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December, 2000

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Originally posted at IMusic Journey Message Board
02 December 2000
Hi C thanks for the info. kig2005: my daughter is 14 also and she was brought up with Journey. She says that she doesn't like journey but she knows all the words to their music and sings along when I play their albums. I'm glad you appreciate good music. Jen needs to hear a great ballad from journey right now--heartache (@14) is tough. I think that I'm more upset than she is!

Originally posted on this site
03 December, 2000
"Perry is and always will be the best singer in the world - but i've got to accept that the only way we will see journey functioning as a band is with Augeri - and for that reason alone they should have pulled him in years ago."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey website
04 December, 2000
"For those of you that don't know, the machine runs on crashed and burned. A disaster recovery plan was implemented (rather slowly) and data restored from backups. There were a few glitches I was unable to fix until this afternoon. We are finally back up to speed. There might be a few things that haven't been discovered yet. Please email me and let me know if you find anything. Now lets post. :)"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey website
05 December, 2000
"VH-1 and MTV's criteria for their lists is completely subjective and consequently a joke!!! THEY ARE MUSICAL IDIOTS!!!! If they ranked bands on their ability to compose their own music, the quality of that music, skill at playing their instruments, and radio play Journey would rank in the top 5 OF ALL TIME!! Think about it: For the 27 years before "Arrival," the members of Journey composed every tune recorded. Journey brilliantly fuses blues, jazz, motown, and hard rock into beautiful melodies and danceable rhythms. Besides Journey what band in the world can masterfully move from the musical paradox of "Stone in Love" to "Open Arms" and still give you goosebumps? And as far as their skill on vocals, keyboards, lead guitar, bass guitar and drums, they are #1. Throughout Journey's history it has been blessed with members possessing enormous talent. Their live shows confirm...JOURNEY RULES!!!!!!! In time, I believe Journey will get its credit because Journey's music is timeless. And the bands contemporary critics praised will fade into oblivion...where they belong."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey website
06 December, 2000
"[Excerpt from Kevin Shirley's "news"] In the midst of it all, the guys from Journey called on a speaker phone from their rehearsals, having just listened to their newly completed album for the first time in total - and were jumping up and down (Steve offered gratuitous sexual deeds - which I had to turn down, regretfully!). They're preparing for a big Las Vegas show on December 30, which sounds like it's going to be something very special indeed."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey website
07 December, 2000
"Well, for what it's worth fellas, I gave a review of what I thought of Arrival once before and got tarred, feathered, beaten to a pulp and skewered on an open pit by nearly everybody on this friggin' board [The Journey Forum] for it, just because of one silly, quoted, taken-outta-context misinterpreted WORD. I did, however, rate it a 7 out of 10, and that's a rating most people here agreed with. As for the "magic" you speak of, I know what you mean...but in all honesty, the album gets better the more you listen to it, though, so crank it up a few more times and listen OBJECTIVELY if you can, without comparing it to anything. (not an easy feat, but out of fairness, it's really pretty darn good). :) I'm sure they will also kick major buttcheeks on tour!"

Originally posted on the IMusic Steve Perry Message Board
08 December, 2000
"I spoke to Steve Smith one of the [former] drummers for Journey this last week and he said the reason why Journey broke up after Trial by Fire was because Steve Perry didn't want to tour. So i am not feeling like i care so much anymore about whether or not they have a new lead, as Steve Perry turned it down and basically walked away. Now i am not saying that i will not be stoked out to hear him sing again someday but i strongly doubt he will. I am not getting my hopes up. I think the man is done and we are perhaps riding on false hopes. I truely hope it isn't true but it could be. Who knows? He may come back someday and shock us all, in the meantime i will be rocking out with what i have; the Journey band of today! Talk to you all later!"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
09 December, 2000
"Just curious what others think. Now that "To Be Alive Again" will be on the US release (along with WGW ["World Gone Wild"] +1 other), do you think "Higher Place" should still be the first single? I'm torn. The past two days, I've actually started playing them (HP and TBAA) back to back. I think HP is amazing, but I'm wondering if TBAA may be the more "radio friendly." I'm just not sure, and was curious as to what others think. Of course, you may think a completely different song should be released first. By the way, if first week of Feb. is still the release date, the singles should hit the radio 5 weeks prior -- I don't have a calendar in front of me, but isn't that the last week of December -- unless they don't release new singles until after New Year's (understandable if true)? Does anyone have better info? We're getting real close! Have a great holiday everyone! --Tom."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
10 December, 2000
"Disclaimer: This is [just my opinion] on how I see things regarding the Journey "Faithful" and the Perryheads. How you choose to see it is strictly up to you after you read this post. I HOPE you choose to see it my way. I would also be interested in other positive additions to my definitions of the terms we have defined here as Journey Fans.


"Journeyholic: A faithful journey fan who believes journey is in more than the band members; therefore, the music takes on a deeper meaning in their lives. These fans are the Journey's of the Future - The Spirit. Journeyholics find spirituality - referring to the Holy Spirit. These fans are usually optimistic and believe with team work we can make a change in society for the better of man. They "Don't Give Up" easily and they "Don't Stop Believin'". These people are the "Lights" at the end of the tunnel of despair and have found peace and harmony in their souls for they have accepted life's pitfalls in their journey's in life. Consequently, they accept change for life is always changing. Nothing stays the same. These people are the HOPE and the FAITH of the world. They are the forgiving souls. They are the BREAD of life - the flesh.

"Perryheads: A Perryhead is a faithful, die-hard of Journey's Past. They are the heart and soul of Journey. These people are the ROCKS on which we build bridges of HOPE and FAITH. Furthermore, these people have "hearts of fire" (the passionate ones) which is why they tend to always put up a fight for what they believe is right. They are the truth seekers and believe in justice. Since they are the ROCKS; they are the strength. Most of the time these people do not like change in their lives. They are happy with things the way the are - so why make changes. Due to the fact these people are the strength/rocks, they can usually be happy on their own - they can "Stand Alone" if they have too. These people are also the BLOOD.

"The Journey Trinity: The Past and the Future need to seek a common ground in the Present and accept one another in order for peace and harmony to reign in the present journey's in life (the daily ones). Both the Journeyholics and the Perryheads need each other in order to SURVIVE. When we all come together, we are "Building The Bridge" of peace and harmony for a whole "Brave New World" in which we can co-exist. We then become SURVIVORS. We are one with the SPIRIT - THE HOLY SPIRIT."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
11 December, 2000
"We all know what we believe, but not every one of us has the ability, tactfulness or interest, I'm sorry to say, to express our opinions clearly and accurately. Occasionally, negativity, abrasiveness, bitterness and a long list of objectionable interpretations are read into our posts, and our original intentions become misconstrued or blown out of proportion. It's not easy to paint a self-portrait over the Internet when the only tools we have are our "words". I try my best to absorb the comments that I find to be personally rewarding and take the others, that I view as being destructive, lightly. We all have our individual feelings, and no contradictory words or actions will ever change or damage what's protected in our hearts. Neither having deep feelings of appreciation for any band member (past or present), nor being somewhat discouraged with one of them for a particular reason, makes us mentally ill or "bad" people (We all possess a few admirable qualities which allow those who know us, on a personal level, to see the goodness in us). The "pieces" of ourselves, that we display here, are just a small portion of what makes us who we are. Unless we know everything there is to know about each other, it's next to impossible to get the whole "picture" and form an accurate opinion of one another. I cannot label or write people off as "idiots", just because I don't agree with them, and especially when I may have misunderstood them and don't truly know them.

"The offensiveness, of one person disrespecting another's opinion through the retaliation of insults, is minimized by the sadness I feel as this person only succeeds in disrespecting and degrading himself or herself in the eyes of others, by triggering a self-abusive, senseless argument that usually ends in frustration. There's nothing wrong with expressing and defending our beliefs, as long as we show some dignity and attempt to approach each other with a mutual respect. Even if we feel the other person's post is lacking respect, we should never disrespect ourselves and give others a reason to see us as being discourteous.

"As far as "getting over it" goes...I think the majority of the fans would not elect to see Steve Perry unhappy with Journey, or Journey unhappy with Steve Perry. Most of us have eagerly accepted the current lineup and are thrilled to know that the heart of the band hasn't skipped a single, precious beat. We're in a comfortable, optimistic, and exciting place which I believe we share with the band members! However, I don't think it's so terrible to share the warm feelings we have for someone, whose presence has added a little extra happiness to our lives, with others. As far as I know, remembering somebody who's "gone", is not a crime. If it was, millions of people, who choose to place flowers and blankets on the graves of their deceased loved ones during the holidays and on special personal occasions, would be receiving summonses left and right! When we "lose" those who are dear to us, we know they're gone, but with the love and support of our families and friends, we eventually move past our grief and "get over it". Still we find comfort in clinging to the warm, endless memories and never forget the meaning of these people's presences in our lives. Like the majority of the forum members, the adhesive that keeps me connected to this forum is my desire to share my appreciation for years and years of incredible music, with the countless fans who feel its timeless value, and to pay tribute to all of the men whose passion created, performed, is continuing to create and to play the music enthusiastically, regardless of whether they're performing on stage or enjoying the happiness in their private lives. The songs we hear in our hearts will always have the most powerful, emotionally rewarding impact."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
12 December, 2000
"I just want to say that the level of excitement in my head/heart is ever expanding as we get closer to the end of the year and the two shows coming up out West. A good, no wait..a GREAT time will be had by all, band and fans alike! I just love hearing these guys play, especially live and in person, don't you? [By the way], I read the items below on Sunday morning...and found both to be curiously appropriate. Interpret them however you wish...

" 'Nothing on earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment.'

" 'The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.' "

Originally posted at
13 December, 2000
"Frontiers/Now & Then have signed former Journey vocalist Robert Fleischmann to a world wide deal. Fleischmann is scheduled to begin work on his solo album in January 2001 at Wine Cellar Studios in Los Angeles. Production duties are slated to be handled by Michael Robinson and Stuart Smith.

It has been confirmed that Journey guitarist Neal Schon will contribute to the project, as well as songwriters Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams. A late summer release date is tentatively scheduled. Frontiers is confident that this assembly of talent will result in the consummate melodic rock album of 2001."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
14 December, 2000
"Speaking of funny Waite stories, I have this big, deluxe Triumph program from '86 in which Rik Emmett talks about the Babys opening for Triumph in '79 or '80. Triumph had these ridiculous Vegas-like lightbulbs down along the front of the stage, and Waite, who had been sulking backstage because he thought the Babys should have been the headliners, started kicking the bulbs out during a show. Finally a bunch of Triumph's roadies tackled him, and pulled him off."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
15 December, 2000
"Had my Evolution poster on the wall for a couple years in '96-'97 (I take it out every few years and hang it up for awhile -don't want it to fade). My pals my own age had fond memories of the day when that blue thing [Ross Valory's 1979 satin leisure suit] was soooo cool (even though we were just little kids). My younger friends got all weird about it. They just didn't get it."

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Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
03 January, 2001
"This review is coming in a little late, but our return flight to LA was fogged in, and we had to stay another night in Phoenix. But anyway, here goes, an objective review from a long time appreciator of this fine group. Here are my honest thoughts and observations on the show. Sorry if it's long winded, but here's the total experience.

"First off, I would just like to thank the band for giving the fans an opportunity to bring in the new year with them. Since this is not the official start of the tour, these shows were done pretty much for the fans, and it is much appreciated. I have a boot-leg of a new year's show in 87 that is alot of fun to listen to...(the countdown has great energy..perry singing the new year's song with the band, etc..) so the chance to be a part of the audience this time around in 2001 was much anticipated.

"The America West Arena is a 20,000 seater, and I was pleased with the turnout. I was hoping for a sell out, but as it stood, I'd say the Arena was 95% full...even the nose bleed section was near capacity. We stayed at the Hyatt, just blocks from the venue, and walked to the show. The air was crisp and the arena had the spotlights arcing across the sky, which only added to the electricity in the air. Admittedly, I am not a huge REO fan, so we opted to have a nice dinner instead. When we did arrive, REO was finishing up their last five songs, and I have to admit, they sounded REALLY good. The singer's voice was clear and strong, and sounded just like the CD/radio version. Hindsight being 20/20, I would have liked to have seen thier entire set.

"We made our way down to the floor, 4th Row, and waited for the intermission to take our seats. We were right in the center, and it only gets three rows better, so we were thrilled. We decided to check out the merchnadise while we waited for JOURNEY to set up, so we went looking. I have to say, not much merchandise to speak of. A few new hats, two arrival scarab shirts, one white, one black, one long sleeve black flaming scrab shirt (looks like a left over from the last tours) and a cool looking black baby doll-t for women. No "JRNY into 2001" shirts to commemorate the new year (as I'd suggested to Neal that they produce for these shows in "Ask Journey" awhile back.) But the Arrival shirt (white) did have "2001" on the back, so I figured that would have to do. I grabbed that one, and the sticker pack they were offering had some nice vibrant colors, so I grabbed that too. I really hope the band decides to do a PROGRAM for the ARRIVAL tour. It would be nice to add a program featuring the new line-up to my collection.

"Upon walking back to out seats, we passed another Sales booth of shirts (that we had passed once before), and It struck me like a bolt of lightening (haha) that they suddenly had something that they DID NOT have just 15 minutes before. A Black "JRNY INTO 2001" shirt! I was like, "that's mine!"

"Unfortunately, they only had ONE left in the entire building, and a lady had beaten me there and had first dibs on it. It was up to her, but she decided to pass on it, and I snagged it! Apparently, all the booths were sold out of this particular design (which is why we didn't see it before) but some lady had just returned this one at the last minute. That made me extremely pleased. Whether Neal thought my suggestion was a good one, or whether they had planned to produce these regardless, it is an awesome shirt, and (incidently) the only one to sell out. (nice, huh?:) Anyone else grab one of these in Vegas?

"Now to the main event. There's nothing better than when the lights go down and it's game time! A wave of electricity crackles through the audience and everyone goes nuts. The "mood" backgrnd music they used before launching into seperate ways sounded great. Steve launched into the song, and, as has happened so many times before, when he hits the first line of the song, the place comes unglued.

"I noticed right off the bat how well both Jonathan and Neal looked. Neal looked noticeably trimmer than he has on previous tours. He was smiling all night, and clearly having a ball. I don't know if Jon spends 8hrs. a day in a gym or not, but the guy looks awesome at his age. This may sound a little funny (as I am a heterosexual male, thank you) but Jon is one good looking fellow. I can only hope when I get to be his age (I'm 30 now)that I take as good care of myself and look half as good. 50 is not the end of the world, and these guys look to be in better shape than some 20 somethings. My girlfriend seemed to be impressed with Jonathan also! (I caught her trying to umm...get his attention a few times...haha)

"The set list was pretty much the same as in Vegas, only we had no BIG SCREEN (bummer, it sounded cool from the reviews of vegas)but we did get the new year's song, so I suppose it's a trade off.

"I did notice that Steve's voice sounded a little rough in spots. It broke on several occasions, but I just chaulked this up to him over exerting himself for the live dvd taping in Vegas the night before. I just figured he taxed himself by pushing himself too hard the night before, which is easy to forgive. Not to give Steve a hard time, but he also got a few lyrics wrong on more than one occasion. Ah, but so did Perry, no one's perfect! It also seemed that his vocals were not turned up as loud as maybe they should have been. He seemed a little drowned out by the music, noticably moreso than the REO singer was. There appeared to be a problem with his mic, as he kept pointing to it, and counseled with techs during the extended musical passages.

"I won't do a song by song breakdown, as everyone pretty much loves the favorites,and the crowd responded accordingly. The crowd listened intently to both "Higher Place" and "All the Way" and I listened closely for audience reaction at the end of each. Well, I didn't have to, as the whole arena roared back it's approval. It seemed they really dug the new material. A few ladies in front of us we're waving their ARRIVAL cd's in the air, and Steve smiled and nodded to them. (Hi to whoever you are!)

"Steve handed the mic over to Jon who said he had something special planned. (I'm thinking, we go, this is one of the surprises...!)And then Jon explained that Neal used to play for Santana, and that they wanted to write something that paid homage to that, setting up "LA RAZA DEL SOL." Now, I don't like this song to be begin with, and I'll be very honest about that. It has nothing to do with not enjoying latin flavored music, I just don't think it's one of JOURNEY'S strongest tracks. From the intro Jon gave it, it seems clear to me now that JOURNEY is, to some respects, capatilizing on the current popularity of Latin music by dusting off this song. And they played it well, their musicality is unmatched, and proves that they could play any type of music, and play it well. But just because they could, doesn't always mean that they *should.* I looked around and most had blank faces, and a few were dancing and getting into it. The applause was lukewarm following this song, and then they went into the 'Wheel in the Sky' opening. My feeling is that it's nice that the band can be experimental with songs like this, but if they are going to *deviate* from the well known songs, and play something no one really knows the words to, why not play a NEW song that no one knows the words to, and juice up excitement for the new album somemore? "Kiss me Softly", or "To be Alive Again" would have been better served here, IMO. I think everyone seemed to dig the "Filmore boogie" in Phoenix (which was reported as sapping the energy by some in Vegas)...Phoenix seemed to be into the Filmore boogie, but if there was one song that they just didn't seem to know what to do with, sorry, but it was "La Raza."

"But when Neal launched into the bluesy, soulful opening of "Wheel", all is forgotten, and it's heaven again. That guy plays the guitar like nobody's business! An incredibly soulful player...

"Eventually it came to be "that time" and Jon called everyone out on stage. The singer from REO came back out (Cleary buzzed..haha) and all the wives and girlfriends came out to help their boys bring in 2001. KUDOS again to Jon and Neal, for exceptional taste! Thier respective halves were gorgeous! I did not see Dean, Steve's, or Ross's other halves in the confusion...the stage was crazy. We did the countdown, the balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling, and everyone got wrapped up in that "warm fuzzy feeling". "Kiss the ones you love..." Steve belted out, but we were already way ahead of him. It was funny watching Rindell struggle to open the champagne, he seemed to be having quite a hard time popping the top (haha) but he finally won his battle. The band eventually composed themselves enough to launch into the NEW YEARS SONG, with JON saying "Help us out, we don't know the words!" (haha) And boy was he right...! Steve and the REO singer (sorry, don't know his name)mumbled through most of it, but hearing NEAL and Dean's musical interpretation of this was just AWESOME. They made it sound cool, and Dean is just a madman!! (never get in a fight with a drummer!! haha)

"They closed out the show with the sing along ending of "Faithfully" and each band member respectively took thier turn waving and leaving the stage. It was a little sad, as we knew they would not be coming back. (at least tonight)Classy way to close the show this way, if not a little bittersweet. (Did anyone else get this feeling?)

"Once the lights came up, everyone did the "pick" dive...leaping over chairs for one more souvenir from the evening. (or was that just me?:) I scored two of Dean's picks, and gave my second one to a lady who had two Jonathan's. I asked her to trade, and she said no, but I gave it to her anyway. (I don't remember her saying thank you!)

"The one great thing about a Journey show is that everyone has "good vibrations," you know? It's just a GOOD TIME. No one is getting shot out in the parking lot, or getting into fights. Everyone just sort of floats out on this wave of positive energy, caught up in the good feelings expressed so eloquently in the music throughout the evening.

"The new Journey has cemented itself as a real and viable touring entity, without the lead singer that helped make them famous. I've gotta tell ya, this Arena had FAR MORE people in attendance than any of the 4 Perry "solo" shows that I was able to see. The band seemed gracious, and happy to be up there, where they belong. It's their life, and it's their passion. If you have any doubts about seeing them live, next chance you get, please go. You will absolutely have an amazing and memorable evening. It is the spirit of this band that keeps it soaring, not any one individual member.

"In closing, I picked up a PHOENIX magazine called "GET OUT" which has a short and sweet interview with NEAL, in which he addresses Perry, and also mentions us Forum guys. The article has a new picture of the band that we haven't seen yet, but it's from the same photo shoot for the ARRIVAL ALBUM. I'll scan that in for everyone's enjoyment and post it here soon.

"Happy New Year Everybody!"

Steve Augeri (Actual post by Journey's lead singer)
Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
04 January, 2001
"Hey Gang!

"I just wanted to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and century, and thank all of you who showed up at the past two shows. We had a blast. Wish we could have had all of you with us. Along with our dedicated "Faithful Ones" were David Spade, Dweezel Zappa and Paul Stanley of Kiss to name (drop) a few. I believe there was an Elvis sighting at the Vegas show as well. Speaking of Las Vegas, due to your great energy and enthusiasm, we are bound to have a nice representation of the show on DVD. It really fueled us and gave us the energy to perform that night. Thanks. It also appears that we may have wrapped up the VH1 interviews and I personally can`t wait to see it myself. It should be lots of fun.(I`m big time into documentaries) Anyways, I need to be brushing up on my Japanese these next couple of weeks. Due to the fact that I just finished shovelling my car out of twelve inches of snow, I don`t suppose we could perhaps reschedule Tokyo and perform someplace with a pool or a warm ocean breeze. Wow, just close your eyes and you`re there.I hear Rio`s nice this time of year. Summer can`t come soon enough.Oh well, put on two pairs of everything, break out the Flexible Flyer and go have yourselves a ball.

"Stevie Frostbite"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
05 January, 2001
" 'Wheel in the Sky', 'Anytime' and 'Just the Same Way' are all on Poll2. These are the ONLY 3 songs (plus 'Feeling That Way') that rock radio plays by Journey, it is very necessary to keep playing them in concert. These 4 songs are much more respected than anything Journey did from Escape on by the non-journey fan concert attendee. If I heard 'Message of Love' over any one of those in concert I would be extremely disappointed. 'Message of Love' is not only not known by anyone who isn't a hardcore fan, but it aint even close to be in the same league as any of the above songs."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
06 January, 2001
"OK, I'm going to try to give Sony the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, just maybe, IF Arrival is being moved to April, there's a reason. Perhaps there is a release by another band planned for February and they think it would take away from the new album. Van Halen has been expected to announce a release date for months. Maybe it's going to be February??"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
07 January, 2001
"Think of the exposure this [a Backstreet Boys cover of a Journey song] would bring to new fans of Journey. When Trial By Fire came out, Mariah Carey and Collin Raye had both just covered Open Arms. It was perfect timing - major acts were recognizing the contributions of Journey, with more and more people appreciating their music. If the situation with TBF had been different, we probably would have seen at least one of these cover versions become a single, or even a hit, for that artist. Backstreet Boys are one of the biggest selling groups out there right now. A cover would mean instant exposure to millions of fans. Personally, I would rather see what they could do with a lesser-known track, since Faithfully and Open Arms are heavily-mined territory. What about Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' or Any Way You Want it? Both of these tracks leave a lot of room for interpretation. I'd be happy if it happened, so long as it's better than that Britney Spears bastardization of Satisfaction."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
08 January, 2001
"I think With Your Love is a great track too. If Kiss Me Softly is considered a ballad, that would be my pick though for best. I think Journey needs to get a song on one of those Disney summer blockbusters--like Phil Collins did with Tarzan. Talk about exposure and reaching the young audience! My 9 year old now LOVES Phil Collins, and if she hears other Phil Collins or Genesis songs, she asks 'Is that Phil Collins?' I think that is totally cool!"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
09 January, 2001
"After much thought, perhaps I have misunderstood "Arrival." My primary complaint has been that the album is more an adult-contemporary record, than it is a rock n' roll record. No one can deny that after listening to "Escape" or "Frontiers" and then playing "Arrival," one suddenly feels like they are listening to a Michael Bolton record. I have thought about the passage of time, and how it has, or hasn't effected certain artists....

"Sting: [in my honest opinion], The Police were one of the greatest rock bands of their "generation." Even Sting's early solo offerings were still pretty solid, but today, he is nothing more than a modern-day Englebert Humperdink (sp?). I'm sure Sting did not leave his, umm, "manhood" in the '80s, so the question must be asked: why does he not rock? Is it because he cannot rock (no) or is it because he chooses not to. And if it is the latter, is it because that style of music is no longer "hip," or because he has outgrown it? Now, when Sting does perform more of a "rocker" in concert, the audience stands up and "rocks" for 3.5 minutes and it's a fun moment, taking them back to a time not so long ago. The rest of the time they are sipping their wine in their seats and thinking about getting their Jaguar an oil change.

"This is how it is with Journey's newest offering, at least the Japanese release. It is an album of ballads with a couple rockers thrown in, as opposed to an album of rockers with a couple of ballads thrown in - which is how it used to be. But I understand that time marches on....

"Everyone knows Perry is to blame for a lot of things, but specifically, I felt Perry's final departure (no pun intended) and Augeri's arrival (again, no pun) would bring serious rock back to Journey. Starting with ROR, or really "Street Talk," this was the end of Journey the rock band as we knew and loved them.

"TBF had Perry all over it, so again, it didn't rock. But I thought "Arrival" with Augeri was to bring back the rocking sound of the band. The band themselves complained that Perry wouldn't go hard enough (or couldn't go vocally) on the last two efforts.

"So, again, one must ask, did Journey not "rock" on this record because they have outgrown rock n' roll, or because they are most identified (whether we like it or not) by the mainstream public as the "band that gave us Open Arms and Faithfully," thus giving in to pressure by Sony to stay on the soft-side.

"Look, if I'm Neal Schon or Jon Cain and the record company has a gun to my head and says, "you'll make it adult-contemporary or you won't make it at all," I'll be the first to admit that I would give in to "The Man." A sell-out? Perhaps, but it sure beats the alternative; numerous unsuccessful solo efforts on independent labels or even worse, different pairings of Journey members, past and present, forming sub-par bands.

"Look, if all five of the guys can tell me that this adult-contemporary, soft, new-and-unimproved incarnation of the band is making music that makes them happy, then so be it. And again, if they are making softer records (even with Perry gone) because The Man wants it that way, then so be it. But I would just like to know once and for all if Journey the rock n' roll band is gone forever.

"The addition of a few new "rockers" for the US release is a step in the right direction, but why was this not done in the first place? Journey has listened to their fans, particularly on this board, which is admirable, and are adding the rockers. But while in New York recording the first version of the record, did they truly think that a softer Journey is what we wanted? Especially after the ballad-fest that was "Trial By Fire," and the wonderful teasing of "Remember Me," I had something different in mind for the "Arrival" record.

"From what I read on here, people seem to be pretty happy with the record, and I think that's cool. It is well produced, and there are a few good tracks. Being the die-hard Journey fan that I am, I will support them no matter what.

"So, obviously I had a bit of time on my hands today at the office, so to anybody that actually made it to the end of this, thanks for reading and remember, this is only my opinion...I could be wrong."

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Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
11 January, 2001
"Oh man. Perry's voice sounds sooo good on that album [Trial by Fire].

"I'd have to say the song, 'Trial By Fire'-the last track- is my favorite pick in terms of his performance. His voice on that song just flows...flows like the calmest and purest of rivers, it shimmers like moonlight over the ripples of a deep blue lake...shimmers like sunlight glinting on the dunes of a desert. That song is perfect for his voice. His voice rolls over the words, caressing them with the tenderest of touches...that perfect touch only Perry could possess.... He lulls you, as you lay swathed in the softness of the music, rocking you gently to sleep. I always listen to that song (and 'It's Just the Rain') before I go to bed. It's so sublime, and so gentle, and so soothing. A cool breeze on a hot summers night.

"His voice is flawlessly delivered on each note, perfectly executed, with subtlety and that attention to detail that Perry is known for. A master of his craft. This song, 'Trial By Fire', is a stellar example of his complete and utter mastery of his imstrument...The Voice.

"Mmmmm...That song is...pure bliss...."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
12 January, 2001
"So, I'm in South Carolina with the "kin" fer Christmas this year. I'm at my uncles TV / Electronics shop and my aunt says " Allen , remember Cierra, well here she is." And I look over at this beautiful young woman (looks like Liv Tyler on a good day) and I cannot believe that the scrawny little 9 year old I remember has Grown -UP so well!

"Anyway, Cathy (my aunt) says "Cierra, Allen works for Journey. You know, I play their music at home sometimes." And Cierra's like "Yeah, whatever." And I can see her thinking "he's old". LOL

"The next day, we're all at my other aunt's house and I'm showing my videotape of the Central America stuff, backstage fooling around and performance, etc.

"That night, I get an Email from Cierra going "OH! THAT Journey!!!" Wow, That's so COOL what you do. yada yada..." LOL

"Then a few days later , when she gets home, she Emails again saying her dad practically freaked out when she told him all about it. They both were playing CD's and stuff after and she said again how cool she and her friends think Journey is. They all like the popular stuff, but when they listen to music , they reach for the Journey Greatest Hits CD.

"Looks like I've got two more on my family guest list.

"You know you're old when...

"You get tickled because some "youngster" thinks you're cool.

"You get surprised that a "kid" likes your band, too!"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
13 January, 2001
"I just had to respond to someone who obviously understands the difference between the Greatest Guitarist Alive (Neal Schon) and someone who is JUST a Guitar Exhibitionist (Eddie Van Halen). There is no other Guitarist in the world who is as versatile, tasteful, clean, precise and FAST (when it's neccessary) than Neal Schon!!! When Eddie is playing he you know it is him because he uses the same tricks and techniques that he always has. He plays the same way all the time and quite frankly it gets very boring after a while. I would like to hear him play with no effects sometime and see just how good he really is! Neal Schon, as I'm sure you know, can play anything at all from the much loved Journey style to harder styles such as in Hardline not to mention when he was in Bad English and one of my all time favorites "Abraxas Pool." People should also hear the lighter stuff in "Beyond the Thunder" and "Electric World". I could go on but the point is that there is more to Music than just running through the Scale as fast as you can or seeing how you can impress people with some kind of new effect! Neal has not only been the Master of the six string but he is the Master of knowing when to REV up the engine and kick in the Nitro as well as when to let it idle. Neal Schon could continously blaze across the fret-board faster then anyone on earth but, again Music is more than that and it is that feel and knowledge that makes Neal the BEST!!! I will admit that I am an Eddie Van Halen fan and he has done quite a bit for Rock'n'Roll with his techniques and style, but He is in no way the Proffesional and Master that Neal is! Another note, when I heard that Neil Young was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll hall of fame I completely lost all respect for that institution! That man can't hardly play Guitar and sure can't sing and yet he was inducted and Journey was turned down?? What a joke. Well I guess that is all for now, let me know what you think and keep up the faith. Neal Schon is the Man!!!!!"

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Andrea86 Became Editor of the Post of the Day page effective January 16.

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
16 January, 2001
"Just downloaded a few tunes from Augeri's first journey into rock (sorry), and I have to say I am really impressed with what I've heard.

"If you can, visit the ol' napster and download 'Stay with me' first. This song flat out kicks ass, and very much reminds me of a rocked out part '2' to 'Kiss me Softly.' Augeri's voice is really impressive on this song, especially at the end. This song really would not be out of place on Arrival. It has the trademarked Journey 'soar' to it. I love the chorus, ('..if only for a lifetime...').

"'Close your eyes' is also a great rocker, with similar themes and subject matter to 'Live and Breathe.' It takes a second or two, but once you see where the song is going, it really grabs ya.

"'Somewhere she waits' seems like a smoother, up-beat cousin to 'still she cries.'

"Haven't heard the rest yet, but I'm fetching some more off napster tonight. This is definitely a 'must seek out and buy.' It is really quite a nice surprise, and if you dig what Augeri's doing now, you gotta appreciate what he did then.

"It's good stuff. god bless the man!"

Tracy in Chicago
Originally posted on Dogman's Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Page
17 January, 2001
"[In response to a post by 'Forever Loyal'] While I don't agree with your opinions on the 'new' Journey I certainly do respect your right to feel that way. I've been a Journey fan for as long as I can remember...and I loved the band with Steve Perry in their 'heyday.' Bought all the albums, CDs, memorabilia, etc. Attended many concerts and loved it all. But, for whatever reasons Mr. Perry is no longer with the band. I'm happy that he's doing as well as you tell us he is. The band, on the other hand has chosen to carry on with new members. I happen to be one of those people who loves Steve Augeri and thinks he's doing a great job. Not only is he talented, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met. I guess what I'm getting at fans we can choose to support the band or not. If we don't care for the current line up then we don't have to buy the new projects or attend their shows. I would assume you have chosen not to. I'm just not sure why you would come to the 'new' singer's board and slam him as well as other band members. Not only is it in poor taste, it's just plain rude. But if you feel that strongly about it you should at least stand behind your beliefs and sign your name. that the Vikes have been demolished I'll root for the Giants. :)"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
18 January, 2001
"I have to agree [that there is too much negativity on these forums lately]. While I understand the frustration, especially from fans that were not able to get the import or couldn't do the Napster thing, I belive that we will eventually see the US release, the BTM, the DVD, the tour... everything. I believe, too, that we will see it happen this year and pretty much about the time it's now expected. The band wants it to happen as much, if not more, than we do and the best we can do as devoted fans is wait, share our feelings in as constructive a way as possible, and have patience. What point is there to getting all p.o'd about another delay? Won't make it happen any faster and it only raises your blood pressure...none of us need that, right? Just a thought...."

Originally posted on the Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
19 January, 2001
"Dear Steve [Augeri],

"For the past 24 years, Journey has been the security blanket (the understanding voice and soothing music) I reach for to provide me with an emotional hug whenever life hurts me in one way or another. Being that 'Arrival' has placed you in the magical 'healing spotlight' along with Mr. P[erry], I've been compelled to revise the lyrics of 'When You Love A Woman' to express my genuine appreciation for the relief you provide during the emotional crises that I'm occasionally confronted with. In addition to your incredible talent, I see so many decent qualities in you which allow me to deeply respect you as a person. Although my message is a little overexaggerated (believe me...I even laugh at myself, once in awhile, when I get carried away), I hope my words will help you to understand the magnitude of the dependable comfort which you bring to me during the times when I need it the most. I just wish that your last name contained only TWO syllables, so I could include "Steve" and wouldn't have to be so disrespectful! [Lots of love]. Please feel free to sing it to your computer. No one could ever see you as being high on yourself or hold it against you in any way whatsoever! :-) After all, your day to shine is right around the corner, and you have every reason to be proud of yourself for your accomplishments! Just don't allow my 'can't even begin to compare to the original' lyrics to stick in your head. I would hate to be responsible for a minor slip-up at a future show (this is the only case in which I'm counting on your memory to FAIL you)! I'll be completely rewarded and satisfied if they only succeed in returning some of the warmth we feel every time you choose to share your soothing gift with us."

BlueJean Girl
Originally posted on the Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
20 January, 2001
"Stevie, Ross, Rindell - have wonderful birthdays while over in the land of the rising sun. To all the band members and their die-hard crew - everyone have a safe and uneventful flight to Japan at the end of the month. Have a wonderful time with the shows and we look forward to all that is to come from you in the coming months. Godspeed.

"See? Short, simple and to the novel necessary."

Enemy Frank Tang
Originally posted on the IMusic/Artist Direct Journey Bulletin Board
21 January, 2001
"I never liked Journey. I never bought any of their records. You couldn't escape hearing their music in the late '70s and early '80s, but to me it was all just wimpy Top 40 crap. I had heard that in the 60s Eric Clapton was a Neal Schon fan, but his talent never reached me through the commoditized radio garbage. So when I got dragged to their Vegas show a few weeks ago, I didn't think I'd make it past 2 or 3 songs. I guess the mark of a really good band is that you need to see them live to appreciate them as musicians. I stayed through to the end of the last encore. I'm still not going to run out and buy any Journey CD's, but I will go see them live any time I get a chance."

Originally posted on the Steve Perry Message Forum at
22 January, 2001
"Today's Horoscope for the birthday boy--

"Your nervous system is over-loaded today. You may feel jittery or too restless to accomplish much on the job. You may expend a lot of energy but get very little done. That's because this is a bright, active, original, exciting day but it is also a spinning-your-wheels kind of day too.

"If today is your birthday, you are a naturally earthy person who likes excitement. You are passionate and expressive about life. This year your cherished dreams could come true. Expect a miracle."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
23 January, 2001
"It is laughable that VH1 would call Journey's music dated. If they consider Journey's music to be dated, then any music from the 80s could be considered dated including: Janet Jackson, John Mellencamp, Duran Duran, REM, etc.

"Of course VH1 has to get a little snipe in at Journey. Meanwhile they are playing videos of groups that are even more pop than Journey."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
24 January, 2001
"'IN-STORE" date is April 3, 2001.'

"Here we go again, another delay in the release of Arrival. From what I can gather, the band has been ready to tour and promote the record for a while now.

"The release date obviously has everything to do with Sony and nothing to do with the band itself. I say screw Sony. If Sony is going to treat the band like this, Journey is better off without this record label. Believe me, Journey does not need to release a cd under this record company.

"Worse case scenario is, Journey could finance their own CD even if it is not distributed by a national label. It would also probably give them more artistic freedom. I could very well be wrong, but my guess is Sony chose Shirley as the producer for Arrival."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
25 January, 2001
"I have an 8 year old daughter who knows all the words to a lot of classic Journey tunes (as well as some of the new Arrival stuff). Her favorites: "Wheel In The Sky" and "Lights". And God help you if you EVER interrupt her when she's singing along! When she was very young, she had a lot of exposure to Journey from being around my Wife and me while we were listening to it (Call it 2nd-hand Journey, if you will). But now, just like [a previous] post says, she takes our CD's in her room and listens on her own. Kid's are influenced by what they hear. If all they hear is teeny-bop, bubble-gum crap on the radio...that's what they'll like. They have nothing to compare it to. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that radio will take kindly to the new Journey singles and help build this "Next Generation" of Journey fans."

Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
26 January, 2001
"Well like I said it was from one of the first of many delays that is being talked about there. Since they were already done with the recording the only people who could possibly benefit were Journey & Sony, not the fans. It seems to have been more of a financial decision than thinking about the fans--who were by the way constantly being told the CD was coming out on this date...and then that date...and all the while certain people...ahem...were trying to put the blame on Sony. Seems to me the same thing is happening now too. And don't forget the release of the music on Napster...which [in my opinion] was done to calm down those online folks who did know about Arrival and had to deal with the delays. Was also a good way to "test" the CD before the actual release- that along with the Japanese release. "

"Sorry...I'm not one of those waiting for or looking forward to Arrival...just making observations."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
27 January, 2001
"Journey being on [VH1's Behind the Music] is the best news I have heard all week. I am definately looking forward to seeing recent interviews and a current documentary type story of the band.

"It sounds like VH1 did a good job on this one because it includes interviews with Herbie Herbert, Gregg Rollie, and the man of mystery Steven Perry. I wonder if they interviewed Fleischman or George Tichner.

"Hopefully this [program] will focus on the music of the band. Journey will finally get some recognition and exposure from VH1 and maybe even some respect if the [program] is done right."

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page at the Official Journey Website
28 January, 2001
"[In response to the following post by The Monker: 'I can imagine "Higher Place" being incredible live.']

"[Oh my God], incredible isn't the word. That song is AWESOME live. And while a few people may have sat down during the new songs, that doesn't mean they didn't like them. The people behind me in Phoenix sat through it, but after the show I heard them saying that the new songs blew them away."
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Site
29 January, 2001
"Congratulations Steve for being nominated for 'vocalist of the year' by Andrew @ Melodicrock! The following is an excerpt from Melodicrock: 'Vocalist Of The Year: Steve Augeri - for both his work on Journey's new album and on tour with the guys. This man deserves a lot of praise for filling an un-fillable void....' Way to go, man!"

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
30 January, 2001
"Hi, everyone! I've just come back from the Tokyo show. It was really great!!! They played 'To Be Alive Again', 'Signs Of Life', 'All The Way' & 'Higher Place' from their new album 'Arrival'. Other songs I remember are: 'Be Good To Yourself', 'Only The Young', 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Ask The Lonely', 'Open Arms', 'Wheel In The Sky', 'Lights', 'Any Way You Want It', 'Separate Ways' & 'Faithfully'. They played some more songs I didn't know...My friend said the opening song was the first song of the album 'Tryal By Fire'.

Neil's guitar playing was so powerful. Jonathan's piano solo before Open Arms was very emotional. He sang one song, too. And Steve's voice was excellent ! I was really moved. He sang old songs perfectly!!! It was Steve's birthday today. So, we sang birthday song to him together.

Some fans who know Journey very well might get crossed, but, I'm a quite new fan and listened only 'Arival' & 'Greatest Hits' before the show. It was also the first time for me to see their live. But, I think it's always very important for the band to get new fans as well as to keep old fans satisfied. I'm one of the new ones.

Anyway, I enjoyed very much. I want to thank all members for one of the greatest shows I've ever seen !!!"

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Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
02 February, 2001
"Hi everyone,

"Posted on the digest today is the announcement of Neal & Ambers' wedding. The date is set for April 28th in Minneapolis, MN. I looked up the newspaper article from the Star Tribune and it told when and how they met. The site is:

"Congratulations to the happy couple."

The entire article was reprinted on the Latest Official News page of this site.

Originally posted on the Fan Forum page of the Official Journey Website
03 February, 2001
"[Responding to the following post from Allen, on tour with the band:

'Hi everyone! We're having a great time. The crowds are singing along with the songs from Arrival and Trial by Fire. As you have probably noticed, the sets are changing EVERYNIGHT! The poll was very helpful to the guys and I doubt that we will play the same set twice in a row this year. The local crews KICK BUTT. We had the stage cleared and moving to the trucks in 17 minutes tonight. The crew chief, Nobu, is one of the best I've ever worked with. We have a different crew each night and it's getting quicker and quicker each night. Not like our lovable IATSE unions, who seem to relish taking their sweet time. Enough of that! The weather has been very nice albeit a little cold. No snow ,though.

'I've been videotaping like a kichi gaijin (crazy foreigner) and will be posting some snapshots from each show on my website when I get home.

'I hope everyone gets a chance to hear their favorites this year. I know it's much more exciting this time around! Stevie sounds great and the new songs are getting great reactions.

'It's 11:35 pm and we have a 6:00am lobby call to take the Bullet Train to Shizuoka City. We are in Fukuoka tonight. The Grand Hyatt is an excellent hotel, if you're ever here! Gotta go to bed....Nighty night!


'See you all real soon!']

"Wow! Thank you for the report! You have made us all even MORE excited (if possible) and anxious for the summer!!!"

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Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
10 February, 2001
"Hi, all, I've been chuckling about the debate over what young people are listening to, and if Journey is still relevant. I have teenagers who enjoy a lot of Journey, especially since Mom is always blasting it their way. But, seriously, I about choked on my Geritol when Candy posted that her boyfriend thinks that what kids are looking for is music you can DANCE to, because ballads are for people in their 50's. LOL!

"Setting aside the fact that a ballad, "Open Arms", was recently re-done by a young singer, there is a TON of classic rock that anyone could move to. So, here are my Top 10 nominations (other than Journey) for some of the best classic rock groups to dance to (slow and fast): (to me, "Classic Rock" is roughly from the mid 70's to 80's, not including disco or some of those other styles. Hey, it's my post, so that's my opinion ;)

"Heart (Magic Man always blew me away)
REO Speedwagon

"I'd love to hear your opinions!"

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Originally posted on the Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
12 February, 2001
"Hello i'm 'yaby'

"It is the fan who met it by Shinkansen which went to Osaka. Thank you for having a photograph and an autograph. There are My Treasure!!

"Steve I listened later! It seems that it had it look for the inside of the Shinkansen to deliver the camera cap which I dropped though it. Unbelievable!! I impress by your kindness! Thank You Very Much!

"So I Create Journey Japan Homepage. Many fans has been sent Messages to me I'll Translate it into English as much as possible, Please Visit My site. We are really impressed with Japan Tour."

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Along Dixie Highway
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
14 February, 2001
"Ross's Birthday Celebrated In Lights On A Billboard--Apparently fans phoned one of the local radio stations and wanted Journey music played to honor Ross's birthday. It was not one of those AOR radio stations mentioned on the Official website. Old tunes played. But, hey, at least Journey was all lit up for people to reminisce."

Originally posted on the Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
15 February, 2001

"My wife and I have been separated for 6 months now. I love the song "I'm Not That Way" and it fits our situation perfectly. I think of her every time I hear it. We are trying to work things out. Could you play that song live when you come to Charlotte or Columbia and dedicate it to Kristen from Mark? It would mean so much to me. Thank you for the new album. I think it's possibly the best ever."

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On February 17, Journey launched their new website, The Fan Forum and Ask Journey pages became pages in the Back Talk section of the site.

Originally posted on the Back Talk page at the Official Journey Website
17 February, 2001
"You have made the ultimate Journey site. Can't wait to see some more content, like multimedia and band bios. Great work!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
18 February, 2001
"11:00 to 12:00 sent me on an hour-long emotional roller coaster ride. It was wonderful to see the concert footage and video clips that enabled me to re-live so many warm, magical, cherished memories, but the pain that was written on many of the familiar faces tore at my heartstrings. When Jonathan broke down, while discussing the band's meaningful, yet heartbreaking, visit with Kenny Sykaluk, I completely 'lost it'. I felt an uncontrollable urge to jump through my TV screen, throw my arms around him and attempt to express my understanding of the emotional pain, talking about it, was putting him through. His tears were warming and ripping my heart apart simultaneously. I was crying like a baby until the new lineup entered the picture and reminded me of the resiliency of Journey, the happiness the music provides, and all the smiles we still have to look forward to. Now, as I listen to 'Only The Young', I'll be adding a precious face to the name that's etched in my heart (I can't get that sweet face off my mind!). To all the 'guy fans', who were moved to tears during this touching segment of the show, I have immense respect for you. [In my opinion], it takes a stronger man to give in to his emotions than it does for one to ignore his sensitivity. Jonathan's tears were a beautiful and moving demonstration of the love, compassion, helplessness and sorrow that engulfed all those who took part in making a very special dream become a reality for a needy and highly deserving child, as the heartache produced by this tragedy was reflected in the other band members' eyes. Somehow, I have the feeling that the unselfish kindness and genuine affection offered to this boy on that final day, made his transition from his existence on earth to his eternal life in heaven more peaceful.

"I thought ending the show with 'The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)' was a little awkward, since S.A., D.C. and the 'past hosts' are still throwing one heck of a party (maybe I was reading something into it that wasn't meant to be there). All in all, I felt the program was very well done, since it captured all the smiles, tears and pride we know, as long-time fans, and helped to express our optimistic hopes for the future. It was great seeing the faces and hearing the voices of past and present band members, as every one of them reinforced how truly powerful Journey was, is, and will always be."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
19 February, 2001
"Have you heard the new album yet? If you haven't you should, it is excellent. I think they will do well with it. Remember, Jonathan and Neal are still there, and they wrote on the old stuff too. I think you should give them a chance before you dig their graves.

"I love Steve P and wish things were different 4 years ago, but people make choices. Neal and Jon have the right to a decent career and success, with or without Steve P. I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved and totally support them all, including Steve P!"

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Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
21 February, 2001
"Hello, everyone. Just got a few minutes and thought I'd check out your message board. I received quite a few emails over the weekend regarding the possibility that Steve was releasing a CD next week. Anyway, as someone has already posted here, the CD that CDNow is listing is not from Steve Perry, ex-Journey. It's someone else with the same name.

[For your information], if Steve were getting ready to release a CD, I'm sure he would let people know about it. Sorry I wasn't able to clear this up sooner, but I have been out of town and haven't had much time to check emails.

Glad to read that most people enjoyed [Behind the Music]. Let me tell you from personal experience that those interviews are really rough. VH1 had an incredible amount of material to try and fit into 40 minutes, but I thought they did a good job."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
22 February, 2001
"[To] Steve [Augeri],

Hey bro, its so cool to see you post, I can't wait to see you guys again. I caught your show in Colorado Springs (World Arena) a couple of years ago. What a great show, I have been a Journey fan since the beginning and I was more than excited to see you guys going at it again. I will be at the store the day ARRIVAL hits the shelves and I will be in the front row when you guys come to Denver this summer. Rock on, bro, take care and we'll see ya soon."

Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
23 February, 2001
"I was actually saying [what I said earlier on this forum] with compassion for Steve. The first time i watched it [Behind the Music: Journey], i thought he was so arrogant and uncaring about how his selfishness impacted the band...but this last time i watched it, i found myself feeling sorry for the fact that his beautiful gift may be gone. Why WOULDN'T he be creating and singing music if he were able to? If he thinks about touring everyday (as he said) why isn't he? I am a journey fan and an Augeri fan, that's true, but i was a Perry fan at one point too and still have some feelings about the guy. I get the feeling that his once-perfect voice is no more, and that makes me sad. I love journey with Steve A., but i would still like to hear Perry sing again too. I just do not see it becoming a reality--it would have already."

Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
24 February, 2001
"Well, I've been having a happy time on the new Journey forum...very cool. No reason to get involved in the arguments here.

I am not a musician and I don't live in [San Francisco]...long ways from there!

I haven't really posted a 'review' of [Behind the Music]. I don't know, I guess I didn't really hear/see anything that was 'new' to me...except Perry saying he didn't feel he was part of the band...And, that comment was never really put in context so I don't know what to make of it. The old video at the beginning was really cool to see/hear. I believe I have, or have seen, all of the other video in the show, except for the Augeri bits of course.

So, I guess it was nice to see and hear from the band...But, I was left with a kinda mediocre sorta feeling...There was a ton of stuff that was left out. They could have added a couple more hours to it and probably still not cover EVERYTHING. But, I guess I really feel did not any sense of closure to anything, which is what I wanted. I think Perry's "I never really felt part of the band" comment is just one more thing that is going to linger around Journey/Perry fandom for years...I wish he had never said that.

But, I think it was good for Journey because it is just one more outlet to get the news out about Arrival. Great Augeri video bits...I'm really looking forward to the DVD."

Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
25 February, 2001
"I choose to be a Steve Perry only fan, but I am very disturbed by the attitude that some Perry fans have in hoping the 'New' Journey would fail. What would you do then if the 'New' Journey does not fail? How would you live?

I have decided a long time ago that I love Steve Perry more than I hate Journey. For all of our sakes, and for Steve Perry's too, please wish the 'New' Journey well. Steve Perry does. And he wishes the 'New' Journey well because he wants to go on with his own life."

Listening and waiting in RI
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
26 February, 2001
"To Gina and Steve Augeri

Just got back from our cruise and wanted to mention that Bobbi and I heard 'All The Way' at 4:48am last Sunday, just as we were approaching the airport. Since it was the first time that Bobbi heard the song on radio, it was the best sendoff we could have. once again it was on Lite 105 and there was no mention of the title or the band. If there was anyone else listening at that hour and liked the song, they would have had to call to request information about it. I guess I'll have to start the telephone blitz like you suggested. To all the other posters on this this board, I apologize for breaking the chain of nonsense. I just thought i'd throw in something positive about ahh, let's see now, oh yeah Journey. Thanks for your patience."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
01 March, 2001
"Let me tell ya what, I saw Neal [Schon] with Paul Rodgers, was it '93 or '94 can't remember? It was at the Button South in Hallandale, FL. He and Paul were positively burnin' up the stage, that night! Sorry for the non-Journey content.

As far as Journey content goes, for me, it was the Departure concert, August '80, Providence Civic Center. That did it for me. Absolutely mesmorizing! Man, I was flying high on the scarab, that night. I was hooked on Journey, forever!"

There was no post of the day for March 2 or 3.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat at the Official Journey Website
04 March, 2001
"Linda, I became a fan the 1st minute I heard him sing and have carried the Augeri-flag since. As soon as I heard him in 1999, I began finding out as much as I could about him, buying old CD's and tapes of his..and have managed to get a good collection of "rare" stuff (such as Tyketto live tapes, TS Demo tapes, old concert photos, etc). If you want to see some of the photos click here."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat at the Official Journey Website
05 March, 2001
"I have seen Journey's new lineup 3 times over the last 2 years. I saw the Foreigner deal in june of '99. I was floored each time. There were about 12,000 that showed for the June deal and the place went nuts after Augeri started singing "Separate Ways"...."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat at the Official Journey Website
06 March, 2001
"[Which song is better?] 'Faithfully'.

"Argh, I can't believe I picked the power ballad!

As I've written so many times, [Trial By Fire] never really moved me. I expected so much more after the long hiatus. I thought it was their best produced/recorded CD at the time (Arrival exceeds them all [in my honest opinion]), and I thought many songs were very good--I just didn't feel the energy I thought would have been built up after all that had gone on."

Have a great day all! "

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
12 March, 2001
"[Response to the question 'Which is your favorite Journey song?'] There are so many, but for me it has to be 'Don't Stop Believin'.' I first heard this song when I was in Junior High and it really impacted my life at the time.

Junior high can be such an awful time for so many young kids. You either fit in or you don't. There is no in-between. The song gave me the strength to go on every day by believing in myself, even when it was really hard to do at times.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all personal. Just thought I'd explain my pick."

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Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
14 March, 2001
"Just called to see if I could get on the list to get the new Arrival CD when it comes in a few weeks and the music store didn't even know Journey had a new album coming out. I thought there would be a waiting list on it already or something; but, NO! I mean the guy I spoke with was like totally surprised. Quote: 'Journey has a new album coming out? I didn't know they were making music anymore.' They toured here last summer I think it was. What planet did that guy get off of? Shouldn't it be on the charts or something in these stores about new releases by now?"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
15 March, 2001
"I've been listening to Arrival and Tall Stories so much, [Augeri]'s beginning to sound like only himself. I do hear Rod Stewart influences and Paul Rogers sometimes. Guess more listening is required, eh?"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
16 March, 2001
"Although I am a 'Journey/Perry together' fan, I never followed Perry's solo career (except for Street Talk). After waiting 3 years after Frontiers for a new album, I was disappointed w/ROR and didn't buy it. And since Frontiers, I never bought any other Journey/Perry albums, besides GH. Journey was still a part of my life, but not quite as big as when I was in high school (1980-1984). I did see them on the ROR tour, and am grateful to this day that I did.

"Anyway, when I saw the BTM special, it was informative to me, because I hadn't been following them much through the 90's. Rather than watching it through the rose-colored glasses of a 15-year-old girl, I watched it through the mature eyes of a 35-year-old woman. I WAS interested in the Perry segments, but there were things he said that I didn't agree with, & their were things Neal said that I didn't agree with either. But hey, I'm not them, and they have every right to their own personal feelings.

"When I heard Deen's comment 'it's Steve Perry with a perm' my gut reaction was that it was an insult to Steve Augeiri. It was almost like 'he sounds like Perry, just imagine Perry, & never mind that he's his own individual'. I KNOW that's not what Deen meant, & from all of you he sounds like he is a great guy with a great sense of humor. But that was my initial reaction.

"So I just want to point out, not all of us 'Perry with Journey' fans over-analyze & take offense to everything that 'sounds' like an insult to Perry. Although I still adore him back in the day w/Journey, I see him as a regular person, with things I like and some things that seem like he could have been difficult to get along with (not a Perry slam at all, hey I'm not alwasy the easiest person to get along with either!)

"And even though the Journey years with Perry will always be my favorite, I'm very happy I came to this board! Because of all of you, I am curious about checking out Arrival. Who knows, maybe I am a convert in the making...."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
17 March, 2001
"Nice reminder Journeycat, we should always remember when we post to another fan or the band, that we're all people with feelings here. There is no reason you can't post a disagreeing opinion about anyone or anything, but you can do it with respect and understanding of where that other person is coming from. Besides, you're right--this forum is Journey's. If we are really fans of the band, we should show them respect for letting us be here on their site. Just a thought..."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
18 March, 2001 (First Post)
"[In response to the question 'What's your favorite Journey makeout song?'] How about the whole tape of Frontiers playing on the in dash auto reverse cassette player over and over a few times and never made it to the back seat just stayed in the front. Why move a good thing..."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
18 March, 2001 (Second Post)
"One day in the summer of '89, I was driving my little Datsun around San Francisco- sun roof open, new MTX 16" speakers in the back seat just a blastin' away (2nd year of college, feeling real good, though not very wealthy).

"I made a left turn and found myself heading down Union Square. At a stoplight, my tape deck was blaring "Don't Stop Believin'", my sunglasses on, my head bobbin'.

"I heard this guy shout "TURN THAT S**T OFF," and I look to my left- Lo' and behold it's Neal Schon, yelling at me, this huge grin on his face!

"I did an immediate illegal u-turn, pulled over to the sidewalk and in my excitement stuttered and spit, as I yelled at his wife who was with him "Do You KNOW WHO THIS IS? I Picked up my first guitar because of this guy!!!"

"I stammered my way through a discussion, and the whole time Neal's just laughing at me. Too funny... What a great memory."

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Steve Augeri
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
20 March, 2001
"It wasn`t until the middle of our next tour with Foriegner that the song took on a more deeper and somber meaning.

"During 'Vacations Over',we were in South Carolina and the family of a very sick fan had contacted the band and wondered if we could visit thier daughter in the hospital. Journey was her favorite band and this might lift her spirits. I myself was battling bronchitis at the time but the rest of the guys not hesitating, jumped in a car like a bunch of knights in shining armor and went to the girls bedside. Due to her condition (and mine) I passed along a 'rosary ring' on a chain, given to me by one of my sisters-in-law to bring me good luck while on the road, in place of my visit.

"Well, sadly, this young soul passed later that year but not without leaving an impression on us and the younger children in her ward. She was said to be very inspirational to the other kids and unselfishly helped them deal with their illnesses while combating her very own.

"Well to bring an end to this story, her parents presented each band member with a framed letter thanking them for taking the time to visit and for bringing their daughter a little joy before she passed.

"The letter simply closed...

" '...until we meet again in heaven.' "

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
21 March, 2001
"[Regarding 'Living To Do'] I listened to this a few times today. What a tremendous song! Neal is absolutely amazing. It must be quite emotional and a powerful for him to play given what the song represents to him. Steve Augeri does a great job with it and certainly gets down in the gutter with the vocals. It's a down and dirty song but in a positive kind of way. Know what I mean? I cannot see anyone but Steve A. doing that song justice from a vocals standpoint. That song really hits home for me."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
22 March, 2001
"['What's your favorite song?'] Definately 'I'LL BE ALRIGHT WITHOUT YOU'

there'll be someone else
I keep telling myself...."

"LOVE THAT SONG TO DEATH...(I'll play it at my funeral...just cause its great!)"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
23 March, 2001
" 'Loved By You' represents the unconditional and endless sensitivity, sincerity, humbleness and gratitude that accompany true love. It's in the heartwarming lyrics, Steve's voice, and all the passionate voices that each band member gives his instrument. I can't think of any other song that grabs me quite like this one does. My goal has been to try to duplicate its emotion in my own lyrics. I've come close but haven't quite reached 'Journey perfection' in my eyes. However, I did receive a recorded evaluation from a professional songwriter at my songwriters' association, which basically said, 'Wonderful, beautiful...Oh, Diane, this is just lovely. Please send the music, if you have it.' So here I sit with these 'lovely lyrics' and NO music, listening to 'Loved By You'."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
24 March, 2001
"After looking at Journey's message board on the VH1 website, this 'official' message board, Back Talk, is definitely a breath of fresh air. It was so pleasant seeing so many positive posts about Journey and the support given to Steve A. All I experienced on VH1 was negativity from Perry-only fans who will all be missing out on one great tour this summer. One person went as far as predicting the album and tour would be 'dead on arrival'. I am glad there are still Journey fans out there with open minds."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
26 March, 2001
"This is a special thanks To Jon Cain, If it were not for Him I would never have bought My Yamaha clavanova keyboard!!!!! After only a few years of hard work I can play songs like 'Faithfully', 'Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin', 'Open Arms', 'Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)', 'Don't Stop Belivin',' and now I'm learning 'Feeling that Way'. thanks again Jon! I owe it all to you. I even Played at COBO Hall in Detroit, Michigan! All thanks to Jon Cain (and Evola Music)!"

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Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
29 March, 2001
"Debcast, Journey is the band I grew up with. I had the pics on my wall, stickers on my notebooks, and everything. Steve Perry was the voice that drew me to the music, but it was the songs that kept me. As a Journey fan of 20+ years, I'm glad that I have new Journey music to listen to. The songs still bring out the same feelings in me. I definitely respect your opinion, and I'm glad you've given them a chance."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
30 March, 2001
"I think the most exciting is the final few minutes before they come on stage--when the warm up music stops, the lights go out and you know they're coming. I literally jump up and down and scream my head off every single time. The other exciting thing for me is watching the crowd reaction and watching thousands of people who I know are not on this board worship Journey. Makes me proud."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
31 March, 2001
"I was justing driving into Seattle and the DJ on 95.2 KLSY (Anna D) was saying that up next she would be playing 'Faithfully' by Journey. She then announced that Journey would be playing at the Gorge in August without Steve Perry. Then she made a disappointed groan. So I grabbed my phone and called her up. Here is the conversation:

Me: Hi Anna, I just heard you announce the Journey concert at the Gorge in August without Steve Perry. I just wanted you to know that I have seen the new Journey 3 times with the new lead singer Steve Augeri and they are fantastic!!!!

Anna: What is the new guy's name?

Me: Steve Augeri. (I told her that I flew to Reno in Nov. and was able to meet the band and what a great show they put on and how I am a huge Steve Perry fan but Steve A. fills some big shoes and does justice to the Steve Perry songs.) I said: I think you should tell your listeners to give the new lineup a chance and that they won't be disappointed.

Anna: You just did!

Me: I'll be there at the Gorge. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Anna: Maybe I can meet you there

Me: That would be fun! Would you be able to play "All the Way" so we could all hear the new stuff by Journey.

Anna: I don't think we have it yet but I'll check on it and see what we can do. (She's not the program director.) I will tell management that we are getting requests for the new Journey. Then she said, 'Well you heard it from Angie that we should all go see Journey with the new singer Steve Augeri.'

PS When I called the station last night, they told me that All the Way is being played after 1:00am, What's up with that? But they are having the salletite broadcast on April 4th or 5th. I think we are finally making some progress with KLSY Radio!

I can't believe that I forgot to mention the new CD will be out April 3rd. (oops am I bad.)"



Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
1 April, 2001
"Yep, my 13 year old ran in here and said 'Mom, Journey has a new album!', my answer was 'Yes, I know'. 'Mom the new album is called "Arrival" and it has "Higher Place" and "All The Way' on it!' Again, 'yes, Joel I know.'

"But I'm glad someone finally got his attention!

"I'm so glad it's on TV.

"Missed the BTM again, watched 'Return of the Titians'. What a movie!"

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Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
3 April, 2001
"Hey Everybody--Just bought Arrival today and I am pleasantly surprised! I always knew Deen was a monster drummer and plays great on the album and Steve sounds great too...he sounds enough like Mr. Perry that I think he will please the older fans but yet has a bit of his own style too. I've been an on and off fan of these guys and thought Trial by Fire was a bit too watered-down. My heart lies with the tri-fecta of Infinity, Evolution and Departure and to a lesser extent Escape. Then the band got to "sappy" for my tastes...still some good songs during that period I won't deny. Seeing the VH1 special piqued my interest in the new album. You knew these guys weren't going to have just anybody in the band. The "Behind the Music" thing was very enlightening for me in alot of ways and also left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth at the same time. I enjoyed it but also sense a power stuggle between Steve Perry and Neil Schon. Too bad...but Arrival is enjoyable nonetheless."

Jeff G
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
4 April, 2001
"Today was the first time I heard ANY of the new songs (except for the BTM clips). I am listening to [Arrival] at work for the 4th time in a row, can't wait to take it home and blow out my speakers! LOL. All I have to say is, ITS ABOUT TIME! I've been waiting for a CD like this since Frontiers. Journey put the ROCK back in 'Rock'N'Roll band'.

"P.S. I own ROR & TBF and like them, but my favorite Journey is Journey that rocks!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
5 April, 2001
"['Signs of Life'] is a great song. This is a song of redemption, showing the one leaving that the one being left is able to carry on with life. This is a good change from a lot of other tunes that leave you feeling depressed because of someone who's hurt you. Rather, this song gives you hope for what can be instead of feeling sorry for yourself for what could have been.

"Live life and light the fuse."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
6 April, 2001
"Hey, I am touchy about ballads too. I mean, it has to be the right music behind it, something very dramatic and moving in the background of sappy love blah blah. Is 'Kiss Me Softly' a ballad? I don't know, I thought it was a very moving and lusty song. Love it. However, I really DON'T like 'All the Way'. Too commercial sounding for my taste. Just reminds me of the stuff Aerosmith has been churning out to get mass sales.

"That said, I think Arrival is a fantastic CD. There are one or two songs that I dont really care for, but there's two that I can't get enough of MONUMENTAL Journey songs. And on top of that, most of them I really like to listen to. what I really like about it is that it's NOT the same style as all the other Journey CDs. It has a groovier feel, a newer...ah...personality. But still sounds like Journey music."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
7 April, 2001
"Yes I agree [that as long as Neal is in the band, Journey will live forever]. I get a lot of grief for saying this, but I'll say it again: Journey is Neal Schon's baby, and as long as Neal is here, Journey will not die--obviously, because Neal has resurrected Journey now after the Perry thing happened....

"I still believe Neal will respect the legacy of what Journey and its music is all about, and in part because of that, he chose Steve Augeri... I also believe that as long as Neal Schon is in this band, there will always be a Journey, no matter who else is along for the ride...."

D.C. Livin'
Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
9 April, 2001
"I'm liking ARRIVAL more and more with every listen. I must say, I think this is about the best possible album we could get from Journey at this point. It really does have a lot of the feel of their older material--and a diverse mix of songs like you'd get on their past albums (i.e., the ballads, the heavy rock tunes, the bluesy rock tunes, the classy instrumental segues, etc.) What's the best thing about this cd? That's easy. It's the leads of Neal Schon. If one thing has stayed consistently great in this band over the years, it's this man's guitar playing. But there is also some great songwriting here, and Steve Augeri does do a terrific job on vocals. BTW, is the "Blades" in the songwriting credits Jack Blades of Night Ranger/Damn Yankees? If so, that disturbs me a bit. Neal should have just written with Cain and Augeri as far as I'm concerned. I hope the band moves even further to capture that old Journey sound (pure, without interference) on their next one."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
13 April, 2001
"Just wanted to explain the above quickly, its not a bad thing in fact it was very enjoyable. After getting out of the Navy in January of 1996 that summer my Mother-in-law wanted to take my wife and me out to go see a concert. My wife and she enjoy country music. I listen to some of it (expanding my tastes I call it), but always listen to Journey and hard rock. Anyway it was the Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill tour that they ended up getting together on (thats what--3 little togethers they've gotten on now?)!!! Anyway I was more intrested in hearing Faith sing because she has one of the better sounding country vocals in my opinon. During her set she said that she wanted to perform a song from her favorite band. One that has held a place in her heart for years. Oh boy, she's dusting off country classics, I thought to myself. Just then I heard a piano on stage hit some very damn familiar keys and she said "This song is called OPEN ARMS!" I think it was the most amusing thing, I was the only person to scream out. It startled my wife, my Mother-in-law, and the dozen country fans around me. I just wanted to say that after that the rest of the night was made. By the way she sang a fantastic rendition of the song and would've made us all proud."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
14 April, 2001
"I have seen Journey in concert (Frontiers '83), also I have seen their Frontiers concert video and the VH1 Journey BTM and I would have to say it would be very cool I think to hang out with Ross, he seems to be the happiest guy out on stage, he also seems to have the best sense of humor, definitely the fun guy! Hey Ross.... you rule!"

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
21 April, 2001
"I of course Respect your guys opinions, but I can't get through Trial by Fire. Second side is slower than a new age ocean sounds album LOL.... The majority of the album sounds forced, and sounds like 5 separate musicians, not 1 band. I also don't think any song on the album sounds like Classic Journey.... I do enjoy "One More", "Still She Cries", "Can't Tame the Lion" and "I can see it in your eyes". Bottom line, when I see Journey on a cd cover, I want to hear Journey. Arrival does it for me, but I am in the minority....

"Aside from "When You Love a Woman", both albums bombed for radio play, but I will have to admit that TBF, while not selling a lot, is trouncing the unfortunately nosediving Arrival sales....
"The comment about the robbed solos from "Who's Cryin' Now" and "When You Love a Woman" is valid--although neither are identical. However, "Message of Love" (very poor song in my opinion) robbed "Separate Ways" even more blatantly...."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
22 April, 2001
"I predict that Columbia Records will release "Loved by you" to ac radio sometime in the near future and it will crack the top 20, maybe even higher. This is a potentially MONSTER hit. I would put it up against any ballad that JOURNEY has ever done as well as any of the top ac singles that are out there. The depth and mood of that song will stir the soul (if you let it)."

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Originally posted on the Steve Perry Forum
27 April, 2001
"Last night on 'Just Shoot Me', David Spade's character, 'Finch', said that his favorite power ballad song was 'Open Arms' by Journey!!"
"I saw that too! They were also mentioned on MTV a couple of days ago on that show 'MTV Cribs'. They were at the house of the drummer for Foo Fighters and he was going through his cd collection looking for his (I can't remember the exact word he used, I want to say "cheesiest") cd that he owned and the first one he said was Journey and the drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers was there also and he said Journey was cool."

There was no post of the day for April 28 or 29.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
30 April, 2001
"From Kevin Shirley....

"The wedding of Neal and Amber Schon was a blast - decidely alcoholic - and immense fun! Jon Cain played all the walk-in music on an acoustic piano, and after a really cool non-denominational ceremony, Steve Augeri joined him and sang 'With Your Love', a ballad from the new Journey album, and another tune. Then it was party time - and the speeches were hysterical - Ross Valory, ever the clown, was in his own class, and Jon Cain was moving and eloquent as always! The open bar was never shy of attendance, and I even saw tea-totaller Jack Blades tipping a dram to the gorgeous couple - and they looked great! Amber is gorgeous, and Neal has never looked better, looking twenty years younger than his well lived age, and after he got up and jammed with the band - which totally smoked - is playing like he's on fire! Narada Michael Walden, who was a hoot, got behind the drum kit for a jam, and was soooo groovy - he's a seriously mean drummer! He stopped me in the dining room with "You .... you ..... you're the guy that makes the bands record their songs all together, and they have to get the take, and you don't take any **** - man, nice to meet you!", to which I replied "thanks", but was thinking "I don't have to take this from someone who's only sold a couple of hundred million albums, and you wears goofier coats than me!" (that's a joke, guys!). Then we danced and partied and had a lot of fun, interrupted only by quick group sojurns down to the main bar for group tequila shots, which had my bar bill at just over $700, but I guess I'm just lucky I didn't have to cough up for a new liver!"



Msherm from little Rhody
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
02 May, 2001
"A live recording of 'Separate Ways' is currently in the rotation on Rhode Island's biggest rock station. The live track features the new line up with [Steve Augeri]. For those of you who wondered if [Augeri] could really live up to the live vocal style and power of [Steve Perry], the answer is yes!! [Augeri] has a great voice, and the new album is definately full of those great Journey songs I grew up with. [Augeri] isn't [Perry], but he's the next best thing...and I can't wait to see them live this summer!! With [Augeri], the band will definately journey 'into the future!!' "

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
03 May, 2001
"I finally heard 'All the Way' on the local radio station here in Central NJ. It was on Magic 98.3 WMGQ which plays lite music. Between breaks the DJ mentioned it was the new Journey song from the new Arrival CD and that they would be performing at the PNC Bank Arts Center on 6/29."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
04 May, 2001
"Well, after giving Arrival 3 stars out of 5 (which is very good for new material in AMG) there is finally a litle review.

"I found the review unsatisfiying and very very incomplete because it does not talk about how the album is, but prefers to compare Augeri with Perry and other things like that.

"Here is the review:

" 'Journey was formed originally as a vehicle for Neal Schon's guitar pyrotechnics, but after five years the band sought out a lead singer to give them mainstream pop appeal, and Steve Perry did that, helping them to a string of seven consecutive multi-platinum albums before the band broke up in 1987. A 1996 reunion put them back in the winners' circle with Trial by Fire, but Perry then bowed out for health reasons, putting Journey in the sticky position of recruiting a new lead singer. (Drummer Steve Smith has also been replaced by Deen Castronovo, formerly of Bad English.) They chose a soundalike, Steve Augeri, which suggests that they are more concerned with recreating their hits in concert than in making new music. A group of Journey's vintage always risks sounding like a copy band of itself, and Arrival, the first full-length album with Augeri, realizes that danger. The singer doesn't quite have Perry's smooth, flowing tenor, but he's close enough so that much of the time, especially in big arrangements, he can fool you, though at unadorned moments on ballads he sounds different. When he's not singing, the music is even more like Journey, with Schon's soaring leads supported by Jonathan Cain's bright keyboards in typical arena rock arrangements. It's hard to argue that the generalized romantic sentiments that make up the lyrics, here contributed by a variety of people including Augeri and Cain's wife, are any worse than Perry's, but Perry sang his words with more feeling than Augeri does. So, the new Journey turns out to be a half-step back to the old (make that the old, old Journey -- pre-Perry, when Schon ruled).

" 'Odds are, that will be a more difficult sell at record stores, though Augeri's similarity to Perry means that the concert revenues shouldn't suffer. -- William Ruhlmann, AMG.'

"Well I like the passage 'when Schon ruled', and the 'It's hard to argue that the generalized romantic sentiments that make up the lyrics...are any worse than Perry's,' is very funny, but I don't like that review much."

Precious Time
05 May, 2001
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
"I've been sittin' back and reading all these posts ever since I heard Journey was gonna make the comeback. I have Arrival and every other album (LP's before there were CD's) that Journey has produced. Let's just say I still have mixed emotions about the new release. Don't get me wrong I think it's a great record. I just think it might take a record or two for the band to get in a groove with the new members (and figure out what kids today want to hear).

"However, I just picked up my tickets to the show on June 22 - about 20 rows back, stage left. I'm stoked. I haven't been to a live show in years and being an old radio guy, this is the first show I have paid for since college (Rush-worth every penny too). "

"Anyway, I expect I'll pass judgement then. Like I said, I have mixed emotions with the change in personnel. I'm hopeful that I'll hear the old classics with a new twist or two, but I look forward to hearing the new stuff too.

"I'll let you know how the show turns out."

"It's great to have you with us. You have the heart and attitude of a devoted Journey fan. I know those mixed emotions far too well, and I commend you for your honesty. However, I can almost guarantee that you'll be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself surrounded by Journey's dependable magic and completely mesmerized by the current lineup this summer. Enjoy!"

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
07 May, 2001
"I think it's great to see [Jonathan Cain] out from behind the Whale too. I watched the DirectV tape last night with msdrums (our kid hid from the loud music in his room rolling his eyes and going 'there they go *again*'). I just love it when Jon is bopping around waving his arms too. This is going to be a great tour! (and a great vhs/dvd too).

"Don't Stop Believin'."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
12 May, 2001
"Just read one of Steve's comments on Melodicrock: " 'As time goes by, I think by the next record, I think we're going to get it...' "Don't know whether anyone else felt like this, but I've had this unsettling concern about the possibility of losing Journey's music again. "Buying tickets to several shows, traveling fair distances to concerts, and yes, even joining the fan club are all firsts for me and driven by a bittersweet concern that this tour might be my last chance to see the band and hear this amazing music live." "So, with this little gem, perhaps I/we can rest easy ?" "P.S. Steve--believe me, you guys have already 'got it'!"

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Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
18 May, 2001
"Let's start over, bashing aside. I know many Journey fans don't like Raised on Radio but I love almost every song on it. I missed Steve Smith's and Ross's thunder rhythm section sound, but something about Neal's leads and Steve's singing kinda changed. Kinda more like rock fusion, and soul in that one. I wish I had that type of sound back. I've been listening to 'Higher Place'. It rocks, though I have to admit I'd like to hear Perry sing it so I can see Augeri's style and Perry's stand out from one another. I'd also like to hear Augeri sing some classics, like 'Do You Recall'. I remember when Perry hit that high note and it brought chills up my spine. Try listening to Raised on Radio's 'I'll Be Alright Without You' and listen to the lead at the end as well as the backing and lead vocals. Perry's got nice ballads with Cain and Schon got the rock power fusion drive. I love that mix. Progressive Steve Perry? Hummm...I would have to point to earlier albums or weird songs like 'Rubicon'. not a popular song, but damn kewl. Sometimes the best stuff is hidden in an album. I'd have to admit even though I want Perry back in Journey, I'd say no one fits the front than Augeri besides Perry. I have to say when I was going to voice lessons in college Journey was where I got my inspiration. I cant wait till they come around. Also there up there in the 40th best selling album I think and growing."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
20 May, 2001
"Yesterday's Results: 'Hopelessly In Love'--58/'I'm Not That Way'--7

" 'Why Can't This Night Go On Forever' VS 'When I Think Of You': I'll Go With WCTNGOF."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
21 May, 2001
"Check out this music video manny of u have...

takes about 5 min to load."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
23 May, 2001
"After today's comments, it's obvious Howard likes Neal. Plus, someone called in and gave Gary a totally false version of why Perry is out of the band. Neal should call, say hi, set the record straight and plug Arrival. Howard may even invite the band to come in and play. I think it would be a good move, regardless of everyone's personal opinion of Howard Stern. That's not really the point."

Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
24 May, 2001
"Let me ask you something. What kind of line-up does it take to call it Journey? Kick out Neal is it Journey? If it is, how about kicking out the founder, Ross. Ross wasn't on Raised on Radio and they still called it Journey. Gregg was replaced by Cain, is Cain journey? Kick out Steve it's still Journey. So what if, we got rid of Neal and replaced him with a person that sounded just like him, is it still Journey with Perry, Cain, Valory and Smith? The question is what makes Journey? Is The Storm Journey? Is Bad English Journey? Stick Steve Augeri in Bad English it would be Journey right, cuz it sounds alot like Steve Perry. How confusing isn't it? Alot of people of different forums refer to Augeri as a 'Replacement.' does that make the band almost as good? Some say it's better, does that make Perry not as good? When the band was Perry, Schon and Cain no one called it, 'The new Journey.' All this makes a good argument. There are mixed feelings about this change. The more I listen to the CD of Arrival the more I wish I never heard of Perry to begin with, cuz now that I know what the band was, it's hard to look at them now and say, 'It's them'. Steve A is awesome, I wish I had him in my band. :-) Tell ya the truth, I don't know the official definition of Progressive, I guess I just know. I would imagine that Progressive is a mix of different styles, Journey has one style and Arrival is a perfect example. They haven't changed since the old days and then with Perry, they didn't change and now they're trying to mix old with new with Augeri. This is only my thoughts, of course I respect others."

Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Steve Perry Bulletin Board
25 May, 2001
"This morning I was driving to work and heard a local radio station say that Journey tickets go on sale tomorrow for an upcoming show. They talked about Journey's popularity and what an exciting show it would be. After the short spill about the ticket sale they led into a 'Journey' song which was 'Separate Ways'. They talked about Steve P and what an extraordinary performer and artist he is (true! true! true!). However, what bothered me was the fact that they didn't mention that Steve A. would be the one giving his rendition of 'Seperate Ways' and not Steve P. The song they played featured Steve P not Steve A; was that not an oxymoron? Who were they considering to be Journey? The ones coming in concert or the one who sang 'Separate Ways' this morning. I wish these radio stations would differentiate between the two! How is that going to hurt Steve P if and when he decides to make a reappearance. I'm Steve P all the way and I would like him given the credit he is so rightfully due!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
26 May, 2001
"For me, being at a Journey concert truly paints 'a rainbow of emotions'. The music allows me to relive the experiences that have reinforced the incomparable meaning and value of all the smiles and tears life has presented to me. As I glance at the nameless faces that surround me, I see and feel the disappointment, heartache, inspiration, elation, comfort and tranquility that these experiences have introduced me to. I become aware that I'm not alone, as I discover that these people share my respect for the Journey legacy and the decency of love and life, expressed in the music, which has made us all faithful, uncompromising and grateful Journey fans. I realize that these nameless friends have learned the same lessons that life has taught me and are aware that there are still several more left to learn. The music is the adhesive that bonds us together and with every song, comes a valuable memory, lesson and emotion. Each band member has a powerful and soothing voice which bares his heart and soul, as it touches ours with the smiles and tears that he knows so well.

"When I leave the concert, I feel understood, nourished, rejuvenated, hopeful and at peace with myself and my life. Even after the music is silenced, causing us and the band members to disperse and fade into the night, the warm feelings that we shared remain with me and fill me with an unequaled appreciation for the success, happiness, love, tribulations, failure and suffering I've known during my life. No other band can offer me the variety of feelings and emotional fulfillment that I receive from Journey. Whenever I need to renew the magic of, I pop in one of their CDs, enabling the night to go on forever.

"Please feel free to express your thoughts. IMO, it will strengthen the bond that exists between us and make every future concert even more meaningful and rewarding than we already know it will be. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, everybody!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
27 May, 2001
"I don't think Perry's absence has a lot to do with Arrival sales. What I've been wondering lately is how much NAPSTER has hurt Arrival's sales. The entire CD minus 2 songs was available on Napster for a long time. Only us diehards would buy the US version just for 2 extra songs. I guess we'll find out when they do their NEXT album and keep it off of Napster and other music 'sharing' sites how well it will really sell."

There was no Post of the Day for May 28-29.

Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
30 May, 2001
"SHARE THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC WITH JOURNEY, PETER FRAMPTON, VH1.COM AND MUSICIANS ON CALL! Peter Frampton has generously donated a pair of great tickets and a chance for a preshow meet & greet for all 50 dates of Frampton & Journey's US Tour. Proceeds from the ticket auction on will help Musicians On Call to continue its mission of using music to promote and complement the healing process in healthcare facilities as well as raise awareness of the beneficial effects of music and entertainment for people in healthcare facilities. The winning bid amount, less the face value of the tickets, will be tax deductible! Go to's Shop and Auction ( for more info and to place a bid. For more information about this auction or Musicians On Call, please contact Chris Tullis at KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR GREAT TICKETS IN YOUR AREA!"

Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
31 May, 2001
"I know how some of you all feel. Some of my favorite bands have changed lead singers and it's frustrating that it can't be the way it was. Why can't they all get along? But that's just part of being a band which is like a marriage. Sometimes it's just best to go your separate ways. But the band must go on. I love Arrival and it sounds like Journey to me, even more than Trial By Fire with Perry. Don't get me wrong, I miss Perry too. I've been in love with him for 20 years, but life's to short to keep bickering and crying about it. Listen to's an awesome cd. And Kudos to the band for moving on and giving their fans what they want to hear...the best music possible!"



There was no Post of the Day for June 1-6.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
7 June, 2001
"I agree that 'Against The Wall' is a great song. It's too bad that that the album that Steve [Perry] had recorded at that time had to be shelved due to Sony's takeover of CBS Records. I'm just glad that Steve was able to share it with his fans in a 'Greatest Hits' package."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
8 June, 2001
"I just developed pictures from El Paso and not one picture of Deen turned out. I took quite a few, and he was actually goofing around and posing for the camera. Looks like the reflection from the barrier around his drum set caused the distortion.

"Well, my heartbreak is certainly lessened by having the chance to meet him backstage, become speechless by his comments, and by his kind generosity of signing one of his drumsticks for me. Hope others will be able to get some good pictures to share.

"BTW future concert-goers, if you get too caught up in the excitement to really listen to and watch Deen, especially on 'To Be Alive Again', you're really missing something that defies description."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
9 June, 2001
"I walked into Tower Records in NE Phila. the other night and was pleasantly greeted with 'Nothing Comes Close' blaring over the store sound system. They had Arrival playing in shuffle mode, with the album case displayed under the 'now playing' sign. Actually I had gone in to try and get a copy of 'The Journey Continues' that I had seen there the other day, but, of course, it was gone, along with the several Japanese Arrivals they had a few days earlier. Should've pulled the trigger when I had the chance, though I'm sure it will show up again. Additionally, Arrival was displayed in the 'Hot Sellers' section. The Tower Pulse magazine had an ad featuring Arrival as part of their big sale with a picture of the album. Also in the ad were Frontiers, Escape, and Greatest Hits. Me, I treated myself to a cassette of the remastered Infinity for the car, so as not to leave empty-handed. I left to the soothing sounds of 'Kiss Me Softly' over the system... Tower is definitely in Journey's corner."

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
10 June, 2001
"For Steve: Okay, I don't know if you get a chance to read this board while on tour, but I hope someone who can relay this message to you does. I just saw the setlist from the San Antonio show & saw that you did 'If He Should Break Your Heart'. I've been dying to hear this song live. So if you could find it in your heart to slip it into one of these shows, 7/4, 7/6, 7/20 or 7/28, I would be forever grateful!!!! Also, if it isn't asking too much, couldya slip 'Kiss Me Softly' into one of those shows too. I'm not asking too much now, am I??? Seriously, can't wait to see you again, no matter what's on the setlist!!!!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
11 June, 2001
[In response to Journey's Houston Flood Donations]: "You see! This is another reason why I LOVE THIS BAND! They are also environmentally conscious!! HUGS TO Y'ALL!!!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
12 June, 2001
"This morning on the Mark & Brian show (I listen to KLOS-L.A.) Gregg [Rolie] was praised to the high heavens for his new CD. Mark and Brian talked about his Santana roots, Journey, and how he rocks big time. They want to bring him on their show to perform! Wouldn't this be great? Will let you know if I hear more!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
13 June, 2001
"I'm new and just wanted to drop a line to say hi! I'm 27 and have been a fan since I was 10 (thanks to my older brother who was and is a huge fan). I am a HUGE Neal Schon fan. I truly feel he is the most talented and diverse guitar player out there!"

"I'm kind of bummed I didn't find this site earlier. I actually live in Las Vegas and was at the Junefest concert. Wish I would have known there were so many other faithful fans out there also!"

"Anyway...just wanted to say how happy I am to have found this special place! I'm sure I'll be posting more as time goes by!"
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
14 June, 2001
"Hi Ross!

"Nice to know you take time from the road to visit our forums. From the reports I've read you seem doing pretty well with the beginning of this tour. I'm actually trying my best to have some vacation this summer and flying to the west coast to see some Journey shows (Portland, Mountain View, LA, San Bernardino...). And I'm still hoping for that European Tour next Fall. Is there any truth in the current rumors about Journey coming to tour Europe next Fall?"

"Btw I really love the two STORM CDs, even if they were very difficult to find for a frenchman, LOL. Now I'm looking for your other solo stuff!"

"Keep on rockin' Mr. Valory! See you on the road I hope.

"Greetings from France."

Fred the Journeyman
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
15 June, 2001
"I'm not at all uncomfortable talking about Perry here. What makes me frustrated is (and this happens all too frequently) when a Perry subject is brought up, irrespective of how well it starts, it will almost always degenerate into something that simply brings out the ill-will in folks toward Perry.

"There are a TON of topics I steer clear of on this forum either due to lack of interest on my part or because I simply do not wish to get into something that is going to cause me to become frustrated or angry.

"I believe it was Doni (correct me if I'm wrong) who said that if a subject doesn't interest a person, maybe they should simply stay away from it. Good advice.

"I also think, in fairness to the 'regulars' here who have been around for a while, that their frustration toward Perry has to do with their desire to ensure that Steve Augeri is not on the receiving end of any negative fallout from the Perry-related discussion. There are some Perry fans who have come to this forum and on their very first couple of posts have made extremely outlandish statements which have been slaps in the face to Augeri, so I can understand why the reaction to these posts is swift.

"Overall, I don't mind the occasional Perry-related thread, but I have yet to see one that stays positive. I'd like to talk more about Steve Smith as well, but I'm not sure how to do it without it possibly turning into a 'comparison to Deen' type of discussion, which would not be my intent, but I can see that happening because of the way some might respond."

There was no Post of the Day for June 16.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
17 June, 2001
"Happy Father's all the Journey dads!!!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
18 June, 2001
"Click [here] amd check out this Journey Flash movie. I am not through with it yet, as I will be polishing it up and adding sound to it as well. Some of the Text moves a little too fast, so I need to slow it down. It may take a bit to load but, hopefully you will think that it is worth it."

Lynn "Feathers"
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
19 June, 2001
"I live in Connecticut, and today for the first time I actually heard a D.J. mention Journey...granted it was after they played 'Open Arms' with Steve Perry...but he did mention that Perry is no longer with Journey...he said the new lead singer sounds amazingly like Perry...kind of a backhanded complement...since he never mentioned Augeri's name!

"I have never heard any Arrival tunes played on a Connecticut station! Just the old stuff...don't know what its gonna take!"

There was no Post of the Day for June 20-23.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
24 June, 2001
"Do you find yourself mezmorized by the band??? I often find myself just looking at or starring at what they are doing and sometimes don't even sing that much.

"I remember watching SA on the Vacation's Over tour. I had so much anxiety over the fact that this guy was going to replace Perry, then he banged out the first line of SW's and it was gone. I stood starstruck the rest of the night going Wooooooooow!!!!! This guy is awesome....

"I knew he was great with TS's, but I did have my reservation's about him doing Journey."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
25 June, 2001
"Maybe this has been brought up before. If so, sorry. I missed it.

"At the very end of 'Nothin' Comes Close', there is a very obscure comment from one of the band members. I have listened to Arrival many times in the car, but never picked up on this until I finally listened to it on headphones this weekend. It's hard to pick up at regular volumes because there is a loud guitar chord and a noticeable 'Yeah, baby' comment. But, here is what I am hearing at the very end of the song after the music ends:

" 'those red leather pants...[guitar chord]...make me crazy...yeah, baby...

"It seems like the fans aren't the only ones interested in Steve's attire. Has anybody else heard this?

"If this has been rehashed already, just slap me and I'll go back in my hole."

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Alibabe took over as Post of the Day Editor effective June 29.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
29 June, 2001
"After what seems like an eternity, I will finally get to see my favorite band live!! I tried to go to the show 2 yrs ago, but the show sold out before i could get my tix. Needless to say i was heartbroken. Then the news came that journey was going on tour and coming back to Houston...I got my tix the day they went on sale this time!! Then came the great flood!!!! I was ready to get myself a boat in order to make it to the woodlands, then heartbreak...the show is cancelled. My guys came through though, they added us on to the end of the tour and are donating proceeds from the August 22 show to flood victims. Journey is definitely a class act!! This for me is 16 yrs in the making and I just hope I can hold out til August!!! You guys are the best!!! I love y'all!!! 'Til august, take care and God bless!!!!!!

P.S. The new album is great!! 'Lifetime of Dreams' is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!"

There was no Post of the Day for June 30.



There was no Post of the Day for July 1-4.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
05 July, 2001
" '[World Gone Wild]' kicks ass! It's the most ROCKIN' song since 'Separate Ways'/'Edge of the Blade'. Neil goes off at the end! I've noticed in past 'edits' for radio, the 1st thing they delete is the guitar solo and this would ruin the song, at least for me. Last I heard, they were releasing 'With Your Love' as the next single. The ballads are more appealing to a cross-section of radio stations I guess. I personally think 'Lifetime of Dreams' would have been a better choice."

There was no Post of the Day for July 6.

Dream, After Dream
Originally posted on the Back Talk--Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
07 July, 2001
"After 16 years of avidly pursuing any music with your names attached to it, I finally got a chance to see your live show. You really hit a homerun here in Boston. Everyone was talking about it on the way to the exits. The combination of your musicality (is there anyone doing that as well as you gents right now?) and your enthusiasm are simply overwhelming. I haven't seen a show at the Tweeter Center like that in a long time. The crowd LOVED you.

"The new material is fantastic. If you do some dates at smaller venues to stretch out a bit, I'd love to hear more of the new album. I'm a longtime admirer of John Waite's work and you might have even made a Peter Frampton fan out of me as well. Great selection on your touring partners!"

There was no Post of the Day for July 8.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
09 July, 2001
"Well, I went to the Hartford show --121 mile drive, longest I ever went to exclusively go to a concert.

I've come to a conclusion about music reviewers for most papers. These are people who really like music but, let's face it, can't seem to get a job either REALLY in the industry or anywhere else.

They see a group like Journey (Styx is another good example) and, quite frankly they pan the shows for one of two reasons:

1) They are bored with an older style of music.

2) They are jealous of the continued success of the musicians (especially if they don't like the style).

Without going into a huge rant, anyone who writes a review of, say, Eminem and uses anything complimentary should be immediately disqualified from reviewing anything outside that 'genre'.

I would certainly take the word of Journey fans over a newspaper reviewer. If I had heard on boards like these that Journey was putting on a disappointing show, then I would have been much more reticent to go.

The rave reviews I have read, I now feel were justified since going to the Hartford show on Saturday.

My opinion? Let these so-called reviewers fester in their petty jealousies. My only regret is that somebody might actually take them seriously."

Editor's Note: JRNYDV himself was at the Hartford show, where the JRNYDV license plate was often on camera (he being in the front row). Look for a complete review of the Hartford show, as well as the Holmdel, NJ show, in the days to come.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--Dixie Highway page at the Official Journey Website
10 July, 2001
"I'm just sad that my Journey concert experience is over (for this tour, anyway). I just recently saw them 3 AMAZING times--Scranton, PA, Saratoga and Jones Beach, NY--and now it's like I don't know what to do with myself! I had been looking forward to the shows for soooooo long, and now my 'Party's Over'! I just want to know if anyone else is suffering/has suffered from this HORRIBLE post-concert depression? Any ideas on how to get through it?

Editor's Note: Hang in there Buddy, we feel your pain.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
11 July, 2001
"I was always so afraid to even MENTION Journey pre-Perry....

"When I bought the Time boxed set and heard 'Of A Lifetime'--I sorta went 'WHOAAAA....what is THIS?!?!?!' hearing an entirely different side of Journey...and LOVING it!

"When I was in Manhattan that next spring, I bought Journey and Next. Coincidentally, I was just in New York City again last week, and I bought Look Into The Future. Although a lot of the album hasn't really got me hooked yet, I am ASTOUNDED by the title track. I think it's phenomenal. And, in true Journey fashion, the song appeared at a very timely moment in my life.

"I REALLY like the first Journey album...Next is still pretty good, with songs like 'Spaceman' and 'Here We Are'--ooh and 'Nickel & Dime'--but I have to admit I hate most of the lyrics on that album.

"I just wrote a review of Journey at the other day--I had to vent! So if you want, you can hear a bit more of what I think about it. In about a week I'll do one for Look Into the Future--I haven't given it a fair enough chance yet."

A long time Journey Fan
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
12 July, 2001
"I just seen the new Journey in MI two nights ago and they were great if not better than the first time I seen them in 1987. Who cares what Steve is singing they both are great!! It was my little piece of heaven seeing them."

Editor's Note: Rock On....We all totally agree w/you!!!!

Brian Mc
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
13 July, 2001
"I am going to the Journey concert here in Cincinnati this Sunday evening. Since I got 'shut out' in the Fan Club ticket area, I bought two tickets from a local reseller...11 rows back, dead center...$125 apiece. After fees and taxes, it totalled $271. Then, since I could not procure any fan club backstage passes, I went looking...and I found two!! A friend at work WON passes from a local radio station but didnt really want them (gasp!), so I bought them for $30. That totals $301 for Sunday night's concert!! Am I nuts? Or just dedicated? Who cares, Im going and it's gonna be GREAT!! I hope the boys appreciate my effort!! Can't wait 'til Sunday night, baby!!"

Editor's Note: Hey Brian...thanks for the dedication....Have a great time...Journey On....

There was no Post of the Day for July 14.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
15 July, 2001
"I just heard on Q95 today that lawn seats are 2 for 1 for this Tuesday night's show. I don't remember this being the case for any of the Journey shows last go around in this area. Does anyone know if this is a sign of poor attendance? How have the turnouts been for other shows?"

Editor's Note: Boy what a deal!!! Maybe there's alot going on in Indiana at this time...but "Good" for any Journey/Frampton/Waite fans....

Originally posted on the On the Road--Fan Reviews/Riverbend Ampitheatre, Cincinatti, Ohio page at the Official Journey Website
16 July, 2001
"ANOTHER ROCKIN' SHOW! This one topped Friday night's show in Columbus. Just when I think they can't top themselves, they end up doing it! Opening act, John Waite was really into his performance and sounded awesome! NEAL TORE THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE when he came onstage during John Waite's performance of 'Head First', the crowd went wild! Neal was goin' off on the guitar, and I'll never forget it--it was a cool moment. It brought back memories of the Bad English days for sure. Frampton rocked again also, but I think John Waite should have had the same amount of stage time as his set has been shorter. When Journey came on, you could feel the crowd's approval for sure. Steve Augeri is a class act, and he is showing everyone that the Journey has just begun! Neal was on fire the whole time, no wonder he has always been my favorite guitar player. Jonathan Cain was awesome on vocals on 'Feelin' That Way'/'Anytime'. Deen was tearin' it up as usual on the drums, and Ross Valory was being the Rock n' Roll clown whenever he could. Steve Augeri was a real trooper, since he hasn't been feeling well. He gives 110% every performance, and is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Once again, Journey showed the old fans, the new fans, and any doubters that they still have it. I said this earlier, I feel that the Journey has only just ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Editor's Note: Great review Scott...thanks.

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
17 July, 2001
"Hi Steve and Lydia, I watched the show this morning and it ROCKED! I am so much more anxious for the Sacramento Concert. No matter what anyone else thinks or says, SA is the best thing that could have happened for Journey! If it wasn't for him, none of us would be here right now talking about the CBS show, the Arrival CD, or any concerts that we have recently been to or will be going to in the future. Thank you so much, Steve! Because of you, TRUE Journey fans are able to enjoy the music they have always loved. Lydia, I know that you and your son must be very proud! Can't wait to see you in Sac.!"

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Ragin Cajun
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
23 August, 2001
"Being a fan of over 20 years and loving Perry, could you have told Journey yes when they asked you to replace a legend? If I had half the talent that Augeri has, I would say yes. But, could you have handled the pressure and attacks as well as he and his family has (visit his unofficial website and see...he is a horrible father etc!)? I have been sold by his talent, heart, humility, kindness and respect for the past. Put yourself in his shoes. Could you have done so with anymore tact and kindness as this man? I could not."

Editor's Note: You have a great heart.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
24 August, 2001
"Journey's Greatest Hits has moved up from #10 to #8 on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog. 507 weeks on the chart!"

Editor's Note: Thanks for the post...keep us posted.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
25 August, 2001
"Steve [Augeri]'s voice is like wine...It keeps getting better with time."

Editor's Note: Short and sweet, and definitely correctamundo!

There was no Post of the Day for August 26-31.



Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
01 September, 2001
"Sony is putting its resources into defending itself against the Dixie Chicks' lawsuit which is uncovering all their sneaky practices. Sony execs apparently can't walk and chew gum at the same time so all the compilation CDs for the next year will be called 'The Essential X'."

Editor's Note: This was in response to Sony naming Billy Joel's collection "Essential"...and Journey's collection was "supposedly" to be titled "Essential" as well (If true, then...). Very interesting my dear Watson...hmm....

There was no Post of the Day for September 2-3.

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
04 September, 2001
"I...thought I'd take my chances and leave a post. I just wanted to thank Steve and the rest of the band (and their families) for giving us the best Summer yet! The Tour was amazing, even though I was only able to attend one show (Saratoga,NY). But meeting the band was a dream come true, and I couldn't believe just how nice you all were to us. (And a thanks to Stuart who gave you (Steve) my letter in Houston). Now Journey has Stars named after them, and we can all look into the sky at night knowing they are up there shining brightly on us. Lydia, thanks for the patience you show here, and for joining us in chat a couple of weeks ago. Come again soon! Have a great break away from the craziness and enjoy the time you share together. Take Care."

Editor's Note: We already knew that they were "stars", right?

There was no Post of the Day for September 5-7.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
08 September, 2001
"I was just over there reading Dogman's message board, and found out that Steve [Augeri] sang the National Anthem last night at the Brooklyn Cyclones/Staten Island Yankees game last night (minor league baseball). How cool is that?????? Man wish I was there."

Editor's Note: Would have sold all my possesions to have been there.

There was no Post of the Day for September 9-10.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
11 September, 2001
"Just to let everyone know the band and crew is fine. I have no official word on the 2 scheduled shows. I'll post more when I get official word."

Editor's Note: Thank God "Our Guys" are okay. Our Prayers go out to all our nation's family, and everyone affected: God bless.

Due to the tragedy in New York, there was no Post of the Day for September 12-17.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
18 September, 2001
"Hey, isn't there someone of this forum that has a tribute page to Journey? It plays some of there songs and I think has a little slide show or something like that....Maybe that person could design a tribute page with "Remember Me" playing in the background, the graphics would start with the statement from the band, then pictures and a closing statement and so on. Then he could put it on the forum and and we could email it to all of our family and friends, local DJs, etc. and get it out to the Nation.

"I wish I knew how to do all that cool stuff."

Editor's Note: Maybe Sony or "Our Guys" will do something like what you've suggested....Hint-hint...Guys."

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
19 September, 2001
"Ragin Cajun--well, great minds think alike!! I, too, have trapped people in my house forcing them to look at the Vegas DirecTV show. I am usually subtle about it, though, and just pop it in as sort of background music--that approach seems to work best. They usually say something like--well, Perry looks a little different, doesn't he? Everyone thinks they sound great--and if they could only hear them in concert they would be even more impressed because I think Journey has improved since the Vegas show. I tell you, the average fan has no idea Journey reformed and is back. I don't care what anybody says, Arrival is not selling well because people don't know it exists."

Editor's Note: Another great post, LAWoman. A lot of people agree with you about that subject.

There was no Post of the Day for September 20-22.

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
23 September, 2001
"Hi Steve, hi friends! Just stopping in to say hello and say that I hope this finds everyone doing well. Steve, I hope that you are enjoying your time off! Just sitting here on this Sunday night watching a little Journey DirecTV. I just love this video. Can't wait for the DVD to come out, my video is getting worn. So what's this I am hearing about a couple of shows in Texas and Atlanta? Sounds like it's time for a road trip! Anyone else gonna try and make it to Atlanta? Lawoman, you're doing a great job here! As a fellow Steve Augeri fan, I want to thank you! Till next time, take care everyone."

Editor's Note: So refreshing to hear positive comments. The band appreciates it too I'm sure.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
24 September, 2001
"A station here in Ohio is [Playing songs by request for disaster relief donations]. What a great idea one small way we can all help. Upsets me though that the only way we can hear something off of Arrival is if we pay the station to play it. Sure wish Sony would get with it!!"

Editor's Note: Amen.

There was no Post of the Day for September 25-27.

LuvTheRedHot Pants
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
28 September, 2001
"Glad to see Journey embracing this opportunity and getting do I love my guys. I applaud all musicians involved. More added daily, too!"

Editor's Note: It will be so good for all of us to see our guys again...and what a great cause.

There was no Post of the Day for September 29.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
30 September, 2001
"Do any of you ever get made fun of because you are 30 something and act 18 over this band? I actually take it personally when people don't see the magic of Journey!"

Editor's Note: Journey's music is definitely "magic." Let's hope we never act our age again.



LuvtheRedHot Pants
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
01 October, 2001
"I haven't seen the commercial yet. I can't say that I feel hurt, but I am confused. I was asking a similar question a couple weeks ago. I looked up the word confusion in the dictionary, just to see what it said, (yes, I know what it means, LOL). This was one of the definitions: "A condition in which things are out of their normal or proper places or relationships."

Boy does that hit the nail on the head! To me, things ARE out of their normal places. (Just my opinion.)

Why would the guys be having this take place NOW. I have nothing against The Essential Journey, let me get that cleared up right away, I love Steve Perry's songs. I feel it is just something they should have put out years ago before the NEW line up was in place. It is like taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back for this new line up to be accepted.

I keep hearing that it is ALL Sony. Well, I can't believe that Sony can have 100% say in putting out Essential Journey; can they?? It seems to me that Neil, Jon and Ross should have some say too. Is it money? I know it is a business and there is nothing wrong with making money, of course, but, why not add some Arrival songs to The Essential Journey if it is just money? How is The Essential Journey helping Arrival to sell? Maybe they feel fans are going to buy The Essential Journey and love it so much that they will go out and buy Arrival also. It sounds like a good plan if it works. I hope it will. Arrival rocks! Is it helping their new line up to be accepted?

I guess those are questions I have. Maybe the new line up being accepted isn't a big deal to them anymore? I guess time will tell. Any thoughts, anyone??

I guess I am just READY to move on. I love Steve Perry songs AND I love Steve Augeri's songs, but the fact of the matter is, Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo are the new band members in Journey, and I think they should move FORWARD with this new line up by promoting it more. I am ready for a new album with the new Journey line-up. "

Editor's Note: Haven't seen the commercial yet, but the controversy is definitely there.

There was no Post of the Day for October 2-3.

Raised on Journey
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
04 October, 2001
"I work at an NBC affiliate station so our TV is tuned to NBC all day. A co-worker shouted out to me "Hey, isn't this your band?". I went to the TV and heard Higher Place being played behind the scrolling weather temperatures. Usually the local stations are supposed to cut away with local weather at that time but for some reason WE didn't.

I was amused when the co-worker said he recognized the song because he remembers hearing it come from my office alot!"

Editor's Note: I too have my office trained to listen to all my Journey magic. They even put up with me humming a few bars. Very cool behind the scenes picture.

There was no Post of the Day for October 5.

Originally posted on the Journey Community Message Board at (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)
06 October, 2001
"Hey just a note to let folks know that with little or NO AIR PLAY that "With Your Love" is #32 on FMQB AC chart. Not too shabby if you ask me. Just wanted to point this out. I have yet to hear the song on any station."

There was no Post of the Day for October 7-8.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
09 October, 2001
"I was reading an article from a man who survived the Trade Center disaster. He was describing going through the stores in the lower level of the buildings right before the collapse. Mentioning Banana Republic and the GAP!!!

Steve might still be working in the GAP if Neal hadn't called him--he did work in lower Manhattan. WOW--Steve's Guardian Angel."

Editor's Note: I didn't realize that Steve worked at the GAP. You never know where those angels are going to be.

There was no Post of the Day for October 10-12.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
13 October, 2001
"The radio station I always heard "With Your Love" on has removed it from their playlist. I haven't heard them play it since last Saturday night, so I called, and the DJ basically said that it didn't make it. You know, with all the crap that plays on the radio, I took a great deal of comfort in knowing that I could turn on WHUD and hear "now" Journey. Well, not anymore. I'm really's just so frustrating! I mean, how can a song be heard if they only play it in the middle of the night?! How can it possibly become popular?? Well anyway, just in case you guys/gals feel the need to flood their website with requests for "With Your Love"...


"Maybe if they receive other requests for it, (besides mine) they'll start playing it again. Besides, I'm feeling a little like a one-woman army, fighting the battle to get Journey on the radio! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for all the ranting and raving."

Editor's Note: I can relate to your frustation. I too had to send a copy of Arrival to my local radio station, & beg for them to play it. I will definitely e-mail your station with a request.

There was no Post of the Day for October 14-15.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
16 October, 2001
"Not sure what to make of it, but I went to my local Wherehouse today to see if they had "Essential." They did not, so I inquired of the girl working the counter.

"She brought over her manager who informed me that they received an initial shipment of 50 copies, and all sold out in the first three days they had it. More are on the way.

"There were 4 copies of Arrival, 7 of GH:live, and 3 GH in rack.

"I ambled over to Target and was able to get what looked like the last copy of Essential they had. Target had no Arrival, 2 GH and that was it."

Editor's Note: Can I be on your christmas list? Very interesting investigative work, my dear Watson.

There was no Post of the Day for October 17-19.

Originally posted on the Journey Community Message Board at
20 October, 2001
"Some people may think that Journey is all washed up. They still put out awesome music with their new frontman Steve Augeri. If people took time to listen to the new frontman with Journey they would most likely agree. He has his own style and puts out 110% into every song he sings. Just listen to Tall Stories. He is getting credit but, not like he should be. VH1 does a BTM with Journey, but I feel they should do one with Steve Augeri, maybe more listeners will get to know this frontman as his own person and not a 'Steve Perry clone' as many have stated. Give him the credit and airtime he deserves."

Editor's Note: Great way to put it, in a nutshell.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
21 October, 2001
"The promos have started airing on VH1 and word is now starting to spread.

"There is in fact a BTM Director's Cut Version of the Journey show that will air on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2001. It airs @ 7pm EDT/PDT... unless you have sattelite in which case you'll only see it @ 7pm EDT. (4pm PDT)

"The BTM-Journey Director's Cut will air as part of an all day marathon of Director's Cut episodes. Other expanded versions of BTM aired that day are: Leif Garrett, Mammas & Pappas, Snoop Dog, and Ozzy Osborne. The first episode begins @ 2:30p with Journey's episode airing at 7pm.

"When all is said and done... Journey really deserves the extra time this BTM-Director's Cut gives them.

"Hope you'll be watching.


Editor's Note: Thank's for the heads up...should be interesting.

There was no Post of the Day for October 22-24.

Originally posted on the Journey Community Message Board at
25 October, 2001
"What on earth were you dumb asses thinking? The Volunteers for America concerts contained one of the greatest lineups of acts in [Rock'n'Roll] and you never mentioned the good will of those artists once. NOT ONCE!!! Ya gotta figure that a show with the likes of Skynyrd, Bad Co., Styx, Journey, etc. would command some sort of response from a 'music channel'. I guess you're too busy trying to keep me up on the POP and RAP stuff. Now get with the program and keep me up on the ROCK AND ROLL stuff. These artists not only did one, but two shows for the relief funds concerning NYC. So actually, you idiots dropped the ball twice. Way to go!!! SHAME ON YOU ALL.

"God, I can only hope I'm not related to any of you."

Editor's Note: I Loved your powerful message. It was a shame that all those fabulously talented bands didn't hardly get any recognition, or a thank-you from the media on VH1. They really should have put the PR on!! Keep Rocking.

There was no Post of the Day for October 26.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
27 October, 2001
"Just wanted to let everyone know (that hasn't heard yet) that the "Essential Journey" set debuted at #47 on the Billboard 200. Pretty nice for a 2-cd set."

Editor's Note: Thanks for the update...keep us posted!"

There was no Post of the Day for October 28.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
29 October, 2001
"I emailed Herbie about a month or two ago and thanked him for the interview, the memories, and for helping put Journey where they are. I also stated that it would be wonderful if he came back as manager for Journey, and that many of us would be extremely grateful, including the band members, who have already asked him. He did not say at all that it would never happen. He simply said he still loved all the guys, and wished the best for them. He said the things in the interview were like a parent scolding his children, but he still loved them. They need him now more than ever as far as I'm concerned. I also agree that Sony/Kalodner will never promote this lineup, and its a shame. He didn't all but say he wanted Perry back, he flat out said it on his website.


"Columbia, SC"

Editor's Note: Let's keep our fingers crossed, Mark.

There was no Post of the Day for October 30-31.



There was no Post of the Day for November 1-3.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
04 November, 2001
"Autographed items donated by Journey and BrightStar Foundation for Friday night's silent auction were a huge hit...after a heated round of bidding, the surprise winner was none other than the CEO of a renowned major medical center. Just goes to show, Journey fans may appear when you least suspect it, and come in all shapes and sizes!

Editor's Note: Very cool of the guys indeed....Great Cause.

There was no Post of the Day for November 5.

Steve Augeri
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
06 November, 2001
"Hey everybody!"

Editor's Note: Can't wait for June!

Steve Augeri
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
07 November, 2001
"Hey Everyboby!

"Just needed to say hello. It`s been quite some time. I`ve tried on several occasions to post and express my feelings about what has happened since the end of the tour and more importantly Sept 11th, but my emotions always seemed to put a screeching halt to my post. I`d just like to say thanks to all of your support during the tour. You guys were great. Thanks to a great crew who got us through all the bumps in the technical road. Our apologies once again for the Oklahoma cancellation. There WILL come a day, we promise. Thanks to Peter and John, (Frampton and Waite) for their music and inspiration throughout the tour. What a great bunch of musicians as well as just a great bunch of guys. Also, good luck to our young friends from Color. We wish you well.

"As far as the events that have been plaguing our nation lately, I`m personally thankful to Tommy Shaw and the folks at Volunteers for America for giving us an opportunity to pitch in and be a part of such an important cause. The benefit shows were a blast and the unity between all the artists (and the audiences) was very heart warming to say the least. It was a highlight for me doing those acoustic sets during the set changes. We think there will be room in the future for a little pickin` and strummin` in the Journey shows to come.

"Lastly, 'Be Good to Yourselves' now more than ever. Be good to the ones you love. And let them know you love them. Call them right now. Hug you kids, you Moms, your Dads...your mailman...well, maybe not your mailman, but, you know what I`m saying. Whoever.

"See you soon.

"Faithfully yours,
"Steve Augeri"

There was no Post of the Day for November 8-10.
Alibabe resigned as Post of the Day Editor effective November 10.
There was no Post of the Day for November 11-12.
Andrea86 resumed temporary duties as Post of the Day Editor effective November 13.

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
13 November, 2001
"Hey folks--to those of you who don't get around the web--here is the Journey news in a nutshell. The DVD/VHS Journey Live 2001 is available for pre-order on ($11.98 VHS & $13.99 DVD--quite reasonable, I'd say) release date 12/11--can't wait! Journey's Blind Date episode is supposed to air 11/14 (syndicated so have to check your listings). I, unfortunately do not get a channel that gets that show--so please watch someone--SA undoubtably said something nice to the couple. Jon will autograph CDs bought at his online store (bought a couple myself). Neal is on the prowl with the Trichromes--recording & playing shows Gregg Rolie is out and about playing shows www.greggroliecom. Now, our own dear Steve is hopefully relaxing with his family (or doing a little writing?), but relaxing seems hard to do in NYC lately. Lots of positive vibes being send NYC's way. Stay safe, SA & family."

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
14 November, 2001
"My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of NYC. I am so saddened by the latest tragedy that has fallen upon NYC and America. It must have been unbelievable to be at ground zero. I cannot even imagine. As a Journey Fan and a Steve Augeri Fan, I am so proud of you all and the money raised and donated to help the families in NYC. May God Bless you and keep you in his care. As I sit here in Michigan tonight listening to Arrival, I would like to thank you again for taking us to a Higher Place and for the memories of an incredible are special Steve. Take care!"

There was no Post of the Day for November 15.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
16 November, 2001
"I was just thinking...when I went to see Journey post-Steve Perry for the first time this past July in IL, and fell head-over-heels for the existing lineup--I didn't even know this web site existed.

It has been such a fun experience to be part of it and it makes you feel so much more connected to those of us that love Journey so much not to mention feeling closer to the actual guys.

It has made my daily routine here at work more fun to look forward to. In one way it's actually a negative thing in my life because I really do spend too much time here. But on the other hand, I feel it has enhanced my life and brought out a part of me that has been laying low for too long. You know...the kid part. So it's worth it. I'm rarely on at home, so family still comes first (and of course, always will).

Then when I went to the Allegan [Michigan] show in September [11th], the feeling was so different after having spent a few months here, I actually felt like I was part of a special alliance.

I think after a winter's worth of further bonding with everyone here, next year's concert experiences are going to be the ultimate, and look forward to meeting up with new fan clubbers.

Well, I am rambling. But I am on lunch, and forgot my newspaper, so had extra (legitimate) time to spend here.

Just wanted to say thanks to the powers that be for making this place a nice place to be!!"

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
17 November, 2001
"I read the home page announcement regarding the $500,000 donation to the New York City Port Authority on behalf of Volunteers for America. It's so wonderful! I am SO proud of our guys, and of course, proud of the organizers and other bands who contributed to this effort!"

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
18 November, 2001
"Thanks to my friend Joy, WOW! I got to hear the [Tyketto] cd and it's incredible! Really rocks. I am just more impressed with Steve the more I listen to him in other projects. What talent! That's all I've got to say is just WOW. And thanks to my friends through Journey and Steve A fans through these tough times for my family - you're the best!"

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
19 November, 2001
"I think that Steve [Augeri] has a good voice and think that he will take Journey to a "Higher Place" and take Journey to a music award by next year. I hope to see Steve Augeri and all the Journey band here in Wyoming next summer, love you Steve have a happy Thanksgiving. And know that we are all waiting to see the DVD that will be out soon."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
20 November, 2001
"I am thankful for...

- Steve Perry, for his beautiful voice that I fell in love with over 20 years ago. The voice that brought me to Journey.
- Neal Schon, for his amazing an awesome guitar playing that soothes me and fills my soul.
- Jonathan Cain, for his incredible melodies and beautiful piano playing that is so inspirational.
- Ross Valory, for his rock steady bass and playful nature.
- Steve Augeri, for his beautiful voice that has helped the Journey continue.
- Deen Castronovo, for his unending energy that drives the music.
- Gregg Rolie, for his beautiful melodies and amazing keyboards.
- Steve Smith, for his powerful music and incredible talent.
- Herbie Herbert (yes even him), for his vision in creating Journey in the first place.
- Journey, for the most wonderful music that has ever been created.

Happy Thanksgiving to Journey and to all the fans of the best music there is!"

Augerifan, Radiochick, and TowandaRG became the editorial staff for Post of the Day effective November 25.

Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Journey Bulletin Board
25 November, 2001
"I'm new here, so go easy on me!!! I must say that I've been a Journey fan for years - but I'm just nuts for them now!!! And I gotta thank Steve Augeri for that. His voice is a fabulous addition to the band and he covers the old material beautifully!!! I saw them this summer and was just blown away!! What do y'all think??"

Originally posted on Jasparina's Journey Fans Network Message Board
26 November, 2001
"I agree that one cd does not determine a band's fate. BUT...if a band has a great deal of success, then fades, then comes back big, then falls apart again, then has a line-up change that goes virtually nowhere compared to the reunion, if you were a record exec at Sony who had invested millions of dollars, what would your next step be? I don't know, it'd be a tough call. Trial by Fire sold like hot cakes, the tour would have been phenomenal, but it didn't come off. The classic line-up is obviously what sells, it's what most of the people want, but it's unreliable, unstable. The new line-up is stable and works, but isn't making any money. If I were at Sony, I'd have a tough time justifying investing any more money in Journey in any of its incarnations. I mean, let's face it, you can't get better publicity that the Behind The Music show. It was the highest rated and most talked about episode in the show's history, or just about. I haven't seen any commercials for The Essential Journey, just found out through word of mouth, but knew about Arrival two months before it came out, and I was still much more excited about Essential than Arrival. I guess I'm one of those 'if it ain't Perry, it ain't Journey' people to a certain degree.

The Essential sold like hot cakes, went to #2 on Billboard's pop catalog after the Behind The Music, but Arrival barely cracked the top 100 at #56 for just one week, so I'm apparently not the only one by a long shot. Now Essential comes along, with all old songs that everyone already has, and debuts 9 positions higher than Arrival did, and with the new Behind The Music show this weekend, I'm willing to bet it will stay there another week or even climb higher. It's almost as if Sony said 'ok, Arrival didn't do so well, let's put out this record real fast and cheap, and see which one does better,' like a contest or something. If so, Essential has clearly won. What does that mean? It's anyone's guess. No one can force Perry back in with the guys, and if working with them makes him that unhappy, I don't really want to see him back with them. I think Neal and the current line-up will simply find a way to keep working. If not with Sony, then with someone else. I don't thing they're ready to retire, and they still have a lot of music in them. I think they will find a smaller label and continue to record and tour every so often, but will just have to accept that they will never be on medium to high rotation radio or have a top 20 hit again. They are more like REO Speedwagon and Styx than like Aerosmith or Bon Jovi. Aerosmith and Bon Jovi are still fresh, viable, competative forces still capable of hitting the top 20 ('Jaded', 'It's My Life'), but Journey is basically a retro act now, with new material that only the most hardcore fans are interested in. Can Perry do any better? Eh, hard to say. Seems to me Perry's been more willing to take risks and move in new directions. It's very possible that *IF* Perry ever decides to record again, he'll be able to come up with something new and interesting enough that people will take notice."

Originally posted on Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
27 November, 2001
"Hey just wanted to get my two cents worth again. I have been listening to Arrival again lately in my CD player both in the car and at home--it just gets better and better. My new faves are 'To be Alive Again', 'I Got a Reason', 'We Will Meet Again', and 'Live and Breathe', Just thought this CD needed another plug."

There was no Post of the Day for November 28-29.

Jonathan Cain
Originally posted on Back Talk--Ask Journey page at the Official Journey Website
30 November, 2001
"The best part of coming home is being with family and friends...waking up next to your beautiful wife and saying good morning....taking the kids to school and picking them up....The best part of the road is playing music for the best fans on the planet!"


December, 2001

There was no Post of the Day for December 1.

Originally posted on Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
02 December, 2001
"I have no idea whether has made a very large blunder, or if Steve Perry, yes OUR Steve Perry, NOT the Cherry Poppin' dude, has a new CD coming out on December 11, 2001. It is the first CD listed, with his other ones including Street Talk shown below that! Go to and type in Steve Perry. It will blow your mind, guaranteed! Now, is it true?"

There was no Post of the Day for December 3-4.

Originally posted on Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
05 December, 2001
"If anyone would like to send Jonathan a 'Get Well' card or a 'Christmas' card, please send them to:

Jonathan Cain
c/o Rhonda Dirr
PO Box 1393
Franklin Park, IL 60131


There was no Post of the Day for December 6.

Originally posted on Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
07 December, 2001
"My Review of Arrival:

" 'Higher Place':
I love the drums, guitar, and the harmony in it. It is a great rockin' toon and the guys do a wonderful job on it. My only complaint is that jonathans role in it doesn't sound like very much. I personally love songs where all the musicians get to be used and can be heard on the record.

" 'All the Way':
A beautiful song and here we get more of a Jonathan influence, with the great piano parts. In the middle a rockin' guitar solo. Steve's vocals are great, fluid and harmonious.

" 'Signs of Life':
A good song and message but this one doesn't come out and grab me like others on the album.

" 'All the Things':
I freaking love this song! The guitar, the drums, the way Steve sings, everything on it is perfect! (At least to me it is)

" 'Loved by You':
Another smooth ballad. The vocals and piano is splendid to listen to. Another masterpiece by the band. If you listen closely enough you can hear Neal chime in on his guitar, then Dean on the drums, and a little bit of Ross. For me this is an awesome song to sing along with in the car!

" 'Livin' to Do':
I love this one because of the great guitar work and the soulfulness in Steve's voice when he sings it. Truely another work of art! I also enjoy the message.

" 'World Gone Wild':
This one is a favorite not just because it rocks but because of the energy I get when I listen to it and how winds me down when I'm frustrated. As for musically, I love everyone on it! The drums are high energy, the guitar, vocals and the harmony in it are awesome! Love it and am glad they put it on the U.S release.

" 'I got a Reason':
All I can say is another perfect rock song! It has a smooth grove to it which is nice becuase sometimes the hard rock gets old. Plus I love how this song is about a real love relationship and not about some fling that has left. A good song musically and lyric wise as well!

" 'With your Love':
This is another ballad I love to sing with in the car. I may even have to play it at my wedding this summer. It would be cool to have Steve perform it with my sister playing the piano but that isn't very likely. But I can dream eh?

"Actually, I love how this song just flows. When I listen to it I get this easy going, yet powerful joy. It is hard to explain but this song it so wonderful! Good job guys!

" 'Lifetime of Dreams':
Yet another awesome song. I like it but it doesn't grab me. As much as I enjoy this one I find myslef skipping over it often on the CD in my car. I haven't been able to figure out why but oh well, can't please everyone.

" 'Live and Breathe':
Perhaps the best ballad by Steve on the entire album! I throughly enjoy this song! Mostly because of Steve's singing but also the way the style of this song is. It is so different and far removed from everything else on the album that it is a instant favorite. Plus the playing by all the guys rocks!

" 'Nothin' comes Close':
Another awesome rock song that I am glad is on the album! I love this one because of the flirty attitude that seems to be in it as well as the rockin'/kickin' parts in it. A splended piece of work indeed!

" 'To be Alive Again':
I love the power behind this one! Even months later after having it, almost a year actually, this song still kicks me every time it comes on. I find myslef forwarding to this one a lot!

" 'Kiss me Softly':
I love the passion behind this one. Steve is so smooth in his singing and everything from the piano to the drums it so smooth groveing that I just love it!

" 'We will Meet Again':
I love the happy feeling in this one. I find it cool how this song gives such a hopeful feeling to it. I am continually amazed at how music can effect people and this one every time just makes me feel good for some reason.

" 'I'm not that Way': (Japan Release)
A wonderful song and a favorite. This one is missed on the U.S. release but is still worth having an extra copy for.

"I enjoy the easy going and yet the sincereness that is in here. Steve's vocals are great and the rest of the guys truely do this one justice with their singing and the way they play their instruments."

There was no Post of the Day for December 8-9.

Originally posted on Back Talk--General Chat page at the Official Journey Website
10 December, 2001
"A friend gave me Voice as an early Christmas gift. It's simply beautiful. Grab a blanket, some wine, and curl up in front of the fireplace with your sweetheart and bask in the melodic warmth that is Neal's Voice. I didn't think I would care much for a guitar-driven instrumental cover album, but I should have know better as Neal's works for Higher Octave have been outstanding."

There was no Post of the Day for December 11.

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
12 December, 2001
"Hi all you Journey fans. Make sure you are waiting in line for your local record store to open up on December 18th so you can rush in and get Journey 2001 DVD/VHS! I have a feeling it's going to be more than worth it. Hi Steve!"

There was no Post of the Day for December 13.

Steve Augeri
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
14 December, 2001
"Hey everybody!

"Mucho healing energy to Jonny C...and a big hello to all of you. Hope you`re not all stressing about the holidays. Take a breather and have some eggnog or whatever`s pleasing to your tastebuds.

"I`d just like to mention that Glen Burtnick of Styx will be hosting his 12th annual 'Holiday Extravaganza' this Dec. 20th and 21st at the Bottom Line here in NYC. It`s a charitable event with the proceeds going to a local food bank to feed the needy this season. Glen`s a pretty amazing guy.

"Two nights and two shows per night featuring a lot of Glen's talented local musician and vocalist pals. I`m happy to say I`ve been asked to participate, if only I knew what to sing. (And have`nt a thing to wear!) Anyway, as I get more information I`ll pass it on. I`m not yet confirmed but the benefit is, so...if yoy`re in town....

"P.S. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas, etc.

"Peace On Earth,
"Stevie A."

Editor's Note: Steve was off on the dates by one. Glen Burtnick's Holiday Extravaganza is scheduled to appear at the Bottom Line in New York City on Friday and Saturday, December 21st and 22nd.

There was no Post of the Day for December 15-18.

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
19 December, 2001
"As I sit here watching this show for about the 25th time I am reminded again how fortunate we are to have this great group of guys in our lives. Watching this naturally makes me miss my days "on the road" this past summer and long for the Summer of 2002.

To those that don't yet have the DVD/VHS, GET it. There was a magic at the show that was captured on tape and is unexpressable in words.

To the other Journey faithful ones: That night was the first time I met some of you and we have built special friendships that are a true blessing in my life! The others that I met this summer, I am fortunate to know each of you! We will always share the bond of Journey Steve dedicated Faithfully that night to the fans and more true words have never been spoken. We are forever faithful."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
19 December, 2001
"Merry Christmas Guys, Hope you All have a Wonderful Christmas....Thanks for All the Great Music over the Years, And may Next Year bring us The Fans the Opportunity To See, And Hear New Music from one of the Greatest Bands of ALLTIME!!!"

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