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Journey-Dave's Staff Profile


David Hamilton Golland

dgolland at


Married to Lana

Homewood, IL

New York, NY


  • Publisher (September, 2003-present)
  • Webmaster, Editor-in-Chief (January, 2001-August, 2003)
  • Webmaster (October, 2000-January, 2001)
    Since I have always owned and operated this website, my title has changed only in relation to the other people who have worked with me in producing the content. During the first period, when it was a solo effort hosted by my student account at the University of Virginia, I called myself "webmaster." After the purchase of, I began actively recruiting volunteer editors and took the title "editor-in-chief." Since 2003, when I have been far too busy with my studies to actively run this endeavor, and when we moved to, I have considered myself the publisher and have been seeking a webmaster and editor-in-chief who can take over (while maintaining the existing editorial direction). So far, no takers.

    Former members of Journey:
  • Lead singer Robert Fleischman, 1.8.03
    (Probably my most important contribution to the Journey community, Robert's brother called me out of the blue to set this up. We had a long telephone interview and I transcribed the recording on the train down to DC for a research trip, then re-arranged the material and added a good amount of context. The result is the most comprehensive look at the experience of Journey's first frontman, the singer hired to give the band more of a pop sound but who was fired after less than a year so that the band could hire Steve Perry. Robert is a sweet, centered man.)
  • Original Journey and Santana Lead singer & keyboardist (and Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame member) Gregg Rolie, 11.17.02
    (Lana, Kristin, and I interviewed Gregg after his set with the Gregg Rolie Band at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. This was my first interview with a former member of Journey and I was very excited to get it.)
  • Drummer Steve Smith, 5.16.03
    (Lana and I interviewed Journey's legendary drummer Steve "machine gun" Smith [aka "The animal"] at the Bottom Line, a jazz/rock club in Greenwich Village that has since been swallowed up by New York University. Steve is eclectic and cosmopolitan and we tried our best not to ask the same questions that have been asked so often since he left Journey in 1997.)

    Members of The Storm, a band which included three members of Journey after Journey's 1987 breakup:
  • Lead singer Kevin Chalfant, 8.7.03
    (Kevin Chalfant, who mostly sings Christian music nowadays, was briefly considered for the lead singer position in Journey in the early 1990s after successfully leading The Storm, which included Journeymen Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith, and Ross Valory. I've lately come to think that he would have been the best choice to replace Steve Perry after Perry left in 1997. Becky and I interviewed him after he appeared with the Gregg Rolie Band in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.)
  • Guitarist Josh Ramos, 8.7.03
    (Josh has achieved moderate success largely for his ability to sound like Journey's Neal Schon, but he's technically talented and a very nice guy. Becky and I interviewed him in Oshkosh the same night we interviewed Kevin Chalfant.)

    Members of the Gregg Rolie Band:
  • Drummer Ron Wikso, 8.17.03
    (Ron's been around for a while, having played with Def Leppard and members of Journey. He's great for historical dish. Ron and I chatted informally backstage at Oshkosh while The Storm played their set and he was waiting to go on with Gregg, and I later followed up with an e-mail interview.)
  • Guitarist Kurt Griffey, 8.21.03
    (Ron Wikso set me up with Kurt's e-mail address at the Oshkosh gig and we conducted this interview electronically. Like Josh Ramos, Kurt is known for his spot-on renditions of some of Neal Schon's greatest Journey guitar solos, but Kurt also does a mean Carlos during the third of the band's set devoted to Gregg's early career as original lead singer and keyboardist for Santana.)
  • Percussionist Michael Carabello, 11.17.02
    (This was the second of three interviews conducted with Kristin and Lana at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.)
  • Alphonso Johnson & Ron Wikso, Bass player and drummer, respectively, 11.17.02
    (The third of three interviews at Mohegan Sun Casino.)

    A Journey tribute band:
  • Long Island's Worlds Apart, 2.28.03
    (Ringwood, up in the hills of northern New Jersey. A fun evening with Journey fans from as far away as Philadelphia. Felt like a reunion. Lana and I met with the band in the dressing room before the set.)

  • Journey/Styx/REO Speedwagon, Phildelphia, PA, 7.22.03
  • 27 West/Worlds Apart (Journey Tribute), Wantagh, NY, 4.5.03
  • Evolution (Journey Tribute), New Hyde Park, NY, 3.22.03
  • Escape (Journey Tribute), Brooklyn, NY, 1.11.03
  • Minority Report, 6.22.02
  • American Russian Young Artists Orchestra, 6.23.02
  • Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza (with Steve Augeri), 1.7.02
  • Arrival, 11.9.00
  • Journey, Holmdel, NJ, 6.29.00 and Hartford, CT, 7.7.00
  • Journey, York, PA, 9/12/01
  • Neal Schon, Voice, 9.1.01
  • Journey, Wantagh, NY, 6.23.99 (Scroll to Middle of Page)

  • Lead Singer Comments, May 2, 1999
  • Comments on Behind the Music, February 21, 2001
  • Is Journey Still a Viable Musical Entity?, December 1, 2001
  • JRNYDV Across America, Parts One to Six, August-September 2002
  • Towards a Constructive Solution, September 23, 2002
  • The New Band Bio, October 2002
  • Softening the Edges...or, Walking Away from Them, November 2002
  • A Constructive Solution, Revisited, February 2003
  • Steps Towards the Reconstruction of Back Talk, February 2003
  • Times Embroglio a Lesson for the Journey Community, June 2003
  • On Journey and the Lead Singer Question, August 27, 2003

  • July, 2003: Philadelphia, PA
  • September, 2002: West Springfield, MA
  • August, 2002: Essex Junction, VT
  • August, 2002: Gilford, NH
  • July, 2002: Uncasville, CT
  • May, 2002: Atlanta, GA
  • September, 2001: York, PA
  • July, 2001: Hartford, CT
  • June, 2001: Holmdel, NJ
  • June, 1999: Wantagh, NY
    Current and Former Members:
  • August, 2003: Gregg Rolie Band and Kevin Chalfant at Oshkosh, WI
  • May, 2003: Steve Smith and Vital Information at New York, NY
  • November, 2002: Gregg Rolie Band at Uncasville, CT
  • December, 2001: Steve Augeri at New York, NY (Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza)
    Journey Tribute Bands:
  • June, 2003: Worlds Apart at Bayonne, NJ
  • April, 2003: Worlds Apart at Wantagh, NY
  • March, 2003: Evolution (featuring Hugo) at New Hyde Park, NY
  • February, 2003: Worlds Apart at Ringwood, NJ
  • January, 2003: Escape (New York) at Brooklyn, NY

    Lana, Sushi, Chinese Food, Swimming, Reading, Thinking, MOKF, and other things....

    Avarice, ignorance, gay-bashing, racism, sexism, Capital Punishment, and intolerance of any kind. Still Politically Correct after all these years!

    I also opposed the war in Iraq. I am a veteran, as are my brother, father, uncle, and grandfather, and none of us supported that war.

    "hanemaraK in two threes...chemist's rainbow bird at dawn." If you know where I got that, e-mail me. You'll be the first. Update, 9/1/14: After more than a decade, Dan Busha got it, so I gave him a no-prize. But who'll be second?

    MY BIO:
    How I became known as "Journey-Dave:" I've been a Journey fan since hearing "Don't Stop Believin' " on a jukebox near Otisville, New York (in the Borscht Belt of Dirty Dancing fame) in 1981. I own and enjoy a copy of every Journey album released in the U.S. (as well as Dream, After Dream and the Japanese version of Arrival). I am a fan also of current and former Journey members' solo work as well as Santana, Bad English, The Storm, Vital Information, etc. I took the screen name JRNYDV (pronounced "Journey Dave") in 1999, and procured vanity license plates with the same name in 2000, as a tribute to a friend elsewhere in Journey-dom who drove around California during the 80s in a flashy number with tags that read JRNYGRL (pronounced "Journey-girl").

    On working life: I have been an actor, an opera singer, a waiter, a doorman, and many other things. When I returned to college, however, I got my sights set on becoming a historian. I am now a professor of history at Governors State University and am the author of Constructing Affirmative Action: The Struggle for Equal Employment Opportunity.

    In 2001-2002 I worked in the Special Education Department at Jack Jouett Middle School in Albemarle County, Virginia. This is a picture of me with Mike Gibson at school. Mike has a degenerative muscular disorder and my job was to assist him physically and academically.

    On the lead singer debate: I early-on accepted the new Journey with Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo and I'm glad we have Journey around today. I never saw Journey live with Steve Perry (other than on film), and so I am glad that the band reformed as it did; otherwise I might never have enjoyed a Journey concert. I got to meet the members of Journey after the York, PA show on 9/12/01. A Dream, After Dream come true, even given the tragic circumstances of the previous day. I then met Steve Augeri again in New York during the 2001 holiday season.

    But ultimately I think that Steve Augeri was not the best choice for Steve Perry's replacement. He's an incredibly nice guy and a talented singer, but if Perry had to be replaced (and that appears to be the case), I think the better choice would have been Kevin Chalfant of The Storm. Still, the decision was made and Journey moves on. I haven't seen the band live since Steve Augeri left, although I've seen the documentary featuring Arnel Pineda and am impressed.

    The autographs I've received: Among the items that I own that have been signed by members of the band are the two license plates formerly featured on the main page of this website, two Jonathan Cain CDs signed by Jon, a Japanese Arrival CD and Journey 2001 DVD signed by Steve Augeri, a copy of Gregg Rolie's 2001 CD Roots signed by all the members of the Gregg Rolie Band, and a Vital Information Easier Done than Said cassette signed by Steve Smith.

    On the benefits of running this website: As a member of the press at Music Midtown 2002 in Atlanta, GA, I got to stand around backstage while the band walked to and fro, but perhaps my greatest experiences one-on-one with members of the band have been my interviews--with Gregg Rolie in person in November, 2002; former Journey lead singer Robert Fleischman via telephone in January, 2003; and Steve Smith in person in May, 2003.

    On the definition of "members of the press" and "fans:" The internet has created a virtual world wherein one needn't spend a lot of money to own and operate a news organization, and wherein one can achieve legitimacy as part of the press in a different way than through the traditional news media. This has also encouraged the blurring of the lines between the fans and the press, as fans are more capable than ever of becoming part of the non-traditional, internet press. Current and former staffers on this website are fans of Journey, but in our capacity as journalists or interviewers, we have to be careful not to act like fans. It's something I've thought about quite often.

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