The Bands: The Storm


The name "The Storm" is currently being used by lead singer Kevin Chalfant for touring purposes. He has been given permission to use the name on an annual basis.

The band currently using the name:
Chuck Giacinto, keys and backing vocals
Josh Ramos, guitar
Kevin Chalfant, voice
Timmy Higgins, drums and backing vocals
Mike Higgins, guitar and lead vocals
Michael "Ralph" Gardner, guitar and lead vocals
Randy Hatzer, bass and backing vocals

Josh Ramos, Gregg Rolie, and Kevin Chalfant
The owners of the name (who appeared on the most recent album, Eye of the Storm:
Gregg Rolie, Keyboards, Lead vocals
Kevin Chalfant, lead vocals
Josh Ramos, guitars
Ross Valory, Bass
Ron Wikso, Drums (later in Gregg Rolie Band)

Founding Member of The Storm not listed above:
Steve Smith, drums

Kevin Chalfant's Official Site: