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The Main Journey Zone survey
As of 27 October, 2003

Favorite Journey lead singer?

Total Surveyed114 
Gregg Rolie 00605%
Neal Schon 00000%
Robert Fleischman 00404%
Steve Perry 08776%
Jonathan Cain 00202%
Steve Augeri 01513%

What do you think of Journey's latest release, Red 13?

Total Surveyed150 
Excellent 02215%
Good 05134%
Fair 04731%
Bad 02013%
Horrible 01007%

Favorite Song from Red 13?

Total Surveyed116 
State of Grace 03429%
The Time 01513%
Walkin' Away from the Edge 04236%
I can Breathe 02320%

Favorite Journey album (after Red 13's release)?

Total Surveyed157 
Journey 00101%
Look Into the Future 00201%
Next 00403%
Infinity 01912%
Evolution 00805%
Departure 00503%
Dream, After Dream 00201%
Escape 03321%
Frontiers 02617%
Raised on Radio 01208%
Trial by Fire 01711%
Arrival 01510%
Red 13 00201%
Can't decide 01208%

Previous Questions

Removed 1/31/03

What do you think of the Journey 2001 DVD?

Total Surveyed183 
Excellent 12669%
Good 03419%
Fair 01005%
Bad 00804%
Horrible 00402%

Removed 1/31/03

Favorite Journey lead singer? (Of Rolie, Perry, or Augeri)

Total Surveyed476 
Gregg Rolie 01804%
Steve Perry 28660%
Steve Augeri 11825%
Can't Decide 05612%

Removed 11/30/02

Favorite Journey album (after Arrival's release)?

Total Surveyed570 
Journey 00701%
Look Into the Future 00100%
Next 00301%
Infinity 05710%
Evolution 03005%
Departure 02905%
Dream, After Dream 00601%
Escape 14926%
Frontiers 06712%
Raised on Radio 03205%
Trial by Fire 06511%
Arrival 06612%
Can't decide 05910%

Removed 4/7/02

What do you think of Arrival?

Total Surveyed 314 
Excellent 19261%
Good 08025%
Fair 01906%
Bad 00602%
Horrible 01806%

Favorite Song from Arrival?
US Poll opened/Japan Poll closed 4/5/01

Total Surveyed 196 96 
Higher Place 4623%2425%
All the Way 1910%0404%
Signs of Life 1206%0404%
All the Things 010.5%0303%
Loved by You 1407%0404%
Livin' to Do 1407%0808%
World Gone Wild 1106%----
I Got a Reason 1106%0303%
With Your Love 0201%0303%
Lifetime of Dreams 010.5%0303%
Live and Breathe 1206%1111%
Nothin' Comes Close0603%----
To Be Alive Again 2010%1415%
Kiss Me Softly 1407%0505%
I'm Not That Way ----0101%
We Will Meet Again 0905%0909%


Ask 'em

Poll Question: What would you like an interviewer to ask Journey or current or former members of the band? Please be specific as to whom you would like to ask.

For Journey:
27 October, 2003
"Are you all happy now and getting along well?"

For Journey:
27 October, 2003
" 'Midnite Dreamer,' what a collaboration of players. Who wrote the intro?"

For Journey:
27 October, 2003
"When you replace a frontman, you replace more than just a voice. You replace an identity, a look, and arguably the majority of just WHY people became fans of the band to begin with. With this being said, I love Augeri. However, since he is now at the helm and is the front man, how soon till he grabs the reins and starts writing and influencing the Journey sound? He is the frontman now after all. He is more than a voice. His performance is one of the reasons people will be possibly coming to see you guys or choosing to stay at home. Its about time he left his mark. I mean, look at Infinity (Perry's FIRST album with the group)he has writing credits all over the place. Augeri hardly did a thing on Arrival. Its a darn shame. When outside writers have contributed more than your frontman/lead singer you are in trouble. Again, I love Augeri, but if the man doesn't have what it takes to contribute songs than why did you choose him? Perry wrote nonstop. Chalfant writes nonstop. Where's Augeri's credits? Did he write Tall Stories? Jon said Augeri had written a Journey ballad dedicated to his wife. So show it!! Let us hear it! Perry & Cain wrote constantly. Where is that dynamic in the current Journwey lineup? Is anybody writing anything? I want to see Augeri's full potential. Let's go, already! Repeat after me, he is not just a clone!"

For Journey:
27 October, 2003
"Why was aynsly dunbar let go from the group?"

For Journey:
26 August, 2003
"Any possibility of a Journey reunion? Or past members making appearances at future shows with the current band members?"

For Steve Perry:
26 August, 2003
"will he ever sing again?"

For Journey:
26 August, 2003
"What's preventing Journey from coming to Seattle,WA for one show?"

For Steve Perry:
26 August, 2003
"Why Steve really left the band."

For Neal, Jonathan, and Ross:
03 August, 2003
"After watching the Behind the Music on VH1, it seemed that there was some animosity towards Steve Perry and vice versa. Now that all is said and done, I know it has been a few years now, do you speak with each other? Would you ever reunite with him? What really happened? Was it all his fault or were you all just wanting to get back to making music no matter what the cost?"

For Journey:
21 July, 2003
"Why don't you come Seattle anymore?"

For Journey:
10 July, 2003
"Would they be willing to do a album or concert with Steve Perry if he was willing?"

For Neal Schon:
10 July, 2003
"Why would you want to move on without Perry?"

For a current member of Journey:
10 July, 2003
"Did you honestly think you would be successful without Steve Perry?"

For Journey:
19 June, 2003
"What is your honest take on Arrival?"

For Steve Perry:
09 June, 2003
"Would you consider performing again with Journey for a reunion tour with your original bandmates, Cain, Shon, Valory and Smith?"

For Steve Perry:
09 May, 2003
"Are you married as of now or are you still searching for that special someone?"

For Journey:
29 April, 2003
"Why can't we have Steve Perry back?"

For Steve Augeri:
11 April 2003
"Now that you have been a part of Journey for some years now when did you first feel that you were a member for sure?"

For Steve Perry:
11 April, 2003
"Are you planning on releasing another solo album?"

For Steve Perry:
03 April, 2003
"What will it take for him to tour again? And if it is a muse he needs for inspiration, I will volunteer."

For Journey:
31 March, 2003
"When are Journey going to come to Scotland?"

For Steve Augeri:
24 March 2003
"I'd like an interviewer to ask Steve Augeri if he's met Steve Perry yet."

For Steve Perry:
10 March, 2003
"Will you please come back to Journey?"

For Steve Perry:
09 February, 2003
"Whatever happened to Sheri Swafford after she split from Steve Perry? Any ideas? He never got married correct? Mahalo."

For Journey:
26 January, 2003
"As fans built this band Journey to stardom, do you think it's owed to them to give them what they want--Steve Perry as the lead singer? Every poll likes Augeri but really wants Perry back. What do you have to say?"

For Journey:
26 January, 2003
"Why not an album? Only an EP. Could we be missing some input? Say like the Perry/Cain combination?"

For Journey:
12 January, 2003
"When will you ever play the UK?"

For Steve Perry:
21 December, 2002
"Would Steve Perry ever come back? And would he tour again? With or without Journey?"

For Steve Augeri:
09 December, 2002
"Did he know he had the job when he left California or did Neal and Jon call him after? Does he have any siblings? What is that necklace is he wearing in the 2001 DVD?"

For Steve Smith:
09 December, 2002
"Do you still keep in contact with any of the current members of Journey? What do you think of the new lineup? Would it ever be possible to see you sitting behind the drums again with the band?"


What Do You Think of
Red 13?

07 August, 2003
"Red 13 is a good direction for Journey to take as younger music buyers (and older) are leaning toward a return of the "garage-band." Red 13 has both spit AND polish, and qualifies as classic rock. More songs would have been welcome. And the Jonathan Cain influence is lacking. But it's still great."

03 August, 2003
"I don't buy anymore.Just not as good as TBF-ROR-Escape.Yes-I have heard the new stuff."

02 August, 2003
"The Time was probably the best song, but I didn't really like the whole feel of Red 13. It had a raw sound, no polish like the true Journey sound. Steve Perry was accused of overproducing on ROR, but this could have used some of that polish. Jon was obviously not too involved in this release, or it would probably have sounded better."

10 July, 2003
"I thought it was bad. I liked Arrival much better because it sounded like the old Journey which I love!"

09 June, 2003
"A nice preview to a newer direction."

04 April, 2003
"Red 13 should have had 6 more songs on it. It's powerful and raw. I want to hear more. Journey is not the same band in 1975 with Journey as it is in 2002 with Red 13. I don't know how this group does it. Different members, different sounds but somehow it's still Journey. Red 13 is just another door. With songs like 'State Of Grace' this band can rock."

10 March, 2003
"It Sucks."

09 February, 2003
"Red 13 is fantastic! The lyrics are just beautiful. And of course as always Neal rocks with those guitar licks. If this is a sample of new Journey I am anxiously awaiting. Keep rockin 'men.' I am so happy Neal got his band back."

01 February, 2003
"I really think that Red 13 is a great CD. It definately rocks more than their previous CD which is what I like about it. It is time for something new and different!!"

26 January, 2003
"I've heard clips & attended a concert.They have recreated themselves. They are now a mediocre opening act."

08 November, 2002
"I think Red 13 is an excellent EP. The songs are very strong with positive lyrics. Neal Schon has some powerful guitar work. Steve Augeri's vocals are superb especially on "Walking Away from the Edge." They certainly rock hard on this EP."

Dawn, steveaugerifansunited.com
07 October, 2002
"I have to listen to Red 13 more to form a better opinion. Right now it isn't something that I am dying to listen to again and again."

26 September, 2002
"I didn't like Red 13. There are no songs that are memorable which is very unlike their previous albums. The songs sounded like an excuse for making 'noise.' I thought the words to the songs silly."


The Concert Survey
Question: When and where have you seen Journey in concert, and what would you like to say about the experience?

27 October, 2003
"Schon is awesme. I cannot wait for the next time! Until we meet again. Ronda c."

02 September, 2003

26 August, 2003
"Hershey Park, Aug. 1 Concert : Having seen Journey in '83 -- when there was no more popular rock band in America to go see -- I was skeptical 20 years later. I was one of those people who wouldn't go see the new lead singer based on principle. But I came away transported back to a simpler time, when I had hair and looked good in a sleeveless Frontiers T-shirt. Steve Augere came out and struggled a bit with Separate Ways, the first song. But overall, he was awesome -- a real showman. Neil was a few pounds heavier than he was 20 years ago and he didn't have any bandanas. But he still has the magic in his fingers. Ross Valory and Jonathan Cain still have their hair and their passion for the music. Deen Castronova looked proud and privileged to be a part of the band. Yeah, there was no entrance through the bottom of the stage, no girls in the hotel lobby, no three encores. But there were five men who paid homage to a legendary band -- and they didn't seem bummed at all about being referred to as Classic Rockers. Still they ride."

11 August, 2003
"on aug.2 in cincinnati your performance was outsanding i grace burgin would love another apperance next year. please sent me infromation on joining your fan club right- away."

3 August, 2003
"today, I saw the concert last night with Styx and Reo and of couse Journey. The crowd was so emotional during the whole concert and the most rewarding enertainment I every seen. All three bands together at the end of the tour. That was the best and touching experience that I ever had and truely enjoyed. Getting along and perfect voices together. It doesn't get any better than that. Cincinnati thanks you all."

28 July, 2003
"Saw Journey the other night with Styx and REO. Journey was definately the worst of the three, with out of tune guitars, a comotose Steve Augerri, and just a boring show. Styx definately stole the show. I was pretty upset and disappointed."

10 July, 2003
"I saw Journey June 9th 2003 in Dallas, Texas and I have to say, Steve Augeri is fantastic. I was only disappointed that they didn't sing any of the songs from the Arrival album. He sang all the songs that Steve Perry made famous and he didn't need to. He is great on his own. I loved him!"

19 June, 2003
"Just saw REO/STYX/Journey in St. Paul, MN. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two ... was a bit disappointed with Journey. Just isn't the same without Steve Perry. Although they try hard and they sound OK, it's just not Journey any longer. Would have liked to have heard more songs and less endless, time-filling, guitar licks."

16 May, 2003
"Journey rocked Fresno,Ca last night 5/15/03. I would have to say it was one of the best shows I have ever been to in my whole life. Journey,Styx and Reo brought the house down. I have seen Journey about 20 times in the past, but last night was awsome. Journey still can rock even with out Perry. Augeri drove the fans wild and Neal kicked ass as always. I did miss Perry a little, but got over it really fast once Journey came out play. If you get a chance to see the tour, GO!!!! If you keep a open mind and get out of being a Perryhead, you might just have a really good time. Journey still rocks and will always be the best F---ing band in the world."

31 March, 2003
"I would love to see them but they need to come to Scotland or at least England."

24 March, 2003
"took my g/f, who is Journey's #1 fan, to see Journey at Escanaba, mMichigan on 8/17/02 and Journey was totally awesome--I've seen many concerts Live in my day but the sound was great and Journey REALLY seemed to be enjoying playin' for all the people there--Steve Augeri hurt his toe though playin' around on stage--Journey was a class act!"

04 March, 2003
"The best Journey concert has to be Raised on Radio. It was the last time Perry sang live with the band. I went to a lot of Journey concerts that winter in '86. Perry really knew how to get fans jumping. Journey came to my home town (Fresno,Ca) twice and it rocked. I still remember when the concert started, "Only the Young"--and the fans went crazy. My girlfreind (now my wife) started to cry and we danced like there was no tomorrow. I have seen the new line-up and didn't get that feeling over me like when Perry was in the band. I did miss not having Ross and Smitty playing on the ROR tour, but I went to the Frontiers concert in '83. I can only say that Perry makes Journey concerts great and you really do have a great time. Neal, please bring Perry back."

09 November, 2002
"Saw Journey in Brookhaven, Uncasville, Allentown, and Bloomsburg this tour. Set list was fantastic, especially the acoustic set and the new songs. Loved the vocal range, emotion and energy of Steve Augeri. He makes frequent contact with the audience and reaches out to them. Neal Schon was extrordinary on the guitar. "The Star-Spangled Banner" brought everyone to their feet and tears to many eyes. Deen and Ross kept the beat strong and powerful. Jonathan Cain's keyboards were flowing, fluid and beautiful. Met Steve Augeri briefly after the Brookhaven show. Nice, sweet guy and very humble and respectful of the fans. Can't wait till 2003."

Earl Keim
18 September, 2002
"I saw Journey last night in Austin, TX at the Backyard and the show was beyond amazing. I didn't see a bored soul in the place. The music was so incredible and Steve Augeri absolutely conquered "Faithfully," "I'll Be Alright Without You," and "Dont Stop Believin' " without even trying. Journey has a sound that remains timeless thanks to Jon Cain and Neil Schon. It was the best concert I have ever seen for sheer enjoyment and fun. No remembrance of weed and nude women, just a great 2 and 1/2 hours of music I have loved for 20 years. "Lights" took my breath away. So much that I now know one must SEE THEM LIVE. These guys are getting older, and just getting better. "Be good to yourself" and go see them."

25 August, 2002
"Saw Journey at W. VA. State Fair and the group was awesome. I cannot pick out any one individual or instrumental that could have possibly stood out against another. Thank You for sticking together."

19 August, 2002
"Family and I left the PA show and drove over 800 mi. for this venue. I still have to post for the CT and PA shows but time catches up with the old hard drive. Ok, lets think about this, no rocket science here. Finish a concert in PA and travel over 800 mi. to perform next day in NH. Let's not forget about the over 100 temp. and humidity in PA. This was an 11-12 hr. ride folks. Look at a map and plot it out. Someone likes me above. We had the honor to be in the realm of the infamous 'Waboritas'. Hey, after reading those threads I said no way to the menu at the VIP tent pavilion. My doctor tells me to watch my diet, especially the 80 proof ones. What a fantastic bunch you are, I hope we are with the gang at VT. No sitting down right, right. This aint no tennis match, get thy cans up. Ross & Steve spotted us out from my son's blinking lights from the PA venue. This joint is primo. Seating is super and in the backwoods, hats off. Honestly, this was the best show to date. The crowd was on their feet and I know Journey was more receptive to this. I thought JC was doing an ad for Victoria Secret at one point. I know Neal and Steve cranked it for the loyals also. JC, I do like the harmony you perform in Trial. In fact, an'unplugged' version of other songs would be welcomed by me. A no brainer here people. Journey performs some rare songs not familiar to all and recognized ones as well. They do so because (as you have seen and read) their music has endured. If you want to see a vintage Journey video drop in at Journeyswag.com and look for the Frotiers & Beyond video documentary. Want to see footage of the '01' Arrival Tour. Same bat page, same bat channel. Ok, I promised my wife and son why Steve doesn't wear shoes. Listen up. That cliche of 'big shoes to fill.' Steve Augeri has his own shoe size, the other ones don't fit. That's my story and I'm stickn' to it."

19 August, 2002
"Just made it home with wife & 14 yr. old son. One show after another and more marathons to see. Yes the opening act should have taken their Ritalin and left the matches home. I thought we needed to call Fire Marshall Bill at one time. My mother always told me to have clean underwear on, I hope the singer did (if you were there, you know what I mean). The radio DJ had the audacity to call them a real Rock & Roll band. Journey was indeed at home, Steve even more. Row T, dead center and not a bad seat in the house. Sold out ? I spoke to the General Manager and he said 'Never a sold out ... the place holds 17k.' At least half a capacity audience was visible. Neal, you get me inspired to play the air guitar every time at shows. Hey Steve, you gotta stop undressing in front of windows on pre meet n greet (tinted glass, not) my wife had your un-divided attention. She waited to see if other band members were next. Visit Journeyswag.com and order your Red 13 today. Next stop, CT, PA, NH...."

19 August, 2002
"Me thinks Clearfield County's main product for consumers is CHAIRS. I think there was a two for one sale. Yah a two for one. Have a chair surgically fused to your can and have a friend's also. Seats 4th row, in front of Ross. That BS of heat & humidity don't fly with me. We spent time downtown at various shops eateries etc... I like the county, the people, building architects etc... Heck, how often do you meet the General Manager of local QYX 93.1 radio station down town. We spoke to Mr. Bob Day after the show, chatted about Journey. Ok, it was a sold out event and yes, there was Journey fans abound. When Neal performed our Nation's Anthem the crowd in the bleachers showed their 'true colors'. I wish I was back there at times. JC gave the opportunity to some younger fans to sing. Neal showed some guitar lessons to other fans at front row. He waived them over to come front n' center. Can anyone say air guitar? How in blazes can Steve belt the tunes in that temp. and run around? I was fortunate to observe Ross playing Stone in Love. Nice licks on bass in that song. Let's not forget about Journey's little helpers. Kyle & Adam, summer vacation is almost over. School is around the corner. The harmony of I'll be Alright between JC & SA with the chorus is a crowd pleaser. To re-cap the day we met BT members. A shame isn't it. To sit among some coma crowds who become ugly. We met with the local editorial reporter. Spoke of our road trip adventures and Journey. We gave him too much feedback he had trouble keeping up. One word, ok, two, digital recorder."

19 August, 2002
"OK, the start of the family marathon. Stopped in at @ 1:00 to scope the place, looks like 'up close and personal'. We were in line for showtime @ 4:00 . The crowd was also getting sauced. Must have been 15 people in front of the gate before us. Security waited too long to open gates. Time for the mad rush for seating. Yes I know, why didn't I get VIP seating. Hey I'm still hearing it from the Mrs & Jr. OK. Back Talk members, I can't sit at Journey's concerts. We were however 10 ft. behind VIP seating center. Trial by Fire & acoustic strings, me like. I also noticed the threads Neal wore. A man that digs flame jobs is a gearhead of mine. La Raza, can anyone say mahogany adrenaline. The stage lighting and effects are primo this year. Sony can GO POUND SAND, they sure did their marketing from tea leaves. I sure get into watching JC tickle the ivories in LA Raza, most Santana (70's). Capacity was over its quota, to the gills. The crowd was BIG TIME Journey fans. Steve, Paisano, you gotta stop puttin' your can on the line. We were very concerned with all that energy you have. Leave the Snickers to Deeno and chill down. We all need you in one piece. Arrival '01' DVD (Journeyswag. com) see & feel the bass only a sub can offer. Ross & 'Deeno' can be truely appreciated aside LIVE."

19 May, 2002
"I saw JRNY on their ROR tour (11-02-1986) @ Providence Civic center! It was an awesome concert!!! I was 15 then, paid *** $17.50 *** for the show (last year, I inquired about their show, they wanted $125!!!, * without steve perry!!! *)(My wife & I were, like, (before I heard S.A.'s voice) :nnnoo! (Shame now that we didn't do it!! Anyway, I said, (after hearing 'separate ways' in the mid-80's), if JRNY ever came 2 town again, I AM THERE!!! Sure enough, I was!!!: Member of 'force journey'(then), was able 2 get: *THIRD* row *CENTER* seats (awesome). concert was just as good, if not better, than the vids 4 'girl can't help it' & 'i'll b alright w/o u' "--Andrea Clauson

10 April, 2002
"I've seen JOURNEY in concert twice now and I am eagerly awaiting the next concert. I was disappointed to learn that Steve Perry wasn't going to be with them in '99 the first time I saw them, but after Foreigner got off stage and JOURNEY came on...I was blown away. The new STEVE is absolutely fantastic. I couldn't wait to see them again...Last year we went to Nashville to see them and again I was just blown away...."

05 February, 2002
"I saw Journey last July in Burgettstown, WV & they rocked!! I couldn't get enough & only wished the concert was longer. Wish they would've sang 'Open Arms', 'Girl Can't Help It', 'I'll Be Alright Without You' & 'Only The Young'. Hope they come back this way this summer, or I'll have to hit the road to see them. My 11 year old & Mom went to the concert & loved it. Now my son loves Journey & knows their songs. Only wished Steve Perry was still with them, tho' I like Steve Augeri lots."

07 September, 2001
"After reading concert reviews on the Journey website, I have to admit, I thought I would be disappointed in seeing them live. I`ll tell you why. You see, all the reviews were from die-hard Journey fans who have a tendency to say nothing but positive things about their band. Not that there`s anything wrong with that, but it seems like it`s all sugar-coated. It would be much more believable for just 1 bad review to be posted. So, are we getting a negative review here? Before I answer that, I have never seen Journey live although I have been listening to them since the 70`s. I own a couple of their CDs,and consider myself a casual fan. I saw them at the Wilmington gig at Frawley Stadium. It`s not the best concert I`ve attended but it certainly wasn`t the worst either. I have to give it a thumbs up. They looked great, sounded great, and showed me a lot of professionalism. You can say, I was impressed. I thought Steve Augeri showed real potential in being a front man. Great voice. Neal`s guitar playing ranks right up with the best I have seen and heard, Deen was excellent on the drums, I wish they would have let him do a drum solo. Ross`s bass was solid and crisp all night long, and Jonathan`s keyboard playing and vocals were dead on. So once again another positive review."

Girl Can't Help It
25 August, 2001
"Hello everyone...It's me again. Saw our Guys in Lubbock, TX, Monday 8/20/01. What a show! Very relaxing...outdoors @ the Cayon Amph. My little 8 yr old was dancing almost as much as Steve A. What energy! Jonathan Cain & Neil were so much more relaxed...and smiling and cracking up...Jonathon was all over that stage...very cool performance. I'm not sure...but did Dean go 'blonde?' Missed John Waite...but Peter Frampton made up with his excellant performance (along with his guys), and the opening 'New' band COLORS...was really a kicker. Watching, & listening to Neil's/Peter's solos are worth every dime. Hands down...no questions asked. Can't wait to get Neil's new CD. OUR GUYS ARE BACK!! Peace...."

05 August, 2001
"I saw Journey here in Saratoga, NY, on July 3rd. What a great day!! I ended up meeting the band at soundcheck, they were all so nice...especially Steve Augeri--what a guy, and he can dance AND sing with power too! They did 'Livin' to Do' for the first time that night, what an awesome song! I had 2nd row seats, thanks to the Fan Club at journeymusic.com. The whole night was unbelievable. I will treasure it forever. I do miss Steve Perry, but I am VERY pleased with Steve A. and Deen joining the band. What a team."

Girl Can't Help It
24 June, 2001
"Hello-Hello...Hi "C" Just a note from me....I saw "our Band" perform 6/6/01 in El Paso, TX...It was awesome!! My son's first concert, we (I) drove 710 miles (would gladly do it again)...Front seat tickets (thanks Fan Club). Light show was fabulous...John Waite & Steve A/Neil Schon had sound problems...but rode right through them...Peter Framptom was an icon...Took some photos, got a few autographed guitar picks, and a drum stick...but mainly...my son will have the memory of a lifetime....!!!! Steve A is extremely cuteboy. Boy can he can dance! Excellant over-all. Jonathan Cain sang, Dean was jammin', Neil could've had better lighting for his solos...Ross was happy go lucky...If any of you get the chance...GO FOR IT...The only thing that would have made it better...would have been if Mr. Bad to the Bone was there!! Still miss you Steve P...Perry on ya'll...."

26 April, 2001
"Boston at the Garden, sold out shows, always exciting. Steve Smith is welcomed home. Also at Worcester...four sold out shows. Come on back...with Mr. Perry...."

05 April, 2001
"I saw Journey in Birmingham with Steve Augeri. I was relieved to find that he sounds so much like Steve Perry but I still think the band is not the same without Steve Perry. Wish you guys came to B'Ham more often. Look forward to seeing you again."

02 January, 2001
"Just saw the New Year's Eve show in Phoenix and was totally blown away. What I wouldn't give to play guitar like Neal. Tried to pay careful attention and couldn't see through the tears of joy. I do think 'Higher Place' ought to be the first single instead of 'All The Way,' though. Steve Augeri will grow on you disbelievers, just wait and see. And how fortunate for them to find a drummer that is right up there with the likes of John Bonham! I wish I thought they read these reviews. If they do...Neal, I need some lessons!"

19 November, 2000
"saratoga, they were superb."

18 November, 2000
"Yes 12 times. EXCELLENT!"

15 November, 2000
"...8 times! With the one and only true lead singer, Steve Perry!"

14 November, 2000
"Anchorage, '86. Awesome. They played two nights."

14 November, 2000
"...Many times over the years in the S. California area."

My Journey
13 November, 2000
"...San Bernardino. I knew then that the new album was gonna be great."

13 November, 2000
"Yes, twice. Most recently in Reno, NV. Excellent concert."

09 November, 2000
"Saw them in 1986 and Steve Perry in 95 and Journey in 1998. They are great but with Perry they were awesome!"

07 November, 2000
"Yep they are great now but I would have loved to see them with S.P."

01 November, 2000
"I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Steve Perry has the most incredible voice I have ever heard."

29 October, 2000
"Every tour when Perry was up front. Couldn't ask for better."

28 October, 2000
"I saw Journey at Hornet Field in Sacramento, also at the Warfield in San Francisco. They were great...I still miss Steve Perry though."

25 October, 2000
"...At the Oakdale in CT.They were great!!"

24 October, 2000
"I was to young to go to any of the concerts that Journey did."

17 October, 2000
"...in Pittsburgh, PA. many years ago, Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, 2 other guys filling in for Steve Smith and Ross Vallory who were off doing other projects. It was great, they had alot of energy. Glass Tiger was the opening act and were also great."


2002 Summer Tour Song Choices
Question: what song or songs would you most like to see performed by Journey this summer on their Under the Radar, 2002 tour?

As of 04 July, 2002

This survey is now closed.
Total Surveyed: 3,260
Total Songs: 155

Percentage Rating Method by Votes:
00-16: 00%
17-48: 01%
49-81: 02%
82-114: 03%


Total Percentage 04%
Of a Lifetime 3401%
In the Morning Day 0200%
Kohoutek 1901%
To Play Some Music 0700%
Topaz 0300%
In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations 0400%
Mystery Mountain 0200%
On a Saturday Nite 2201%
It's All Too Much 0200%
Anyway 2901%
She Makes Me (Feel Alright) 1400%
You're On Your Own 0100%
Look Into the Future 0700%
Midnight Dreamer 0400%
Im Gonna Leave You 0800%
Spaceman 0700%
People 0200%
I Would Find You 0700%
Here We Are 0300%
Hustler 0400%
Next 0700%
Nickel & Dime 1000%
Karma 0500%


Total Percentage 07%
Lights 4101%
Feeling that Way 3501%
Anytime 2301%
La Do Da 2001%
Patiently 2501%
Wheel in the Sky 4301%
Somethin' to Hide 1200%
Winds of March 3501%
Can Do 0500%
Opened the Door 1100%


Total Percentage 08%
Majestic 0500%
Too Late 1901%
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' 6102%
City of the Angels 1901%
When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy) 0900%
Sweet & Simple 2001%
Lovin' You is Easy 1901%
Just the Same Way 4801%
Do You Recall 1901%
Daydream 0700%
Lady Luck 0900%


Total Percentage 07%
Anyway You Want It 6402%
Walks Like a Lady 3101%
Someday Soon 0800%
People and Places 1400%
Precious Time 1801%
Where Were You 2301%
I'm Cryin' 0700%
Line of Fire 2101%
Departure 0200%
Good Morning Girl 1300%
Stay Awhile 3201%
Homemade Love 1200%

Dream, After Dream

Total Percentage 04%
Destiny 1901%
Snow Theme 0300%
Sandcastles 1500%
A Few Coins 0100%
Moon Theme 0500%
When the Love has Gone 3101%
Festival Dance 0000%
The Rape 0200%
Little Girl 5602%


Total Percentage 05%
Dixie Highway 05602%
The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) 10803%


Total Percentage 10%
Don't Stop Believin' 5002%
Stone in Love 5602%
Who's Cryin' Now 2701%
Keep on Runnin' 1400%
Still They Ride 3901%
Escape 4201%
Lay it Down 1701%
Dead or Alive 0800%
Mother, Father 4301%
Open Arms 3001%


Total Percentage 08%
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) 4201%
Send Her My Love 3801%
Chain Reaction 2601%
After the Fall 3501%
Faithfully 5002%
Edge of the Blade 4501%
Troubled Child 0900%
Back Talk 1400%
Frontiers 1300%
Rubicon 2201%

Raised on Radio

Total Percentage 08%
Girl Can't Help It 3301%
Positive Touch 0500%
Suzanne 2001%
Be Good To Yourself 6602%
Once You Love Somebody 1100%
Happy to Give 1500%
Raised on Radio 1801%
I'll Be Alright Without You 3101%
It Could Have Been You 0800%
The Eyes of a Woman 2001%
Why Can't This Night Go On Forever 3701%

Greatest Hits

Total Percentage 05%
Ask the Lonely 8503%
Only the Young 6802%

Time (Cubed)

Total Percentage 04%
Cookie Duster 0700%
For You 0400%
Velvet Curtain 0600%
Good Times 1100%
Natural Thing 1100%
La Raza Del Sol 6902%
Only Solutions 1400%
Liberty 3901%
All that Really Matters 0700%
With a Tear 1500%
Into Your Arms 2001%

Trial By Fire

Total Percentage 07%
Message of Love 4801%
One More 1500%
When You Love a Woman 5102%
If He Should Break Your Heart 2201%
Forever in Blue 0500%
Castles Burning 1400%
Don't Be Down on Me Baby 1000%
Still She Cries 1500%
Colors of the Spririt 0700%
When I Think of You 1600%
Easy to Fall 1701%
Can't Tame the Lion 2701%
It's Just the Rain 1000%
Trial by Fire 1801%
Baby I'm a Leavin' You 0900%
I Can See It In Your Eyes 0900%


Total Percentage 14%
Higher Place 6302%
All the Way 3001%
Signs of Life 3101%
All the Things 1200%
Loved by You 2201%
Livin' To Do 3001%
World Gone Wild 3801%
I Got a Reason 2901%
With Your Love 1500%
Lifetime of Dreams 1500%
Live and Breathe 3701%
Nothin' Comes Close 3001%
To Be Alive Again 3801%
Kiss Me Softly 2901%
I'm Not That Way 1801%
We Will Meet Again 3401%


Reviews of VH1's
Behind the Music: Journey

This Survey was closed on 2/18/02, exactly one year after the original airing of the program. You may view the survey results below.

09 February, 2002
"I loved the episode, but felt empty after seeing it. I felt so bad for Steve Perry, kinda like he was dogged by the band. I still love the guys, but I can't help wondering how he feels now. Seeing Steve Augeri sing the songs Steve P. created & sounding so much like him, I'd be so hurt. I can see the band's point of view, that they waited long enough for Steve P.'s return. I wish the episode was longer & available to buy. Journey will never be the same without Perry. I love you Steve P.!!"

14 January, 2002
"I still think that Steve Perry was the best of Journey and made that group the best of the 70's. However sadly Perry knew this and that was the end of Journey! Ego and the fact that he was a Capricorn."

Cindy, Pittsburgh, PA
09 January, 2002
"I felt very sad watching the BTM show. I miss Steve P. so much & wish the band would've waited for him to return. I still can't see him not feeling a part of the band. He must be so hurt that someone else is singing HIS music!! I can see both sides, tho', & realized that the band got impatient waiting for him. Steve A. is doing a fantastic job filling his shoes. I just still yearn for the old Journey. I really liked the episode, but it left me feeling empty."

Big Zig from Michigan
07 January, 2002
"A great piece, but for Steve P. to say he "never felt like part of the band," come on Steve...really??!!"

01 December, 2001
"I enjoyed the first version but it wasn't enough. It just left me wanting more information. The whole show basically revolved around Steve Perry. Also I did not think they devoted nearly enough time to Deen and Steve Augeri. The Director's Cut was better, but again, no time at all for Deen. It did tell me more than the first version, though. Deen and Steve Augeri are now as much a part of the Journey story as Steve Perry, Jon, Neal and Ross ever were and should be treated as such. Die hards like myself though, still want every bit of info we can get and I suppose we will never know the entire complete story. I guess it was sufficient for the casual fan. I'd have to grade it as a B-."

11 November, 2001
"It was okay but, I thought it was sleazy when they told the others that Steve Perry didn't feel like part of the band. They didn't tell them the good thing that he said about them or that he was sorry for the bad choice he made."

05 September, 2001
"I have seen the show several times and they keep calling it the wrong title. It is really BTM: Steve Perry. Could you imagine a show about The Beatles where only Lennon is talked about? I am a big fan of Journey and have seen recent concerts. They sound better than ever and the new album isn't getting the credit it deserves. Yes, Steve Perry was a huge part of Journey, but he WASN'T Journey. So all of you should stop saying that. Would you rather listen to For the Love of Strange Medicine or ESC4P3? It is a shame that Steve only agreed to do the BTM if he had complete control over the editing. For instance, Herbie was interviewed for over 8 hours. He appears for 30 seconds. If you want to know a closer version of the truth, go to www.esc4p3.com and check out the exclusive interview with Herbie. All the band members are under Perry's gag order as a condition for which they are allowed to still perform the hits, but Herbie is not so he spoke his mind (and then some). I think it'll become more clear to you who really "fractured the name" that is Journey."

Steve Park
02 August, 2001
"I've been a Journey fan since 1978. I finally got to see them in concert for the first time a few days ago and they looked and sounded great. Their songs are so good that I could care less who's singing them. Besides, I thought Steve Augeri brought a fresh energy to the band and it looked like they truly enjoyed themselves and each other. I wish I could have seen Steve Perry in bis prime, but then I also wish I could've seen Gregg Rolie even though I like Jonathan as well. Steve Perry is not Journey, Neal Schon (guitar god extraordinare) is. I'm glad that he, Jonathan and Ross are willing to keep it going and I'll continue to buy their albums as long as they do."

19 July, 2001
"I loved the Behind the Music. Although I would never buy any Journey that Steve isn't a part of I do admire the fact that they are still recording and touring. And Although they were really nasty about Steve's injury and couldn't wait for him to get to 100 percent I still admire them. I'd just never want to have Neal or Jonathan as friends, with friends like them who needs enemies!!!!"

13 July, 2001
"I didnt get to see Behind the Music: Journey. Steve Perry is my favorite artist and I would just like to know when it will be on again?"

Editor's Note: Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a link to VH1's Behind the Music: Journey page, which has current airtimes.

06 June, 2001
"I thought VH1's 'Behind the Music' was an honest and fair representation of the history of Journey. To say that the 'front man' chosen by Herbie Herbert was a wise choice is an understatement. The background given on the members was good content, except that Ross Valory was not given much credit. I felt bad for him. I learned a lot about Steve Perry's absence from the band that I didn't know before. It's a crying shame that the band didn't wait for his recovery from the hip surgery to resume their activities. It was partly Perry's writing talent and his voice that got them nominated for a grammy. The band's impatience in replacing him was a travesty. Anyway, I thought the show was a good show."

11 April, 2001
"I say Steve Perry is the best and no one can replace him. Journey isn't "Journey" without him (no offence to the other guy). But they were going nowhere fast when Steve Perry came along and WOW look what he did for them. Now using someone else...what a way to say Thanks."

Stephanie M.
11 April, 2001
"I am only 17 and have to admit that I was never into Journey, my parents like them but I never really thought about them until I saw the Behind the Music. Well I decided to watch it just because there was nothing else on TV that day, and after that show ended I was hooked!!! But this is what I felt like after seeing it....First off I will not deny Neal his talent. He is a remarkable guitar player but I have to say this: his attitude stinks. I completly understand Steve Perry, when he says he never felt like he was part of the band, because all you have to do is listen to Neal. I mean, come on! He didn't want Steve in the first place and now he acts like Steve is so replaceable. Jonathan is no better. He goes along with what Neal says. I will always be a fan of Journey, but Steve Perry is the only reason why. I will not buy their new CD because Steve Perry isn't on them. Steve Perry made Journey what it is today and as far as i am concerned he is Journey. Steve A. can try has hard as he wants, but there will never be another Steve Perry!!!!!!!!!"

09 April, 2001
"Well, what can be said of an overzealous editing job that put together a poor tribute to the world's best rock band ever (poor at best, I might add). Forget what the critics and the TV execs want us to hear and believe in. True Journey fans know the cold hard facts. Journey rocks--always has, always will--regardless of who is singing!!!! The point is 'Don't Stop Believin'!"

Stephanie Bruna, Bloomsburg, PA
05 April, 2001
"BTM brought back a lot of memories of the Journey era! It was great...yet sad, I feel that Steve Perry is irreplaceable and without him there is no longer a 'Journey'."

02 April, 2001
"The BTM was good in the fact is was great to see Journey back on TV and in the public eye. This band has done so much for the fans that this was far overdue. Sadly though much of the history of Journey was missed and I felt too much time was spent on 'Open Arms'. I was also disappointed about Steve Perry's comment that he 'never felt part of the band' and how the editor used it in the piece. No one came out a winner there. Which is really sad because this has always been a very uplifting band and from a fan's perspective just a part of Journey I didn't want to see. Other than that it was wonderful seeing Steve Perry and hearing all the behind the song stories. I have to say, after the 3rd viewing I got much more out of it. I was a bit shell shocked the first two times."

25 March, 2001
"I knew that VH1's Behind The Music on Journey was not going to be anything revealing or earth-shattering as VH1's authority on baby-boomer music genre & styles is wavering at best. I say this as I see clips of N'Sync, Britney Spears, & Backstreet Boys on VH1 (a station that proclaims itself geared towards people ages 33-47). So if my review seems highly critical, it's because I have formed an opinion on anything from VH1 as highly skeptical and shoddy at best. The show was way too short. Maybe that's because 26 minutes of commercials were shown in the hour in which the show aired. (I timed the commercials the second time I watched the show). I learned nothing new on the band that I didn't already know except for the shocker from Perry that he didn't seem part of the band (this coming from someone who seemed to call pretty much all the shots when he was with Journey). I also would have liked interviews from Steve Smith, Robert Fleischman, and others who were a part of the band but left out of BTM. In addition, I had hoped to obtain more insight into the brainstorming of the band's image (from the artwork, to Elmo, to the scarab beetle, etc.) but was disappointed. Finally, while much emphasis was put on Perry's solo adventures, Schon & Cain only got brief mentions of their work outside of Journey. I hope that the powers to be including Irving Azoff decides to do a VH1 Behind The Music Part II. Just please call it A&E's Biography of Journey!"

22 March, 2001
"Steve Perry--I watched the VH1 Behind the Music this past weekend. I am an even greater Journey fan now than I thought I ever could be...and I've come to the conclusion as it is and should be known that 'You are: Journey'. You were so incredibly instrumental in developing the sound, the songs, and the style that the band is currently known for today. I find it selfish on the band's part to continue a journey that you truly started...and I believe that they can sing the songs you wrote but will fall short of creating new music with the magic and honesty that you brought to it. When I think of Journey, I think of Steve Perry...."

16 March, 2001
"ALways liked their music, but was never "into" Journey. After BTM special, am enjoying buying all the CD's of Journey and especially Steve Perry, and hearing how they developed over the years. Perry influence is very obvious..what a voice! Really enjoy his solo CD's as well. I agree with many, the rest of the guys didn't get it, when he said he didn't feel like part of the group...Will be curious to hear the new CD,but with the Perry vocals and emotion missing, won't be the same. Never the less, they had a good ride, as a lot of the great groups did, and gave a lot of pleasure to their fans. I regret never having seen them in concert...my loss, but I enjoy the music now. I hope SP comes out with some new music..what a treat it would be."

16 March, 2001
"We miss you, Steve! Please come back to the band. You guys were great together. I understand how you could not feel a part of the band, but I am sure that you all could patch things up and get back together!"

12 March, 2001
"I watched on 3/11/01 on BTM and I felt my heart ached...Steve seemed sad in his eyes. As for the band members there seemed to be a bit of jealousy...I hope that it wasn't directed toward Steve. Steve had brought alot to the Band...I love the music and the frontman who made Journey....Steve has an extrodinary voice and I'm not certain if we will hear it again. After all it seemed to me that Steve gave the band his blessing saying...Take Journey and do what you want with it, I guess that's what the Band did."

11 March, 2001
"I was happy to see Journey on BTM. I was disappointed to realize there never will be a complete reunion. I had thought of buying the new CD, but I feel they are trying to capitalize on Steve Perry's sound to sell their music. If they wanted to be like the Journey before Steve Perry, maybe they should have gotten Greg Rolie back! I have been a fan for over 20 years, I have supported all of the guys work outside of Journey (including Bad English, and Jon and Neal's New Age music), but I don't think I will buy a Journey CD without Steve Perry. I will be more than ready to buy anything Steve Perry releases and look forward to seeing him in concert, solo or not. (I saw him in '95, and I saw Bad English in '89) My very first concert was Journey in 1983. I guess it will never get any better than that!"

6 March, 2001
"Steve Perry is the BEST! Who needs Margarine when you can have Butter!"

Girl Can't Help It
6 March, 2001
"Behind the Music of our greatly missed Steve was so long over due...I know a lot of fans who have worried, and missed him immensely...myself included. So thank you to the producers and both Journey and Steve for graciously agreeing to come on the show. There are/or were some strong emotions, and you can still see alot of fresh pain. Although a lot of us are hurt about some of the decisions of Journey#2...Steve will always be #1 in my heart & mind, and many fans will concur. Life is too short guys, keeping a band together for so many years is truly tough...you guys were/are so blessed. We were blessed to have experienced such beautiful/awesome music. Not many bands can say as much...Hang tough...can't wait to see Steve in concert. Bless you guys."

Maria M
6 March, 2001
"Perry is Journey no ifs, ends, or buts about it. I will continue on as a fan of Steve's forever."

26 February, 2001
"Very Well Done. Let me know that a New Album was in the Works and when to expect it out."

22 February, 2001
"I watched VH1's special on Journey with my husband of 20+ years. He was a fan before I was. I only starting really listening to Journey once Steve Perry joined the band. Much of their earlier tunes didn't appeal to me. There was something about Steve Perry's voice. Maybe his charisma- but whatever it "was", still inhibits me from truly getting into the return of Journey without him leading the band. The interview sounded great until the end. I felt he was indeed "left out to dry" by his former band mates. He is the one who brought them to the pinnacle. They have no loyalty. Sure, some will except Steve A. as his replacement. Yes, there are similarities . I went to a concert @ Darien Lake, New York and enjoyed myself but not without feeling a sense of sadness. And indeed, you can hear the difference. I think its easier for those who liked Journey before Steve Perry to except someone replacing him. For me and others like me, there is no replacement. I heard that Steve Perry was Portugese. If this is true I am especially proud of him and his accomplishments with or without Journey as I too am Portugese (on my moms side). That is where he gets his sense of loyalty and where his inner beauty derives from. Best of luck to Journey but its your loss. Steve Perry's talents won't go unnoticed."

19 February, 2001
"I thought that the BTM on Journey was WAY OVERDUE! I've been wondering along with 10,000,000 others what has happened to Journey. I can't help but feel kinda sad though as it left me feeling like "it's over". I know that it's hard to pull everyone back together after so much success and fame (which always has a way of ever inflating egos) but you guys (Journey) seemed so close to making it happen. I have been a diehard fan of Journey since I was 14 years old (1978) and have bought everything Journey ever made (more than once due to good 'ol cassettes getting "eaten"..lol) and I really feel like Journey has died. That that era is over...I've been depressed today (Feb 19th, day after the VH1 BTM) because I wish the "new Journey" all the success with the "new Steve" but it seems like you guys could have tried to understand Steve Perry a little better. I think he "felt like an outsider" because the whole band was always there before him... and now it's gone on without him. If he was being a total jerk, then I guess I understand, but the talent to came to life with the teaming of Neil and Johnathan and Steve was absolutely a one of a kind thing in life. You didn't sell millions of records on a fluke.. you touched our souls...that's a gift...and it's magic. I wish you the best without Steve....I'll listen to the new Steve stuff...he's talented...but it's not Journey....face it...If you had changed the name to Next Journey or something I'd probably even buy it. But like Perry said "do what ever you want...but don't crack the rock that's Journey"...it's done...I'm bummed...."

19 February, 2001
"After reading a bunch of comments on the Journey site, I gotta say Steve Perry really got shafted from a lot of fans. In my book, Steve MADE Journey and took them to where they are now. Jonathan Cain has done awesome solo work and I'm glad he's still recording. Steve Augeri is an AWESOME vocalist (I loved Tall Stories) but it will never be the same. I'm sure it will be GREAT, but not the same. I think they should have maybe changed the band name a little (like added a word). Steve does have a serious claim to the Journey name. Cain and Perry seem like great guys and artists to me. I don't see any reason to take sides--I plan to enjoy both! And I DO understand Steve's comment about not feeling like part of the band--he had a vision all his own and had to practically drag them where he was going. Why is his sentiment so hard to understand??"

Rochelle Trembly
19 February, 2001
"It was done with dignity, grace and respect. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour and watched it three times! I appreciated the fact that there was no negativity until the very end thanks to Steve Perry. I'll never understand that "he never felt like part of the band" considering what a control freak he is."

19 February, 2001
"I thought the show was great. No perry bashing. Jonathan had me in tears and neal doesn't affect me either way. I like steve A and will go to see him again but I love perry and that's where my loyalty will have to stand. It was great to Gregg Rolie, and I wished they would have mentioned The Storm because they are great. and they never said why Aynsley Dunbar left the band. I have more to say but my sick child over here will only let me be for so long."

Ydobon (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)
18 February, 2001
"'Behind the Music: Journey' was pretty good. I would have liked it better if they had included more music and concert and video footage, and had been about twice as long. It seemed a bit rushed. Comments from band members were more amicable than I had expected based on what I've read on the internet. The way things worked out is very sad. The current band lineup is good, but I'm hoping for new music from Steve Perry soon."

Fan Reviews of Arrival

This Survey was closed on 4/03/02, exactly one year after the US release of the album. You may view the survey results below.

Holly T
11 February, 2001
"Arrival, is an awesome album! 'Higher Place' is by far my favorite tune. With Ross Valory, Neal Schon, and Jonathan Cain still going strong, and Deen Castronovo providing his amazing percussion talents; how can anyone not like the latest Journey effort!? In reading past posts, I can't believe what people say about the battle of the Steves. Has anyone seen the new dvd?!?! Augeri misses not one beat, has great energy, and an AWESOME voice. If Perry wasn't hard to get along with and complaining about his acute hip pain, maybe he could still rock with them. 'Don't Stop Believin!' "

Rubynn English III
13 December, 2001
"Arrival, in my opinion is the greatest Journey album since Escape. I thought I was a Steve Perry fan until I heard Steve Augiere (sorry if I mispelled name). I think he is more versatile. Everybody's talking about a comparison. Give the guy time, PLEASE!!! He's only done one album for Christ's sake! He will only get better. I like him as is now! I like his smokey, almost R&B vibe! Neal needs to write some killer Journey type blues rock for this guy to sing over. Rock on Steve! excellent job!!!"

11 December, 2001
"I love Arrival. It has some very unique and powerful songs and Augeri is filling Perry's shoes just fine."

11 November, 2001
"It was good. I was skeptical like everyone else, I really think it's good. I'm very quickly becoming a big fan of Steve Augeri. He's a wonderful singer, is realy cool, and is almost-ALMOST-as cute as Steve Perry."

26 September, 2001
"Arrival is one good disc. I live in Costa Rica."

07 September, 2001
"Arrival left me chilly. I have seen the new lineup 3 times, and was looking forward to Arrival. But there is no soul in the new music. I liked "Higher Place", and that's it. Steve Perry, his vocals, and writing, are what's missing. As good as Neal is, there's just no more magic."

09 August, 2001
"I couldn't wait for the 'Arrival' of Journey's lastest sounds and man is it great. I just seen the boyz last night in Bakersfield, CA with John Waite and Peter Frampton, a sensational concert of great craftsmenship and proffesionalism on all partys. Neal played his soul out with emotions on high. It was my first gig sight of JRNY and I'll never forget it. Awesome performance of the Arrival Tour. Thankz to the guys in JOURNEY."

03 May, 2001
"Arrival is OK. I'm a little disappointed. "Higher Place" is by far and away the best song. Most of the others are good, but not great. None of the ballads compare to some of the classics--yet; maybe I need more time. Steve Augeri's voice is super. Can't wait for the concert in Reno this summer."

26 April, 2001
"Arrival has a great fresh sound. It plays loud and clearly. The songs are brilliant and definately worthy of falling under the great name of Journey. I got this album the day it was released. It's still playing continuously, and will be until I get the urge for perhaps something from Time (Cubed). Arrival is a great album, and is definately my all-time favourite! Cheers."

26 April, 2001
"It is a good album with catchy tunes but does not compare to anything Journey did with Steve Perry."

16 April, 2001
"It's OK."

Girl Can't Help It
13 April, 2001
"Excellent album...was very pleased to say the least. Arrangement of songs, down to lyrics...and solos. Great Job guys.... Would love autographed anything.....take care."

06 April, 2001
"Just got it this afternoon. It's a good album. I really like the ballads, but my favorite song on Arrival is 'To Be Alive Again'. It's a great song, and the one I think should have been released as a single. (Maybe next time?)"

In The Sky
04 April, 2001
"I think the CD is really good. Steve A. has some likeness to Steve P. but that's cool with me because I could listen to anybody that sounds like Steve P. As long as it's Journey I'm Okay with it. In my opinion, Arrival is worthy of four gold stars. There is a good mix of Rock'N'Roll and mellow tunes that we all love from the best band around."

16 February, 2001
"I have been a Journey fan since I first heard 'Wheel In The Sky' 22 years ago and have been an avid fan ever since! My opinion of Journey's new album, Arrival, is that it's great! Much better than I thought it would be, especially as this is basically a new unit and a slightly different sound! When the Japanese release originally came out, I heard a lot of fans saying that Augeri was a Perry sound-alike, but I think, as more fans have had a chance to hear the new material and listen to it a few times they are and will come to realize that although Steve Augeri has the same Perry-esque vocal style, that Augeri's voice is more rock oriented, while Perry's was more R&B oriented!!! My favorite tracks from Arrival are 'Higher Place', 'Live And Breathe', 'We Will Meet Again' and 'All The Things I Love About You'! It's a great addition to the Journey Library, every bit as good as Frontiers or Escape, and is a strong precursor as to what lies ahead!!!"

12 February, 2001
"The new Journey album, Arrival, sounds as if it was created by a commitee of lawyers, bankers and focus groups. This is just a cynical, contrived,insulting and blatantly transparent attempt to bilk real Journey fans out of their hard-earned money. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain must not think much of their fans to put out an album so embarassingly immature. Journey is dead--Long Live Steve Perry."
Edited for spelling and grammar.

18 November, 2000
"I think Arrival is intelligent rock and roll."

14 November, 2000
"Need more time to digest it."

14 November, 2000
"As a long time Journey fan (since 1977), I believe this is the best to date."

My Journey
13 November, 2000
"It kicks ass."

13 November, 2000
"I think Steve A. is an incredible addition to the Journey line up. What a terrific guy."

13 November, 2000
"I'm anxious to hear it..."

09 November, 2000
"It is a good album but it lacks Perry's passion."

Purchase your copy of Arrival Today!


Reviews of the Journey 2001 DVD

Poll closed 1/31/03.

08 November, 2002
"Awesome DVD. Sound was excellent and the band sounds terrific. Steve Augeri looked very sexy, and I loved the way he projects the message and meaning of the lyrics in the way he sings. Wish "Feelin' That Way" and "Anytime" were on there. Too many audience shots especially at the end of "Faithfully." Would have liked to have seen him sing the last note of the song. Loved the set list and Augeri's energy and stage presence."

05 October, 2002

05 August, 2002
"Need to have an audio CD of the DVD. Too many pre-Arrival songs performed by Steve A. to be left unheard."

08 June, 2002
"I thought the DVd was excellent. The shots of the band and individual members were close and very good. It helped me see just how sexy Steve Augeri is. I was disappointed that 'Feeling That Way' and 'Anytime' were not included in the DVD. I also would have liked to see a close-up of Steve Augeri singing the last note of 'Faithfully' rather than an audience shot. Over all the band looked and sounded terrific. Set list was excellent."

10 April, 2002
"It's my Journey fix until the Summer Tour dates begin...along with Arrival that is. Plus, Steve Augeri is absolutely great, he has a wonderful voice. Deen is so much fun to watch and the rest of the guys...well they're Journey. What else can be said except Neal is just Neal!"

31 March, 2002
"I thought the DVD was teriffic. Finally to be able to see Journey in all their sonic and visual glory! The musicianship is top-notch and the vibe was really happenin' that night."

Mark G
09 March, 2002
"Unfortunately I live in England which for a Journey fan is like being on the moon without air! Fortunately a kindly UK based rock mail order firm had the good sense to stock imported copies of the Journey 2001 video. What can I say! Great band, great gig, great songs and most important of all nice shots of the audience! It was good to see a Union Jack flag thrown on the stage at one point, which was subsequently hung over one of the speakers. Here's to the U.K tour...... hopefully! P.S My email address is the result of 25 mins trying to come up with an email name that wasn't already in use, too many beers and a bad case of spelling!"

09 March, 2002
"The journey DVD is great. I have DirecTV so the three additional songs put it over the top. I wish Journey would have put more concert footage from other shows on it. I mean since it was the Arrival tour, maybe put all the songs from that album onto the DVD. In reading the concert reviews, and seeing 3 myself, I think this could have been accomplished. Journey uses the closed-circuit TV thing during each show, why not plug a tape in and transfer it to DVD. Granted maybe the total quality won't be as good as the Vegas show, but be upfront with the fans and we would understand and enjoy the additional footage. It would be a great marketing tool for the album also. In addition, the price of the DVD was excellent. Please do a DVD every tour. History demands it!!! Overal the DVD kicks ass. Other bands DVDs do not stand up to it."

09 March, 2002
"Was very dissappointed that they did not put some other things on the DVD like videos or backstage stuff."

09 February, 2002
"The DVD sounds great is an excellent opportunity to own some Journey tunes in the 5.1 format. I am not a big fan of how the center channel was mixed, but the audio is still top notch. Overall, the show was good but lacked some energy. Too bad they couldn't have filmed from several different Arrival shows. Also, it is always disapointing to go to a show and not hear their best and most respected material--'Just the Same Way', 'Anytime', 'Feeling That Way'. 'Raza' was a nice bonus though. Overall--I'll give it a 7/10...."

09 February, 2002
"The Journey 2001 DVD is an awesome collection of some of Journey's greatest hits of all time, obscure songs and a couple Arrival songs. It is definitely a 'must-have' for all Journey fans. Neal Schon gets better with age, Jonathan Cain is solid on both keyboards and guitar, Ross keeps his hard driving bass rockin' along with his amusing faces that will just crack you up, Deen is a monster on the drums and Steve Augeri is incredible on the vocals showing why he is the new voice of Journey. Excellent concert footage that you must see!!!! --Chuck"

05 February, 2002
"The Journey 2001 DVD is the BEST concert DVD I have ever seen. The band sounds amazing. As much as I loved Dream Theater's 'Live Scenes From New York', Journey's performance absolutely is second to none."

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Those who can't decide:

(section top)

11 March, 2003
"I can't make up my mind, but so what? The debate is superfluous. Both vocalists cite Sam Cooke as their primary inspiration. In fact, Steve Perry IS Sam Cooke--an octave higher. So although Perry's voice is spectacular, it isn't his own trademark. Cooke died in 1964, Perry picked up the torch and carried it till 1998, and then he passed it to a very worthy and able Augeri by default. And I'm sorry, a hundred years from now "We Will Meet Again" will be recognized as Journey's greatest song of all time, thanks in large part to Dean Castronovo. SO THERE! "Nyaaa-nyaaa-nya-nyaaa-nyaaa.""

21 February 2003
"Didn't know there was more than one. I always thought it was only S Perry, so that would have to be my vote. I have a bet going with a co-worker who thinks there was someone before him, but I have yet to find out."

24 December, 2002
"All Three of them. Each one has his own special quality that added to the band. I grew up with Perry & Rolie and now I enjoy adulthood with Augeri. Thanks to all three of you for giving your talent to us fans."

09 November, 2002
"I have been a Journey fan since 1980. I was saddened by the departure of Steve Perry. Having lost my mother to cancer in 1999, I felt bad for him at the loss of his mother. In 1999 I saw Journey with Steve Augeri. I admire his range, style and energy. He wraps his voice around the words and meaning of the lyrics and projects them to the audience. I love how his reaches out to the fans at the live shows. He takes careful care of his voice and tries to do his best. He gave the band new energy and new life. That's why he has my heart."

Kat Haggerty
21 October, 2002
"Steve Perry has always been my favorite ever since he lead singer in Journey but,my first concert of Journey had me mesmerized by Steve Augeri's talents.He drove the crowd crazy as well as my husband and I.He also is as great as Steve Perry!~I would have to say the both are as good as the other!Although Steve Perry will also be special to me."

07 April, 2002
"They're all great, for different reasons. I honestly can't say who I prefer, although I'd have to say Steve Perry is the greatest pure vocalist of all-time. He has it all. Steve Augeri is a great vocalist also and covers all of the Classic material better than anyone except Perry. Where I think he's stronger than Perry is on the Rockers. As for Gregg Rolie, his voice is pure Classic Journey."

28 February, 2002
"All 3 are my favorite Gregg Rolie was great for the early material then he was great with the duets with Perry then Perry was great and has the most distinct voice in rock music. Steve Augeri has a great voice for Journey."

Anthony Martinelli
02 January, 2002
"I have every CD ever released by Journey, and I am undecided as to who I prefer. I do not like the fact that Steve Perry left the band and then came back and then expected them to wait again. Neal and Jon did the right thing and Steve Augeri is a marvelous singer. Not quite Perry, but no one ever asked for another Perry, we only asked for more JOURNEY and we got another album and a DVD on the way. So I am undecided."

17 July, 2001
"Steve Perry/Steve Augeri-Both excellent."

Those who prefer Steve Augeri:
(section top)

15 September, 2003
"I really like Steve Augeri. His energy is awesome and he connects with the audience in a way that Steve Perry never did. There was always something aloof and distant about Steve Perry. Steve Augeri is with us, the audience, all the way. I love the way he moves on stage and his unbelievable ability to dance and jump and keep on going even at the end of a 2 1/2 hour show."

31 March, 2003
"Steve Augeri-besides having a great voice, he had to contend with following Steve Perry as lead, and that was a no-win situation which he has done a great job with."

06 March, 2003
"I don't really think this is debatable any longer. Steve Augeri is the voice of Journey. In order for a band to live they must make music. This is something that isn't possible with Steve Perry. Let's face it, Perry has one of the best voices in music today. However, what good is it when you don't want to be part of the band that made you the star you are? You have to understand that what helped Steve Perry become a star was the music he was singing.Jonathan writes great songs for great singers, he still does. Steve Augeri also has one of the best voices around and is more blues which fits Neal's style more the Perry. Steve A stepped into a no-win situation and I believe did it gracefully. People unfairly compared him to Perry because he was singing songs that Perry sang, but listen to Arrival and Red 13. In these two great pieces of music you hear how good Steve A's voice is. Also listen to Steve A on tall stories, he voice shines. Remember that Journey gave Perry every chance to continue which he turned down, for whatever reason he used. The statement he made on BTM proved this. Journey lives today because of the voice of Steve Augeri and let's not forget Deen. Neal, Ross, and Jonathan hand-picked these two to LET The Journey Continue. These are three of the best musicians at their craft so who are we to question them? So in closing I would say to all true Journey fans: Let's move forward and not back, and let's enjoy the music of Journey."

25 February, 2003
"In forty-eight years of listening to every genre of music, I am and forever will be dedicated to rock. Over the years I have always heard 'imitation is the sincerest form of flatery.' I personally subscribe to the opinion and belief that nothing can rival 'the original.' Unmistakably, Steve Augeri has risen above that. His talent is not only a tribute to 'Perry,' he 'stands alone' as a force that will forever and always be a major influence in rock--past, present, and future. Journey fans should recognize that while Augeri is not Perry, he is extremely dedicated to his craft and it shows in his vocal talents. For that, he has earned my respect and dedication to follow that journey."

February 24, 2003
"Tough question! Obviously, Perry's legacy is undeniable, but I honestly think that, besides being a great singer (and replacement), Augeri is slowly moving to his own voice. And most important, Augeri is definitely not a blown up ego freak asshole, like Perry proved to be on the BTM special. Will I support a full Journey reunion? No, if it means that Augeri would lose his place in Journey. Cheers!"

01 February, 2003
"Steve Augeri. He brings in a new youthful-engery. Great voice. Yes he does sound like Steve Perry but you can tell the difference. Brings a new soulful sound to the group."

January 31, 2003
"Definitely Steve Augeri! Steve has an absolutely incredible voice and stage presence. He has incredible eye contact with the fans and gets along well with his bandmates. His style is very unique. He's also drop dead georgeous!"

09 January, 2003
"Steve Augeri...now. Well, I wasn't going to pick, but I guess I really need to do this. Steve Perry had the best voice 'at one time,' but it has really gone downhill, I guess due to age. One thing he didn't do was be with the fans. Millions of people adored him, and he was always to himself, almost unappreciative. Steve Augeri, on the other hand, almost acts like he OWES the fans some attention, and he loves to do it. He was given an opportunity and is very appreciative of it, plus these days he can outsing Perry in a heartbeat. I really hate that Perry has disappeared again, but he is a very private person and singing probably is the last thing on his mind these days."

09 October, 2002
"Steve Augeri, by far, personifies the sound of Journey. Not only does he have the best voice, but he is a member of the BAND, and not out for himself. Did I mention he's also a hell of a guy? Down-to-Earth, and appreciative of his fans! What else could one want in a lead singer? Way to go Steve (A.)!"

05 August, 2002
"Steve Augeri."

08 June, 2002
"Steve Augeri is my favorite Journey singer. I think that he sings with a lot of passion, feeling and emotion. He projects the meaning and message of the song. He is very humble and understands the history and the importance of the fans. He makes the effort to bring them into the Journey experience. It certainly does not hurt that he is very good looking and very sexy."

04 June, 2002
"Steve Augeri is my favorite. He won me over June 98, when I heard him rehearsing hours before the Marin show. It was then that I knew Journey would be able to continue with Augeri as the lead singer. That day was also the first time I met him and he was a genuine, sincere, humble person. That's not the only reason he's my favorite lead singer, he also does an awesome job singing the old songs as well as the new Arrival songs. I think the band did an excellent job when they chose Steve Augeri."

24 April, 2002
"Without hesitation, my favorite is Steve Augeri. Wait !! Before you Perryheads slam this, just listen up, and open up, please! Steve Perry was fabulous in his own right, and the band's success in the 80s was largely due to the fact of his marvelous voice, which NO ONE can question, period. I was so skeptical at first, to go and see the "new" Journey, but was oh-so-happy that I did, and with good reason. For as much as Perry brought to the table, Augeri brings more. No way, you say? I say WAY! Steve Perry almost never associated with his fans, the way Steve Augeri does. His stage persona was calculated, and even cool at times. Steve Perry got to the point where he didn't even travel with his bandmates, widening the rift between them. Also, Mr. Perry did not do the post-show meet-and-greets that Mr. Augeri has become so known for. Mr. Augeri stepped into the most difficult of roles, and shoes, to fill, and has handled himself with aplomb. He is much more accessable, and personable with the fans. In the 25 years that I've supported this marvelous band, I never saw Mr. Perry shake a fans hand in the front row, let alone sign an autograph for a fan during a blistering Neal Schon solo. At the show last summer, at the Tweeter Center, in Mansfield, Massachusetts, Steve Augeri noticed a young child close to the stage crying, due to the volume. He motioned stage right, for a roadie to get him a pair of earplugs for the child, and he handed them to the child's dad, to the approving roar of the crowd. I'm sorry people, facts are facts, and Steve Augeri brings more intangibles to this band, than Steve Perry ever did. Did we the fans ever expect him to have Mr. Perry's range, HELL NO, and that would have been most unfair to begin with. Steve Perry WAS a wonderful front-man for this band for many, many years. No one can deny that, and we all miss him to an extent, though the B.T.M. show cast a mighty large shadow over this author's opinion, which just goes back to the intangibles I mentioned before. Augeri, simply put, brings a more real-life persona to this band, like it or not. Time will eventually tell us all where this band is headed in the future, as record sales and gate receipts will dictate, to a large extent, the path they take. I must say, it is most unfortunate that it all comes down to money, (what doesn't?) that will dictate our heroes' future. Anyone disagreeing with that only needs to re-read the John Kalodner interview. It is MY hope that this JOURNEY continues with Steve Augeri as it's frontman. He has added so much class, integrity, feeling, and grace to this wonderful band. God Bless you, Steve Augeri!"

10 April, 2002

10 April, 2002
"STEVE AUGERI I love the old stuff with Steve P., have listened to Trial By Fire 3 times today; but, Steve Augeri has the role of lead vocals with Journey today and I just like his voice, stage presence, personality and red leather pants best!"

05 February, 2002
"Steve Augeri. I won't argue with you if you prefer Steve Perry. I just don't understand why some of you are so mean to Steve Augeri. One person said 'Sorry Steve A., you're no Steve Perry.' Don't you have any manners? That was just RUDE! Can Steve Augeri help it if [you're] just so hung up on your IDEA of Steve Perry being the perfect man or whatever it is you think about him. Yes, he has talent that few others on the planet could ever hope of attaining. Yes, he DOES have a voice sent from God. But folks, Journey [is] alive and well and sounding AMAZING with Steve Augeri. It's unfortunate that Steve Perry and the band parted ways, but I'm glad that we have the chance to experience the new Journey with Deen and Steve A. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You won't be sorry!"

14 November, 2001
"Steve Augeri is my favorite lead singer because of his versatility, positive attitude and the fact that he works hard daily to keep his voice at optimum level. It took courage to step in where Steve Perry used to be and Steve Augeri has proven to be everything we could want him to be and more."

05 September, 2001
"In 1981 Steve Perry. In 2001 Steve Augeri. Augeri cannot hit all the notes that Perry once did, but neither can anyone else. Perry wouldn't be able to hit all the notes on Arrival these days. So unless you have a time-machine, and possibly an attitude-changer, I'll take Augeri and continue on this Journey."

Kay Moore, Enterprise, Mississippi
26 April, 2001
"I have been watching and recorded Journey (on Direct TV this weekend) performing from their concert at Las Vegas, NV. Steve Augeri is WONDERFUL! I have Journey's CD with Steve Perry and it is great, but I am going to buy Arrival this week and so I can have Steve Augeri sing especially to me every night (when I am in the tanning bed and when I go to the beach this summer with my family). Steve Augeri and Journey will be right along with us (more with me!) He is one fine specimen of a man God created and has that sexy voice that turns a woman on! He can sing to me 24 hours a day and I will never get tired of hearing him and the rest of the band and gazing into his beautiful brown eyes! This gorgeous man has my number one vote. Yes!!!!"

05 December, 2000
"As my screen name suggests, my vote is for STEVE AUGERI!!!! He is awesome, he gives life to every song. The inflections in his voice, the pitch...everything is just perfect!"

14 November, 2000
"He brings a fresh sound to Journey. He is a great entertainer that does not over power the remaining band."

Those who prefer Steve Perry:
(section top)

27 October, 2003
"Steve Perry."

24 October, 2003
"I would have to say Steve Perry, the reason I say this is he had the voice. From the time Steve Perry joined Journey I was captured by the awesome music and the voice. Steve Perry is legendary with that voice. The combination of Steve Perry and the band members made the music, they were good together. I am not downing the new singer, but he can't hold the voice like Steve Perry did."

03 July, 2003
"Journey didn't have much going till Steve Perry.Herbie was right on that call. Then they got huge.So now they are back to what wasn't working in their beginning.TOO MUCH ROCK.People want a mixture of rock and ballads.Amount & quality of the writing is way off,also. ML"

26 August, 2003
"There is no lead singer debate. Steve Perry is one of the greatest rock-and-roll voices -- with range and depth -- of all time. Steve Augeri has a wonderful voice and he's doing his best to pay homage to the guy who turned Journey in a pop-culture phenomenon. It's too bad Steve Perry and the band could not find a way to work it out so he could come back, because Journey was ready to set a new course, I really believe that. On the flip side, Higher Place is a great song off the Arrival album -- and no one will give that song credit because it's not from the 1980s."

Rich T
26 August, 2003
"Steve Perry! He is what Frank Sinatra was to the Tommy Dorsey band and even more so because of his song writing ability. His timbre, phrasing and resonance not to mention his soul is what sets him far ahead of anybody else that has or will call themselves Journey's lead singer!!"

20 August, 2003
"Steve Perry I could easily find a way to vote either of the 3 ways but as we all Americans agree on seniority and experience, Steve Perry is to Journey what Freddy Mercury is to Queen, Steven Tyler to Aerosmith, Vince Neil to Motley Crue, and the list goes on. As a kid I watched my mom freak over Steve Perry, it wasn't about the band. The music just made him sound even better, not that he needed it. When he released 'Oh Sherry' there was the majority of all Journey Fans galking at the video. Hearing him sing alone on the beginning proved he sounds just as well without the band. Years later, my wife, who is 6 years younger than I even admits that it is Steve's voice who made her a fan. We just caught the Journey,REO, & STYX concert at Riverbend front and center. I finally got to see what Augeri was all about. Here's my no bull opinion. He does good, but didn't do well on the ballads. He also has a sissy personality. I was amused that he looks and acts just like a guy I knew locally several years ago. Everyone made fun of him because of his fake personality. Hmm, go figure. A man with no stripes can't mesh well with a band with many stripes. Steve Perry way back then could compare with Streisand, since they shared the same teacher, and thanks to Judy Davis he earned his 'legendary' status. Augeri is nothing more than a duplicate to help the continuance of Journey so we can do like the old days and go see them in concert to hear the hits and since we have all listened to 'Journey's Greatest Hits' tape over a thousand times in our car over the years we can pretend we're hearing the original Steve. Case dismissed. Bye."

02 August, 2003
"Steve Perry has the soul and the kind of vocal instincts that are very natural, easy. He was not just another singer for Journey. He was a creator, and vocal stylist. The songs he helped create, his uniquely strong voice with all it's inflections, and the command he brought to the stage are things today's Journey will not replace with just another body. No voice or talent seem to measure up to his, and the chemistry of Neal, Jon and Perry cannot be duplicated by just another singer. His shadow looms very large indeed."

27 July, 2003
"Steve Perry, I grew up in the late 70's and 80's with Journey,I have always loved them then and now. No one else can compare to the original sound of Perry."

bambang Indonesia
21 July, 2003
"Steve Perry, absolutely. There is no doubt about it. His range is high. His power is full. His writing skill is heart-felt."

12 July, 2003
"My favorite lead singer for Journey is still Steve Perry...maybe because I'm not much on change, especially for my favorite group. Perry's voice touched me in so many ways at the right time in my life...guess I'm just a little sentimental!"

10 July, 2003
"Steve Perry still RULES! Although if Journey needs to continue without Steve Perry then Steve Augeri is a good replacement."

09 July, 2003
"I've been a big Journey fan for almost a year. I'm a high school sophomore, so obviously I've never seen Steve Perry in concert. I went to a Journey concert with Steve Augeri recently on their tour with Styx and REO. I really like Steve A, because if it weren't for him there would be no more Journey today. But, although I've never actually seen him live, Steve Perry will be my all-time favorite singer and idol. Steve A. can sing great, and I'm sure there are so few who can sing like him, but Steve Perry is just irreplacable, IMHO. Steve Perry's voice is unique, and no one can sing like him, not even Steve A. So although I like both singers, Steve Perry is my favorite of the two. My dad is a big Steve Augeri fan. And I'm a loyal Steve Perry fan. lol."

30 June, 2003
"Steve Perry is and will always be the best lead singer for Journey. He WAS Journey-you hear the voice and it equates to Journey. Guitarists, drummers, and pianists can come and go-but a lead singer makes or breaks the band. Steve Perry made the band."

25 June, 2003
"Steve Perry. More energetic performer. Sings on-key live! More emotional singer/performer. Better musician/songwriter. Good producer. Can improvise when he knows he can't hit a certain note at the time. Incorporates different styles in music. Can sing any style of music. Has and always will influence more people."

r 1
19 June, 2003
"My Favorite Lead singer is still steve perry He will always be the soul of the band in my eyes this in no way means That I do Not Like Steve A because I think He is Great But Steve Perry is the voice but I think Steve A is the Futue and has a better Personality"

19 June, 2003
"Steve Perry. He has the best voice ever."

19 June, 2003
"Everyone knows that the true voice behind Journey is Steve Perry. It's sad that he doesn't use that voice any longer."

Terry Delia
09 June, 2003
"My favorite singer for Journey is, without a doubt, Steve Perry... His song lyrics and awe-inspiring vocal range have captured so many of our hearts and probably has the most recognizable voice in music history today! I believe he made Journey what it is today and find it difficult to 'fully' appreciate them without him. When Steve and Neal perform together it's magic, and when Steve and Jonathan write together, its magic... He is an incredibly talented musician and... a true artist. He is truly missed, and to see him perform again would be a warm welcome. Until then, I'm faithfully yours."

04 June, 2003
"My favorite lead vocalist for Journey is Steve Perry. All of the other singers have their own special things that they bring to the table and they are o.k. But Steve Perryis the only one that with the style of music they play can blend with the band. When I listen to the other lead singers the band doesn't seem to blend together. Steve Perry was the best thing that ever happened to the band. Perry is the most skilled writer, singer, and performer out of the lead singers as well."

30 May, 2003
"Steve Perry....nuff said."

16 May, 2003
"I stated earlier that Augeri was riding on Perry's coattails. I was never so wrong. I have to admitt that now that I have seen Journey with Augeri and I spoke to him for about 15 minutes, he is a really wonderful guy and cares for the fans. Perry will alway have a special place in my heart, but Augeri blew me away last night (Fresno,Ca concert) Augeri does not have Perry range,but who really does. He is trying to help Neal,Jon and Ross keep the Journey dream alive. I was a really big PERRYHEAD, but Augeri proved to me that Perry is not Journey. I will always think that Perry was the greatest singer in the world, but he gave up one Journey and let all the fans down. Steve A. is really happy that he has been given a chance to be part of the greatest rock band of all time and he is alway humbled to the fact that he is alway standing in Perry's shadow. I tried to keep a open mind about Augeri and I hope you do too. Go see Journey with Steve A. You will not be disappointed. Journey is still Journey. Perry or Augeri the wheel in the sky will keep turning. I have to say I like them both and I will stop hoping that Perry will come back to Journey,but I do hope he will release some new solo music soon. Journey is just alright with Augeri."

24 April, 2003
"Steve Perry is the man! Cool, hot, talented etc...need I say more? Let me add this, he seems like a guy with a lot of soul and just as much heart. He'll always be a shiny star in his fans eyes, always!"

jon bovi
10 April, 2003
"steve perry is my favorite lead singer. it's not that the new singer is not 'good enough.' it's just not like the original. so it ain't the original! it's like sammy hagar with van halen."

Buck Woodward
04 April, 2003
"My favorite Journey lead singer is Steve Perry. Steve Augeri may be able to hit all the notes, but Perry is the voice that many Journey fans grew up with. There is nothing wrong with carrying on, but if I had to pick a 'dream concert' lineup, I would want Journey with Perry."

03 April, 2003
"Steve Perry, of course. Not only is he THE VOICE, he helped to compose the songs which made us fall in love with this band to begin with! If they really wanted to please their fans, they would bring Perry back for this summer's concerts with REO & Styx."

wanna-B Steve-P
24 March, 2003
"for the obvious reasons, the ONLY singer for Journey IS Steve Perry. If I want to hear a sound-a-like, I'll turn on my own band's music. I do Steve P better than the guy they got now. Journey wants us to pay full price tickets for a band that has a sound-a-like. Give me a break. Go Steve."

23 March, 2003
"My favorite lead for Journey is and always will be Steve Perry. I have heard S.A. on the new Journey records, even went to one concert with him in the lead singer role. I never will go to another. He doesn't even come close to Steve Perry's talent. In my opinion, and I am entitled to it, he is not a strong singer, and I have serious doubts about his song writing ability. I do not like the direction the band has taken with the music and don't agree with accounts that Arrival is as good as the Escape album. It doesn't even come close. Anything with Steve Perry is 100% better than the new line-up. When they brought in Jonathan Cain, even though I missed Gregg terribly, Jon was a great addition. Steve A. is a weak singer, a wannabe. He never will be. This is my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone. I apologize if I have."

06 March, 2003
"Steve Perry is definately one of the best rock vocalists the world has even seen. His voice is soothing and comes from the heart. I always feel as if he is singing to me. (How great would that be!) I have been listening to him since 1979 but never got to see him in concert. It seems all you fans who write in seem to prefer SP's voice but perhaps feel that SA is trying harder to participate with his fans. Probably so, he does not seem to need the privacy SP did, which does not make SP bad, just a loner. No one will ever replace Steve Perry, I don't even want anyone to, but I am grateful Augeri is trying to make us all happy and give him all the credit in the world. Would love to see them together on stage, what a concert that would be. One could croon and one could rock and they both look great. Well, I can dream, can't I? My love to Steve Perry and good luck to Steve Augeri."

06 March, 2003
"Steve Perry An amazing performer. His voice knocks me flat every time. What a gift!"

05 March, 2003
"Steve Perry is and always will be my favorite Journey lead singer because he sang from his heart. It wasn't 'til Perry that journey became the biggest they ever were and in my eyes ever will be. STEVE PERRY IS THE MAN!"

02 March, 2003
"Steve Perry is the real thing, one in a million. You can't imitate that. Just count the posts."

sherry california
18 February, 2003
"Steve Perry, simply because he is the voice! He has lots of heart and soul in his voice, that's what I like most of Perry and I think he is doing great job with that!"

11 February, 2003
"I would like to weigh in on this debate. Perry or Augeri? I would have to give it to Perry. He helped make Journey what it was in the 70s ,80s, and 90s--and even today. Augeri is just riding on the coattails of Perry's tux. Really! I'm not an Augeri basher. If Perry would have lived up to his role as the leader of Journey and not wimped out, Augeri would still be at the Gap. Perry will always be Journey and sadly Augeri won't. No matter how hard he tries. When you hear a Journey song on the radio, whose voice do you hear? Perry, that's who. I'm not trying to take anything away from Augeri, but even Hugo is a better singer than him. I will give Augeri a lot of credit though, He has stepped into some really big shoes left by Perry. Most singers would never would have thought twice about taking over for Perry. How would you compair yourself to him (Perry)? I think it is great that Neal, Ross and Jon have tried to move on, but it does not matter who they put up there to sing--they will always be in Perry's long shadow and will never be Journey. What Perry and Schon need to do is make up and start making real Journey music again. Because everything else sounds like a rip off of other Journey albums. I like Arrival and Red 13, but something is still missing. I know! Perry at the helm. The only reason fans go to a Journey concert is just to hear Neal, Jon and Ross get it on. Now I know what most of you must think that I'm pro-Perry. Well, how could you not be? He is the reason why you are still Journey fans. It was his voice that made you fall in love with the band anyway. When Perry and Schon get together it is magic. I don't feel that magic with Augeri. Steve Augeri is a fine singer, but not for Journey. He just doesn't have the range of Perry and we all know that most of Perry's vocals are higher than most of us can scream. We all try to sing like Perry, but really can anyone do it? No! You see what I'm saying? Remember when you first saw a Journey concert and Perry came out, you thought you might pass out when he started to sing. I have Journey with Augeri and I did not have that feeling come over me. I kinda felt like I was watching a Journey knock-off. A tribute band like Evolution. Not the real Journey and that made me feel sad for myself and other Journey fans who paid good money to hear a knock-off of themselves. If they want the magic back and a Grammy they need Perry back. If you agree or disagree you can e-mail me. Thanks for your time and reading this."

01 February, 2003
"Steve Perry, he's the best in the world."

26 January, 2003
"Steve Perry w/out question. Nothing against Steve Augeri but Steve Perry brought that Journey sound to the band for to many years. Even Steve Augeri looks as himself as a follower of one of the greatest singers in rock. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain and Steve Perry need to put all that petty crap aside and get on with what the fans really want, Steve Perry back in the band. Journey will never have the following they once had nor will they ever have another top 10 hit w/out Steve Perry."

12 January, 2003
"Steve Perry - Hands down. Gregg Rolie is excluded either. they sang during the the same timeframe. Augeri I'm sure is a very capable singer, but, his role in Journey is to emulate Mr. Perry. A copy can never be as good as the original."

21 December, 2002
"Only Steve Perry will do."

19 December, 2002
"In my opinion both Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry were great for Journey. Steve Augeri although he has a great voice just hasn't done anything to make me want to listen to the new line up. I just hope Steve Perry, and the rest of Journey can get over whatever their issues are, give us fans one last great reunion concert."

27 November, 2002
"None of these people can sing like Steve Perry. They cannot harmonize like Perry. The writing quality has gone away also. The record sales offer facts, not an opinion."

18 November, 2002
"Steve Perry-Just sings more powerfully & with more range & he brought those songs from the heart."

03 November, 2002
"I saw Steve Augeri of the "new" Journey in concert recently. I also have the live DVD with him fronting the band. Steve A. has a great high musical range and plenty of power with sustain. However, hearing him do the songs that Steve Perry made famous and co-wrote left me flat. Steve P. has a rounder sound, while Steve A. has more of a point to his voice. There is nothing wrong with either vocal sound, but I really believe that Mr. Perry will be remembered as the real sound of the group. Neal is the heart of the band, while Jonathan is the brains. Ross is the glue and Steve Perry, the soul."

01 November, 2002
"Steve Perry His writing ability--voice range & alility to know what the fans WANTED to hear. The 1000% he gave to every show. It WAS a band unlike any other. This is not to slight other members but it WAS better than now."

12 October, 2002
"No contest--SP hands down. Not only soothing on the eyes, but what a command presence on and off stage. Just saw the "new" Steve play with the band last night in Honolulu and it was fabulous. However, there will never be another SP, I just wish he was out there for us to appreciate again. Maybe some day.... Aloha wherever you are!"

11 October, 2002
"I have had a crush on Steve Perry since 1978. I think he is talented and Best looking (Sorry) of the band. Steve has been an inspiration to me and hearing him sing brings back lots of fond childhood memories. In closing I think it is great that he is getting to have a "normal" life. He has given so much to us that he deserves something in return."

26 September, 2002
"My favorite Journey lead singer without a doubt was and always will be Steve Perry. His voice is uncomparable then and still today. His voice is the most beautiful and soulful voice and present and past singers don't come close despite their efforts."

22 September, 2002
"No one even comes close to Steve Perry. Journey just doesn't exist without him, for me."

05 August, 2002
"Steve Perry because to me he is the voice of Journey. INFINITY AND BEYOND."

17 July, 2002
"Favorite Journey Singer? That's a no-brainer. Steve Perry. Why? Just listen to 'Send Her My Love', 'Faithfully', 'Mother/Father', 'Still She Cries' and 'Happy To Give'. Enough said!!!!"

30 June, 2002
"Steve Perry is the greatest singer there is."

26 June, 2002
"Steve Perry singing "Sweet and Simple" from the Evolution album should pretty much sum it up..."

26 June, 2002
"Steve Perry, because he is the voice, the looks, and the charm behind Journey. Anyone else is a cheap imitation."

08 June, 2002
"Steve Perry is my favorite lead singer, and for me, the only lead singer of Journey. I have accepted that there is a new sherriff in town as far as Augeri is concerned, and I don't doubt his talent....but with that said...I prefer Steve Perry because he sings with more emotion, power, and character than any singer of his range. I believe he contributed more to Journey's music than Schon/Cain would like to give him credit for, though I know it was the collective talents of the three. For me, no other singer gets me excited about music, or stirs the music in my soul, like Steve Perry does. The way he carries his voice over the melodies, and how he and Schon complimented each other's style was amazing. That is something I think Journey's new music has lost....a complimenting of talents. the new music may be harder rocking, but, just because the music is harder, doesn't mean the emotional lift of Journey's past is evident. It just makes me say, 'yeah, okay....so....' It's meaningless shredding by Schon. He may think Perry is replaceable...but, the way they complimented each other is not replaceable by a long shot."

Airwalk Hawaii
27 May, 2002
"As it stands Steve Perry helped start the band on its way and the band maintained its strength through his lead. Though Steves injury did cause concern, I pray he is well today, Steve Augeri has definitly helped continue the sound of Journey. I praise both the singers for being the front men. I enjoy both their vocals and stagemenship. Yet in my heart Perry is the heart beat that started it all and is my choice. God bless all the members and thank you for taking the time to read this."

21 May, 2002
"The richness of Perry's voice can not be equalled but Augeri comes close. I may feel differently once I experience Augeri in concert in July. I can't wait! Augeri has a charm which is pleasing to his audience compared to Perry's slight arrogance. Bottom line is I love their music. My favorite song on the Arrival CD is 'Kiss Me Softly'."

20 May, 2002
"My favorite is STEVE PERRY and I don't think I need to say why because that beautiful voice speaks for itself!!!"

15 May, 2002
"Im Nauticagirl702 from sin city vegas! I like Steve Perry because he did orginally did mostly all the songs and sang it too! Especially he was the orginal singer of all my Journey favorites..... STEVE PERRY ROCKS!"

Stacy Leverette
05 May, 2002
"No doubt about it Steve Perry will always be my one and only choice for Journey. I was extreemly disappointed to learn that Perry would not be singing on the Arrival album. After watching Perry talk about his feelings on his being replaced, I refuse to even buy anything else new, from Journey. In my opinion, Steve Perry made Journey what they are and no one will ever match or replace his voice and presence in the band."

squirt 1
25 April, 2002
"Steve Perry--greater strength & range."

24 April, 2002
"Steve Perry--he's a classic! Too many memories with his voice and no one can reach his range."

07 April, 2002
"I choose Steve Perry... His voice, his Charisma, his stage personality, his looks, his heart... and most of all - Steve Perry is not afraid to show that he is human just like the rest of us... He has so much class and dignity... He made Journey what it was and is. If it weren't for Perry, Journey wouldn't be around now... Thanks Steve..."

David Brow
28 February, 2002
"I watched the Journey concert of Las Vegas and I liked Steve Augeri and his performance too. But I thought that he did not reach the high tones of 'Dont Stop Believin', as Steve Perry Them made. But Steve Augeri is a good singer!"

who's crying now?
20 February, 2002
"I definitely believe that Steve Perry is truly the greatest lead vocalist Journey has ever had/could ever have. When I heard that Journey was back, but without SP, my first thought was that it COULDN'T be Journey without Perry. His voice was what launched Journey into the record charts and into our hearts. His range is amazing and the sincerity in his voice could reduce you to tears at times. He could rock and sing ballads both with equal ease. I know that the guys had to replace Perry with someone who had a very similiar range to be able to play the old Journey favorites--Stone In Love, Lights, Wheel In The Sky, etc. What I do think is unfortunate is that they seemed to try to 'clone' Steve. That's almost an outright insult. Steve A is a great singer in his own right, but really can't do the Perry songs justice. The sound is similiar, but give any of us die hard Journey fans a sound test between who's singing Faithfully, and we'll know the difference everytime. I hurt for this band and the pain that so obviously exists between Perry, Neal and the rest. It reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys tiff between Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson, and we all know the Cowboys fate after they lost Johnson. Hope to see Journey fair better than that. And I HAVE to throw this in--from a girls viewpoint, OMG noboby can compare to the way Steve P looked in that leopard print t-shirt he spent the whole (Escape, I think) tour in! He was such a hottie with the looks to back up THE VOICE that he can NEVER be replaced!"

15 February, 2002
"In May of last year, I made some comments about who is the best lead singer for Journey. After listening to to all of my Journey cd's, I've come to a conclusion. Mr. Steve Perry is the greatest of all time. I listened to Arrival and could not get that feeling I get when I listen to any other Journey albums. Perry gives you a feeling like no one else can do. His voice make you want to jump out of your skin and start singing all those great Journey songs. Augeri has some talent, but face it people Perry is the real deal. No matter how hard Augeri, Neal and Jon want to to work it will never be Journey like we all know it was. It almost sounds like a cry for help. The only thing that is keeping Perry from Journey is stupid pride. Perry and Neal need to work out thier problems and get Journey back on top. I think the reason Journey dumped Sony is because they wanted Perry back in the band. Sony knows just like we do that Perrysales Journey. Do you think that if Perry was singing on Arrival that it would have sold more copy's? Might have given them another Grammy nod. The songs on Arrival are good, but Perry would have made them great. If Perry was still the lead singer they would have played to sold out stadiums and arenas. Not at county fairs and other bullshit places. Neal said in the Behind the Music interview that he has bills to pay and needs to work (go on tour). Even he can see that Perry makes [more] money for Journey than Augeri. I wish I could wave a magic wand and put Journey back the way it should be. Perry as the only lead singer for Journey. Dan."

05 February, 2002
"My fav lead singer's definitely Steve P. & always will be. He was the heart & soul of Journey, & put so much emotion & conviction in singing all his songs. I feel a void without him on their new CD, tho' Steve A. does a brilliant job, & I really like him."

Jessica A.
18 January, 2002
"Steve Perry is SO the best lead singer of Journey. He's the voice that made them famous! I grew up with that voice on those songs, and I loved them. Sorry, Steve Augeri. You're just no Steve Perry!"

10 October, 2001
"Let's face it, Mr. Perry earned the nickname 'The Voice' for a reason and Journey will never be the same without him."

29 August, 2001
"I saw both singers and there really is no comparison. Augeri can't and never will be able to sing the classic Journey tunes like Perry can. Forgettaaaboouut It!!! If you need proof I have a list of videos of Journey with and without Perry and also have Perry's FTLOSM tour in 94'. He sounds great. Email me for my list."
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21 August, 2001
"Hi Iam a 38 year old female who always loved Journey with steve Perry. I never listened to them with any of the other singers because I feel Journey was the total accumulation of all the members talents and Steve Perry's voice. Anything else, for me, won't do."

19 July, 2001
"Steve Perry is the best. Even though Steve Augeri's voice is similar, Perry's voice is better and has a much greater range."

17 July, 2001
"I watched Good Morning America today, and was appalled at the way this new lead singer tried so hard to sound like Perry. There is only one Steve Perry voice and I feel the show this morning more than proved it!! This new guy isnt that bad if he would sing in his own style, and do new songs, but don't repeat the songs that Steve Perry made famous and try to sound like him. He shamed Perry today. He couldn't hit the notes, he was off key terribly and the whole performance, well...it sucked clef notes! Put a new sound to Journey if you are going to put a new singer in."

07 June, 2001
"Steve Perry is a one and only. My day isn't complete unless I either request and get 'When You Love a Woman' on the radio or have to play a CD of it. It feels better if it's on the radio as then I know that thousands of people are hearing him at the same time. In my opinion, his voice at its best...with him forever."

06 June, 2001
"My favorite lead singer without a doubt is the unstoppable Steve Perry. He has the voice that made Journey famous and the voice that made the fans fall in love with the ballads as well as the rockers. The man can sing....at age 29 or 52, the man could and can sing! For me the voice of Journey is and always will be Steve Perry! AND TELL HIM I SAID SO!"

10 May, 2001
"I can understand why some people would put down Steve Augeri. He does not have the vocal range of Steve Perry. For all of us old Journey fans, we only love Perry's voice. The Arrival is one of the best I have heard from Journey, but it would have been better with Perry at the vocals. Steve Augeri is a good singer, almost a dead ringer for Perry. That is what is so sad about Journey. They went out and found a lead singer that sounded just like the one they replaced. I can understand their reasoning. You need someone who can sing the old Journey tunes like Perry did. If you did not see the DirecTV concert, you really need to see this concert. It sounds like Journey, but you could hear Augeri struggle to hit the high notes that Perry could have made while he was sleeping. I am not an Augeri basher. here is a man who is trying to replace one of the greatest singers that the world may have ever known. I like the way Augeri sings; he brings something new to the band. To tell the truth, I really do not think Perry could hit the high notes that he has made famous, his voice seems a little harder than when he was younger. I could be wrong (I hope so). I have all the respect for Steve Augeri. I heard him in an interview. He said that he could not do justice to the songs that Perry sang with Journey and that he would sing them the only way he could. You need to look at Steve Augeri and Journey with an open mind, heart, and ears. Augeri will never replace Steve Perry in our hearts. Perry will always be Journey, he made them what they are today. Neal, Jon, and Ross should know this. If they have any more success in music, it is only because of what Perry brought to the band. In all fairness to the rest of the band, they made Perry what he is today. he just might be some hack singing in a nightclub or bowling alley. who really knows? Steve Perry is the best lead singer that Journey has ever had, but Steve Augeri might take Journey into a new light. You really cannot be fair to Perry or Augeri. Yes, they sound alike and in some strange way even look alike. If Journey ever brings back Perry, it might be one of the worst mistakes that the band could ever make, or one of the greatest things that they will ever do. They would only bring back Perry if the fans can't warm up to Augeri. I would like to see Perry back at the helm, but I could only hope that Neal, Jon, Ross, and the fans would treat Steve Augeri with respect and thank him for what he has done for Journey. most of the die-hard Journey fans would go with Perry and so do I, but if Steve Augeri was the old lead singer and the band replaced him with Perry, would anybody really care? All in all, Steve Perry is the 'voice' and Steve Augeri is trying to live up to all the fans' high standards. I can only hope that whoever is the lead singer for Journey be treated with respect and love from the fans. Journey on."

26 April, 2001
"Overall, I would need to say Perry. Although I have only heard the one album with Augeri as Lead Singer, once I hear him doing more stuff my opinion may change. Cheers."

26 April, 2001
"Steve Perry is Journey. He writes the songs from his heart, and sings them from his soul. The band goes forward without him, but not upward. Carry on, Mr. Perry. God Bless."

18 April, 2001
"I recently watched on pay-per-view a Journey concert and I like the way Steve Augeri sang he sounded just like Steve Perry but Journey will never be the same without Steve Perry. I have been a huge fan of Journey since the 80's and there is no voice like his. He puts his heart and soul into every song. When Journey is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I sure do hope he will be included because I feel he made the most contributions to what Journey is today."

09 April, 2001
"Steve Perry is the best lead singer Journey has ever had, hands down. No debating the issue. Steve A. is fine in his own right, but please don't compare an icon such as Perry with an up-and-coming lead singer until the new guy has done what Perry has done. Remember, imitation is the best form of flattery."

29 March, 2001
"I believe Steve Perry is the best lead singer. Even though Steve Augeri sounds like Steve he doesn't express the feeling of a song like Perry does when he sings it. Also I think Journey will miss his assistance in some writing."

Girl Can't Help It
06 March, 2001
"Mr. Steve's voice is so incredibly sexy & sultry, you can hear every breath and pause. He hits notes from something way deep inside of him. (All the women sigh, and all the men wish they had taken singing lessons) He is just MR...... BAD-TO-THE-BONE! Keep keeping on Steve, we love you!!"

06 January, 2001
"I think that Steve Augeri is great, but Steve Perry has a quality in his voice that can't be replaced. So I'll vote for Steve Perry. OK, Dave..I weighed in, where's my prize? Hehe=)"

03 December, 2000
"Perry is and always will be the best singer in the world - but i've got to accept that the only way we will see journey functioning as a band is with Augeri - and for that reason alone they should have pulled him in years ago."

19 November, 2000
"because he has finess."

15 November, 2000
"He has the voice of an angel!"

14 November, 2000
"So much soul."

13 November, 2000
"Because of his range vocally as well as his range emotionally. As much as I like the Journey sound now, it's difficult to fully appreciate them without Perry."

13 November, 2000
"Length of time with the group. Steve A. is terrific but he needs more than one CD to rate as the best."

09 November, 2000
"Steve Perry has the most soulful voice i have ever heard, and i grew up on his voice with Journey wishing his voice was my own. This is the voice that gets the women!"

07 November, 2000
"Great Voice."

01 November, 2000
"He sings from his heart like no other. I believe his voice was a gift from the Almighty above. There is more passion and more soul in his singing than anyone else, bar none. There is no equal for him. I wish he would come out of hiding and bless the world with more of his insight into the human heart whether it be love or pain. I miss the sound of his voice."

31 October, 2000
"He is a god."

29 October, 2000
"No one sings with more soul."

28 October, 2000
"He has a amazing voice and in his prime he was such a hottie!"

26 October, 2000
"Dave, I finally have a day off. Working with kids in the hospital is both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. I didn't tell you the real reason why I like Steve Perry's voice over the others. It's a sentimental reason for me and I didn't know if it was approporiate for your survey. As you may know I was bedridden for 5 months when I was pregnant with my daughter Jennifer. Apparently she loved his voice too...each night when I was in premature labor I listened to ballads from Journey. I know the music was relaxing for the both of us. In fact, her favorite song was "Why can't this night go on forever". In a way he made everything OK again. Here's the corny sentimental part...I think that he sang her to sleep...86 is the year she was born. I don't tell a lot of people about this. Thanks for letting me share it with you."

25 October, 2000
"Listening to him makes everything ok again."

24 October, 2000
"When I think of Journey it is now and always has been Steve Perry's voice that I want to hear!"

17 October, 2000
"I love his voice and am used to him I guess. Steve Augeri is good - have only heard the song from the Armageddon movie - the first time I heard it was in a store and before I knew SP was no longer with the band. I was thinking it kind of sounded like Journey, but the lead singer was not SP, had thought maybe it was The Storm."

Those who prefer Robert Fleischman:
(section top)

01 February, 2003
"My favorite of them all is Robert Fleischman... Hands down!!! Not only is his voice cleaner with more vocal range and expression but he is a superior songwriter as well. The world got Steve Perry when they should have gotten Robert. His new CD World In Your Eyes is a must have for any Journey fan."


Departure's Head2Head
As of May 11, 2003

In 2001 and 2002, a Journey fan with the screen name Departure held "head2head" contests on the official Journey forum, allowing fans to vote between two songs at a time. These were condicted on each of the official forums, with songs appropriate to the forum (including the "anything goes" Water Cooler forum, where the songs were not by Journey). From February 9 to May 11, 2002, Departure conducted his Head2Head contests at the Journey Zone (but voting still took place at the official Journey forums). The highlight was "March Madness," wherein every single Journey song was considered and eliminated until the fan favorite was determined.

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    Current stats (as of May 11, 2002):

    League 1
    League 2
    League 3
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    01 The Eyes of a Woman (3,0) Higher Place (4,0) Send her My Love (2,0) Liberty (2,0)
    02 Feeling that Way (2,0) Anytime (2,0) All the Way (1,0) Lights (2,0)
    03 Happy to Give (2,0) Faithfully (2,0) I'm Cryin (1,0) Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin (2,0)
    04 Precious Time (2,0) Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (2,0) Lifetime of Dreams (1,0) Still they Ride (2,0)
    05 Departure (1,0) Walks like a Lady (2,0) Stay Awhile (1,0) Chain Reaction (1,0)
    06 Just the Same Way (1,0) Who's Cryin' Now (2,0) Too Late (1,0) Homemade Love (1,0)
    07 Positive Touch (1,0) Why Can't this Night go on Forever (2,0) Be Good to Yourself (1,1) Line of Fire (1,0)
    08 Trial by Fire (1,0) To be Alive Again (2,1) I'll be Alright Without You (1,1) Only the Young (1,0)
    09 When I think of You (1,0) When You Love a Woman (2,1) Kiss me Softly (1,1) World gone Wild (1,0)
    10 After the Fall (1,1) Dixie Highway (1,0) Livin' to Do (1,1) I'm not that Way (1,1)
    11 Any Way You Want It (1,1) Good Morning Girl (1,0) The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (1,1) People & Places (1,1)
    12 Open Arms (1,1) Raised on Radio (1,0) Winds of March (1,1) Signs of Life (1,1)
    13 Wheel in the Sky (1,1) Where Were You (1,0) I can See it in your Eyes We will Meet Again (1,1)
    14 Of a Lifetime Lay it Down (1,1) Here we Are Lovin' You is Easy
    15 Destiny Somethin' to Hide (1,1) Sandcastles The Rape
    16 Moon Theme In my Lonely Feeling/Conversations Festival Dance Don't stop Believin'
      One More Snow Theme She Makes Me (Feel Alright) To Play some Music
      Topaz When the Love has Gone Keep on Runnin' Mother, Father
      All that Really Matters Loved by You Dead or Alive Hustler
      Cookie Duster Easy to Fall Still she Cries Troubled Child
      I got a Reason Midnight Dreamer Into Your Arms Girl Can't Help It
      Next Nickel & Dime Mystery Mountain Once you Love Somebody
      Look into the Future Frontiers Kohoutek It Could Have been You
      Castles Burning In the Morning Day Daydream You're on your Own
      Nothin' Comes Close (1,2) I would Find You Rubicon (0,1) Good Times
      People (0,1) Majestic Edge of the Blade (0,1) On a Saturday Nite
      Stone in Love (0,1) Anyway I'm gonna' Leave You (0,1) A Few Coins
      Opened the Door (0,1) La Raza del Sol Karma (0,1) Can Do (0,1)
      City of the Angels (0,1) With a Tear (0,1) Can't tame the Lion (0,1) Colors of the Spirit (0,1)
      Escape (0,1) Do You Recall (0,1) If He Should Break Your Heart (0,1) Lady Luck (0,1)
      It's all Too Much (0,1) Don't be Down on me Baby (0,1) La do Da (0,1) Live and Breathe (0,1)
      Little Girl (0,1) For You (0,1) Patiently (0,1) Road Runner (0,1)
      Natural Thing (0,1) Baby I'm a Leavin' You (0,1) Ask the Lonely (0,1) Spaceman (0,1)
      Back Talk (0,2) Suzanne (0,1) Someday Soon (0,1) Forever in Blue (0,2)
      Remember Me (0,2) When You're Alone (It ain't Easy) (0/1) Only Solutions (0,2) It's just the Rain (0,2)
      All the Things (0,2) With Your Love (0,2) Sweet & Simple (0,3) Message of Love (0,2)

    February (section top)

    Saturday, February 09  
    General ForumJust the Same Way (22)
    Remember Me (20)
    Winner: Just the Same Way
    Precious TimeI Believe (18)
    Anyway (17)
    Winner: I Believe
    Water CoolerSmokin' in the Boys Room--Motley Crue (12)
    Boys are Back in Town--Bon Jovi (4)
    Winner: Smokin' in the Boys Room
    WC--VarietyLove Gun--Kiss (12)
    The Ultimate Sin--Ozzy (4)
    Winner: Love Gun
    WC--Hard Rock/MetalDon't Tell Me What Love Can Do--Van Halen (16)
    Women--Def Leppard(8)
    Winner: Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do

    Sunday, February 10  
    General ForumI'm Not That Way (16)
    All the Way (25)
    Winner: All the Way
    Precious TimeOh Sherrie (4)
    Why Can't This Night Go on Forever (21)
    Winner: Why Can't This Night Go on Forever
    Water CoolerAll Right Now--Free (16)
    American Woman--The Guess Who (15)
    Winner: All Right Now
    Water Cooler--VarietyMotley Crue (15)
    Metallica (8)
    Winner: Motley Crue
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalIt's a Monster--Extreme (10)
    Long Haired Country Boy--Every Mother's Nightmare (2)
    Winner: It's a Monster

    Monday, February 11  
    General ForumNothin' Comes Close (26)
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (33)
    Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Precious TimePrecious Time (11)
    Sweet and Simple (27)
    Winner: Sweet and Simple
    Water CoolerI Remember You--Skid Row (27)
    What it Takes--Aerosmith (7)
    Winner: I Remember You
    Water Cooler--VarietyTom Keifer--Cinderella (12)
    Don Dokken--Dokken (10)
    Winner: Tom Keifer
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalFor those About to Rock, We Salute You--ACDC (31)
    Rocket Queen--GNR (5)
    Winner: For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

    Tuesday, February 12  
    General ForumTo Be Alive Again (42)
    Message of Love (20)
    Winner: To Be Alive Again
    Precious TimeToo Late (11)
    Stay Awhile (23)
    Winner: Stay Awhile
    Water CoolerHot Legs--Rod Stewart (16)
    Legs--ZZTop (20)
    Winner: Legs
    Water Cooler--VarietyBoston (38)
    Kansas (5)
    Winner: Boston
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalPerry Mason--Ozzy (13)
    The Little Things--Alice Cooper (7)
    Winner: Perry Mason

    Wednesday, February 13  
    General ForumAll the Things (30)
    Castles Burning (25)
    Winner: All the Things
    Precious TimeWalks Like a Lady--Live (18)
    The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (20)
    Winner: The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)
    Water CoolerKarma Chameleon--Culture Club (4)
    Come on Eileen--Dexy's Midnight Runners (35)
    Winner: Come on Eileen
    Water Cooler--VarietyThe Rolling Stones (12)
    Aerosmith (27)
    Winner: Aerosmith
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalHeaded for Destruction--Jackyl (7)
    Blow my Fuse--Kix (17)
    Winner: Blow My Fuse

    Thursday, February 14  
    General ForumOne More (6)
    Still They Ride (48)
    Winner: Still They Ride
    Precious TimeFoolish Heart (23)
    It's Just the Rain (14)
    Winner: Foolish Heart
    Water CoolerStone Cold Crazy--Queen (18)
    I Wanna Be Sedated--The Ramones (9)
    Winner: Stone Cold Crazy
    Water Cooler--VarietyTom Hamilton--Aerosmith (11)
    Michael Anthony--Van Halen (16)
    Winner: Michael Anthony
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalRock You Like a Hurricane--Scorpions (34)
    Slip of the Lip--Ratt (2)
    Winner: Rock You Like a Hurricane

    Friday, February 15  
    General ForumKiss Me Softly (26)
    Lights (23)
    Winner: Kiss Me Softly
    Precious TimeDixie Highway (24)
    Road Runner (2)
    Winner: Dixie Highway
    Water CoolerGodzilla--Blue Oyster Cult (16)
    Frankenstein--Edgar Winter Group (12)
    Winner: Godzilla
    Water Cooler--VarietyCat Scratch Fever--Ted Nugent (7)
    The Grand Illusion--Styx (26)
    Winner: Grand Illusion
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalThe All New Generation--Tuff (2)
    Kiss My Love Goodbye--LA Guns (11)
    Winner: Kiss My Love Goodbye

    Saturday, February 16  
    General ForumJust the Same Way--Live (19)
    Girl Can't Help It--live (20)
    Winner: Girl Can't Help It
    Precious TimeSomethin' To Hide (21)
    Lady Luck (3)
    Winner: Somethin' To Hide
    Water CoolerSomebody Out There--Triumph (10)
    Everybody Wants You--Billy Squire (13)
    Winner: Everybody Wants You
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Kid Rock (7)
    Fred Durst--Limp Bizkit (3)
    Winner: Kid Rock
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalCowboy--Kid Rock (13)
    Faith--Limp Bizkit (0)
    Winner: Cowboy

    Second shutout
    in h2h history

    Sunday, February 17  
    General ForumStone in Love (39)
    When You're Alone it Ain't Easy (3)
    Winner: Stone in Love
    Precious TimeSeparate Ways (28)
    Can't Tame the Lion (0)
    Winner: Separate Ways

    Third Shutout in
    h2h history
    Water CoolerCalling Dr. Love--Kiss (10)
    Woman From Tokyo--Deep Purple (10)
    Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Foreigner (25)
    Loverboy (2)
    Winner: Foreigner
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/Metal99 Ways to Die--Megadeth (9)
    The Rooster--Alice in Chains (8)
    Winner: 99 Ways to Die

    Monday, February 18  
    General ForumLifetime of Dreams (10)
    Faithfully (48)
    Winner: Faithfully
    Precious TimeAsk the Lonely (17)
    Where Were You (12)
    Winner: Ask the Lonely
    Water CoolerCalling Dr. Love--Kiss (22)
    Woman From Tokyo--Deep Purple (9)
    Winner: Calling Dr. Love
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Guitar Players
    Richie Sambora--Bon Jovi (20)
    Steve Clark, R.I.P.--Def Leppard (10)
    Winner: Richie Sambora
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalFuel and Fire--Metallica (8)
    Hallowed be Thy Name--Iron Maiden (13)
    Winner: Hallowed be Thy Name

    Tuesday, February 19  
    General ForumLa Do Da (21)
    Chain Reaction (24)
    Winner: Chain Reaction
    Precious TimeHomemade Love (12)
    Natural Thing (19)
    Winner: Natural Thing
    Water CoolerPinball Wizard--The Who (24)
    That Smell--Lynyrd Skynrd (7)
    Winner: Pinball Wizard
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Steve Smith--ex-Journey (26)
    Neal Peart--Rush (11)
    Winner: Steve Smith
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalDead Horse--Guns'n'Roses (6)
    Living After Midnight--Judas Priest (17)
    Winner: Living After Midnight

    Wednesday, February 20  
    General ForumWorld Gone Wild (40)
    Rubicon (17)
    Winner: World Gone Wild
    Precious TimeWhy Can't this Night go on Forever (19)
    Send Her My Love (13)
    Winner: Why Can't This Night...
    Water CoolerTurn Me Loose--Loverboy (9)
    High on You--Survivor (28)
    Winner: High on You
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Motley Crue (16)
    Guns'n'Roses (10)
    Winner: Motley Crue
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalThe Beast--Twisted Sister (4)
    Tooth and Nail--Dokken (15)
    Winner: Tooth and Nail

    Thursday, February 21  
    General ForumLoved by You (33)
    Frontiers (14)
    Winner: Loved by You
    Precious TimeCity of the Angels (23)
    People and Places (11)
    Winner: City of the Angels
    Water CoolerLife's been Good--Joe Walsh (22)
    Cheap Sunglasses--ZZTop (11)
    Winner: Life's Been Good
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Bryan Adams (24)
    Richard Marx (10)
    Winner: Bryan Adams
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalGypsy Road--Cinderella (8)
    Down Boys--Warrant (15)
    Winner: Down Boys

    Friday, February 22  
    General ForumLovin' You is Easy (18)
    After the Fall (34)
    Winner: After the Fall
    Precious TimeAnytime (23)
    Daydream (11)
    Winner: Anytime
    Water CoolerBlue Morning Blue Day--Foreigner (23)
    The Joker--Steve Miller Band (12)
    Winner: Blue Morning Blue Day
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Heaven Tonight--Cheap Trick (7)
    Rumours--Fleetwood Mac (24)
    Winner: Rumours
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalFairies Wear Boots--Black Sabbath (8)
    TNT--ACDC (19)
    Winner: TNT

    Saturday, February 23  
    General ForumSeparate Ways (19)
    Higher Place (20)
    Winner: Higher Place
    Precious TimeYou Better Wait (4)
    Don't Stop Believin' (26)
    Winner: Don't Stop Believin'
    Water CoolerDrops of Jupiter--Train (11)
    I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing--Aerosmith (16)
    Winner: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thiing
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Bad Animals--Heart (18)
    Rev it Up--Vixen (1)
    Winner: Bad Animals
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalThe Wild and the Young--Quiet Riot (3)
    Modern Day Cowboy--Tesla (17)
    Winner: Modern Day Cowboy

    Sunday, February 24  
    General ForumOf a Lifetime (26)
    I'm Gonna Leave You (3)
    Winner: Of a Lifetime
    Precious TimeCan Do (12)
    One More (17)
    Winner: One More
    Water CoolerSummer of '69--Bryan Adams (20)
    Don't Mean Nothing--Richard Marx (7)
    Winner: Summer of '69
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Guitar Players
    Eric Clapton (15)
    Jimmy Page--Led Zeppelin (7)
    Winner: Eric Clapton
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalLady of the Valley--White Lion (7)
    Medecine Jar--Skid Row (8)
    Winner: Medecine Jar

    Monday, February 25  
    General ForumWhen You Love a Woman (22)
    Patiently (30)
    Winner: Patiently
    Precious TimeOnce You Love Somebody (4)
    Trial by Fire (26)
    Winner: Trial by Fire
    Water CoolerBorn to Be Wild--Steppenwolf (10)
    Rock and Roll Band--Boston (27)
    Winner: Rock and Roll Band
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Bass Players
    Billy Sheenan--Ex Mr. Big (8)
    Nikki Sixx--Motley Crue (18)
    Winner: Nikki Sixx
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSlide it In--Whitesnake (10)
    Wild is the Wind--Bon Jovi (16)
    Winner: Wild is the Wind

    Tuesday, February 26  
    General ForumI Would Find You (6)
    Karma (16)
    Winner: Karma
    Precious TimeForever in Blue (10)
    Easy to Fall (20)
    Winner: Easy to Fall
    Water CoolerReady for Love--Bad Company (19)
    Somebody to Love--Queen (16)
    Winner: Ready for Love
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Rush (17) vs. Pink Floyd (16)Winner: Rush
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSweet Dreams--Marilyn Manson (3)
    Prince of Darkness--Alice Cooper (18)
    Winner: Prince of Darkness

    Wednesday, February 27  
    General ForumRemember Me (28)
    Still They Ride (37)
    Winner: Still They Ride
    Precious TimeRunning Alone (18)
    It's Only Love (10)
    Winner: Running Alone
    Water CoolerMoney--Pink Floyd (19)
    Time Stand Still--Rush (19)
    Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Steve Miller (13)
    Bob Seeger (23)
    Winner: Bob Seeger
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalCan't Get Enough--Winger (16)
    Always there for You--Stryper (8)
    Winner: Can't Get Enough

    Thursday, February 28  
    General ForumTo Be Alive Again (27)
    Escape (35)
    Winner: Escape
    Precious TimeOpen Arms (18)
    Why Can't this Night go on Forever (13)
    Winner: Open Arms
    Water CoolerMoney--Pink Floyd (15)
    Time Stand Still--Rush (12)
    Winner: Money
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Robert Plant--Led Zeppelin (17)
    David Coverdale--Ex Deep Purple, Whitesnake (11)
    Winner: Robert Plant
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalTrouble Walkin'--Ace Frehley (13)
    New Thing--Enuff ZNuff (5)
    Winner: Trouble Walkin'

    March Madness 2002 (section top)

    Friday, March 01
    Round 1, Day 1
    First MatchupMystery Mountain (3)
    Only Solutions (45)
    Winner: Only Solutions
    Second MatchupSomethin' To Hide (37)
    Little Girl (37)
    Winner: Tie
    (First of the tournament)
    Third MatchupSpaceman (5)
    Only the Young (53)
    Winner: Only the Young
    Fourth MatchupKiss Me Softly (54)
    She Makes Me (Feel Alright) (4)
    Winner: Kiss me Softly
    Fifth MatchupIt Could Have Been You (39)
    Destiny (10)
    Winner: It Could have been You
    Water CoolerLast Dance with Mary Jane--Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (8)
    Shine--Collective Soul (14)
    Winner: Shine

    Saturday, March 02
    Round 1, Day 2
    Tie-breakerSomethin' To Hide (34)
    Little Girl (8)
    Winner: Somethin' To Hide
    Second MatchupToo Late (34)
    Positive Touch (9)
    Winner: Too Late
    Third MatchupHustler (9)
    Topaz (23)
    Winner: Topaz
    Fourth MatchupMessage of Love (9)
    Higher Place (34)
    Winner: Higher Place
    Fifth MatchupDon't Stop Believin' (35)
    Ask the Lonely (8)
    Winner: Don't Stop Believin'
    Sixth MatchupOne More (17)
    City of the Angels (26)
    Winner: City of the Angels
    Water CoolerPhotograph--Def Leppard (18)
    Already Gone--The Eagles (8)
    Winner: Photograph

    Sunday, March 03
    Round 1, Day 3
    First MatchupOn a Saturday Nite (27)
    Snow Theme (4)
    Winner: On a Saturday Nite
    Second MatchupLa Raza Del Sol (34)
    Road Runner (2)
    Winner: La Raza Del Sol
    Third MatchupGirl Can't Help It (15)
    Any Way You Want It (23)
    Winner: Any Way You Want It
    Fourth MatchupAll that Really Matters (8)
    Nothin' Comes Close (31)
    Winner: Nothin' Comes Close
    Fifth MatchupWhen I Think of You (11)
    I'll be Alright Without You (27)
    Winner: I'll Be Alright Without You
    Water CoolerSmokin' in the Boys' Room--Motley Crue (9)
    Hot for Teacher--Van Halen (15)
    Winner: Hot for Teacher

    Monday, March 04
    Round 1, Day 4
    First MatchupSuzanne (23)
    With Your Love (31)
    Winner: With Your Love
    Second MatchupDixie Highway (31)
    Castles Burning (23)
    Winner: Dixie Highway
    Third MatchupFor You (31)
    Next (14)
    Winner: For You
    Fourth MatchupWalks Like a Lady (36)
    Rubicon (18)
    Winner: Walks Like a Lady
    Fifth MatchupSend Her My Love (36)
    The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (18)
    Winner: Send Her My Love
    Water CoolerMaggie May--Rod Stewart (13)
    Dust in the Wind--Kansas (23)
    Winner: Dust in the Wind

    Tuesday, March 05
    Round 1, Day 5
    First MatchupWhen You Love a Woman (17)
    Faithfully (47)
    Winner: Faithfully
    Second MatchupOpen Arms (54)
    Natural Thing (7)
    Winner: Open Arms
    Third MatchupLights (46)
    Sweet and Simple (15)
    Winner: Lights
    Fourth MatchupOf a Lifetime (57)
    A Few Coins (0)
    Winner: Of a Lifetime
    1st shutout of the tournament
    Fifth MatchupNickel & Dime (22)
    Lady Luck (34)
    Winner: Lady Luck
    Sixth MatchupPrecious Time (29)
    Winds of March (30)
    Winner: Winds of March
    Water CoolerWe're An American Band--Grand Funk Railroad (24)
    Mississippi Queen--Mountain (7)
    Winner: We're an American Band

    Wednesday, March 06
    Round 1, Day 6
    First MatchupEdge of the Blade (19)
    Be Good to Yourself (28)
    Winner: Be Good to Yourself
    Second MatchupIt's All Too Much (35)
    In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations (13)
    Winner: It's All Too Much
    Third MatchupRaised on Radio (2)
    Stone in Love (55)
    Winner: Stone in Love
    Fourth MatchupWhen the Love has Gone (31)
    Here We Are (16)
    Winner: When the Love has gone
    Fifth MatchupTo be Alive Again (35)
    Who's Cryin' Now (22)
    Winner: To be Alive Again
    Sixth MatchupAll the Way (43)
    Back Talk (13)
    Winner: All the Way
    Water CoolerDon't Forget Me when I'm Gone--Glass Tiger (23)
    3AM--Matchbox 20 (7)
    Winner: Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

    Thursday, March 07
    Round 1, Day 7
    First MatchupKarma (33)
    In the Morning Day (4)
    Winner: Karma
    Second MatchupLa Do Da (14)
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (33)
    Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Third MatchupDead or Alive (18)
    World Gone Wild (39)
    Winner: World Gone Wild
    Fourth MatchupAfter the Fall (40)
    The Eyes of a Woman (17)
    Winner: After the Fall
    Fifth MatchupBaby I'm A Leavin' You (15)
    Frontiers (42)
    Winner: Frontiers
    Water CoolerFreedom--Paul McCartney (5)
    Born in the USA--Bruce Springsteen (30)
    Winner: Born in the USA

    There was no Head 2 Head for March 8-9.

    Sunday, March 10
    Round 1, Day 8
    First MatchupTroubled Child (28)
    Departure (14)
    Winner: Troubled Child
    Second MatchupJust the Same Way (24)
    Livin' To Do (14)
    Winner: Just the Same Way
    Third MatchupCan't Tame the Lion (6)
    Anytime (36)
    Winner: Anytime
    Fourth MatchupSandcastles (2)
    Chain Reaction (40)
    Winner: Chain Reaction
    Fifth MatchupPeople (14)
    I Can See it in Your Eyes (28)
    Winner: I can See it in your Eyes
    Sixth MatchupAnyway (30)
    I'm Cryin' (12)
    Winner: Anyway
    Seventh MatchupWhere Were You (39)
    Look Into the Future (3)
    Winner: Where were You
    Eighth MatchupHomemade Love (8)
    Escape (34)
    Winner: Escape
    Water CoolerHold Your Head Up--Argent (5)
    Lay it on the Line--Triumph (20)
    Winner: Lay it on the Line

    Monday, March 11
    Round 1, Day 9
    First MatchupYou're on your Own (36)
    Festival Dance (2)
    Winner: You're on your Own
    Second MatchupSigns of Life (36)
    Trial by Fire (14)
    Winner: Signs of Life
    Third MatchupI'm not that Way (25)
    Happy to Give (24)
    Winner: I'm Not that Way
    Fourth MatchupStill they Ride (38)
    Feelin' that Way (12)
    Winner: Still they Ride
    Fifth MatchupKohoutek (2)
    Remember Me (48)
    Winner: Remember Me
    Sixth MatchupDon't be Down on me Baby (11)
    Can Do (39)
    Winner: Can Do
    Seventh MatchupOnce You Love Somebody (15)
    Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (35)
    Winner: Separate Ways
    Water CoolerNever Say Goodbye--Bon Jovi (14)
    Babe--Styx (22)
    Winner: Babe

    Tuesday, March 12
    Round 1, Day 10
    First MatchupLovin' You is Easy (56)
    Moon Theme (0)
    Winner: Lovin' You is Easy
    Second MatchupGood Morning Girl (25)
    If he Should Break Your Heart (31)
    Winner: If he should Break your Heart
    Third MatchupKeep on Runnin' (23)
    Mother, Father (33)
    Winner: Mother, Father
    Fourth MatchupOpened the Door (28)
    All the Things (28)
    Winner: Tie
    Fifth MatchupLoved by You (27)
    Stay Awhile (29)
    Winner: Stay Awhile
    Sixth MatchupSomeday Soon (31)
    People and Places (24)
    Winner: Someday Soon
    Seventh MatchupPatiently (27)
    I got a Reason (29)
    Winner: I Got a Reason
    Water CoolerLove me Two Times--The Doors (12)
    Brown Eyed Girl--Van Morrison (26)
    Winner: Brown Eyed Girl

    Wednesday, March 13
    Round 1, Day 11
    First MatchupAll the Things (24)
    Opened the Door (20)
    Winner: All the Things
    Second MatchupLive and Breathe (41)
    The Rape (2)
    Winner: Live and Breathe
    Third MatchupStill She Cries (23)
    When You're Alone it ain't Easy (21)
    Winner: Still she Cries
    Fourth MatchupForever in Blue (12)
    Easy to Fall (30)
    Winner: Easy to Fall
    Fifth MatchupI would find You (5)
    Into your Arms (16)
    Winner: Into your Arms
    Sixth MatchupDo you Recall (39)
    To Play Some Music (2)
    Winner: Do you Recall
    Seventh MatchupLine of Fire (22)
    Liberty (19)
    Winner: Line of Fire
    Water CoolerWon't get fooled Again--The Who (16)
    Bat Out of Hell--Meatloaf (14)
    Winner: Won't get Fooled Again

    Thursday, March 14
    Round 1, Day 12
    First MatchupLifetime of Dreams (41)
    Good Times (8)
    Winner: Lifetime of Dreams
    Second MatchupWith a Tear (1)
    Wheel in the Sky (48)
    Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Third MatchupDaydream (40)
    Midnight Dreamer (6)
    Winner: Daydream
    Fourth MatchupWe will Meet Again (33)
    Lay it Down (16)
    Winner: We will Meet Again
    Fifth MatchupColors of the Spirit (18)
    It's just the Rain(31)
    Winner: It's Just the Rain
    Sixth MatchupI'm Gonna' Leave You (4)
    Why Can't this Night go on Forever (41)
    Winner: Why can't this Night go on Forever
    Water CoolerHot Blooded--Foreigner (30)
    C'mon and Love Me (9)
    Winner: Hot Blooded

    Friday, March 15
    Round 2, Day 1
    First MatchupOnly Solutions (5)
    Only the Young (42)
    Winner: Only the Young
    Second MatchupKiss me Softly (37)
    It could have been You (11)
    Winner: Kiss me Softly
    Third MatchupSomethin' to Hide (19)
    Too Late (29)
    Winner: Too Late
    Fourth MatchupTopaz (2)
    Higher Place (44)
    Winner: Higher Place
    Fifth MatchupCity of the Angels (6)
    Don't stop Believin' (42)
    Winner: Don't Stop Believin'
    Sixth MatchupOn a Saturday Nite (4)
    Any Way you Want It (44)
    Winner: Any way you want It
    Seventh MatchupLa Raza Del Sol (27)
    Nothin' Comes Close (19)
    Winner: La Raza del Sol
    Water CoolerTurn the Page--Bob Seager (12)
    Piano Man--Billy Joel (25)
    Winner: Piano Man

    Saturday, March 16
    Round 2, Day 2
    First MatchupI'll be alright without You (16)
    With Your Love (20)
    Winner: With Your Love
    Second MatchupDixie Highway (31)
    For You (4)
    Winner: Dixie Highway
    Third MatchupWalks like a Lady (7)
    Send her my Love (29)
    Winner: Send her my Love
    Fourth MatchupFaithfully (31)
    Open Arms (6)
    Winner: Faithfully
    Fifth MatchupLights (33)
    Of a Lifetime (3)
    Winner: Lights
    Sixth MatchupLady Luck (5)
    Winds of March (29)
    Winner: Winds of March
    Seventh MatchupBe Good to Yourself (35)
    It's All too Much (1)
    Winner: Be Good to Yourself

    Sunday, March 17
    Round 2, Day 3
    First MatchupStone in Love (37)
    When the Love has Gone (0)
    Winner: Stone in Love
    Second MatchupTo be Alive Again (23)
    All the Way (14)
    Winner: To be Alive Again
    Third MatchupKarma (3)
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (34)
    Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Fourth MatchupWorld gone Wild (23)
    After the Fall (14)
    Winner: World gone Wild
    Fifth MatchupFrontiers (20)
    Troubled Child (17)
    Winner: Frontiers
    Sixth MatchupJust the Same Way (27)
    Anytime (10)
    Winner: Just the Same Way
    Seventh MatchupChain Reaction (32)
    I can see it in your Eyes (5)
    Winner: Chain Reaction

    Monday, March 18
    Round 2, Day 4
    First MatchupAnyway (4)
    Escape (45)
    Winner: Escape
    Second MatchupLovin' You is Easy (24)
    Where were You (25)
    Winner: Where were You
    Third MatchupIf he should break your Heart (14)
    Mother, Father (35)
    Winner: Mother, Father
    Fourth MatchupStay Awhile (38)
    I'm not that Way (11)
    Winner: Stay Awhile
    Fifth MatchupSomeday Soon (20)
    I've got a Reason (28)
    Winner: I got a Reason
    Sixth MatchupAll the Things (18)
    Live and Breathe (31)
    Winner: Live and Breathe
    Seventh MatchupStill she Cries(26)
    Easy to Fall (23)
    Winner: Still she Cries
    Water CoolerThe Heat of the Moment--Asia (32)
    I'll Stop the World and Melt with You--Modern English (4)
    Winner: Heat of the Moment

    Tuesday, March 19
    Round 2, Day 5
    First MatchupLifetime of Dreams (9)
    Wheel in the Sky (43)
    Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Second MatchupDaydream (7)
    We will Meet Again (45)
    Winner: We will Meet Again
    Third MatchupIt's just the Rain (13)
    Why can't This Night go on Forever (39)
    Winner: Why can't this Night go on Forever
    Fourth MatchupDo You Recall (23)
    Line of Fire (29)
    Winner: Line of Fire
    Fifth MatchupInto Your Arms (6)
    Signs of Life (45)
    Winner: Signs of Life
    Sixth MatchupRemember Me (44)
    Can Do (8)
    Winner: Remember Me
    Water CoolerDream Police--Cheap Trick (16)
    Don't bring me Down--Electric Light Orchestra (16)
    Winner: Tie

    Wednesday, March 20
    Round 2, Day 6
    First MatchupYou're on your Own (3)
    Anytime (41)
    Winner: Anytime
    Second MatchupStill they Ride (9)
    Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (35)
    Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    Water CoolerDream Police--Cheap Trick (15)
    Don't bring me Down--Electric Light Orchestra (16)
    Winner: Don't bring me Down

    Thursday, March 21
    Round 3, Day 1
    First MatchupOnly the Young (32)
    Kiss me Softly (28)
    Winner: Only the Young
    Second MatchupHigher Place (12)
    Don't Stop Believin' (22)
    Winner: Don't stop Believin'
    Third MatchupAny way you Want It (39)
    La Raza del Sol (19)
    Winner: Any way you Want It
    Fourth MatchupWith Your Love (31)
    Dixie Highway (29)
    Winner: With your Love
    Fifth MatchupSend her my Love (12)
    Faithfully (48)
    Winner: Faithfully
    Water CoolerYou really Got me Now--Van Halen (22)
    My Sharona--The Knack (1)
    Winner: You really Got me Now

    Friday, March 22
    Round 3, Day 2
    First MatchupLights (32)
    Winds of March (17)
    Winner: Lights
    Second MatchupBe Good to Yourself (14)
    Escape (35)
    Winner: Escape
    Third MatchupWhere were You (17)
    Mother, Father (32)
    Winner: Mother, Father
    Fourth MatchupStay Awhile (27)
    I got a Reason (22)
    Winner: Stay Awhile
    Fifth MatchupLive and Breathe (32)
    Still she Cries (17)
    Winner: Live and Breathe
    Water CoolerJanie's got a Gun--Aerosmith (16)
    Amanda--Boston (16)
    Winner: Tie

    There was no Head 2 Head for March 23.

    Sunday, March 24
    Round 3, Day 3
    First MatchupToo Late (7)
    Stone in Love (36)
    Winner: Stone in Love
    Second MatchupTo be Alive Again (16)
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (25)
    Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Third MatchupWorld gone Wild (27)
    Frontiers (19)
    Winner: World gone Wild
    Fourth MatchupJust the Same Way (27)
    Chain Reaction (18)
    Winner: Just the Same Way
    Fifth MatchupWheel in the Sky (33)
    We will meet Again (12)
    Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Sixth MatchupWhy can't this night go on Forever (29)
    Line of Fire (15)
    Winner: Why can't this Night go on Forever
    Seventh MatchupSigns of Life (22)
    Remember Me (21)
    Winner: Signs of Life
    Eighth MatchupAnytime (12)
    Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (33)
    Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

    Monday, March 25
    Round 4, Day 1
    First MatchupOnly the Young (9)
    Don't stop Believin' (48)
    Winner: Don't stop Believin'
    Second MatchupAny way you Want It (50)
    Dixie Highway (7)
    Winner: Any way you Want It
    Third MatchupFaithfully (44)
    Lights (13)
    Winner: Faithfully
    Fourth MatchupEscape (33)
    Mother, Father (24)
    Winner: Escape
    Water CoolerJanie's got a Gun--Aerosmith (14)
    Amanda--Boston (20)
    Winner: Amanda

    Tuesday, March 26
    Round 4, Day 2
    First MatchupStay Awhile (31)
    Live and Breathe (22)
    Winner: Stay Awhile
    Second MatchupWhy Can't this Night go on Forever (19)
    Wheel in the Sky (34)
    Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Third MatchupSigns of Life (12)
    Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (41)
    Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    Water CoolerAddicted to Love--Robert Palmer
    Two Tickets to Paradise--Eddie Money
    Winner: Two Tickets to Paradise

    Wednesday, March 27
    Round 5, Day 1
    First MatchupAny way You want It (32)
    With Your Love (22)
    Winner: Any way you Want It
    Second MatchupDon't stop Believin' (30)
    Faithfully (24)
    Winner: Don't Stop Believin'
    Water CoolerWhole Lotta Love--Led Zeppelin (14)
    Hush--Deep Purple (14)
    Winner: Tie

    Thursday, March 28
    Round 5, Day 2
    First MatchupEscape (28)
    Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (32)
    Winner: Separate Ways (World Apart)
    Second MatchupStone in Love (50)
    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (10)
    Winner: Stone in Love
    Water CoolerWhole Lotta Love--Led Zeppelin (19)
    Hush--Deep Purple (18)
    Winner: Whole lotta Love

    Head 2 Head March MadnessFriday, March 29Elite Eight
    First MatchupWorld gone Wild (20) vs. Just the Same Way (30)Winner: Just the Same Way
    Second MatchupWheel in the Sky (28) vs. Stay Awhile (22)Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Water CoolerI stole your Love--Kiss (6) vs. Talk dirty to Me--Poison (14)Winner: Talk Dirty to Me

    Head 2 Head March MadnessSaturday, March 30Selective Six
    Water CoolerRenegade--Styx (7) vs. Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen (18)Winner: Bohemian Rhapsody

    Head 2 Head March MadnessSunday, March 31Selective Six
    First MatchupSeparate Ways (Worlds Apart) (27) vs. Don't Stop Believin' (26)Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    Second MatchupJust the Same Way (18) vs. Any way you Want It (34)Winner: Any way you Want It
    Water CoolerJust what I Needed--The Cars (6) vs. Feels like the First Time--Foreigner (21)Winner: Feels like the First Time

    April (section top)

    Head 2 Head March MadnessMonday, April 1Final Four
    First MatchupStone in Love (44) vs. Wheel in the Sky (15)Winner: Stone in Love
    Second MatchupAny way You want It (30) vs. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (29)Winner: Any way you Want It
    Water CoolerThere's only One way to Rock--Sammy Hagar (21) vs. Yankee Rose--David Lee Roth (8)Winner: There's only One way to Rock

    Head 2 Head March MadnessTuesday, April 2Championship
    ChampionshipStone in Love (39) vs. Any way you Want It (19)Champion: Stone in Love
    Precious TimeStrung Out (13) vs. Patiently (12)Winner: Strung Out
    Water CoolerSmokin' in the Boys Room--Motley Crue (18) vs. Cum on Feel the Noize--Quiet Riot (15)Winner: Smokin' in the Boys Room

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, April 3 
    General ForumTo be Alive Again (30) vs. Message of Love (22)Winner: To be Alive Again
    Precious TimeYou Better Wait (8) vs. Who's Cryin' Now (20)Winner: Who's Cryin' Now
    Water CoolerCrocodile Rock--Elton John (15) vs. It's Still Rock'n'Roll to Me--Billy Joel (24)Winner: It's Still Rock'n'Roll to Me
    Water Cooler--Variety
    Piano Men
    Elton John (19) vs. Billy Joel (14) Winner: Elton John
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalShe Knows the Devil--Toto (9) vs. Fast Times (The Best Years of our Lives)--Billy Squier (14)Winner: Fast Times

    Head 2 HeadThursday, April 4 
    General ForumHigher Place (52) vs. Only Solutions (3)Winner: Higher Place
    Precious TimeOh Sherrie (20) vs. Don't be Down on Me Baby (14)Winner: Oh Sherrie
    Water CoolerSister Christian--Night Ranger (17) vs. Working for the Weekend--Loverboy (14)Winner: Sister Christian
    Water Cooler--Variety
    The Wall--Pink Floyd (14) vs. Bon-Jovi--Bon Jovi (19)Winner: Bon-Jovi
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalRun like Hell--Pink Floyd (6) vs. Runaway--Bon Jovi (28)Winner: Runaway

    Head 2 HeadFriday, April 5 
    General ForumBe Good to Yourself (36) vs. Nothin' Comes Close (11)Winner: Be Good to Yourself
    Precious TimeToo Late (Live) (17) vs. La do Da (Live) (8)Winner: Too Late (Live)
    Water CoolerBest of What I Got--Bad English (10) vs. You keep me Waiting--The Storm (10)Winner: The Best of What I Got
    Water Cooler--Variety: DrummersLiberty DeVito--Billy Joel (3) vs. Brian Hitt--REO Speedwagon (22)Winner: Brian Hitt
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalCabo Wabo--Van Halen (13) vs. Where You Goin' Now--Damn Yankees (19)Winner: Where You Goin' Now

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, April 6 
    General ForumKiss me Softly (24) vs. Patiently (18)Winner: Kiss me Softly
    Precious TimeLights (14) vs. It's Just the Rain (8)Winner: Lights
    Water CoolerHarden my Heart--Quarterflash (22) vs. Back on the Chain Gang--The Pretenders (5)Winner: Harden my Heart
    Water Cooler--Variety: BassSting--The Police (10) vs. Mike Rutherford--Genesis (14)Winner: Mike Rutherford
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalBitch School--Spinal Tap (13) vs. Love's a Bitch--Quiet Riot (14)Winner: Love's a Bitch

    Head 2 HeadSunday, April 7 
    General ForumWalks like a Lady (Live) (22) vs. After the Fall (Live) (17)Winner: Walks like a Lady (Live)
    Precious TimeFoolish Heart (24) vs. Donna Please (2)Winner: Foolish Heart
    Water CoolerFast Times at Ridgemont High--Sammy Hagar (10) vs. Teacher, Teacher--.38 Special (14)Winner: Teacher, Teacher
    Water Cooler--Variety: Movie SoundtracksFast Times at Ridgemont High (17) vs. Teachers (4)Winner: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalWhite Wedding--Billy Idol (1) vs. Photograph--Def Leppard (31)Winner: Photograph

    Head 2 HeadMonday, April 8 
    General ForumThe Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (25) vs. Signs of Life (25)Winner: Tie.
    Precious TimeNatural Thing (4) vs. When you Love a Woman (25)Winner: When You Love a Woman
    Water CoolerEnough is Enough--Eddie Murphy (6) vs. Listenin' to the Radio--Adam Sandler (8)Winner: Listenin' to the Radio
    Water Cooler--Variety: Lead GuitaristsElliott Easton--The Cars (7) vs. Steve Howe--Asia (17)Winner: Steve Howe
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalYou Shook me All Night Long--AcDc (28) vs. Livin' on the Edge--Aerosmith (9)Winner: You Shook me All night Long

    Head 2 HeadTuesday, April 9 
    General Forum 1The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (23) vs. Signs of Life (23)Winner: Tie
    General Forum 2Remember Me (23) vs. World gone Wild (23)Winner: Tie
    Precious TimeLiberty (19) vs. Back Talk (4)Winner: Liberty
    Water CoolerRunning on Empty--Jackson Browne (24) vs. On the Western Skyline--Bruce Hornsby (1)Winner: Running on Empty
    Water Cooler--Variety: Lead VocalistsDennis DeYoung--Styx (7) vs. Kevin Cronin--REO Speedwagon (27)Winner: Kevin Cronin
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalDirty White Boy--Foreigner (25) vs. Can't Find me a Thrill--Night Ranger (6)Winner: Dirty White Boy

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, April 10Fatal Four
    General ForumThe Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (12) vs. Signs of Life (11) vs. Remember Me (13) vs. World gone Wild (14)Winner: World gone Wild
    Precious TimeOnce you Love Somebody (2) vs. Happy to Give (25)Winner: Happy to Give
    Water CoolerBlack Cat--Janet Jackson (25) vs. Sweet Child o'Mine--Sheryl Crow (2)Winner: Black Cat
    Water Cooler--Variety: Guitar PlayersSlash--G'n'R (9) vs. Joe Perry--Aerosmith (22)Winner: Joe Perry
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalBring your Daughter to the Slaughter--Iron Maiden (14) vs. New Rose--Guns'n'Roses (2)Winner: Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter

    Head 2 HeadThursday, April 11 
    General ForumNothin' Comes Close (38) vs. When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy) (10)Winner: Nothin' Comes Close
    Precious TimePrecious Time (19) vs. Someday Soon (8)Winner: Precious Time
    Water CoolerAll American Band--Grand Funk Railroad (22) vs. Rock and Roll, Hootchie Koo--Rick Derringer (6)Winner: All American Band
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsVital Signs--Survivor (6) vs. Hi Infidelity--REO Speedwagon (27)Winner: Hi Infidelity
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/Metal99 Ways to Die--Megadeth (13) vs. Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter-Marilyn Manson (2)Winner: 99 Ways to Die

    Head 2 HeadFriday, April 12 
    General ForumSuzanne (10) vs. People and Places (31)Winner: People and Places
    Precious TimeWinds of March (18) vs. If you Need me, Call Me (6)Winner: Winds of March
    Water CoolerHeat of the Moment--Asia (18) vs. When Seconds Count--Survivor (4)Winner: Heat of the Moment
    Water Cooler--Variety: SongwritersJackson Browne (3) vs. Billy Joel (18)Winner: Billy Joel
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalCrazy Train--Ozzy Osborne (20) vs. Highway to Hell--AcDc (5)Winner: Crazy Train

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, April 13 
    General ForumOpened the Door (5) vs. Stay Awhile (27)Winner: Stay Awhile
    Precious Time--PerryThe Eyes of a Woman (11) vs. Captured by the Moment (10)Winner: The Eyes of a Woman
    Precious Time--RolieJust the Same Way (15) vs. I've got a Lot to Learn about Love--The Storm (6)Winner: Just the Same Way
    Water CoolerHurts so Good--John Cougar (21) vs. Here Comes my Girl--Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (6)Winner: Hurts so Good
    Water Cooler--Variety: TV MusicThat 70s Show (11) vs. That 80s Show (9)Winner: That 70s Show
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalUncle Tom's Cabin--Warrant (19) vs. Run Runaway--Slade (6)Winner: Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Head 2 HeadSunday, April 14 
    General ForumAll the Way (29) vs. With Your Love (11)Winner: All the Way
    Precious Time--PerryI'll be Alright Without You (20) vs. Missing You (4)Winner: I'll be Alright Without You
    Precious Time--RolieBlack Magic Woman (7) vs. Feeling that Way (15)Winner: Feeling that Way
    Water CoolerCalling Dr. Love--Kiss (11) vs. Tie Your Mother Down--Queen (12)Winner: Tie your Mother Down
    Water Cooler--Variety: DrummersTico Torres--Bon Jovi (20) vs. Fred Coury--Cinderella (3)Winner: Tico Torres
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalNever Gonna' Stop--Rob Zombie (4) vs. The Game--Motorhead (13)Winner: The Game

    Head 2 HeadMonday, April 15 
    General ForumLovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (39) vs. All the Things (10)Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
    Precious Time--PerryTrial by Fire (21) vs. Go Away (6)Winner: Trial by Fire
    Precious Time--RolieIt's All Too Much (3) vs. Anytime (15)Winner: Anytime
    Water CoolerMagic Carpet Ride--Steppenwolf (8) vs. Show me the Way--Peter Frampton (26)Winner: Show me the Way
    Water Cooler--Variety: DrummersSteven Sweet--Ex Warrant (8) vs. Steven Adler--Ex G'n'R (10)Winner: Steven Adler
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalHoly Diver--Dio (18) vs. Time Machine--Black Sabbath (8)Winner: Holy Diver

    Head 2 HeadTuesday, April 16 
    General ForumWe will Meet Again (28) vs. Still they Ride (30)Winner: Still they Ride
    Precious TimeForever in Blue (7) vs. Raised on Radio (12)Winner: Raised on Radio
    Water CoolerCocaine--Eric Clapton (18) vs. Crocodile Rock--Elton John (12)Winner: Cocaine
    Water Cooler--Variety: SingersRobert Plant--Led Zeppelin (18) vs. Roger Daltry--The Who (17)Winner: Robert Plant
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalAmerican Hair Band--Tuff (6) vs. Angry Young Man--Warrant (16)Winner: Angry Young Man

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, April 17 
    General ForumSend her my Love (45) vs. Sweet and Simple (12)Winner: Send her my Love
    Precious TimeLay it Down (14) vs. Chain Reaction (14)Winner: Tie
    Water CoolerPlay the Game Tonight--Kansas (12) vs. I can't tell you Why--The Eagles (27)Winner: I Can't Tell You Why
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsHotel California--The Eagles (32) vs. Dark Side of the Moon--Pink Floyd (8)Winner: Hotel California
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalFake--Motley Crue (20) vs. Alive and Well--Quiet Riot (2)Winner: Fake

    Head 2 HeadThursday, April 18 
    General ForumLine of Fire (46) vs. Spaceman (7)Winner: Line of Fire
    Precious TimeLay it Down (8) vs. Chain Reaction (18)Winner: Chain Reaction
    Water CoolerWhen the Wind Cries Mary--Jimi Hendrix (9) vs. Sunshine of Your Love--Cream (25)Winner: Sunshine of Your Love
    Water Cooler--Variety: SingersFreddie Mercury--Queen (32) vs. David Lee Roth (9)Winner: Freddy Mercury
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalStiff Upper Lip--AcDc (19) vs. Lost in America--Alice Cooper (11)Winner: Stiff Upper Lip

    Head 2 HeadFriday, April 19 
    General ForumHigher Place (33) vs. To be Alive Again (18)Winner: Higher Place
    Precious TimeLady Luck (12) vs. Homemade Love (13)Winner: Homemade Love
    Water CoolerHold the Line--Toto (17) vs. Magic Power--Triumph (15)Winner: Hold the Line
    Water Cooler--Variety: Bass PlayersJeff Pilson--Dokken (23) vs. Thomas Bettini--Jackyl (2)Winner: Jeff Pilson
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalLit Up--Buckcherry (10) vs. Go Away--Godsmack (11)Winner: Go Away

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, April 20 
    General ForumWith Your Love (6) vs. Faithfully (35)Winner: Faithfully
    Precious TimeMessage of Love (9) vs. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (12)Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
    Water CoolerRock'n'Roll Band--Boston (15) vs. Bad Company--Bad Company (10)Winner: Rock'n'Roll Band
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsBoston--Boston (18) vs. Dressed to Kill--Kiss (5)Winner: Boston
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSin City--AcDc (9) vs. Breaking the Law--Judas Priest (12)Winner: Breaking the Law

    There was no Head 2 Head for April 21.

    Head 2 HeadMonday, April 22 
    General ForumDixie Highway (30) vs. Colors of the Spirit (13)Winner: Dixie Highway
    Precious TimeCan't Tame the Lion (6) vs. Wheel in the Sky (26)Winner: Wheel in the Sky
    Water CoolerJaded--Aerosmith (25) vs. Runaway Train--Soul Asylum (15)Winner: Jaded
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsDookie--Green Day (8) vs. Americana--Offspring (13)Winner: Americana
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSolution--Tesla (22) vs. Radar Love--White Lion (7)Winner: Solution

    Head 2 HeadTuesday, April 23 
    General ForumThe Eyes of a Woman (33) vs. Road Runner (6)Winner: The Eyes of a Woman
    Precious TimeFor You (2) vs. Walks like a Lady (30)Winner: Walks like a Lady
    Water CoolerTwilight Zone--Golden Earing (19) vs. I drink Alone--George Thoroughgood (13)Winner: Twilight Zone
    Water Cooler--Variety: Guitar PlayersAngus Young--AcDc (23) vs. George Lynch--Ex-Dokken/Lynch Mob (6)Winner: Angus Young
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalToo high to Fly--Dokken (16) vs. Dr. Rock--Ratt (8)Winner: Too high to Fly

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, April 24 
    General ForumIf He should Break your Heart (21) vs. When I think of You (25)Winner: When I Think of You
    Precious TimeLiberty (17) vs. Only Solutions (6)Winner: Liberty
    Water CoolerMy kind of Lover--Billy Squier (13) vs. Your Love is Driving me Crazy--Sammy Hagar(14) Winner: Your Love is Driving me Crazy
    Water Cooler--Variety: Bass PlayersRick Willis--Foreigner (19) vs. Bruce Waibel--Firehouse (2)Winner: Rick Willis
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSexual Thing--Poison (14) vs. Can't stop the Rock--Stryper (5)Winner: Sexual Thing

    Head 2 HeadThursday, April 25th 
    General ForumSigns of Life (32) vs. Livin' to Do (13)Winner: Signs of Life
    Precious TimeLittle Girl (4) vs. Somethin' to Hide (19)Winner: Somethin' to Hide
    Water CoolerChina Grove--The Doobie Brothers (16) vs. Do Ya' think I'm Sexy--Rod Stewart (16)Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsOU812--Van Halen (18) vs. Night Songs--Cinderella (8)Winner: OU812
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalPaper Sun--Def Leppard (17) vs. One Wild Night--Bon Jovi (11)Winner: Paper Sun

    Head 2 HeadFriday, April 26th 
    General ForumWho's Cryin' Now (32) vs. Live and Breathe (20)Winner: Who's Cryin' Now
    Precious TimeSeparate Ways (Worlds Apart) (live) (16) vs. Any Way you Want It (8)Winner: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (live)
    Water CoolerChina Grove--The Doobie Brothers (18) vs. Do Ya' think I'm Sexy--Rod Stewart (17)Winner: China Grove
    Water Cooler--Variety: Movie predictionsSpider Man (17) vs. Star Wars II--Attack of the Clones (17)Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalKilling Time--Slaughter (15) vs. War Stories--Cinderella (6)Winner: Killing Time

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, April 27th 
    General ForumLifetime of Dreams (23) vs. It's Just the Rain (21)Winner: Lifetime of Dreams
    Precious TimeOpen Arms (18) vs. Sweet and Simple (10)Winner: Open Arms
    Water CoolerNotorious--Loverboy (5) vs. Eye of the Tiger--Survivor (21)Winner: Eye of the Tiger
    Water Cooler--Variety: SongsJoe Elliott--Def Leppard (21) vs. Jack Russell--Ex-Great White (3)Winner: Joe Elliott
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalIt's a Monster--Extreme (9) vs. Monkey Business--Danger Danger (9)Winner: Tie

    Head 2 HeadSunday, April 28th 
    General ForumI'm not that Way (10) vs. When you Love a Woman (28)Winner: When you Love a Woman
    Precious TimeWhat Was (8) vs. Missing You (7)Winner: What Was
    Water CoolerHere with Me--REO Speedwagon (20) vs. Somethin' about You--Boston (13)Winner: Here with Me
    Water Cooler--Variety: BandsThe Main Thing--Roxy Music (8) vs. Dear God--XTC (4)Winner: Roxy Music
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalIt's a Monster--Extreme (9) vs. Monkey Business--Danger Danger (11)Winner: Monkey Business

    Head 2 HeadMonday, April 29th 
    General ForumFaithfully (27) vs. Kiss me Softly (22)Winner: Faithfully
    Precious TimeAny way You Want It (20) vs. Be Good to Yourself (8)Winner: Any way you Want It
    Water CoolerLovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (Live) (22) vs. Escape (Live) (13)Winner: Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (Live)
    Water Cooler--Variety: Ice CreamChocolate (19) vs. Vanilla (15)Winner: Chocolate
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/Metal18 and Life--Skid Row (28) vs. Reach for the Sky--Slaughter (2)Winner: 18 and Life

    Head 2 HeadTuesday, April 30th 
    General ForumHigher Place (25) vs. Stone in Love (24)Winner: Higher Place
    Precious TimeI'll be Alright Without You (13) vs. Why can't this Night go on Forever (15)Winner: Why can't this Night go on Forever
    Water CoolerBallad of Jayne--L.A. Guns (2) vs. Angel Song--Great White (21)Winner: Angel Song
    Water Cooler--Variety: ActressesMeryl Streep (11) vs. Jessica Lange (11)Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalMotley Crue (18) vs. Guns'n'Roses (11)Winner: Motley Crue

    May (section top)

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, May 1st 
    General ForumDo You Recall? (11) vs. Where were You? (32)Winner: Where were You?
    Precious TimeGood Morning Girl (19) vs. City of the Angels (12)Winner: Good Morning Girl
    Water CoolerAsk the Lonely--Journey (17) vs. Only the Young--Journey (19)Winner: Only the Young
    Water Cooler--Variety: ActressesMeryl Streep (10) vs. Jessica Lange (10)Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalRatt (26) vs. Hurricane (1)Winner: Ratt

    Head 2 HeadThursday, May 2nd 
    General ForumWe will Meet Again (46) vs. Forever in Blue (10)Winner: We will Meet Again
    Precious TimePrecious Time (23) vs. Back Talk (4)Winner: Precious Time
    Water CoolerDancing Queen--ABBA (28) vs. All she Wants--Ace of Base (6)Winner: Dancing Queen
    Water Cooler--Variety: ActressesMeryl Streep (12) vs. Jessica Lange (17)Winner: Jessica Lange
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalAC/DC (30) vs. Judas Priest (6)Winner: AC/DC

    Head 2 HeadFriday, May 3rd 
    General ForumFeeling that Way (23) vs. People and Places (9)Winner: Feeling that Way
    Precious TimeNothin' Comes Close (23) vs. After the Fall (26)Winner: After the Fall
    Water CoolerRunning down a Dream--Tom Petty (16) vs. Dirty Laundry--Don Henley (18)Winner: Dirty Laundry
    Water Cooler--Variety: ActorsHarrison Ford (28) vs. Bruce Willis (11)Winner: Harrison Ford
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalHeroes are Hard to Find--Twisted Sister (20) vs. In America--Britiny Fox (1)Winner: Heroes are Hard to Find

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, May 4th 
    General ForumWith a Tear (15) vs. Positive Touch (19)Winner: Positive Touch
    Precious TimeI'm Cryin' (14) vs. Baby I'm a Leavin' You (6)Winner: I'm Cryin'
    Water CoolerWe got the Beat--The Go-Gos (14) vs. Walk Like an Egyptian--The Bangles (14)Winner: Tie
    Water Cooler--Variety: Girl BandsThe Runaways (16) vs. The Donnas (2)Winner: The Runaways
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/Metal100,000 Years--Kiss (13) vs. Judgement Day--Whitesnake (13)Winner: Tie

    Head 2 HeadSunday, May 5th 
    General ForumI'm not that Way (27) vs. Sweet and Simple (13)Winner: I'm not that Way
    Precious TimeKarma (7) vs. Departure (14)Winner: Departure
    Water CoolerWe got the Beat--The Go-Gos (10) vs. Walk Like an Egyptian--The Bangles (13)Winner: Walk Like an Egyptian
    Water Cooler--Variety: BandsREO Speedwagon (18) vs. Night Ranger (14)Winner: REO Speedwagon
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/Metal100,000 Years--Kiss (14) vs. Judgement Day--Whitesnake (16)Winner: Judgement Day

    Head 2 HeadMonday, May 6th 
    General ForumHigher Place (28) vs. Wheel in the Sky (22)Winner: Higher Place
    Precious TimePeople (6) vs. The Eyes of a Woman (20)Winner: The Eyes of a Woman
    Water CoolerBabe--Styx (24) vs. Thank You--Led Zeppelin (11)Winner: Babe
    Water Cooler--Variety: Tommy Lee--Methods of Mayhem/Motley Crue (23) vs. Ron Affuso--Ex Skid Row (2)Winner: Tommy Lee
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalTen Seconds to Love--Motley Crue (15) vs. We Rock--Dio (11)Winner: Ten Seconds to Love

    Head 2 HeadTuesday, May 7th 
    General ForumThe Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love) (30) vs. Remember Me (20)Winner: The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)
    Precious TimeSend her My Love (18) vs. Open Arms (11)Winner: Send her My Love
    Water CoolerFool for the City--Foghat (5) vs. Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet--BTO (28)Winner: Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    Water Cooler--Variety: Guitar PlayersReb Beach--Winger/Ex Dokken (17) vs. John Norum--Dokken/Ex Europe (8)Winner: Reb Beach
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalPerry Mason--Ozzy Osborne(6) vs. Rock of Ages--Def Leppard (34)Winner: Rock of Ages

    Head 2 HeadWednesday, May 8th 
    General ForumI'm Gonna' Leave You (3) vs. Anytime (43)I'm Gonna' Leave You
    Precious TimeRubicon (9) vs. Lay it Down (17)Winner: Lay it Down
    Water CoolerCaught up in You--.38 Special (25) vs. Keep your Hands to Yourself--Georgia Satellites (9)Winner: Caught up in You
    Water Cooler--Variety: BandsThe Cars (32) vs. The B-52s (5)Winner: The Cars
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalNo One like You--Scorpions (34) vs. Rattlesnake Shake--Skid Row (5)Winner: No One like You

    Head 2 HeadThursday, May 9th 
    General ForumTo be Alive Again (40) vs. All the Things (10)Winner: To be Alive Again
    Precious TimeStill they Ride (16) vs. Edge of the Blade (6)Winner: Still they Ride
    Water CoolerNobody Wins in this War--Mitch Malloy (3) vs. When I'm with You--Sherriff (21)Winner: When I'm with You
    Water Cooler--Variety: SingersSebastian Bach--ex Skid Row (16) vs. Vince Neil--Motley Crue (15)Winner: Sebastian Bach
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalSlick Black Cadillac--Quiet Riot (6) vs. Smooth Up--Bullet Boys (18)Winner: Smooth Up

    Head 2 HeadFriday, May 10th 
    General ForumLights (36) vs. Somethin' to Hide (13)Winner: Lights
    Precious TimeWhy Can't this Night go on Forever (12) vs. When You Love a Woman (11)Winner: Why Can't this Night go on Forever
    Water CoolerWorking for the Weekend--Loverboy (21) vs. I Live for the Weekend--Triumph (11)Winner: Working for the Weekend
    Water Cooler--Variety: Bass PlayerssMichael Anthony--Van Halen, Planet Us (26) vs. Rudy Sarzo--Quiet Riot (2)Winner: Michael Anthony
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalUp all Night--Slaughter (23) vs. Overnight Sensation--Firehouse (5)Winner: Up all Night

    Head 2 HeadSaturday, May 11th 
    General ForumWinds of March (11) vs. Livin' to Do (26)Winner: Livin' to Do
    Precious TimeCan Do (5) vs. Happy to Give (18)Winner: Happy to Give
    Water CoolerReady for Love--Bad Co. (14) vs. I Need Your Love--Boston (9)Winner: Ready for Love
    Water Cooler--Variety: AlbumsNumber of the Beast--Iron Maiden (9) vs. Kill 'Em All--Metallica (13)Winner: Kill 'Em All
    Water Cooler--Hard Rock/MetalRun to the Hills--Iron Maiden (11) vs. Seek and Destroy--Metallica (14)Winner: Seek and Destroy


    Voice Contest

    In September 2001, Higher Octave Music, Neal Schon's solo record label, provided promotional copies of his latest release as well as other materials. The Journey Zone raffled them off.

    The winners of Neal Schon's latest solo release, Voice:

    From a random drawing conducted by JRNYDV on October 1, 2001, the following winners were selected. Congratulations to those who won, and thanks to all who participated.

    Grand Prize (5 available): Free CD copy of Neal Schon's Voice.
    Rebecca Gray of Twin Lake, MI
    Pam Clapp (Nutz4neal) of Inglewood, CA
    Steve A. Campbell (StevieC) of Sacramento, CA
    Barbra Hale (LA Woman) of Lancaster, CA
    Tammy Montgomery (Radiochick) of Baton Rouge, LA

    Second Prize (2 available): Framed Promotional Voice Flyer.
    Lorraine Arney of Rocklin, CA
    Connie Crawford of Ballston Spa, NY

    Consolation Prize (1 available): Promotional Voice Postcard.
    Aaron Quinton of Columbus, IN

    Another place to win a free CD copy is the Journey Digest.
    Read JRNYDV's Review of Neal Schon's Voice.

    Official Rules (This contest is now closed):

    1. No purchase necessary.
    2. Send an e-mail to webmaster at jrnydv.com which includes the following information:
    a. Your name and/or alias,
    b. A legitimate return e-mail address,
    c. The words "Voice Contest" in the subject box, and
    d. A mailing address so that you we can send you your prize if you win.
    3. Your e-mail will constitute your contest entry and permission for the the JRNYDV staff to post your name and city of residence on this and any successor websites.
    4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent within one business day. If you have not received one after two business days, re-send your entry.
    5. Entries must be recieved before October 1, 2001.
    6. Members of the JRNYDV staff as well as employees of Two Sheps that Pass..., Higher Octave Music, and Nightmare, Inc. are ineligible.
    7. No more than one entry per mailing address/e-mail address will be accepted.
    8. No more than one prize per entry will be awarded.
    9. Winners will be drawn randomly from the valid entries in a manner to be determined by JRNYDV.
    10. Winners will be notified by e-mail following the drawing.
    11. The results of the contest are final.
    12. David "JRNYDV" Golland accepts the cost of postage for the delivery of prizes within the United States; additional postage will be the responsibility of the winner.
    13. The JRNYDV staff makes no representation as to the accuracy or fairness of the contest and drawing nor as to the quality of the prizes received.
    14. The JRNYDV staff will not be responsible for late entries.
    15. The JRNYDV staff will not be responsible for Prizes damaged in shipping.
    16. The JRNYDV staff reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of contest entries and add to the above rules as necessary, with the stipulation that no person declared ineligible under rule 6 may be declared eligible.