The Music


The music of Journey has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world for nearly thirty years. Since December of 1973, when former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch united to form a San-Francisco based backup instrumental group called the Golden Gate Rhythm Section, through the addition of Hanford native lead singer Steve Perry in 1978, and on to the latest evolution of Journey with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda, the Journey fans of Ohio, Arizona, Brazil, Japan, and everywhere in between have remained faithful to the sound, the emotion, the magic, of Journey.

This section of The Journey Zone contains a brief history of the band by album, a list of all recorded Journey albums, and a list of released singles and top-forty hits. We hope that it will enhance your online Journey experience.

--The Journey Zone Staff

A Brief History of the Band by Album
Journey's first phase, as a fusion rock band, included the albums Journey (1975), Look Into the Future (1976), and Next (1977). The band's original lineup was Neal Schon and George Tickner on guitar, Ross Valory on bass, Gregg Rolie on piano and lead vocals, and Prairie Prince on drums. When Prairie Prince left the band prior to the recording of Journey, he was replaced by Aynsley Dunbar. Only one other personnel change took place during this era: George Tickner left the band after the first album to pursue a career in....


The Albums
Journey has released fifteen full albums of original music, including a film soundtrack; an extended-play album; two live albums; and four compilations.


The Hits
Journey has recorded twenty-six hits that made it to the U.S. top 100.