
Frontiers Records of course have signed the Red 13 EP by Journey for European and Asian release. The Euro release is October 30, but news through today confirms the Japanese release by King Records for November 22nd.


09 October, 2002
By TowandaRG for JRNYDV's Journey Tribute Page News:
NEWSFLASH! I have just now stopped dancing around with ecstatic joy long enough to write this news article---my first as the new Senior Editor here at I am thrilled to the bone to report this latest Steve Perry scoop!

Just when you (and I) thought he fell off the face of the earth, Mr. Stephen Ray Perry is still (lucky for us all), keeping busy! Several tidbits of information were recently reported on a private, invitation-only Steve Perry forum that I was recently invited to join, and I am glad to share the news with everyone here at

Last week, Steve appeared at a Giants game and was (thankfully for everyone like me who loves and misses him), caught on film! To see the footage of him there, you can connect to this link, which is the NBC News link from San Francisco.

There's nothing like a Steve Perry sighting to keep me happy! Ok, this just HAS to be said....the man STILL looks sexy as ever, and seems to have a content, relaxed smile on his face, and that makes me feel warm fuzzies all over! (Ahem)! Reports state that he enjoyed the Giants game, despite the unexpected publicity.

But wait, there's more! Apparently, it is also being reported on the same private forum that Steve has also added his incredible vocals to the background of a song performed by David Pack, a Christian artist. More information about David Pack and the song entitled "Psalm 23," can be found on this website link.--I haven't been able to download it to listen yet, but rumour has it there are a couple of famous "Whoooaaawhoaas"...

So, never fear, the "Main Man" of Journey is still hobnobbing around town and having a good time doing what he wants to do, even if he's not in the limelight. This reporter and everyone at wishes him the best in his newfound freedom and continued enjoyment of a normal lifestyle, even at the sacrifice of seeing him perform on stage. No matter what, we still love you Stevie baby!


17 October, 2002
Santana Releases new Album:
Santana: Shaman (10/02), Featuring the Michelle Branch Sung First Single "Game of Love", "Shaman" also features Guest Appearances from Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Seal, Macy Gray,P.o.d., Dido, Ozomatli, Musiq and Placido Domingo. This Edition features the Track "Let Me Love You Tonight" which Replaces "Since Supernatural", the Wyclef Jean Produced Track that Appears on the Us Version.


22 October, 2002
By JRNYfan77 for JRNYDV.Com: reports that Frontiers Records now has signed "Ramos," a new band project centered around Josh Ramos (formerly of The Storm and Two Fires, currently with Hardline). The band's debut album is currently being recorded in LA with production credits going to Kelly Hansen of Hurricane, who also lends backup vocals on this new EP. Ramos consists of Josh Ramos on all guitars, Mark Weitz (Eyes) on lead vocals, Atma Anur (Steve Perry, Vicious Rumours, Tony McAlpine) on drums and Scott Snyder (Accomplice) on bass. Ramos also features Russ Greene and Michael T. Ross on keyboards and Stu Hamm appearing as a guest bass player on two tracks.

On to other topics, it seems "Planet Us" news is slow in coming thus far. A recent entry in John Kalodner's ( Q & A site stated that Kalodner hoped the power group would do more recording this fall or winter, hopefully followed by an album release and tour. In the meantime, Sammy Hagar has a brand new album out in stores called "Not For Sale," and Sammy's old label Capitol Records has released a 24-bit remastered collection of favorites called "Classic Masters."

Finally, as per, All east coast dates for the Gregg Rolie Band, with the exception of Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, have been postponed until after the new year due to the recent DC sniper assaults.


24 October, 2002
By TowandaRG for JRNYDV.Com:
NEWFLASH!! Ok, so maybe this isn't really "news" about Journey, but as a "newsworthy blurb", I wanted to report that I am an official eye-witness to something many people might have missed! It gave me a great laugh, and I thought I should share it with everybody, in case you missed it.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, on NBC, the show "Just Shoot Me" included mention of Journey--and a Journey song--in their script!

Now, I don't usually watch "Just Shoot Me" very often, but I was channel surfing and it caught my eye. I don't know the characters' names, but at one point in the show, the tall brunette character was dumped by her rocker boyfriend, and the other short brunette character (played by San Giancomo) was comforting her.

During their dialogue, the short brunette said, "I know what will cheer you up..." and she offered the tall one a box of kleenex, a one pound bag of Skittles, and JOURNEY'S GREATEST HITS on CD! (How cool is THAT?!)

Of course, being a sit-com, the tall brunette replied, "Hey, I was dumped by a rock and roll star, not an 8th grader!" This left me in tears, and I got on the phone with Journey Dave to tell him about it. He turned on the show and watched it with me from that point, arguing that it isn't really "news," but I could write about it anyway.

And then on the show, David Spade came in and said, "Hey is that Journey?" to which San Giancomo said, "Yes indeed, it's the Greatest Hits." and David Spade replied as he hung his head and mumbled with fake tears in his voice, "OH! ALISON CROMWELL!" (an 8th grade crush he once had). Again, I was laughing along with Dave on the phone.

Then, after commercial, all the characters were featured sitting on the floor together, all of them crying, eating Skittles, and listening to "Don't Stop Believin'." They actually sat SILENT while the song played, too. It was awesome to hear Steve Perry's voice on the show, even if he wasn't there physically!

So, even if it's not really "Journey news," it's just a tidbit that I thought might be interesting. You know a band has finally "made it" when they are featured on a major television network (NBC) sit-com which I believe is ranked in the top 20. Great job Journey!


24 October, 2002
By Cudaclan for JRNYDV.Com:
The long anticipated DVD from Steve Smith is scheduled for release in November.

This 2-disc collaboration comprises of Steve’s band (Vital Information), with Tom Coster-keys, Frank Gambale-guitar and Baron Browne-bass. It also includes many musicians from the Swing, Jazz, Country, Funk, Rock, and Rhythm & Blues industry. The first disc explains hand and foot technique and drum solos (among other instructional performances). The second disc pays homage to the American drum set and its revolutionary roots. The 4 hour and 37 minute 2-disc DVD contains complete footage of musical sets from Vital Information. Steve is meticulous to the extent that he chose a 1940s Radio King drum set with calfskin heads for that nostalgic sound quality (for the “History of the U.S. Beat” segment).

You can pre-order this 2-disc DVD from:

For more information about Vital Information on tour:

Steve’s DVD Diary


28 October, 2002
By Cudaclan for JRNYDV.Com:
The commercial release date for Red 13 is November 19th. Overseas purchase of the album can be purchased at Frontiers Records. Robert Fleischman's new CD World In Your Eyes is also available at the same site.


06 November, 2002
By Cudaclan for JRNYDV.Com:
Michael Anthony of Van Halen settles any rumors and mentions Planet Us: Click HERE.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like breathing through a straw? Journey's drummer Deen Castronovo knows. He is recovering from a severe case of bronchitis. Deen is due for a full recovery for the Las Vegas and Reno concerts. We wish Deen a speedy recovery. You can send get-well cards to:

SALEM, OR 97301

It appears there will be a delay in the U.S. release of Red 13. The postponement is due to the new artwork. The current cover is to be replaced by the synonymous "soaring scarab" that has historically represented Journey. Current release date is November 26, 2002. Click HERE for more info.


13 November, 2002
Special for JRNYDV.Com:
A signed Journey poster promoting is up for auction at EBay to benefit RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network). Click HERE for auction details.

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) is the nation¹s largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates programs to prevent sexual assault, provide help to its victims and promote the prosecution and punishment of its perpetrators.

RAINN also operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE and carries out extensive education and outreach programs. RAINN receives no government funding. Eighty-seven cents of every dollar raised is spent directly on program services for victims. After researching the nation's 819,000 charities, Worth magazine selected RAINN as one of "America's 100 Best Charities."

To find out more about RAINN, please call 1-800-656-HOPE ext. 3 or visit our website at


22 November, 2002
From Journeymusic.Com:
Journey will be sending donations and your contributions to a variety of exceptional children’s charities in the future. We have chosen to assist The Carousel Fund this holiday season. The Carousel Fund helps children with catastrophic illnesses by giving to their families in this time of need. If you would like to make a holiday gift donation to The Carousel Fund please send it to: The Carousel Fund, 17 Buckeye Court, Petaluma, CA 94952.

The Carousel Fund will be holding a raffle for an Autographed, 20th Anniversary Fender Squire Strat Guitar at the show in Reno, Nevada on November 23, 2002. Visit their booth next to the Journey swag booth at the concert.

Many special charity organizations will hold raffles next year during our 2003 tour. The representatives of these organizations will be in charge of all charity fund-raising events.

We wish to thank our wonderful fans who have given generously this past summer. With your help, we look forward to making a difference for more children’s charities in the years to come.


02 December, 2002
From Journeymusic.Com:
Journey fans Michelle Frederick and Trish Edwards organized two highly successful charity raffles that raised $3020 for The Carousel Fund. John Huff & Brenda Sommerville also assisted in organizing these large gatherings of Journey fans from around the country. These events were held at pre-show dinners on November 22nd & 23rd in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

Nicole Powell accepted the gift on behalf of The Carousel Fund. The proceeds will go to needy families who have children suffering from catastrophic illnesses. The Carousel Fund also held a raffle in Reno for an autographed Fender Strat guitar and an autographed Journey photo raising $2570. Journey wishes to thank all the fans who opened their hearts and gave so generously to this special cause.

Holiday gift donations can be mailed to The Carousel Fund, 17 Buckeye Court, Petaluma, CA 94952.


05 December, 2002
By TowandaRG for JRNYDV.Com:
A new CD has recently been released by Jonathan Cain. You can listen to a sound byte on the Jonathan Cain web site. The CD is entitled:

If Everyday Were Like Christmas

Track 1: If Everyday Were Like Christmas
Track 2: Celebrations Around The World
Track 3: If Everyday Were Like Christmas

Tracks 1 and 2 are performed by the Pleasant Valley Singers, and track 3 is performed by Jonathan Cain. All songs written by Jonathan Cain. Proceeds of the sale of this cd go to the Pleasant Valley P.T.A.


13 December, 2002
From MelodicRock.Com:

Neal Schon spoke with overnight--with the following posted on the entertainment site: Journey/Hagar/Van Halen Supergroup Planet Us Recording First Album

Planet Us hit the studio this week in the San Francisco Bay Area to record an album it hopes to release in 2003. The quartet features Sammy Hagar, Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, and Journey guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo.

Schon tells LAUNCH that after several delays the group is anxious to finally hit the studio and put its ideas on tape: "We were supposed to be started close to a month ago, and then our tour--(the) Journey tour--got prolonged and we ended up playing more shows, and sort of took this last month out for us. We're working through the 20th, and then we're taking off for the holidays, and then we'll be back in, like, January 1, and then we'll finish it in January, I think."

Planet Us has not yet signed with a label, and Schon says the group might release the album on its own, as Journey has done with its new EP, Red 13


19 December, 2002
From ArrowFM.Com:
The new supergroup Planet Us, which includes members of Van Halen and Journey, hit the studio this past week to record its first album, in hopes to release it in 2003. The band includes Sammy Hagar, VH bassist Michael Anthony and Journey's guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo. Schon told LAUNCH that the group is anxious to start recording the ideas that been buzzing in their heads for so long: "We were supposed to be started close to a month ago, and then our tour--(the) Journey tour--got prolonged and we ended up playing more shows, and sort of took this last month out for us. We're working through the 20th, and then we're taking off for the holidays, and then we'll be back in, like, January 1, and then we'll finish it in January, I think." Planet Us has yet to sign with a label and are considering releasing it on their own.


21 December, 2002
Special for JRNYDV.Com:
Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey have recorded an instrumental "Oh Holy Night" for this holiday season. The song is available to download for free.

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