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22 July, 2009
The Journey Zone has recently undergone a backend overhaul, with many sections being condensed into single pages, defunct and non-current features and information on former staff members being moved into an archive, and the elimination of the MEMORABILIA Feature (due to the impending end of Yahoo's Geocities, which hosted it; all memorabilia items have been moved to appropriate pages within the site). In the process we have uncovered a number of additional interviews and reviews and we encourage our readers to visit those features in particular. After four years, The Journey Zone is still seeking a new webmaster and Editor-in-Chief. Interested Journey fans should contact the publisher at

31 August, 2005

The Journey Zone staff positions of Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster have become available. The Editor-in-Chief manages content; the Webmaster manages style. Although professional experience is not required, applicants should have appropriate experience related to each position. Applicants must also have a love for and dedication to the music of Journey and a healthy interest in the work of their spinoff groups and solo careers. These are volunteer positions, but partial ownership of the Journey Zone will be available to successful applicants after a trial period. For more information, or to forward a CV, please contact the publisher at dgolland at

25 January, 2005
Message from Journey-Dave:

Dear Journey Zone Community--

It is with great pleasure and in anticipation of exciting new days for our website that I announce the selection of our new Editor-in-Chief, Jenn "Journeyfer" Walker. Jenn brings years of experience as both a Journey fan and a qualified professional to the task of revitalizing our site. Jenn has been a staff member on the site since June, 2003.

While I retain ownership of the site, and hence will continue on as publisher, Jenn will be responsible for the future editorial direction. All staff submissions, be they news items, reviews, Posts of the Day, tour schedule updates, editorials, etc., should now be sent directly to her. Jenn will also be working on some big changes down the road and is eager for your suggestions.

Jenn will be responsible for the issuing of website ID cards for those of you who attend shows and events as Journey Zone staffers. As of now, all previous ID cards have expired, since I designed them to expire after one year and it has been more than a year since I last issued an ID card. Jenn will be responsible for communicating with venues and band management for press pass requests, or she may designate a senior staff member to handle that task.

For the time being, Jenn and I will be sharing the duties of Webmaster--that is, the actual editing of the web page code and the uploading of the edited pages to the site. Hopefully within the next year or so we will have found a suitable volunteer for the Webmaster position, which will be responsible not only for editing code, uploading pages, and maintaining link integrity, but also for the overall appearance and visual style of the site. At that time, the Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster will be the co-managers of the site. For now, Jenn will be managing the site solo, with only a little input from me.

The democratic aspects of the site management remain in place, which primarily means that editorials must still earn the majority approval of staffers, and can be vetoed by senior staffers. Otherwise, they are published as Op-Eds; also, as always, new members of the staff must win majority approval by exisiting staff. And my rule that all submissions by members of the staff be published on the site in some form still holds true.

Please join me in welcoming Jenn to her new position. I'm sure we all wish her the best of luck as she works to revitalize the once and future Journey Zone.

27 November, 2004
Fred M. sent us some more Gregg Rolie Pics. Two more albums from an October and a November show, one with a surprise guest on guitar! Check 'em out: [Removed upon request.].

23 July, 2004
Jan's Infinity Pictures are now up.

16 July, 2004
Wistyxfan attended the Infinity show at Round Lake Beach, IL. Read the review and the interview. Pics will be up within a few days.

07 July, 2004
The latest pics are in from our old friend Fred M.: Fred was at the July 3 appearance of the Gregg Rolie Band in Hollister and their May 1 appearance in Thousand Oaks. [Removed upon request.]

30 June, 2004
The latest pics are in from our old friend Fred M. Fred was at the May 1 appearance of the Gregg Rolie Band at Thousand Oaks, CA. Click HERE for the pics. [Removed upon request.]

17 February, 2004
The Site has changed over successfully to its new URL,

02 January, 2004
Due to technical difficulties, all existing e-mail addresses have been unsubscribed from the mailing list. If you are interested in remaining on the mailing list, please subscribe again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We will shortly be changing over to our new URL, In the interim we may experience periodic disruptions and certain pages may not work properly. We ask that you bear with us as we pass through this imporant transition.

The "Post of the Day" Feature will be returning shortly under its new name, "The Post of the Week." Keep posting to the various Journey forums out there! Maybe the first POTW will be YOURS!

12 December, 2003
Happy 56th Birthday Irving Azoff! 12/12/47.

15 October, 2003
Our thoughts today go out to the family, friends, and fans of former Journey drummer Larrie Londin, on what would have been his sixtieth birthday. Rest in peace, Larrie. Larrie Londin, 10/15/43-08/24/92.

01 September, 2003
Thanks to a staff vote, "Journey-Dave's Journey Tribute Page" has become "The Journey Zone." The site has changed servers and the mailing list is now being run by the new server. If you were on the mailing list yesterday, you are on it today. Dave remains the owner of the site, but will no longer be Editor-in-Chief. He will continue to be involved as Publisher.

24 August, 2003
Rest in Peace, former Journey drummer Larrie Londin, 10/15/43-8/24/92.

21 August, 2003
Happy 49th Birthday Steve Smith! 8/21/54. View our gift to his fans HERE.

01 July, 2003
Click HERE for the May-June Month in Review!

17 June, 2003
Happy 56th Birthday Gregg Rolie! 6/17/47.

13 June, 2003
You can now browse Jonathan Cain selections in the CD page of the MERCHANDISE Section.

02 June, 2003
Dave (along with Dan Stacy of the Journey Digest and Rich Meyers of Journey Internet Fan Radio) has been named an Assistant Ringmaster of the Journey Webring by the ringmaster. As a result, the "fan-based sites" page of the PORTAL Section has been closed. Our readers can still use the PORTAL to access official sites, commercial sites, forums, and tribute band sites, but should visit the Journey Webring for all their fansite needs. Any fansite webmaster who still wishes to be linked to this site should E-mail webmaster at about becoming one of our Neighbors, with a link from the main page of Jrnydv.Com.

29 May, 2003
We have transcribed Gregg Rolie's Rockine interview from 2001. Check it out in the "August, 2001" page of the INTERVIEWS Feature.

27 May, 2003
We have completed our all-new PICTURES Section! Check it out!

20 May, 2003
Click HERE for the April Month in Review! Also, look for the publication of our recent Steve Smith interview, coming soon!

07 May, 2003
Happy 53rd Birthday to founding Journey drummer Prairie Prince! May 7, 1950.

08 April, 2003
We have published our first Month in Review, which covers news, interviews, and reviews for March, 2003.

03 April, 2003
The website news page has been moved to the SITE INFO Section.

20 March, 2003
The website staff has voted a change in policy. This site will now donate 100% of all profits generated by the Merchandise Section to our official charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

06 March, 2003
Our Worlds Apart event has now been published! Click on the "March, 2003" page of either the INTERVIEWS or the REVIEWS Feature for the interview, review, and picture gallery.

25 February, 2003
Click HERE for Jrnydv.Com's 2003 birthday tribute to Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon.

21 February, 2003
The SURVEYS have been updated.

19 February, 2003
We have added a Tour Schedules page, found at the bottom of the NEWS Feature. It will feature the updated tour schedules of Journey, Gregg Rolie Band, other related artists, and tribute bands.

09 February, 2003
The SURVEYS have been updated.

05 February, 2003
Happy 55th Birthday Herbie Herbert! 2/5/48.

02 February, 2003
Happy 54th Birthday Ross Valory! 2/2/49.

31 January, 2003
We have published our latest exclusive interview, with Robert Fleischman. In addition, Rich Meyers of JIFR has contributed our latest review: Fleischman's latest CD, World in your Eyes. And finally, we have closed the DVD survey and updated the main Journey survey to include all former Journey lead vocalists. Please vote again!

30 January, 2003
Happy forty-fourth birthday Steve Augeri! 1/30/59.

26 January, 2003
All Surveys have been updated.

22 January, 2003
Happy 54th Birthday Steve Perry! 1/22/49. Jrnydv.Com's special birthday present to Steve and his fans can be viewed HERE. Special thanks to TowandaRG and ydoboN for all their hard work on the project!

20 January, 2003
We have re-published three articles from 1977-79, compliments of Robert Fleischman's brother Michael. Two are reviews of Journey from the 1977 tour with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (REVIEWS Feature, "1977-2000" page), and one is an interview with Robert upon the release of his 1979 solo album Perfect Stranger (INTERVIEWS Feature, "1979-2000" page). Look for our own exclusive interview with Robert to be published in weeks to come.

12 January, 2003
Our thoughts go out to the fans of The BeeGees on the tragic and untimely loss of Maurice Gibb.

10 January, 2003
Happy 57th birthday Aynsley Dunbar! 1/10/46. Jrnydv.Com's special birthday present to Aynsley and his fans can be viewed HERE. Special thanks to Cudaclan for all his hard work on the project!

07 January, 2003
There is a new page in the PORTAL Section: "Tribute Bands." Also, the pop-up window has been updated for 2003.

04 January, 2003
Happy New Year! The "Singers" and Main Survey have been updated.

21 December, 2002
The "Ask 'Em," "Singers," and Main Survey have been updated.

11 December, 2002
Happy 55th Birthday Irving Azoff! 12/12/47.

01 December, 2002
The Jrnydv.Com exclusive interviews with Gregg Rolie, Michael Carabello, Alphonso Johnson, and Ron Wikso, as well as a picture gallery, are now up on the "November, 2002" page of the INTERVIEWS Feature. We hope you enjoy our work.

21 November, 2002
We have published our latest Editorial "Softening the Edges...Or, Walking Away from Them," excerpted on the main page.

19 November, 2002
Please note that all band interviews have been moved to the new INTERVIEWS Feature.

18 November, 2002
Former (and founding) Journey keyboardist/lead vocalist Gregg Rolie's profile is now being featured on the main page of Jrnydv.Com.

13 November, 2002
Two new permanent e-mail links have been added to the main page, on the left-hand navigation bar: by clcking those links you can subscribe to the Jrnydv.Com mailing list or apply to be a Jrnydv.Com staffer.

27 October, 2002
A new "Favorite song from Red 13" question has been added to the main survey in the SURVEYS Feature. Check it out!

26 October, 2002
More information on former Journey bassist and American Idol judge Randy Jackson has now been made available on his profile page in THE BAND Section.

17 October, 2002
Santana's latest release, Shaman, due out on October 22, can be pre-ordered through Amazon.Com right now. In the MERCHANDISE Section of Jrnydv.Com, go to the "CDs" Page, then select "Related Artists" on that page.

15 October, 2002
Our thoughts go out to the family, friends, and fans of former Journey drummer Larrie Londin, on what would have been his fifty-ninth birthday. Rest in peace, Larrie. Larrie Londin, 10/15/43-08/24/92.

10 October, 2002
Happy Second Anniversary to the Jrnydv.Com staff and readers! Two years ago today, this website was first launched. See the "history" page in the SITE INFO Section for more details. Happy Anniversary!

09 October, 2002
Steve Augeri Fans United and Augeriville Forums are two news links in the "Fan Sites" and "Forums" pages of the PORTAL, respectively.

04 October, 2002
Read the newly-updated information on former Journey band members Randy Jackson and Robert Fleischman in their profile pages in THE BAND Section.

01 October, 2002
EVERYTHING has been updated.

30 September, 2002
We have received four new concert reviews, new newsworthy links, and the latest survey responses. Look for all of these items to be updated on the site within the next few days.

24 September, 2002
All of the SURVEYS have been updated.

23 September, 2002
Read our latest editorial, "Towards a Constructive Solution."

11 September, 2002
We have received yet another concert review, this one of the "Party on the Prairie"--the Kansas State Fair. Check it out in the REVIEWS Feature.

09 September, 2002
We have received our first Letter to the Editor, regarding JRNYDV Across America, Part Six. Check it out on the same page as the Editorial!

07 September, 2002
The long awaited conclusion (Part Six) to JRNYDV's Premier Editorial Series, JRNYDV Across America, is now up on the September page of the EDITORIALS Feature.

03 September, 2002
A new open-ended Red 13 survey, as well as a Red 13 question on the main survey, have been added to the SURVEYS Feature. Check 'em out!

01 September, 2002
SIX MORE concert reviews have been received. Check 'em out in the REVIEWS Feature.

01 September, 2002
A new site has been added to the "Forums" page of the PORTAL Section: Waboritas' Street Team Party. Caution: This Forum is not for the faint of heart! Every post is as raw and uncensored as the next. But if you want to know what the fans are REALLY thinking....

24 August, 2002
Two new links to Steve Smith interviews are available in the "LAWoman's List" page of the Interviews sub-Section of THE BAND Section, one from as recent as April. Check 'em out!

24 August, 2002
R.I.P. Larrie Londin, 10/15/43-8/24/92. Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of former Journey drummer Larrie Londin.

21 August, 2002
Happy forty-eighth birthday Steve Smith! 8/21/54.

17 August, 2002
Happy thirty-seventh birthday Deen Castronovo! 8/17/65.

16 August, 2002
Jrnydv.Com has completed its move from Virginia to Steve Augeri's hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Same great website, same great URL, new business address. Thanks to all our loyal readers for their continued support.

14 August, 2002
Another concert review is in! Read it and all the others in the newly-reorganized REVIEWS Section.

06 August, 2002
Six more concert reviews are in! Read them and all the others in the newly-reorganized REVIEWS Section.

05 August, 2002
We're Back! The Red 13 album page has been created in the MUSIC section. Look for News, Post of the Day, and all Reviews to be updated tomorrow.

19 July, 2002
JRNYDV.COM will be on vacation until August 5. But keep sending in those reviews!

17 July, 2002
Three more concert reviews are in! Read them and all the others in the REVIEWS Section.

14 July, 2002
The Lansing and Muskegon Reviews are in! Read them and all the others in the REVIEWS Section.

10 July, 2002
The REVIEWS Section has been made a FEATURE. It can be found under FEATURES, to the left.

09 July, 2002
The latest 2002 Concert Review is in! Read it and all the others in the REVIEWS Section.

03 July, 2002
Our thoughts go out to the fans of The Who on the tragic loss of bass player John Entwistle.

22 June, 2002
In our continuing efforts to diversify this website to reflect the many interests of Journey fans, JRNYDV has published his first Non-Journey Review, of the film Minority Report, in the REVIEWS section. Tomorrow he will publish a review on the same page of a symphonic orchestra. The JRNYDV staff will also be reviewing non-Journey items from time to time. Would you like to write about something that interests you? E-mail us at webmaster at for more details.

17 June, 2002
Happy 55th Birthday Gregg Rolie! 6/17/47.

01 June, 2002
The News, Post of the day, and Surveys have all been updated.

24 May, 2002
Look for a new article on Steve Augeri in his profile in the BAND section! Also, the 2002 concert reviews have been updated.

23 May, 2002
We apologize for the continuing delays in updating Look for jrnydv's latest editorial, coming very soon!

11 May, 2002
The Concert Review Series, Journey News, Head 2 Head, Surveys, and Stats have all been updated.

08 May, 2002
Due to the fact that we have been out on the road, we will not be updating the site until Saturday. We apologize for the delay.

23 April, 2002
The JRNYDV Summer 2002 Concert Review Series has received its first submission! Check it out in the REVIEWS section.

21 April, 2002
DID YOU KNOW? You can return to the main page of from any page on the site simply by clicking on the band-autographed license plate.

21 April, 2002
Good luck and congrats, Journey, on the start of your 2002 tour! We're with you "All the Way."

10 April, 2002
Neal's one-of-a-kind Super V sold to Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter!

04 April, 2002
All Journey songs are now listed in the HEAD 2 HEAD page, which will be featuring the current stats of the challenges as DEPARTURE prepares for Tourney 2003.

03 April, 2002
Check the PORTAL. It's been updated four times in the past two days.

21 March, 2002
Four more of Neal Schon's Guitars now available in JRNYDV's Journey Store! Click the MERCHANDISE link to the left.

16 March, 2002
Herbie Herbert is auctioning off some priceless memorabilia through e-bay, to benefit the ailing Jack Villanueva, otherwise known as Doctor Brown, once referred to as "the oldest roadie in captivity". Details in the Merchandise section.

02 March, 2002
Three more of Neal Schon's Guitars now available in JRNYDV's Journey Store! Click the MERCHANDISE link to the left.

23 February, 2002
Congratulations, Neal Schon, on the nomination of your solo album, Voice, for a Grammy! You will always be our winner.

02 February, 2002
Vote for the songs you'd like to hear the band perform live in concert this summer! New Section in the JRNYDV Journey Survey.

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