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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
01 January, 2002
"This is going to be long!!

This is going to be from my heart!!

What has Steve and Deen brought to this lineup? Wow, what a question. As a fan of Journey I'm going to give you my take on EVERYONE in the band...

1.) Journey is producing New music and have been playing live all over the US for the past 3 years. If Steve and Deen didn't join Journey, this wouldn't have happened.

2.) Steve Smith is an incredible drummer and for the Journey to continue they needed someone who could fill his huge shoes. Let me tell you Deen has really kept true to Steve's sound and is an incredible drummer that has been playing since he was 4 years old and loves Journey. Once you see him play up close you will understand that Deen is one gifted, very practiced musician that we are extremely blessed to have in the band. Deen is also one incredibly cool dude. His family is so very supportive of his ambitions and let me tell ya... his Son will be sitting behind a band in the near future!!

3.) Steve Augeri gives us the vocals that I only thought Steve Perry could produce. That is until I heard Steve Augeri's voice. What is totally incredible is that he stays true to the sound that Steve Perry created. Some say that this is a negative... I think that by Steve Augeri keeping the sound the same we are able to enjoy the classic Journey and sound just as we did when we were in our youth. If he would have brought ANY other sound or his own flair to the classics I think it would have been a mistake. Journey IS in all respects what it WAS and MORE with Steve Augeri as the New lead singer. His heart is from New York while the rest of the band come from around San Francisco. Right there he brings a whole new perspective to the lineup. Let me tell you this man is one totally great guy. Heck he worked at the Gap prior to ARRIVING on stage with Journey. Steve was a Journey fan and one of us before he got the call(s)to join the band! Just by standing on stage in the front of one of the Greatest bands of all time and is able to give us a great show... night after night... deserves our admiration and respect! He has the most guts of any person I have ever met. Can you imagine getting up on stage and trying to fill a legend's shoes. The incredibly amazing thing about the gift of Steve Augeri's voice is that he has been able to give us the classics and will allow us to hear NEW Journey and the incredibly fun concert experience has been able to carry on. He isn't ripping off Steve Perry, he is doing just the opposite. He is holding true what Steve Perry gave us, GREAT MUSIC and an INCREDIBLE SOUND. We should thank not only Steve Perry for creating this sound, but we should thank the Lord for creating Steve Augeri so we can continue hearing this awesome musical sound.

With this newest chapter being written on this musical Journey we have all enjoyed for the past 20+ years... I for one feel very blessed to have been able to experience it.

When I look back at the tough decision that Neal, Ross and Jonathan had to continue Journey without Steve Perry and Steve Smith I'm sure glad they chose to continue!! If they would have just abandoned the classic sound and music to produce new music under the name Journey that would never have worked. Besides, I love hearing the old stuff and I'm really excited about the new sound of Arrival and I'm looking forward to more new CD's.

Change is healthy and change is good if everyone involved agrees and if there are people who don't agree and want to go into another direction. Hey that can be good as well. It happens every day in the business world and in every facet of life. KEY NOTE: In the case of Journey continuing... the Band members past and present agreed and that is where we are now.

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES and I'm listening!!

Neal's Guitar playing is just the most incredible thing to see and hear, and his devotion to be the best ever is as true now as when he was a teenager with Santana!

Ross's Bass playing is a true gift and let me tell ya... this guy is one fun person who will bring a smile to any person with a pulse!

Jonathan's God-given abilities and talents on the keys, guitar, vocals, and incredible heartfelt writing give strength to the Journey sound... and with all of this going on it gives Alien C. something to do during the show.

Steve and Deen fit in with the above 3 guys and they all appreciate that the great Journey of life that we all are walking. These guys not only form a band, but they are each men with families, loved ones and friends.

Finally, there are 2 more things that we don't generally see as fans of a musical band... and we don't get to thank those involved. The front guys of Journey we know but behind the scenes there are so many...

1.) I thank the Families of all of the band members who must sacrifice time away from each of the guys, while raising children and holding down the households, while we enjoy the music. The Mom's and Dad's who sacrificed while they practiced in the early days, and sent them money and supported them to keep the dreams alive before they made it.

2.) Lastly I want to thank those who put up the stage each night, those who mix the music and spend hours putting the music we hear together so it sounds good. They are usually only noticed if something goes wrong or doesn't sound quite right. (Classic Sound) These guys tune the guitars and pianos, repair Deen's drum heads and supply him with sticks, they are the folks who manage the band on the road, they are the folks you sometimes see mentioned on the liner notes.

You guys are in our heads with your music, in our hearts for your commitment and in our prayers for your future.

Rock On!!"

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Originally posted on the ArtistDirect/IMusic Steve Perry Bulletin Board
04 January, 2002
"As we all know, Steve Perry has a birthday coming up on Jan 22. Have you made your birthday wishes on the e-mail cards that are offered at the various sites? Not too late, the list is growing, but still time and room."

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Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
13 January, 2002
"Thank you Steve

"Thank you Steve for helping continue the Journey. You are incredibly gifted. I've really been enjoying the DVD and I'm looking forward to the tour this summer. Hope things are well with you and your family."

Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
14 January, 2002
"I must be crazy.

"I honestly don't know why I bothered to pop back over here. personally, I think that this board should be shut down. It is a disgrace. Although the majority of people are decent "human beings", the few that are so stupid just make a mockery of our band. Without any moderators, it's just a place for these brainless people to talk their nonsense. I'm removing this from my favorites. Toodles."

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Deb aka dpluvsjrny...and darn proud of it!!!
Originally posted on the Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Website
16 January, 2002
""Hey, hey!!

"For 'some reason' today I just feel like posting twice!! We love ya Steve and we CAN'T wait til the summer tour!! Don't stop believin'!!!!"

Brian Mc
Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
17 January, 2002
"Kevin Shirley explained that [the intro to 'Message of Love'] was two vocals, slowed down, and one was in reverse. The lyric that Steve is singing is simply 'Message of Love'. I ran that intro in my SoundForge program for two weeks, never could figure it out! Finally, he sent me an email and explained it. Kevin is a great guy, BTW."

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Originally posted on the Back Talk--General Forum page of the Official Journey Website
20 January, 2002
"Hi everyone this is Jimmy's (Deen's bro) daughter. I just talked to Deen and he said that he was going to be part of Neal [Schon's] and Sammy [Hagar]'s 'group' also. I'm not sure who else is going to be a part of it but I know Deen is."

Originally posted on the Back Talk--Dixie Highway page of the Official Journey Website
21 January, 2002
"I can't wait for the concerts...I will probably bring my room mate along to the shows. She enjoys JC and his Whale. I am looking forward to some great nights!!!"

Heart's Desire
Originally posted on the Steve Perry Message Forum at
22 January, 2002
"~Waking Dreams~

"In wide-eyed waking dreams comes He
Untouched, unseen, unheard.
The darkness and obscurity
Sliced open with one word.
Circulating, penetrating,
Deeply, silently.
He lifts the frail and fragile veil,
He whom I cannot see.

"Inaudible sweet mumerings
Which lightly stroke my mind,
Enfolding thoughts and feelings,
Considerate and kind,
Drawing me near, calming the fear,
Patiently, unhurriedly,
He speaks to me unceasingly,
He whom I cannot hear.

"His unfelt warmth seeps through me
And stirs my pulse within.
His whispers brushing gently,
Soft fingers on my skin.
Can this be real? I can't conceal
My heart, laid bare. He enters there.
Emptiness filled and longing stilled
By Him I cannot feel.

"So come! Now not unbidden,
Beyond mere sense and sight,
You, who remain hidden
Behind the cloak of night.
With word-caress, with tenderness,
With fantasy, reality...
The threads entwine as two combine.
You do my Soul possess"

Jonathan Cain
Originally posted on the Back Talk--Ask Journey page of the Official Journey Website
23 January, 2002
"Thanks Joy for the kind words...I'm working on two more instrumental CD's and I hope to have them both out before the summer."

Date: 24 January, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Angie
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I had to laugh out loud when I read [that Deen Castronovo seems to be a quiet person]. Just ask PrincessofQuiteALot how quiet it was around their house when they were growing up. Deen cannot sit still! He is always drumming on something or keeping a beat with his foot. When he is in a restaurant, he can hardly sit still long enough for the food to get there so he can get on to something else. He is also very kind and has personality galore. He makes everyone he comes in contact with feel like family."

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Date: 29 January, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Oooh, I didn't know that Sony had offered to do another album...interesting. And Neal telling them like it is--or WAS--that's pretty cool.

"What makes me sad is that "Journey will tour again this year, but not a full scale tour like 2000 and 2001. As yet, there is no recording schedule for the next album."

"Well, I can live (for the time being) without new Journey music, but NO FULL TOUR?!?! I'm getting the feeling it's going to be a rough summer...

"Thanks for the info, Barb. You always know what's going on!"

Date: 30 January, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: MidNightTrain
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was bored at work so I surfed the net, I was kind of surprised to find Clique Records as Journey's label on VH-1 website with the recent departure of Sony.

"The Clique website does not mention any news to this happening, maybe only a link to show non-Journey related projects, such as 'The Storm'. Clique Records was founded by Kevin Chalfant.

"Don't take this as to be true, as I won't believe it until we receive more news.

"On another note the biography of Kevin Chalfant was interesting, mentioning "The Storm" and a Herbie Herbert Roast, to read click link below:" (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)

Date: 30 January, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: lovedbyyou
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "No matter what they decide to do...
Keep moving forward
Laying back/slowing down
Going solo/seperating
doing local venues only
adding or subtracting to the band
or Stopping all together

"Whatever THEY decide to do - it's THEIR choice and we (as fans) need to support them no matter what and just keep the music that we've already been given alive.

"Don't take it personal....that's what a fan does.....right?"

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Date: 03 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: MNM
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Refering to misquoted Journey personal garble is from 'Open Arms'...I KNOW the words are 'How much I wanted you home' but to this day I hear 'How much I wanted a new home' (and hey, it works). One of my co-workers, however, has the best mangled lyric. About a year or so ago she was telling me about how much she couldn't stand 'that stupid song "Lights"... Why is he singing about a suitcase?' Puzzled, I asked her what she meant, and she said that the opening line was just ridiculous. 'When the life goes out of the suitcase'--what is that supposed to mean?

"I think it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing before I could explain the lyrics to her."

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Date: 06 February, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Vocal Lizzy
Original Location: The Water Cooler of Back Talk
Post: "[respnding to her own thread topic 'If the band had vanity license plates'] Just my silly ideas....


"Jonathan - WHALPLYR


"Deen - ISING2

"Steve A - REDLTHR

"Steve P - DPGRUV1

"Gregg - B3PLAYR

"Herbie - SHUDBMGR

"Ok no more caffeine. --Lizzy"

Date: 07 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: jrnyval
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "When asked what were you doing in 1983 when the Frontiers Album was released here is the response. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes in Fairfax, MO. I had the radio on, and this song came on ("Seperate Ways") and on the first note, I do believe I broke a plate, jumping up and down screaming: That's JOURNEY!!! I know it is!! I know it!!!!

"Gawd, I was a geek!!! LOL --Val"

Date: 07 February, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: jrnyjetster
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "As Steve has mentioned the fact that he has been diligently writing, during this down time, I have no doubt in my mind, that with the combined writing skills of Jon and Neal, this next Journey CD, will be a masterpiece. It would definitely have to be, anyway. With a new label and all, the band, I'm sure, knows this will more than likely be their breakthrough effort, to get beyond the shadow of you know who, and just being being a greatest hits band. Not to take take anything away from Arrival, because it's a phenomenal record, but there just wasn't enough focus or emphasis on it, in relation to the public eye, thanks to SONY! This band certainly has all the ingredients to be marketed successfully, but, this next release in 2003 will have to have full support of their new label, and I hope the band makes the right decision, in making that choice.

"GOOD LUCK, Journey, we will stand by you! And Steve Augeri, as well as Deen, thanks for your contributions and dedication in bringing Journey back together, it means a lot to all of us!"

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Date: 09 February, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Dedee
Original Location: The Water Cooler of Back Talk
Post: "My belief that Journey attracts some of the nicest people in the world was confirmed today whenI was introduced to a table full of wonderful and devoted fans, who were previously familiar names. Thanks to all who attended the luncheon and contributed to a memory that will be treasured among my daughter's and my most precious Journey souvenirs.

"As far as Steve many people in his position would display the graciousness and thoughtfulness that he did by sending a warm message to his fans that he truly cares about them?

"We're already looking forward to our next annual get together and hope to meet many more of the best fans of the greatest and most compassionate band in the world (I wish everyone could attend)!

"Love to all,


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Date: 12 February, 2002
Editors: Drmaftrdrm and TowandaRG
Author: jrnycmor
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Bay Area classic rock station the Bone is having its 'Classic Rock Olympics'. Today it is the Biathlon of Bay Area Rockers! The contestants are: Journey, Night Ranger, Santana, Y & T, Sammy Hagar and Doobie Brothers.

"Currently, our guys are in third behind Sammy and Night Ranger, so go vote at!!!!


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Date: 14 February, 2002
Editors: Drmaftrdrm
Author: My Son Journey
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "For those who liked my new boy's name. [They named their son Journey--Ed.]...Thank U. For those who thnk he will get beat up, thank you as well LOL. The reason I came up with his name is for one I have two daughters and their names both begin with the letter J. My oldest is Jordan and my youngest is Jymanii pronounced Gemoni. I had several other names in minf but several months back, Journey cane to BAKERSFIELD, and my mother and my boss who are both big JOURNEY fans thought it would be cute. And since it began with a J.....I did it and the rest is history...."

Date: 15 February, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Original Location: The Dixie Highway of Back Talk
Post: "I'll be going [to my next Journey concert] with my friend...And my little brother (he's 14) just asked me yesterday if he could come along. How cool is that? I guess all of that Journey 2001 brainwashing--I mean, watching has paid off! He told me, 'Journey's mad chill.' Translation: He thinks Journey rocks just like the rest of us."

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Date: 18 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: Romanticguy21
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk


Added by CJ:
"Deen is also on the Jon Cain Anthology cd with Neal on the song 'Lose Myself in You'."

Added by Deen's sister Susan:
"He also did albums with an Italian artist Vasco Rossi...the Bon Jovi of Italy. Pretty funny to hear all the lyrics done in Italian, but hard rock drummin' is hard rock drummin' in any language."

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Date: 20 February, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Troubled
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I don't think 'Higher Place' got a fair shake and I don't think 'Just the Same Way' or 'Feelin that Way/Anytime' get as much respect as they deserve. I mean, 'Just the Same Way' and 'Feelin that Way/Anytime' are about the only J tunes classic rock still plays (along with 'Wheel in the Sky') YET they are not considered Greatest Hits, are not guaranteed to be played in a show and were not on their DVD. I feel those tunes represent J at its best - but get pushed under the rug for some of their sappier ballads that are not standing the test of time...."

Date: 21 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: Starshero
Original Location: The Dixie Highway Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Be sure to check out There are pics of Journey's set as well as their jams with other bands at Atlanta's Volunteers For America show from October 20! Just go to the home page and look for the Volunteers For America link on the left. Check it out."

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Date: 24 February, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "When Journey was on Rockline--a syndicated radio program that you can call in and ask a question--Neal was asked about the WCN guitar solo being in "Signs of Life." He said something about how that particular solo has shown up in a few different songs he's played on...kind of a trademark solo for him.

"How can you rip off something that you invented (i.e. a guitar solo)?"

Date: 25 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: Ardescojrny
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "The latest from Andrew [McNiece at, referring to the story that Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon, Dean Castronovo and Slash are in the studio recording a few tunes]: 'It does sound interesting, so we rang up Slash to see if he could give us his take on the new band and those new songs. Surprisingly, Slash knew nothing about it. He did not play on these or any other songs with the so-called supergroup. He hasn't heard the songs either. From (Slash's site): "Frankly, we were very surprised since it is on Sammy's site. Slash said this is either a mistake by the person who wrote the news there, or Sammy's team is trying for more publicity or squeezing him to decide." ' "

Date: 26 February, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I am very upset about how some people come in here to start the steve perry/steve augeri debate. Steve Augeri is no longer the new guy in Journey. He has been in Journey for 4 years now. I apologize to Journey and Steve Augeri for saying 4 years ago they can't do it without steve perry. I heard "remember me" and arrival. I love the music. There are crappy albums that sell millions of copy. Arrival is a great record. The music is amazing. I love the songs. Signs of life is a song that I listen I can relate to a lot. The music on arrival comes from Journey's heart it makes you feel something. It can make you feel happy, inspired, romantic, or sad. Thats what music is all about. Journey went into the studio and made one of their best albums. Its my favorite Journey record. Not all musicians write from the heart. Some musicians write with the idea of just having the one hit song. I love all 15 songs they are all amazing. Journey made an amazing album in ARRIVAL.

"As for the Steve Perry issue. Hey I love Steve Perry and Steve Augeri they are both talented, are great songwriters, great people, amazing frontmen. We have to put this issue to rest. Its getting too old. Its a waste of time for people to come in here and bash Steve Augeri. I ask those same people who bash Steve Augeri what did he do to you. I ask how would you like it if you replaced a person at your job and everyone was bashing you. You wouldn't like it so may I suggest not doing it to steve Augeri. Steve Augeri is a kind soul. An inspiration to someone like me. Every time I go to a try out for acting and I get rejected I look at Steve Augeri for inspiration. Back in 1978 Journey released Infinity and were on their way to rock stardom. Steve Augeri was struggling and singing in New York City clubs. Now he is the singer in rock's greatest band. coincedentally I was born that year..LOL. All kidding set aside. Neal Schon made a great decision by having Steve Augeri front Journey. When i saw them play together you can tell they love playing together. They enjoy being on stage together. Steve Augeri is an amazing frontman. I love Steve Perry and would love to see him perform either solo or with journey. Its ok to love both Steve P. & Steve A. Its to ok to just like one or the other. This is a FORUM to promote the current Journey. the Journey that is going to put on one heck of a show this summer. thats the Journey that I love. Thats the journey that I can't wait to see this summer. If you agree with me fine and if you don't thats ok too. All I ask is if you have a negative opinion about the current Journey don't put it here. Journey wouldn't want us to be debating or arguing over who is better. Thats not what journey's music is about. Journey's music is about making you feel something. The music takes you on a Journey to maybe make you see different things or just tell a story about small town girl living in a lonely world. Or give you just the right song to hold that special one. We are all gathered here today in this message board because we love the music and want to share those positive experiences with other journey fans. All of us have a different story, different experience; we are all here as one.

"This summer bring a friend, son, daughter, girlfriend and have a good time if you are going to see Journey. Journey will be on the road again. Time for me to get a road map. Anyone know the short cut to Atlanta from New Jersey...LOL For now turn up the music and enjoy. If you don't have ARRIVAL All I can say is you are missing out on some amazing music. Don't take my word for it. Go out, get it and judge for yourself.

"Thank You,

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Date: 28 February, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: The Skipster
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I don't know if maybe everyone already has read this - but it was good...

by Andrew Ellis

"Believe it or not, there was once a time when bands made real, memorable albums as opposed to a marketing campaign and 10 songs to go with it. In a disposable age where the supergroup seems doomed, Journey's 18th opus provides a glimpse of what things used to be like.

"Arrival caused much consternation amongst Journey fans even before it's release due to early bootleg copies surfacing on Napster and then controversy with the ballad-heavy tracklisting of the Japanese release. Add the fact that it is also the band's first album since the lacklustre Trial By Fire in 1996, AND the first record without legendary vocalist Steve Perry, then it becomes clear this release carries with it more baggage than an overloaded 747.

"It's just as well then, that the weight of expectation fails to ground an album that probably won't put them on top of the charts, but nevertheless harks back to the band's impressive legacy of classics. The astonishing performance of new vocalist Steve Augeri means that the absence of Perry isn't really much of an issue, and at times he sounds spookily like him. The transition between vocalists is also helped by the fact that much of the material on Arrival is AOR of the highest calibre.

"Right from the opening bars of first single "Higher Place", it's clear the band's agenda is not to appear contemporary, but to give long time Journey fans exactly what they want. The opener is all that and more, with Neal Schon's trademark guitars accenting a powerful, yet graceful sound and an absolutely huge melody line proving Journey's return to form.

"With some impressive piano and keys work by Jonathan Cain, the rocking "Signs of Life" is another potential classic (and surely a worthy future single), and the simply awesome "To Be Alive Again" is another in the same mould. New drummer Deen Castronovo beats hell out of the skins on "All the Things", a heavy, groove-laden song that is drenched with guitar work recalling Schon's work with side project Hardline; whilst the bluesy "Livin' to Do" provides a pleasant change of pace without becoming wimpy.

"That said, Arrival does have its fair share of cigarette lighter love songs and even though the album would have benefited from chopping one or two off the final cut, "All the Way" and "With Your Love" are the type of classic tearjerkers that would probably chart if Jon Bon Jovi ever put his name to them. On the negative side, even the most hardened AOR veteran will find "Lifetime of Dreams" excessively schmaltzy, and "Nothin' Comes Close" sounds slightly unfinished. However, the innovative "Kiss Me Softly", the throbbing "World Gone Wild" and the atmospherics of closer "We Will Meet Again" rescue proceedings in spectacular fashion.

"In today's music scene Journey are about as fashionable as poodle perms and spandex trousers, and as a result I wouldn't bet Arrival will sell by the bucket load even if the band members now sport the rock equivalent of sharp clothes and short haircuts. However, that's not the point, as the quality and depth of this record proves that there are still bands out there who realise that the music, above anything else, comes first."



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Date: 03 March, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Princessofquitealot
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hi guys...this just in at Looks like Deen has been busy donating to his local middle school. Go to Community and see the article. PS...Deen was born in California not Portland. The rest is pretty accurate though. Enjoy......Susan"

Date: 04 March, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: Bonnie
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I just finished listeing to Journey 2001 for the first time, today that is, and it just gets better & better every time I hear it - this band rocks! Every member has so much talent - they can do any style music from rock to blues to ballads. Who else today can say that? I know I will get some irrate reply post from fans of other bands but this is my opinion. Todays rock sounds like soft rock to me, there are a couple of groups that I like and I have their CD's...Train is an example of one. But even they sound soft rock compaired to Journey. What's up with rock 'n roll today?

Or, maybe it's just me getting ugh...old?"

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Date: 07 March, 2002
Editor: Drmaftrdrm
Author: LAWoman
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Neal Schon on George Harrison from the article, 'Divine Light' by Michael Molenda, March 1, 2002, Guitar Player.

"NEAL SCHON: 'The Beatles were the reason I started playing guitar. I saw Yellow Submarine as a kid, and George's song, "It's All Too Much," rang in my head for years. I loved his Eastern influences-how he used drones, where he'd have one note hanging there, and the melody would work around it. He was the first one to turn me on to that sound, and I found it very mystical,powerful, and beautiful.

" 'He was also an amazing slide player. When it comes to spot-on intonation with slide work, I put George Harrison right up there with Jeff Beck. I'm gonna miss him.' "

Date: 08 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: def13332
Original Location: The Journey Community Message Board at (Faulty link removed 01 June 2002.)
Post: "Lately there seems to be a lot of discussion/speculation about why Journey is playing at smaller venues, so I was wondering if anyone out there has seen a concert (any group) in lets say the past five years at a smaller venue, and what they thought of the concert. Personally I have been to see the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY which is a pretty small venue. This was one of the best concerts that I have ever been to, the sound quality was fantastic and I really liked not having to fight the huge crowds you usually find at a stadium concert. I don't think there is any group out there now who could entice me to go see them at a large stadium, so I guess that for me personally I really prefer to go see a concert at a smaller venue."

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Date: 10 March, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: AlienC
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hello everyone.

"As the person who called Neal this morning and asked him personally about this article, (I don't have to send Emails and wait for an official response), Steve Augeri is the LEAD SINGER for JOURNEY. SP was asked by management if he was interested in a Big Money Reunion Tour.

"He declined.

"This has been covered before. WAAAYAYyyyyy old news getting dregged up by someone who 's out of the loop. Not meaning Andrew, rather the author of the article. If you don't believe me, you don't believe Neal."

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Date: 12 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Princess
Original Location: The Steve Perry Message Forum at
Post: "Hi everyone,

My band leader just called and said that Steve [Perry] was in his favorite coffee shop yesterday. No chance to ask any questions, but the way he looked answered quite a few of MY questions. Wish I could meet him in person...even after all this time. Doesn't sound like he goes there very often, if at all, and I am only in that area every month or so, so I doubt I will ever get to meet him myself...."

Date: 13 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Journey for Two
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I think what you may be referring to is the production of the CD's. The sounds quality is certainly better these days. Example: Set your stereo volume to a certain number, say 5. Play Arrival. Then Play Frontiers. Unless you have a digitally remastered CD of Frontiers the Arrival CD will be a lot louder, i.e. the sound quality of the recording has improved because of technology.

"Now, as far as production of Arrival, I would agree with you. I think the production of Arrival is a little rough and not as clear as previous recordings. It does give a feel to the whole album which is a good one but I think Kevin Shirley could have done a better job. Same with Remember Me on the Armeggedon soundtrack. That song was just not produced well IMO but is still a kick butt song! On the other hand, Kevin did a GREAT job on the DVD!!"

Date: 14 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Ridge
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Ross rules. Absolutely kicks butt! He is the reason why I went out and bought a bass guitar after the Arrival tour. Now if I could get him to give me a lesson or two."

Date: 15 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Arkansas
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I don't think Gregg Rolie should be lead, but his warm, sensual baritone would make for great harmonies with Jon, Dean, & Steve. And GR's writing could only benefit Journey too. I'm sure there's tons of undiscovered material out there that needs to be tapped. And could only be tapped by a Rolie-Schon-Cain-Augeri collaboration.

"I also think that having dual keyboards would open up a little more diversity in the musical range of the band. They could specialize, if you will, on certain sounds rather than just one guy having to carry the full load to get through the song. Also, Jon could get on the guitar a bit more. And I know this might sound cheesy, but bring him and Ross out to the front of the stage a little bit, shoulder to shoulder with Neal, and do a little power guitar showy stuff like many of the 70's greats used to do.

"And if they felt like a little bit of nostalgia, they could slip in some Santana, maybe on the heels of La Raza Del Sol.

"I always thought that Journey should be a six-piece. It'd be sooooo darned cool.


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Date: 19 March, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: LoveMyBoys
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "While listening to Trial By Fire on the way into work this morning, I realized a couple of things.

The joy that I felt last July after seeing Steve Augeri perform with Journey for the first time, has made me lose all perspective when it comes to Steve Perry.

I think that all of the carrying on that goes on in this place (SP vs. SA) has made me take a defensive position for Mr. Augeri. And I don't mean to do that. Because while assuming this position it makes me (unconsiously, I believe) unsupportive of SP.

Another reason I think this has been made possible is because it is human nature to become defensive when someone you love leaves you. I mean this in a very general way. Steve Perry was Journey to all of us (minus post-Steve A fans). When he encountered the issues in his life that made him have to step down (or whatever the case), rather than be supportive, we've all been hurt. SO of course we were all thrilled beyond belief to have someone so very talented continue the Journey for us, so to speak.

So, when listening to TBF this morning, I realized how much of a shame it is that they were not able to go on and promote this music. It also made me realize how very wonderful Steve Perry is. I truly hope that he starts singing (recording) someday soon and we can all share in the joy of his voice once again. I wish him nothing but peace and happiness, and want to thank him for all of the years of absolutely beautiful music that he sang to us.

I just feel I have a new-found, true appreciation for Mr. Perry. I always did and always will. It just got misplaced for a while."

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Date: 24 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: RomanticGuy22
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I read Neal Schons interview. Although ARRIVAL had 15 songs that was great if you think about it TBF was done in 96 a lot of us where excited about arrival how would they sound without Perry. Same with TBF it had 15 songs but it had been 10 years between TBF & ROR. We know now that there will be a new record with 10 songs 2 or 3 ballads. I know one thing for sure the 2 or 3 ballads will be the best ones. I read that Steve Augeri wrote the first official song for his wife. I would love to see that song as a ballad. We know there will be another tour after the record is released in which Thank Goodness they will play Primary markets. Knowing what Neal is doing. We can expect Journey to release a new album next year. Jeb brought up a great question what if Steve Perry put the band back together without Neal Schon. I think personally there would be controversy. I could not see that happening. Nobody plays like Neal Schon. He is an amazing guitarist. I love seeing Neal play live. He enjoys his guitar. He is an original member. he is the best guitarist of all time. I am a Journey fan no matter what."

Date: 25 March, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: PKRBKR
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "From almost 30 years of music.. and its still growing!! IS THAT COOL.... First to make big screens a staple.. one of the first ROCK BANDS to use ballads as a staple.. Captured featured two brand new songs.. Time 3 also had many songs that were not previously released.. TBF great diversity in the music..and recaptures the fans after a 9 year layoff.. Then Augeri joins.. and MORE GROUND breaking.. DirecTV AWESOME.. ARRIVAL awesome.. last 4 years of tour EXCEPTIONAL!! DVD even BETTER!! NOW 2002 ROLLS in and what happens.. MORE cutting edge.. no more SONY!! more creative.. harder sounding rock and roll!! EP selling at shows only!! You gotta dig it!! NEW 10 song CD like the old days!! and last playing in secondary markets!!! GO NEAL, Jonathon, ROSS DEEN and last but not least STEVE A! You have been class act #1!!!"

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Date: 27 March, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: KCJourneyholic
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I do believe I've got to get in on this one! 'Kiss Me Softly' is winning by 'majority' --That low, husky quality about Steve's voice in this song, just about drives me ????? I love the breathlessness, drawn out ~~ like a whisper that he does so well! I would also love to hear him perform 'I'm Not That Way'. Such soul and emotion in that song, IMO. It is a fav 'Journey' ballad for me! A couple of other 'J' I would love to hear Steve perform: 'Castles Burning' and 'Message of Love'. I've heard that MOL was performed at some venues last year, but it was not here in KC. 'Stay With Me' and 'Chain of Love' would be picks from TS ~~ hard to limit the choices! Umm ~ 'Let It Go' rocks for me! ...regarding his 'stage' attire?! I'll go along with you, Susan. Faded jeans ~ [low on the hips!] shredded and torn in various places! with a clingy, half-buttoned shirt Oh YEAH! [one final song I'd love to hear! 'Remember Me' ~ Steve's first w/Journey]."

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Date: 29 March, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Perryaddict01
Original Location: The Water Cooler Forum of Back Talk
Post: "People, how lucky we are to be alive. Around Sep. 11 I wrote this and hold it dear to my heart. I think that it truely is a great thing to be reminded of the fact that bickering and petty fighting is going to do nothing but bring us down. Why should we be divided by who likes who when we could all be a GREAT loving family of fans who loves Journey, regardless of if *it's past or present*. I just wanted to put this in the minds of you all... Thank god you're alive and have some great music:


Deep in the sorrows of war
lie men full of pain.
Those who have been
downed or even slain,
cannot be forgotten
without the sudden gain
of the dying hate.
To what do we owe this fate?
I am not quite sure
why it is so sad.
It brings the hate we all fear
and makes us mad.
When the world
suddenly turns bad.
What do you do?
To our country
we must be true
and forever will live
the red, white, and blue.
I thank you.
God bless America
and her great soldiers!


Thanks for listening.


Date: 30 March, 2002
Editor: Onthefritz
Author: Journeycat
Original Location: The Dixie Highway Forum of Back Talk
Post: "In exactly three weeks from right now Journey will be walking on stage to do their first show of the summer!!!

Doin' the Journey Happy Dance"

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Date: 03 April, 2002
Editor: VocalLizzy
Author: journey24/7
Original Location: The Water Cooler Forum of Back Talk
Post: "When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, i just could not get my bum out of bed to workout. been a bit tired the past few days. so i decided i'd take the morning off and go back to bed until the little angel got up. well, what a reward i got i went back to sleep and had a nice long dream about steve a. and then the little one slept till almost 8 what a great way to start the day!!!!!"

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Date: 06 April, 2002
Editor: VocalLizzy
Author: RossValoryRocks
Original Location: The Water Cooler Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Well...the micacle of getting Shane to the Santa ROSS-A show has happened...and now I have another miracle to report...
My wife and I are having a BABY!
We don't know they gender yet the due date should be around the end of Nov...beginning of Dec...
So I will be a DADDY soon! As you can probably tell I am VERY excited!!!

Date: 07 April, 2002
Editor: VocalLizzy
Author: Dawner
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "...Journey's music was there for me when my grandmother passed away last year. She raised me from the age of 8 and was more of a mother to me than my own mother. Arrival had just come out, it was all I listened to every waking hour. I would even bring my walkman cd player to bed and play Arrival all night long. It was just easier to fall asleep at night without crying myself to sleep.

"Thanks to the Journey guys for making my life a litter easier to get through during the hard times."

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Date: 09 April, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: schrolticvalprn
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "What Sony did, or didn't do, made lousy business sense. They essentially paid for the production of an album that they had no intention of putting any promotional efforts into. They funded a Tour by a band they no longer believed in. How stupid is that? They lost money for themselves and the band, when the band should have been allowed to explore other options of getting their product to the buying public. There are labels out there that would give anything to promote a band with the solid history of Journey. Sony screwed Journey, bottom line. Oh, and it was Neal that said Sony offered Journey another contract to do another CD and tour and the band said 'Thanks but no thanks!' You didn't promote the last album, why would you do it for a new one?"

Date: 10 April, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Running Alone
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "On Monday my daughter and I went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener. While waiting in the crowd to exit after the game, a group of 6 or 7 20-something year old guys behind us were talking about women (what else? ). One guy was bemoaning his inability to get a date, when another guy said to him, "Dude, you need to start listening to Journey. For some reason, chicks dig guys who dig Journey!

"It made us laugh so hard that I had to share it."

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Date: 14 April, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: laureli
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hello! I am new here and just wanted to say hello and it is great to be here! I'm writing from about 10,000 miles away (from most of you) as I now live in Sydney, Australia. I am originally from Chicago. Been a Journey fan since '78 when I first saw them on the Midnight Special with my mother. Wow! Been obsessed ever since! How time flies! I used to be on the Journey Digest and the other boards for some years not too long ago. Now that I am moved and settled a few years later, I am soooo happy to have a place to come to to "talk Journey" with you guys! Caryn, thanks for your help too!

"P.S. Does anyone know of any plans for Journey to come to Australia? I miss them sooooooo......I did catch them for my last time before I left Chicago in '99 at the World Music Theatre with my now husband. Journey was new to him and he loved the show!

"I must say that being the HUGE Steve Perry freak that I am, Steve Augeri, you are AWESOME!"

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Date: 17 April, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jrnydude
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "After watching the DVD video concert, I have to say Jonathan really looks at home in concert and he has unreal stage presence.

"I used to favor Greg Rolie but Jonathan has won me over with his dedication to Journey.

"Jonathan Cain is Journey."

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Date: 19 April, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: bdavey
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "First of all, thank you for everything!

"Congratulations and good luck on the brand new 'Journey Tour 2002!' I hope that everything goes as planned and you all have a great time on the road this coming summer! Most of all, have fun and enjoy the fans...they love you!

"It's about the music, after all!!"

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Date: 21 April, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Scarab49
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "What's happening all? I just wanted to say that I am very excited about the tour this summer. Yesterday morning I got my tickets for the Gilford, NH show and I am so pumped! I got third row and this is the closest I've ever sat to see these guyz. I got to Gilford at around 7:30 in the morning and needless to say I was little dissappointed to see the turnout of people waiting for tickets. Only two other JOURNEY fanz like myself waiting for tickets. I did have the extreme pleasure of meeting JRNY02 from the forum here. JRNY02, if you read this, I just want to say it was great sharing stories with you and I'll throw an email your way sometime this week to touch base with you. Anyways, rock on guyz and galz and let's keep the JOURNEY spirit alive and strong!! Take care."

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Date: 23 April, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: rockon2000
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I don't know if the posters and tour shirts and the such are made up for tour yet, but I think it would be cool to incorporate the sign for infinity as the "00" is "2002". The infinity sign along with the scarab have always been Journey's signature to me. Anyway, just a thought, what does everyone think?"

Date: 24 April, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: chas11
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "After so many years of not knowing what was going on with Journey, I can simply say that the last four years have been nothing but very special.

"Think about it, we now have two amazing guys in Steve and Deen who have added so much to the already incredibly awesome Neal, Jonathan and Ross to give us a new Journey and promise for the future.

"They've given us tour after tour, a new CD, a new DVD, promises of new music (already played) and more to come.

"They've given us this great website to interact, keep up with the latest news, win contests, sign up for special events and causes, buy merchandise and opportunities for special seats and backstage passes.

"I know I'm enjoying this ride and I really appreciate all the great things that we've been able to experience the last few years.

"Thank you Journey. I can't even explain how much fun this has been and I hope this lasts for a very long time yet!!

Still We Ride!!!!"

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Date: 26 April, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Arkansas
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "About 1130 (cdt) today, I'm checking out the forecast to see how much longer the rain is gonna last, and I hear this extraordinary guitar ripping through this new-age/cool-jazz string/sax/percussion arrangement. The guitar sounded like Neal Schon, and I instantly thought of 'Beyond the Thunder'. Did anybody else hear this? Has anybody heard Neal Schon's music used on TWC?

I guess it could be contractual. I don't know how the TWC's music is picked. But I was thinking, the album title alone - Beyond the Thunder - is perfect for The Weather Channel.


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Date: 29 April, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Afterthefall
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I'll reserve judgement [on the new music] until I hear it--and I agree that a change is needed. We don't want just more of the same. But I have to admit, I am a little concerned about the new music being too radical of a departure (pun intended). Neal saying things like he would like to see J. Cain leave the 'whale' home for a tour is part of the reason for the concern. Just think about that statement and form your own conclusions.

The thing is, Neal is the fire of Journey. He's the best guitar player on the planet in my opinion. With that out of the way, Neal can sometimes be self indulgent. But it is the sum of Journey's 'parts' that makes them the greatest band in the world--with each of them bringing their own signature magic to the table--including Jon Cain and his 'whale.'

What makes Trial by Fire such a masterpiece, (side by side with Escape) is that everyone gets to shine on it. Everyone gets to show off here and there. The point is I think you need a nice, sonic balance.

So we want change, yes. But if it's too self indulgent and too radical from the signature Journey sound--it might not be a good thing for the band in the precarious position of transition that they are in. I for one, am on my head to hear Neal's new Playground cd that he has in the can--with his soaring guitar mixed to techno music. I think that would be amazing--but not on a Journey record.

I don't want another album of 12 ballads--but I don't want an album that drifts too far away from Journey's signature. If that happens--is it really even Journey anymore--all things considered?

Just voicing it out. Unfiltered, non suck up, honest feelings spoken respectfully."



Date: 01 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Jrnyon
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Congratulations Neal and Amber. I hope your new little Aja will bring much happiness and joy to your lives."

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Date: 12 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Jrnyon
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Friday, as I was coming home from a long day at work, I was flipping radio stations. On the "80's" station they were playing 'Any Way You Want It'. After that ended and they went to commercial, I flipped to the 'Warm, Easy Station' and they were playing 'Faithfully'. After that ended and some sappy song came on, I switched to the 'Classic Rock' station and they were playing 'Seperate Ways'. This all just made my day! I was in Journey Heaven. Now, if I just heard ONE Arrival song, Id be all set."

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Date: 22 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: BonBon
Original Location: Dogman's Official Unofficial Message Board
Post: "Hi Steve, I'm sure you've read the GREAT reviews that the shows are getting. There is only one thing wrong witb them: I HAVEN'T BEEN TO MY FIRST SHOW YET! But then that's my fault isn't it? I am so excited about seeing you guys in Joplin on July 20 and then again in Biloxi on Sept. 13! The new songs sound like they are absolutely great. Can't wait til the EP is available on journeyswag! See you soon I hope!"

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Date: 26 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Perryaddict01
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "The music and lyrics melt into one as they transform into the air that enables Steve Perry to breathe and provide him with a colorful palette of a multitude of emotions which he uses to paint his unique interpretation of each song. He inhales the combined power of the melody and words, until it/they begin to circulate throughout his soul, gathering all the emotion that lives within him. When he exhales, I feel the emotional impact of his voice seeping through my skin, filling my heart with his magic and taking control of my soul. Chills run up and down my spine, and the exhilaration, he transfers, covers me with goosebumps; yet I'm consumed with a sense of inner peace, warmth, understanding, security and comfort. I become lost in his voice, as he carries me away to a place which is the closest to heaven that I can be transported to without dying. I'm speechless and paralyzed, as he becomes my voice, body, heart and soul, but the world I'm in is so beautiful that I don't care if I ever return to where his voice found me."

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Date: 29 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Bonnie
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Jon has a 'bad boy' attitude when he plays guitar on 'Wheel' that is! And I love it! We all know Jon has a very big heart of gold and when he shows that bad boy side, it's so darn fun to see!"

Date: 30 May, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Heartmonger
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I had a dream this morning that I was in a music store (ala guitar center) and some guy was trying to play bass, so I picked up a nice ernie ball fretless sterling bass and started playing a little walking bass line. A voice came from somewhere saying "Not bad", I look around , and it's Ross! We were talking shop for a while, and the phone woke me up right after he invited me to go and jam with Neal. Talk about bad timing! Anyway... just wanted to share that one with y'all. These guys keep popping into my dreams."



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Date: 03 June, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: LuvsJrny
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Just for fun, name two songs that you would like to hear Steve sing--one to be a Journey song (other than off Arrival) and one non-Journey (remember I said just for fun!) My request would be to hear "The Eyes of a Woman" because I think it's as sexy and sensual as "Kiss Me Softly," and "Sailing" by Christopher Cross--one of my favorite, all time non-Journey tunes. Any other requests?"

Date: 04 June, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Ross Valory Rocks!!!!
Original Location: Dogman's Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Forum
Post: "Hidden within the Ross Valory Rocks DOT com site will be various items from Journeyswag, in pictures, in banners, top, bottom and side to side. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to identify, price the item (from Journeyswag, and do forget to pick up some GREAT stuff while you are there), and count the over all number of SWAG items hidden within the web site. Clues will be available on the Ross Valory Rocks DOT com forums. To win you must register on the Ross Valory Rocks DOT com forums and then send a private message to Stuart with all the information you have acquired. The first person to find, correctly price and report all the SWAG Gear wins some GREAT SWAG Gear from Journeyswag courtesy of Ross Valory Rocks DOT com. Contest starts 8:00am ET June 10th and runs through 11:59pm June 24th. Contest winner will be announced on June 25th by 12:00 noon on the Ross Valory Rocks DOT com Forums. Complete details will be posted at Ross Valory Rocks DOT com!!"

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Date: 09 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Appears To Vanish
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hi there, My name is Paul and I'm a long time Journey fan...I found this site after pulling out the classic video 'Frontiers and Beyond' and getting all fired up for some Journey info! This is a favorite video of mine though the NFL production is kind of weird. I also just picked up the Journey 2001 video and am absolutely blown away by it. I am extremely happy that the band is still moving on so successfully. I think Augeri is an amazing singer and I don't think it disrespects Perry in any way to say this. Also Deen! What a visceral drummer! I can't remember the last time I saw someone hit the drums so hard! Cain and Schon are givens, and SO IS ROSS! Raised on Radio, while a good album had a void without his presence. Well just some thoughts...Any other recommended Journey videos?"

Date: 10 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: rnklrmom
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "My 14 yr. old daughter loves Journey. She gets very emotional whenever she gets to meet the band, etc. (she doesn't do this for any of the other bands she likes). The only problem is this is getting expensive! That's okay, it's for a good reason. She also proudly wears her jersey and necklace to school, and keeps her backstage pass on her purse. In the beginning of high school, a few of her teachers teased her that she didn't really know Journey, they thought she was just copying her mom. It was really funny when she was able to update her teachers and tell them about Arrival and all the concerts she's been to."

Date: 11 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: lunchbreak
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Well I had a pleasant surprise as I was driving in my car today. The Buzz 102 and 103 (80s rock) played 'Don't Stop Believin' and then mentioned Journey's show in Allentown on 08/28. Tomorrow they are giving away tickets during the Buzz Buffet (the lunch hour show)! I was surprised because Allentown is like an hour and a half away from here and I never thought they would get involved. And I didn't even ask!"

Date: 12 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dedee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: [In response to a post by Neal Schon (see today's news item)] "There's no need for me to tell you that your voice is music to our ears, and your name always attracts our attention. I'll be on the edge of my seat next month, waiting to hear these exciting, new creations (and every familiar song that the band chooses to include in the setlist). Thanks for the highly anticipated and welcomed report."

Date: 13 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: JRNY4~
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "It was so cool to watch this great game , and by a pleasant surprise during the intermission as the announcers were talking, "Any Way You Want It" played. It just goes to show what class the NHL has to play such great music for the fans.

"I will be watching and listening tonight , maybe Detroit can top that and play two Journey tunes."

Date: 14 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Wavid
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "With everything that's happened over the last few years with this band and the fact that they are now free of Sony and can really do what THEY want I truly believe that the BEST IS YET TO COME!!! I think Red 13 will give us a taste of that! I've never been more psyched to hear new stuff from anyone. And I have always had many favorites! But Journey has worked it's way back to the top of my list! So let's all get excited for what's to come and thank this great band for everything they do for us! Thanks Journey! We truly can't wait to hear what's next!!"

Date: 15 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Suzannecan'thelpit
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was watching a live DVD of another band I like (not nearly as much as Journey), Van Halen. Watching it made me realize how great and classy Journey is. VH was dropping the F-Bomb and bras were coming onto the stage. It got to be a little offensive at some parts.

"So I got the bad taste out of my mouth by watching some of the Journey DVD and I tell you those last couple songs (BGTY, AWYWI) just get make me giddy! I was on cloud nine like I was actually at the concert! It was awesome. Journey is a good drug!!!"

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Date: 23 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Ticker
Original Location: Dogman's Steve Augeri Message Board
Post: "Let me first say as a matter of perspective, I own over 600 CDs and [Tall Stories] is in my top 10. You probably have never heard of this band or even their single ("Wild on the Run") from 1991, but that is a crying shame. I worked in a record store back then and I can tell you that these guys did not get the label support they deserved. We're talking real musicianship here. People have compared them to Journey but I have to say that Tall Stories stands alone. Journey is one of my favorite bands of all time (I own every CD they did with Perry and they're in heavy rotation in my CD player) so I think I'm qualified to say no way. Tall Stories was not a Journey rip-off or a rip-off of any band. You've never heard such catchy tunes and emotion-charged vocals. Steve Augeri doesn't sound like Steve Perry at all but he does do a fantastic job of singing his songs, and an even better job of singing Tall Stories' songs. If you enjoyed the pop/rock of the late 80s/early 90s, this CD is a critical purchase. This is one of those few albums that is great from start to finish. "Wild on the Run" is a firecracker of a song with a really catchy tune. Many of the songs have a distinct blues and classic R&B influence all within the pop/rock frame of reference. And Steve Augeri's vocals ooze sex appeal and heart on songs like "Restless One". If you enjoy passionate, soulful singing like Steve Perry and Sam Cooke, you're going to love Steve Augeri. As a side note, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Augeri while he was on tour with Journey and this guy is the sweetest, most humble, most down-to-earth rock star you could ever meet. He comes from humble beginnings, is truly grateful for the success he's found and for his fans, and is committed to delivering a powerhouse performance every time -- you can feel it all the way back to Tall Stories. If you've never heard their music, you are in for a real treat. It's getting scarce these days so don't procrastinate -- BUY this fantastic CD. You won't be disappointed! If you take my advice, buy this CD, and love it like I do, you might also want to check out Tyketto: Shine and/or Tyketto: Take Out and Served Up Live, and Journey: Arrival. Arrival is the standout of those three."

Date: 24 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Vince
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Red 13 sounds like an awesome idea, but I would have like to have something else on the EP. SOME LIVE TRACKS WITH AUGERI !!! ** shut up Vince you are getting unquenchable !"

Date: 25 June, 2002 (EDT--the post is dated June 24, 10:45 PM PDT)
Editor: Andrea86
Author: mommymezzo
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hello, I'm pretty new to this, so hope I'm not doing something I shouldn't be doing...anyway, I came across an interesting item on Ebay---it is an award given to Herbie Herbert by the RIAA -- the gal who's selling it is in desperate need of getting some $$$ for attorney fees so she can go after her "x" for much needed child support. she paid $800 for this award about 10 years ago, and it is currently at $200 -- the auction closes tomorrow I believe (the 25th)...just thought i'd pass the info on to any interested fans. i'm not really sure how to insert a link to a webpage, but the address is or, if you search with "journey" it's in music memorabilia, at the high price end. thanks -- just felt like being a nice-fellow-fan...hope someone is interested!"

Date: 26 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: t-guin
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I've been listening again to [Steve Perry's] GH + 5 lately and I forgot how good it was. It's a shame that the second record never got released because there are some great songs on it. 'Against the Wall' and 'Melody' are awesome and would have been smash hits. Also, when I hear 'You Better Wait,' I can't help but think that that would have been a great Journey song. You can almost hear Neal playing the guitar part on that song. It seems to have that Journey feel to it. It's often easy to forget how great that voice was when you don't hear it that often along with the soul that went into every one."

Date: 27 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dedee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "My continuing appreciation goes out to every one of you for keeping your endless creativity flowing from your souls and for sacrificing a valuable part of your private lives (your wives are saints), in order to bring us the music and nights that go on forever. On a personal note, I want to thank you for giving me the melodies that touch me so deeply, making it next to impossible for me to keep my hands off of them . So many of your musical stories have been transformed into my own, and you'll never know how much pleasure I've received from writing them. Be safe and stay well."

Date: 28 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jrny4lana
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I would love to see that audition! I can't imagine him nervous; he's such a natural performer! I think it's interesting that he really wanted to do Open Arms. It was genius on his part! The fans IMO, would have the hardest time hearing someone other than Steve Perry sing this song above all others. I say this because it seems like this is the song we hold dearest to our hearts when it comes to Steve Perry, IMHO of course and from personal experience.. I know for me, it was the hardest to hear the first time. It was also the song that won me over to Steve Augeri! Like all of the other songs, Steve Augeri has made the music of Journey his own, his own style, and I'm so thankful for Steve Augeri keeping THIS Journey alive for me!!!"

Date: 29 June, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jrnyval
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I'm not really bumping this thread!! Or am I?? LOL Can't wait to get my hands on a few copies of Red 13!!!! I am excited!!!! Question?? Are The Time and State of Grace on Red 13 and the up and coming CD expected out later this year, or just one or the other?? See?? It's not just a big fat BUMP for Neal!!!"

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Date: 07 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dawn
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I love Trial By Fire too, but for me it's more for curling up with on a snowy winter evening rather than the summertime. This summer I've been listening alot to Perry's greatest hits +5 and the singles, and the rockers like AWYWI, SW(WA), SIL, and so on. But when fall comes, I know I'll break out the TBF cd for some cozy warm fuzzies. Although, I can see where the title track would be nice to chill to on a boat on some beautiful lake or ocean at sunset."

Date: 08 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: RockofLife
Original Location: The Dixie Highway Forum of Back Talk
Post: "What were we doing to miss [Jon's taking off his shirt at the Toledo show]?? LOL!! To be honest, I watched Steve and Neal all night. I did notice when Jon and Steve were laughing at a point and right after that, Jon came out for the encore in a different shirt. I wonder if he got something on the other one and that's why he took it off? Who knows...all I know is this show rocked. The best I've neen to so far."

Date: 09 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Canned Fun
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Can you all imagine what it must be like to be one of the guys' kids, reading this forum? I was thinking about this after reading augerifan's note, reminding us not to curse, etc.

"I hope all of the Journey children know that most of us out here truly respect and admire their fathers, and that any bickering or negative talk they read out here doesn't reflect the feelings of many of us. I know I am somewhat new to the public forum, but I am a *long* time Journey fan, and I cannot put together words enough to tell you all how grateful I am that I get to share in the talent of these men.

"Family is what gives us all stability, happiness, and the base from which we can go out and create. My thanks to all of the Journey children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends, for without you, this Journey wouldn't be possible."

Date: 10 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: LuxxRocksAmerica
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hi all, I just wanted to come in here and say HI! Suzy from Michigan here.

"I went to the ROCK NEVER STOPS show last night at the COMMON GROUND FESTIVAL in Lansing, MI - Skid Row, Jackyl, Vince Neil, and Tesla. Anyway, I was the guest of Skid Row, so I was hanging out backstage/sidestage all night (no, not a groupie, I work with Skid Row sometimes.)and I see this curly haired guy. I said to my friend " I know that guy!" I couldn't remember how, but, then someone mentioned that Journey was playing today and it dawned on me that it was Steve Augeri. I went and spoke with him for a moment, and told him that I had met him 10 years ago when he was with his 1st band called TALL STORIES. TALL STORIES' big hit was called WILD ON THE RUN. I had seen them w/ Mr. Big in Mich. Anyway, Steve was a SUPER NICE guy, and I got my pic taken with him. I wish I could have been able to go to the Journey show tonight, but I have too much going on.

"So for those that have not had the chance to meet Steve, I hope you do, and for those that have, he is awesome."

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Date: 12 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: cheaptrick77
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I and my sisters were raised by our Great-grandmother. When she was in her 80's, and I was still living at home, I'd watch MTV a lot (back when they played GOOD music and always turned it up when Journey was on). She liked Steve Perry's voice and would recognize them when they came on, even without me telling her that it was them. She always called Steve "her boy". She even helped me scrape up the cash to buy a brand new copy of Frontiers and Beyond from one of the local video stores. I watched it so many times I wore it out, and had to buy a new copy. Too bad she's no longer with us (she passed away in '96). I'm sure she'd like the "new" Steve too. Can't wait to get the combo-pack. Are there any new features on the DVD, or is it just a direct transfer of the VHS?"

Date: 13 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: frenchvenus
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "[Conan O'Brien's recent negative depiction of Steve Perry is] a PR boost in the sense that it brings attention to Perry. The skit can be taken it two ways. Some will say it's demeaning, but I think it says something else. The parts where he makes Conan and Max eat the newspapers tells me that someday, Steve is going to make the naysayers eat their words. Just my take on it, of course."

Date: 14 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: paula donbrosky
Original Location: Dogman's Official Unofficial Steve Augeri Message Board
Post: "I recently saw Journey live in Toledo, Ohio. I have waited 20 years to see them! Steve Augeri was an awesome choice for Journey. He is so-o-o- hot!!!!! Of course I would of died to see Steve Perry with the band, its been a dream for a long time now, but I was so captivated by Steve A. My only advice would be, unbutton the shirt just a tad Steve and show us what you got!!! Also, keep up the great work.Steve your great as you are, do your own style.We,the true fans of Journey accept you for you not as Steve P. I welcome you with Open Arms!"

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Date: 17 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Christopher
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was thinking the other day, that there are plenty of Journey songs that were never big hit radio songs...that teh general public has, sadly, never heard. What songs for you, make this list? I have to be off to work, so I'll just list the first one that comes to mind, and I'll add more in about another 9 hours or so, after work...

"Mother, Father!"

Date: 18 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jrnyintomystery
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "My day started off by Going to a local WALMART (San Diego--Aero Drive) looking for a good DVD to buy, and on at least 10 different TV screens, they are playing the "JOURNEY 2001" DVD. Not just one take, but the whole DVD. What was even more cool was, there was a small crowd of people checking it out. I saw a woman's jaw drop when Steve Augeri Sang 'Open Arms.' Judging from the peoples expressions on their faces, I could tell they were all Impressed. Later on, I took off to a Shopping Mall in Escondido, and as I'm walking through the Mall, I hear in the Background 'Be Good to Yourself.' Talk about Coincidences. Anyway, I'm all Fired up cause My Day is about as good as it gets!"

Date: 19 July, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: LoveMyBoys
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Yep, once again, in the car on the way to work, while listening to Trial by Fire............that CD brings out such emotions in me, it's wild.

"While listening to 'When You Love a Woman,' I was thinking 'hey, I'd like to hear Augeri sing that', then in the same moment I thought 'nah, that's strictly a Perry song'. Funny, most of the music can be done by both awesome singers, but a small fraction (IMO) belongs to SP. Then 'Don't Be Down on Me Baby' comes on. Man, that song rips my heart out EVERY TIME. Such passion in his voice and words.

"So....that got me thinking (AGAIN), how lucky we are to have such a great great band that has had 2 (that I've listened to) spectacular frontmen. One that sang to our souls for 20+ years and one that is still in the growing process but doing that very same thing, and I for one, am immensely enjoying growing and moving forward with him. But both that can just sing right into your very being. Not one thing has changed for me in regard to loving this band, except for the respect I have for them. It's constantly growing.

"Someone started a thread a while ago asking what songs we'd like to hear more of in concert, and I'd have to say some TBF.

"That's all. I'll climb down off my soapbox and get to work (ya, right).

"Have a great Friday everyone and a fun weekend!"

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Date: 01 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: iluvjonathan
Original Location: The Dixie Highway Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Yes, Steve took control of the Videocamera last night, with some interesting close-ups.

"We got a treat last night with Steve grabbing the videocam from one of the camera crew guys and went all over the stage with it, not once but twice. He really had fun last night!

"There were two large screens, which had on them before the show started, which was great.

"Nice Journey Scarab (banner?) behind Deen's drums, very cool to see that!

"Okay girls....greyish blue and white pants with a white button down shirt (only 2 buttons done) with long sleeves. Neal black vest with a white shirt underneath, black pants. Jon, one of his funky shirts, with beige pants, very nice indeed! Can't remember Ross, sorry. Dean, long shorts, black shirt. (of course you can see where most of my concentration was, with binoculars and all)

"Only disappointment was the crowd, everyone got up during Neal's Star Spangled Banner and then sat down for the rest of the show until the encore. Very disappointed. Middle upper sections I don't even think had pulses. I stood up a couple of times and was told to sit down from the people behind us, I think every single fan member got told to sit down wherever they were by other people, crabby crowd! Chrissy I think got physically pushed down by someone..what's up with that! Fan Club members should really be up front, I think that should be a new rule.

"The energizer bunny was at it again with no shoes...where does he get all his energy from????? It was air-conditioned in there, so I think that had a lot to do with it and of course lovely Lydia was there...if you ever get to meet her, she's a sweetheart!!

"Same set list as Bald Hill, still waiting for La Raza. I believe there were a lot of firefighters there, which made Steve very happy and looked like a lot of children..which we know Steve loves. I think most were part of Steve's Family.

"Steve did some drumming with Deen, very cool! Not sure if he's done that at any other show, but make sure to check it out if he does.

"Special bonus treat..met Neal and his parents (who quickly left to the Casino and bar area), Ross who said my CD was the first one he signed (yeah!) Saw Steve by the buses, took some amazing pictures with him (does he ever take a bad picture...he's picture perfect), he signed everyone also, what a gentleman, and he was then wearing White Denim Jacket with Red shirt and White Jean pants with blue flip-flops (have to keep you all posted on this you know). Lizzy got Deen to come off the bus and snap some pictures and also sign some stuff (couldn't take him away from him Mudvayne (sp?)...then he went shopping with his son in the casino. Just normal guys I might add.

"I was very happy to get to see the guys, not only for me, but for Dedee (Diane) and her daughter Christine because they missed the entire show because of traffic and at least they got to see the guys. I felt really bad for both of you.

"Nice seeing everyone again, more new faces and some dinner bonding at the end of the night, or was it early morning..can't remember..all I know was that I couldn't fall asleep and now I'm at work..snoooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

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Date: 05 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: I'llbealrightwithjourney
Original Location: The Dixie Highway Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Ahh...The bra. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that it was not *this* Kristin [the one who threw her bra onstage at Gilford, New Hampshire]. I wish I was that close to the stage! ...They're the BEST, aren't they?"

Date: 05 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: schrolticvalprn
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "If you're going to give proper credit, you have to give credit to all. Journey is not and never was a one-man band. So here's another shot of respect out for everyone that was a part of the Journey we all knew and loved and are responsible for there being a Journey that we can continue to love and enjoy today. Thanks to you all!!!"

Date: 06 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: One Journey
Original Location: The Water Cooler Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I'm a songwriter/producer by profession, and after years of playing my own music as a kid, Journey's music was the very first outside entity to touch me. They became very important in my life, opening the door for me to listen to other people's music. My 16 year-old boy knows every single Journey song ever recorded (I swear I had nothing to do with it), and is looking forward to Journey being his very first concert in his a little over two weeks! He even has all his friends into them as well. I can't tell you how good it feels to see teenagers singing 'Faithfully' again."

Date: 07 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: justme
Original Location: The Ask Journey Forum of Back Talk
Post: "For All of Journey: THANK YOU!!! Just got my Red 13 and I had to say a thank you for the new, fresh music! I knew you all had so much new stuff in ya, and I feel I can speak for all of us here that we are all hungry for all you can give. Of course, I loved it all on first listen, but truly adore 'Walking Away...' the song I've been waiting to hear for sooo long. Yet another masterpiece from you all. Thanks, thanks, thanks again."

Date: 08 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: Cubby
Original Location: The Water Cooler Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was in a restaurant/bar picking up some lunch for my wife and I. I was sitting there in the bar waiting for my to-go order. One of the guys got up and walked past me and said "hey, great shirt, those guys rock!!"...I was wearing my "Vacations Over" t-shirt. I said yeah they do, then he said I always liked them with Perry, they say the new singer is pretty damn good too, and I said, oh yeah, he's the best. Then he asked me if I ever listened to the pre-Perry albums, he said he always liked those but no-one seems to know about them, and I said yep, those are some of my favorites. Then I told him I'd be seeing them in New Mexico in a couple of weeks, and that they were touring promoting their new EP Red 13, I told him it was available on their website if he wanted one. I told him from what I've heard so far, they were trying to reach back to their roots and he was all excited and said he would check it out!!! huh...."

Date: 09 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: The opinionator
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Do Yourself a Favor.

"Pull out a Journey CD that you have not listened to for a while and enjoy. If you are anything like me you get stuck on one or two CDs for awhile. But recently I played ROR and I really did enjoy it. I know it is often poopooed by many here at this site but I ask how can you not enjoy 'Girl Can't Help It', 'It Could Have Been You', 'Be Good To Yourself', and 'I'll Be Alright Without You' in particular? To those of you who dismiss this CD I quote Half Pint from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: 'He not nuts, he crazy!' "

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Date: 11 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: JRNY4Lana
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Augeri thanks on the Red 13 EP is Steve Perry! I think that is so classy of him! That must've been really hard for him to do, and I think Steve Perry would have to agree that was extremely respectful!"

Date: 12 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Woodstock62
Original Location: The Ask Journey Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hello guys, I'm pretty sad and frustrated because I have the feeling you are ignoring your European fans. There were so many requests for a European tour in this forum and no reaction from your side yet, except once telling us you are too much afraid to fly. Don't tell me you are not flying inside the U.S. from place to place! And for sure it's more dangerous to fly inside the U.S. than overseas! Millions of business people use planes and nothing happens. This is sure not a good excuse!

"We all love you so much that I guess it's just understandable that we want to kinda 'feel' you and your music. We also wanna feel the vibes of a good show, see you, hear you and maybe touch you or talk to you. We European fans have no diseases
"PLEASE think about it and take the opportunity to do at least some festivals if not a complete tour!!!!

"Much Love,
"Ina from Germany"

Date: 13 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Razdonjrny
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I have been a Journey fan for 20 years, and after getting my combo pack and watching Frontiers and Beyond again, I have to admit something very hard for me. Augeri sounds better live than Perry.

"Perry is very energetic and into his songs, but he does so many things that sound bad, and sometimes changes the delivery of the songs so much that sometimes it is aweful! And I love Perry, and he will always be my favorite, but watch the Arrival DVD and see how well Augeri delivers the songs, he does them right.

"Perry is vocally a better recording artist though. It is funny when you think how Perry used to call so many of the shots, and how he got rid of Smith and Valory for the ROR recording, because he needed different sounds he didn't think they could deliver (still pisses me off thinking about it) It is surprising he didn't put himself on notice for what he was doing to the songs live!"

Editor's Note: Both men are very talented and shouldn't be compared to each other.

Date: 14 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Trial by Fire
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I have been an avid fan and supporter of Journey for many years. There music is inspirational and positive. This forum has been a wonderful way for fans to get together and express their likes and dislikes regarding the music of Journey, clearly the purpose of this forum. The fans are 90% of Journey and are imperative to their growth and survival. The fans are also the customer since they are paying for a product and expecting nothing but quality. Am I wrong? So on that note, shouldn`t the fans be able to voice their opinions and constructive criticism on any merchandise Journey has available? This does not mean bash Journey but I think most of us here with forum names are devoted fans and mean well. Along with the positive there is also the negative. Expressed in a constructive and respectful manner, the negative is what makes any company, person, relationship, band or product improve. Again, am I wrong? If the forum keeps pulling everything negative, it is no longer a forum of free expression, but a business with emphasis on the dollar, not the fans. My posts were pulled twice because I was unhappy with the sound quality of the new cd. How can the public be impressed with Red 13 if a devoted fan isn`t? I love the new album and its contents but shouldn`t there be another avenue to be heard if not this one? I`m sure this will be pulled too and if so, how unfortunate this is. If my words aren`t heard now, believe me, others will follow!! With all due respect."

Date: 15 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jrnyforever
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "What does everyone think it is that Journey music does to a person? I mean, is it the music, the lyrics, the tone of Steve's voice or the harmonies from everyone else, the soaring guitar solos, the power of the rocking tunes or the softness of the ballads? Do you get a certain feeling (warm fuzzies) from the emotions you experience, when listening to a Journey song? What is it about their music that does it to us?

"When I first got Red13 I listened to it non-stop, over and over and over, the music just takes control of you until you know every note, and every word to every song. I have experienced that with every Journey album that I own. I just can't get enough. Ya know, it also seems to me, from experiencing, Kansas City last year, Moline/Des Moines this year and reading all the other reviews, that the band has the crowd just melting and eating out of their hands by the end of the night. Can you still hear the applause and cheers from everyone? You can actually feel the love the the crowd projects toward these 5 gentleman that play music, sing, and just do something to you....

"The band has created little Journey monsters. Look what they did to me! They do something subliminal at the first show you see (Mine was the DTV show in April 2001--on TV no less). Just hypnotize you and you then find out about the forum and can't break away from the computer (I joined May 2001). You can't stop attending shows (3 since July 2001), you buy one of everything available at (Not enough room on credit card). You plan your schedule around time to check in on BackTalk. You can't wait for the next little bit of news about the band. You live, eat and breathe Journey...aaaaaaaarrrrgggggghhhh!!!

"Is there a cure for this? What do you suppose causes this? Any help would be appreciated.

"I gotta get to Vegas!!!"

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Date: 17 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: dpluvsjrny
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Happy Birthday Deen! Lots of birthday wishes and luv headed your way...have a terrific day! Thanks for a great summer of wonderful memories."

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Date: 19 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Vince
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Well I don't think that someone mention it before, but Ross Valory totaly rocks on Red 13!!!

Just listen to State of Grace but The Time is totally Ross (especially when the music slow down a bit) ! Majestic work from Ross!!!

"I think that Ross bass has not been better since Escape... ok ok On Piranah Blues he was great too... and on some songs from TBF (like the awesome One More) he is fantastic!"

Date: 20 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Reese
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "It's been a while since I've listened to Journey. I've always loved Journey and so the other day I picked the last Arrival CD. And I was wondering what it would sound like with a new singer and no Perry. I tell you what...that CD is amazing! The true Journey sound, but up to speed with today's music. This guy has an amazing voice and sounds great! I remember Perry was having some issues and couldn't tour. It sounds like this guy is what the band needed, because all I heard on that CD was all heart and soul. I've been playing the heck out of that CD. My sister is/was a huge Perry fan, and she called me after listening to this CD and she was even shocked. ... I'm looking forward to their next CD."

Date: 21 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: iluvjonathan
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

"The two best drummers in the world celebrate a birthday less than a week 'bout that!"

Date: 22 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Bonnie
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "When the 'total jerk' in the audience throws a beer bottle and hits Neal in the head, Steve really gives the business to the guy and defends Neal to the max! He's pacing up and down the stage and asking the guy to come on up and deal with the band.The guys in the sound booth comment on how mad Perry is and wonder if band will walk off stage. It's a really fun scene to watch!

"I love my Frontiers & Beyond DVD! It's great to see the guys so young and experience this tour again..what memories."

Date: 23 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Chrissy
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was listening to the radio at work today and I noticed they were playing alot more Journey than usual. When I called up the station and asked about it the DJ told me that they have been getting a lot more requests for them. I asked her if she heard of Red 13. She said she had and loved 'The Time' and 'State of Grace' when she heard them at Mohegan Sun. I asked her If I brought a copy of it to her would she give it to her Music Director for me and she said she would!

"So, Very soon I will be marching into the station proudly wearing my Street Team shirt and spreading the word of Journey yet again.

"It really made my day!"

Date: 24 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: no1journeyman
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I rarely post anything, Im just not a big talker, But I read all the posts and am proud to be a Journey Fan. Im sitting here at my computer with my headphones on, with "Arrival" cranked! I Love this CD!! I have been listening to Journey for a long time (before S.P.) and I will never tire of them. The music just makes me feel so good! Some will be upset, but I really think that I like Steve Augeri better, maybe because I saw them last month and never got to see Steve P.. And Im a big fan of Rocking/Screaming guitars and Neal is the Best! I cant wait until the next CD is out. Anyway I just think we are just so lucky to have the inspirationaly beautiful music these guys make together, and we get to hear it! But Im not telling any of you anything new, am I otherwise we wouldnt be here. You think that they really know how much thier music really means to people? I guess so thats why they keep making it. Just wanted to say what I think we all feel about the best band in the world, JOURNEY!"

Date: 25 August, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: ksjrnyfan
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "After being to several shows, reading everyones reviews, and reading Steve's "Thank You" thread, I would conclude that they are having the best time ever! The shows have been just about as "tight" as possible and you can just tell by watching how they interact with each other and the fans how much they're enjoying themselves.

"Here's a little quote from Cj that sums it up:

" 'I agree with you that the guys are having maximum fun this tour and it shows...'

"Life is good in Journeyland"

Date: 26 August, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: jrnyfan77
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was wearing my Street Team shirt when I stopped into Kum and Go (...waiting for laughter to die down...) Anyway, the cashier asks me if I'm a big Journey fan and of course I tell him, "Oh yeah!" We talk Journey for a couple of minutes and I tell him about Red 13 and The Swag...he says he'll check it out!! I'm thinkin' this shirt will do all the work for me!"

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Date: 28 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: naders
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "If you haven't purchased [Jonathan Cain's latest CD Animated Movie Love Songs] yet, get out there and get it. Our copy just arrived today from Barnes and Noble (via UPS), and my wife and I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It's very relaxing and soothing music, and it brings back some nice memories of childhood. Anyone with kids will probably enjoy this CD. Jonathan does an outstanding job on every one of the songs, and it is well worth the price.

"Definitely worth adding to my collection of Jonathan Cain CDs. This one ranks right up there with For a Lifetime.

"Great job Jonathan!"

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Date: 30 August, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dedee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "It thoroughly warms my heart when I hear about good things happening to good people, and Journey has always been composed of five of the most gifted artists and selfless human beings that God has placed on this earth. It's totally gratifying to know that your outstanding talents have been recognized, and you'll soon be presented with a reward [induction to the Bammies Hall of Fame] for filling the world with your unparalleled gift of music. I thank you for sharing your passion and a special part of your lives with us, for so many years... Congratulations!"

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Date: 01 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: EclipticJourney
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Just to reaffirm what I've always thought about a certain former Journey member, that he's as great a person as he is a singer, musician and songwriter, Gregg Rolie was gracious enough to respond to my question 'What are some of your favorite Journey songs that you performed with the band?, for the Favorite Journey Songs Poll, that I conducted for "JIFR's Back Talk Top 100 Journey". Thanks, Gregg!"

Date: 02 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: OhSherrie
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I've been having a great time driving to work listening to "State of Grace" and "The Time." But those drums and guitars really get me going! I'm gonna get a ticket some day if I'm not careful!"

Date: 03 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Hamlet
Original Location: The Dixie Highway of Back Talk
Post: "What a great tribute to Todd M. Beamer Foundation [the 9/02 Champion show was]! Journey played a little over 2 hours for a general admission crowd of enthusiastic fans! Firstly, this venue is still rather is a snow tubing hill with a stand set up at the bottom of the hill. About 4 feet from the stage is a concrete barrier to separate band/security/fans. On this night, the front row was standing, clapping, and showing admiration for a band who has definitely become the soundtrack of so many lives.

"Neal was the Rock God that only he can be...'nuff said.

"Jon Cain is so amazing. I still am in awe over this guys talent, piano, singing, rhythm guitar, etc.

"Deen "the machine" is self explanatory.

"Ross is a "trip" to watch...and talented in his own right as a musician.

"Steve was his usual self. Running left to right across the stage, leaping into the air, generously collecting a bouquet of flowers, general crowd pleasing smoozer!!! He was having a little trouble with his mic and ear one point he pushed the amps forward away from the band towards the audience. I'm not sure what was going on with him?


"What a great show guys...looking forward to Bloomsburg, PA. Thanks for visiting the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 5 times this summer 2002..."

Date: 04 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: kms624rn
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I am so pumped up still from my 2 concerts this weekend. I can't let it end. I brought my portable CD player to work (i am a nurse in a recovery room) and I have it hidden under my scrubs with the ear piece under my hair!!! Let me tell you, patient care is much more enjoyable with Stevie crooning in my ear!!! I just hope my boss doesn't catch me!! But I am having one problem, my Red 13 must be scratched because it keeps stopping during "Walking Away From the Edge" (My favorite song!!). Time to order another one. I just switched to Arrival!"

Date: 05 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: EclipticJourney
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: [In response to the question "What would a 1987 Journey album have sounded like?"]

"It depends whether it was Steve Perry, or someone else at vocals. If Steve Perry were still vocalist, it probably would have sounded similar to ROR, or somewhere in between it and TBF. If it were a different vocalist than Steve, I'd have to say it would reflect more of a Schon/Cain influence, much as "Arrival" did, but it's hard to say as it would depend alot on the vocal style and songwriting skills of that vocalist.

"As for 'Escape' and 'Frontiers' being experiments, I've never heard them characterized in that way, but I don't agree! They were simply the mix of talents of 3 of the great songwriters/composers/musicians of our lifetimes. If Gregg Rolie were still in the group, they would have been much different, but I'm sure just as good."

Date: 06 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: JourneyRocks
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I feel sorry for everyone connected with Journey who will lose part of their livelyhood (dollars and cents) because someone has to leak Red 13 to [napster-like sites].

"I will always support Journey with my dollars and cents. The five members of Journey are my true 'American Idols.' "

Date: 07 September, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: SF-Dano
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "I am glad that Journey broke away from Sony. Those guys were useless. However, I think that somehow they need to get Red 13 out in record stores. Even if they don't go to major outlets like Tower. Go to local independent music stores, go to department stores, try and cut your own deals with these people to sell your records. Alot of people out there still don't know these guys are back. Some don't like the changes in the line-up. But if the record is in a store, some will see it, pick it up and give it a chance. If it is available only on-line, that is an extra task that a casual fan may not do. Also, if a fan is a teen or younger, they probably won't buy something online, where you need a credit card or checking account to pay for it.

"Maybe a smaller label deal is something Journey should look into. How about Higher Octave? They did Neal and Jon's solo stuff. I know that hard rock isn't exactly their thing, but I think the name Journey would garner them some large sale numbers. Higher than any of their other artists. Journey is a known name. If the hard-core Journey fans were the only ones to buy the album, it would still probably be Higher Octave music's best selling artist.

"Just a few thoughts."

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Date: 10 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: jrnysc
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "Red 13 is some of their best music ever!! And a lot of us fans are calling requesting it to the local radio stations, with some success. Because of Jon Cain's ability to mix and produce their music, which he did on Red 13, I personally think they may start doing that all together, instead of signing with someone else. Thats just my opinion, based on things they have said in the past. Maybe like developing their own label."

Date: 11 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: jrnytracker
Original Location: The VH1.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "I think if everyone who visits here (VH1) and looks at Journey Past, Present and has a vision of what this band is capable of... it could change the preferred Gendre of what our youth are listening to.

Journey is about Melodic Rock and is comprised of an extremely talented group of people who care about what they present to its fans. Thanks to all who are keeping the music of Journey alive and very well!! YOU ALL ROCK!"

Date: 12 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: jrnyman28
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "Journey has been called a ballad band. But the term 'ballad' is confusing. Ballad has come to mean ANY slow song. In the 80's, Journey became a 'love-song' band. That was where Perry's strengths truly shined...he could emote like no one. Now Journey wants to get away from the 'ballad' name, yet 'Walking Away From The Edge' is one of the best songs they have done recently. But it is not your typical 'ballad.' (Thank god) There were way too many sappy, wedding songs on Arrival, but 'Kiss Me Softly' and 'Livin To Do' were great. They were not typical.

There is nothing wrong with moody, slow, quiet, emotional, powerful songs. They are not just ballads."

Date: 13 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Thor
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "TBF is not a steve perry album! I hate it when people refer this as his album! IT IS A JOURNEY ALBUM! They all had their part in it, look at the credits on each song. Perry did not produce TBF, or have control of it! Sony picked out the songs that they thought were safe for the band at the time. I read a interview with Schon saying this! Schon even said that TBF was more fun to make than arrival! They had over 70 songs to choose from and sony had the final say! Quit blaming perry! I for one think TBF is a great album, better than arrival and red 13! By the way...the music sounds different to me than the older stuff. I have been a Journey fan for 21 years, I know the difference! Every Journey album is different in it's own way."

Date: 14 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: DeDee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: [You know you're a Journey fan when....]

"Using your credit card to purchase the necessary items to get you to Journey concerts and bring home souvenirs has accumulated enough "travel miles" for you to fly around the world 10 times a year for the rest of your life.

Steve calls you on your cellphone, from the stage during guitar solos, when he has a temporary memory lapse and can't remember the lyrics to certain songs or where these songs appear in the setlist.

When friends ask you if you've attended any Journey concerts recently, it takes you 40 minutes to rattle off the venues, locations and dates, followed by the songs in each setlist. They walk away or hang up, but you keep talking."

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Date: 16 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Jrny02
Original Location: The Rock and Roll Forum
Post: "A message to Steve Perry...the masses are still waiting. Dust off them vocal chords and get your ass back on stage, while we are still here (with no dis-respect to Mr. Augeri). A reincarnation of the band you had during the FTLOSM tour would be just lovely, thank you....P.S. I will never forget Lincoln Brewster on guitar, the kid was fabulous!"

Date: 17 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Vince
Original Location: The The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I notice something different from Neal on Don't Stop Beleivin' live...On the Frontiers and Beyond video we can see Neal doing his cool guitar (in the beginning of the song) thing not in the same way that he did on the Journey Live 2001. My girlfriend who play guitar tell me that it is easier the way Neal did on Journey 2001...I wonder why he does that ? I hope it is not because he fingers canot move as fast as before ?Maybe I should ask the question on the Ask Journey... but Neal doesn't come there that often nowdays... any way we love you Neal !"

Date: 18 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: bandchick_10
Original Location: The The Ask Journey Forum of Back Talk
Post: "To All- I didn't know about this webpage or I would have written sooner. I just wanted to say that my first Journey experience was the best. I was at the Marcus Ampitheatre in Milwaukee last summer and you were touring with John Waite and Peter Frampton. I have a question for you guys: How long did it take you to compile Arrival? and, Is there ever a point, during the recording/songwriting process at which you can't think of anymore lyrics or riffs? Thank you so much for your time and effort for your fans."

Date: 19 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: dyoung
Original Location: The VH1.Com Journey Message Board
Post: " 'Journey will be touring next year. They are planning to perform in major cities here in the U.S. and overseas. Journey will also have another Mini-CD (EP-4)coming out before they start the tour.' More info to follow... It is unfortunate that there is not a full CD coming out, but at least there will be more new music!! And back to Major markets for a tour, plus going overseas! I CAN'T WAIT for next year!"

Date: 20 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Bill
Original Location: Forum name and location removed at administrator's request
Post: "Talked to Moyes [Lucas, Steve Perry's FTLOSM drummer] today for a while about the questions asked and how things were going and the web page and the submission of the url to all the major search engines (search lycos, google, yahoo for moyes lucas jr and you see him ontop now!) just stuff like that and he promised me today friday he was gonna sit down go thru answer august questions and pick a winner from the july/august submissions, so hopefully he will answer up some fun tidbits and questions today, he actually had quite a few juicy ones in august, so time will tell as to what he skips over or faces and answers!"

Date: 21 September, 2002
Editor: TowandaRG
Author: Yooper
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "If you're a member of BMG Music Club and don't have the box set yet, now is the time to get it. They're having a 1-day sale and the price is $16.79!! They did this last month, too, and I ordered one. Even with shipping it came to less than $25. There's an online promotion code at their website. I'll have to go back and see what it was. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up."

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Date: 23 September, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: Jrnyman28
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "When I listen to RED 13 I hear Journey. I hear a little Journey from the Pre-Perry days. I hear a little of the Journey from the Infinity/Evolution/Departure days, and I hear a little from the Escape/Frontiers days. Because Journey is NOT just about Perry's voice. I hear Jon's writing, I hear Neal's playing, I hear Ross holding it all together, and Deen reminds me of Aynsley at times. Sure Steve sounds different than Perry, I LIKE that. When Arrival came out, alot of people said that Journey should have gone with a vocalist who sounded NOTHING like Perry. Now that Steve is finding his OWN identity within Journey, others are gonna complain about that.

Journey is about change...always has been. They have always tried to sound different with each album/cd...and there have been over 15 different members within the band. Journey IS! Journey ROCKS!"

Date: 24 September, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: rustygreen
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "The lights go down in the arena. The crowd holds their breath. A sound appears over the sound system and a laser show is shown on the large screen. The crowd begins to roar. As the short instrumental comes to an end, it does so with a climax that is filled with anticipation. All at once the loud sound of electric guitar is heard as the lights go on. At this moment two explosions are seen and heard down below on each side of a stage. Journey is on stage; Steve belts out the lyrics. Chills envelop the thousands in attendance and millions around the world. 'This,' you say to yourself, 'is awesome!'

"Journey playing "Red 13 Intro/State Of Grace" at the half time show for the Super Bowl.

"Do you have a fantasy about a Video, Performance, Concert, Song? Anything. Let’s hear what’s in your mind."

Date: 25 September, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: kcnasterpiece
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I heard Jim Hendrix play the "Star Spangeled Banner" live in 1968 here in KC. It was innovative and different from anything that anyone ever heard before. He used feedback and other sound effects to enhance his playing. It was incredible to watch.

"I have heard Neal Schon play it live three times this year, live. Neal's version features his mastery of the fret board and style. I believe Neal's version is more soulful.

"This is not an opinion since I have heard them both. It is my judgement, based on my experiences, for what it is worth.

"Hendrix was an innovator for so many guitarists, including Neal Schon.

"In these times of national pride and awareness, it is refreshing that someone like Neal can touch our souls with his playing. You can also tell it touches him by his facial expressions while he is playing.

"Thank you, Neal."

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Date: 27 September, 2002
Editor: Lunchbreak
Author: EclipticJourney
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "As of 7:55AM ET, (the) petition for Journey's Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame has grown to 2000 signatures...over 1600 more than it was yesterday morning. This is a true testament to this great band, it's wonderful music and the hard work and dedication of Journey's legions of loyal fans. The fruits of this campaign will be when we see our guys get their just due and are recognized and inducted. Journey, its hard working staff and great fans are absolutely the Greatest in the World, bar none!"

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Date: 30 September, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Troubled
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "1) I said way back when asked - that I would use GH compilations to introduce J to some segments - so it has been long clarified that I wasn't going to completely exclude ALL of ROR. What I am excluding is the album ROR as a whole to introduce J to anyone. Do you understand the idea of an album from start to finish...complete with artwork?

"2) I forgot who - but the reason ROR sounds dated to many was well explained in a previous post. You know when you put that album on that it is from the mid 80's and from an era of music that started a bad dip in respect level. (Rock bands began to sell out with syrup, hair bands arose - then grunge came). It also gives critics of Journey a reason to further label them a pop 80's band - when WE all know they are a band that has journeyed through 4 decades of neato sounds. The reason I don't feel the pre-perry stuff is dated, is because people always say WOW when they hear it. If the organ is dated - it is a dated sound people love - they really begin to see J in a different light.

"3) The album "Freedom" was scrapped in favor of ROR according the the Herbie interview...Freedom was what was supposed to happen - and instead ROR was done. I think that path change further enhances why many do not feel it is a true Journey album.

"4) SALES MEAN NOTHING IN THIS ARGUMENT. Journey was going to sell millions no matter what any album sounded like at that point. They could have each played a banjo and burped and it would have still shipped multi-platinum. Ship it and it will sell (hopefully?) Today, they could put out the best album ever created in the history of the universe and it wouldn't sell.

"5) I feel ROR is WAY OVER-represented on GH complilations. The boxed set didn't have Escape, Edge of the Blade, Troubled Child, Can Do, LA DO DA - but did have Eyes of a WOman and Why can't this night go on forever and Girl Can't Help it???? HUUUUUUUUH How about no Feelin that Way on Essential Journey - that is better than ANYTHING off of ROR - Feelin that Way is a classic rock staple. How about no Stone in Love on their regular GH.....HAH, Girl Can't Help it over Stone in Love...yeah right!

"6) Journey plays Be Good to Yourself for ROR as a concert staple - and thats it (and it is truly great, especially the spin that this unit puts on it). I'll be Alright Without You (MUCH better live than on the album) was played some this summer - but not much at all last summer. And nothing else other than Girl Can't Help it has been played in their 4 Augeri-era tours......don't make it seem like it is the album that fans come to hear, and the band is dying to play."



Date: 01 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Dedee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Being that Back Talk has been/is a showcase of many wonderful samples of the writing skills that its talented members have chosen to share, I feel beyond honored to have been selected to compose the cover letter to accompany the petition. It's of the utmost importance to me to be assured that this literary "form of persuasion" will speak for every heart that's filled with/and beats Journey. Therefore, after reading the rough draft, I invite everyone to post their comments (both positive and negative) and any suggestions that will help us to get the boys the recognition that investing their souls in the music has earned for them and that they truly deserve. I thank you for your help and support... Diane

To The Honorable Members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee;

Please accept the following list of signatures as a show of support to gain the well-deserved recognition of Journey's outstanding contributions to rock 'n' roll and the music industry.

For almost 30 years, the bandmembers have been releasing the music that tugs at their souls, so that millions of people throughout the world can absorb its impact. They've captured hearts and unwaivering support through the emotional fulfillment and extraordinary talent contained in the complex melodies and profound lyrics.

Albums and singles have repeatedly gone from gold to platinum, with several of them achieving multi-platinum status. Fans awoke at the crack of dawn and stood in long lines, in hope of securing seats, in jam-packed arenas, that would enable them to fall under the magical spell that comes with the experience of witnessing "Journey Live". Sold-out performances became a common occurrence as the overwhelming number of people, who had fallen in love with the music, consistently increased.

Night after night, crowds of adoring fans were left mesmerized by the newly pioneered, awe-inspiring light shows and the presentation of giant screens which enhanced the visuals of a live concert experience and boosted technology to a whole new level, while spiritually placing even those, sitting in the "nose bleed" sections, within the first few rows. With the introduction of a flawlessly designed, spine-chilling sound system, the music penetrated the skin, seeped into the heart and grabbed a hold of the soul, repeatedly uplifting the audiences and creating memories that would withstand the test of time. All throughout the '80s and into the '90s, mega hits such as "Open Arms", "Don't Stop Believin", "Separate Ways" "Faithfully" and "When You Love a Woman" were in constant rotation on radio and MTV, permitting Journey to climb to the top rung of the ladder of success while awarding the band the honor and recognition of the excellence in music it had achieved. Even the most skeptical of critics can't deny the fact that the band will always be credited for the invention of the "power ballad".

The artistic achievements, brought to reality through Journey's "fairytale" story, have inspired numerous amateur musicians and vocalists to utilize their talents to shoot for the stars and attain stardom. During live and taped interviews, we've heard and still hear of the enormous influence of Steve Perry's touching and moving voice, Neal Schon's unparalleled guitar licks.. his capability to enable his instrumental voice to shed tears or sing with elation, Jonathan Cain's heartfelt words and soulful, golden fingertips, Ross Valory's powerful bass lines, Steve Smith's pounding drums and their combined God-given gifts have had on other performers' ability to achieve their professional goals.

During the '90s when a hip injury and the demands of spending life on the road urged Steve Perry to separate from the band (and Steve Smith to follow), the music was interrupted, but it kept brewing in the remaining bandmembers' hearts and souls. Steve Augeri's and Deen Castronovo's immense talents and high regard for the band's proud history have breathed new life into the band, the music and the fans' desire to keep the journey alive.

Journey's timeless music has accompanied dreams and respectfully served as the soundtrack of countless lives. There are songs that continue to magnify the happiness felt during a first kiss, the moment love joins two hearts together, and a couple's premier dance as husband and wife. The music entertains and allows friends to become closer during the times they spend together celebrating the role they play in one another's lives, and deepens the value of the reward of various forms of success. It brings hope and inspiration to those who find themselves desperately clinging to a prayer, helps to mend and fill the void in many hearts caused by the loss of a loved one, and provides comfort and security when life's adversities threaten to replace them with pain and uncertainty, as proof of its power to heal.

Regardless of whether you decide to pay Journey the due recognition for its phenomenal contributions to rock and roll or choose to perform a travesty of justice by ignoring them, the band's creativity has had and will always have a profound impact on the music industry. Aspiring young artists will continue to be inspired, Journey's versatility will keep expanding, and the music, that has caressed the world and has been embraced by the fans for so many years, will never be silenced.... the promise to create heartfelt, soulful, motivational, comforting and unending music continues, as Journey perpetually reflects the beauty of living and the true value of the lessons life is dedicated to teaching."

Date: 01 October, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Steve's Nurse
Original Location: The Rock and Roll Forum
Post: "Springfield show....This show was awesome! I met Neal again, got my picture with him, he put his arms around my waist. OMG. Steve was in top form! The New England crowd just embraced these guys and they knew it too.

Anyone going to Reno? I got front row tix."

Date: 02 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: drmaftrdrm
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Ok This weekend is the Make a difference day. What great projects have Journey fans come up with? Come on guys you can win a five minute phone call from your favorite band member. How you choose is your problem. I have been working on my project since early April but if you are new at this you can come up with something now or start on one for next year. Go to the site and find a project that is already in the works and join in. Even if you pick up trash you are doing something for someone. Come on I challenge you.

You wouldn't want to hear all about 'my phone call' knowing you could have done something!"

Date: 03 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: EclipticJourney
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Robert Fleischman World In Your Eyes:

Artist Bio
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the hard rock capital of the world, Robert Fleischman has enjoyed tremendous success as a vocalist, songwriter and performer during his career. Robert exploded onto the booming California music scene in the late 1970's when he joined a then unknown San Francisco band, looking to make the transformation from rock-fusion to a more radio friendly, commercial rock sound. This band, Journey, would go on to become one of the most successful rock bands in the history of music. Robert wrote and performed with Journey for nine months, but when vocalist Steve Perry was brought in, Journey would never look back, continuing the AOR sound that Fleischman was anyway instrumental in helping the band establish. With the platinum success of Journey's "Infinity" album on which Robert's songs were prominently featured, the name Robert Fleischman quickly became synonymous with hit songwriting.

Robert signed a deal with Arista Records and recorded a solo album, Perfect Stranger (1979) which included former Journey band mates Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie. A successful solo tour would follow the release of the album, including shows with Van Halen, Eddie Money, Boston and Sammy Hagar. In the early 1980's, Robert formed the explosive melodic rock band, Channel. The band was signed to Epic Records and they released their self-titled debut in 1984 to great critical success. Channel, however, was short lived because of a new opportunity that would soon be calling for Robert. Robert later joined Vinnie Vincent (ex KISS) and fellow band members Dana Strum and Bobby Rock to record Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Chrysalis) in 1986. The record featured Robert's piercing vocals and Vincent's wicked guitar playing and included the hit single "Boyz Are Gonna Rock".

Over the next decade, Robert would greatly expand his involvement in the music industry. Featured as a staff songwriter for the prestigious Almo Irving Publishing, Robert played an integral part in some of the decade's top hits. Robert would also begin a career as a composer, writing musical score for feature film and television projects until he met music agent and manager Michael S. Robinson while pursuing a film-scoring project. A big fan of Robert's work, both as a composer and a singer/songwriter, the two quickly become friends and began a mission together. This mission was to thrust Robert's long-silenced voice back into the AOR spotlight. World In Your Eyes delivers a dynamic, traditional AOR sound that Robert's fans have come to expect, with an updated edge that propels Robert's songs into the new Millennium. Among the songs "Over My Head" was penned by none other than Canadian hitmaker Bryan Adams.

World In Your Eyes features both as a performer and songwriter The Storm/Two Fires/Hardline guitarist Josh Ramos, as well as Heaven & Earth members Richie Onori on drums and Marvin Sperling on bass plus Edward Roth on keyboards. Production duties, some guitars, keyboards and background vocals have been supplied by Kelly Hansen (Hurricane).

You can hear samples of all tracks at..."

Date: 04 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Free
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "Very good interview....I still think [John Kaldner] is kinda wierd but still liked the interview.

Now, if you still believe that the total lack of promotion for Arrival was anything other than an attempt by JK to get Perry back in, then you really do need to get your head examined, stop taking drugs--one or the other or maybe both. He more or less says that's what he was trying to do was to get Perry back in. Again, what a shame. Sony could have sold a bare minimum of 500,000 copies of Arrival if they just would have promoted one song on it. I feel sorry for Augeri every time I think of this. Sad deal.

Also, for those of you that think Red 13 sounds like Journey, READ the interview. Again, if you like Red 13--OK. But please stop trying to convince me and others that it sounds like Journey.

Another thing: I never said Red 13 isn't being played on the radio in some local markets. What I meant was it's never gonna' get nationwide airplay and the local play it may get will not stimulate sales to any great deal."

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Date: 06 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Sperry2587
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "REVIEW of NEW Jon Cain CD ! Here's my Track by Track review....

1.)A WHOLE NEW WORLD- Good powerful song to start off the CD with, very well played.

2.)COLORS OF THE WIND- Sounds perfect on the piano, a very pretty melody.

3.)BEAUTY AND THE BEAST- I loved this song when Angela Lansbury sang it and I still love it now. Jon does a beautiful job with one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed.

4.)CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT- This song sounds alot like the original and in this case that's a good thing. One thing that Jon has done with it though is add extra notes here and there, so it's a refreshing take on a classic love song.

5.)A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES- A very pretty song; soft notes on this song. Once again a marvelous job by Jon Cain.

6.)SOMEWHERE OUT THERE- I remember seeing this movie as a kid, I loved it and I still thinks it's great now at 17. This was one of the great songs from the film, and I'm very happy Jon Cain decided to put it on the CD and add his unique touch to it.

7.)MY FUNNY FRIEND AND ME- This song is a departure from the rest, it's kinda jazzy in a way. At first I didn't like it but now, I don't skip it, but it's still my least favorite.

8.)REFLECTION - This is one of the most beautiful songs on the CD, I could listen to it over and over without getting bored.

9.)SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME- The most perfect song to play after Reflection. This song is a very beautiful Waltz. Perfectly done by Jon.

10.)PART OF YOUR WORLD- A catchy melody on this one, another great addition to this CD.

11.)YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART- Jon kinda of experimented with this one, you can definately tell what song it is. But, it's very creative and well done.

12.)REMEMBER ME THIS WAY- A powerful and yet soft piano song. One of the best on the CD.

13.)LOOKING THROUGH YOUR EYES- I love the melody on this very beautiful. A great ending too, it's a keeper.

14.)SOON- I'm not a Barry Manilow fan but nonetheless this is a great song to listen to, very easy on the ears.

15.)BELLA NOTTE (THIS IS THE NIGHT)- A lovely song with an Italian influence in it. A perfect way to end the perfect CD.

All in all this CD is even better than what I had hoped for. If you liked "For a Lifetime" you'll LOVE !!!!! this CD. If you haven't heard Jon Cain's solo work before or if you liked how Neal Schon's last CD covered classic songs that you know, then give this CD a chance. You can order it and have it autographed by the man himself at"

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Date: 14 October, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: time4perry
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "What do you remember about Journey from BEFORE you actually became a Journey fan? I remember a friend's sister was a HUGE Neal fan, but I thought Steve P. was cuter. I also thought that Feelin that Way and Anytime was not Journey, but a different band (Whom I LIKED alot, btw). I was so happy to find out that they were Journey songs. I also at one time,thought that Journey was too mainstream for me, but loved that lead singer's voice. I thought he would sound great rocking out a little more. (Of course I found the rocking out SP when I bought some of the earlier Journey albums many years later).I could also sing every popular Journey song, even when they weren't my favorite (like they are now!)."

Date: 15 October, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: snookypu
Original Location: The Journey Digest Forums
Post: "Funny you should mention hearing "NEW JOURNEY SONGS" on the radio because I dont understand why other popular classic bands can put out a new record and radio stations are all over it and I havent even heard one D.J. even mention JOURNEYS NEW RECORD. It infuriates me!"

Date: 16 October, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: DrewinTampa
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Ok folks, I am sure I will get lots and lots of opinions here. Why is it that radio and the music industry is so fearful of taking chances and actually playing someting "different" like a new Journey tune. Today I read an interesting article by Joni Mitchell about how terrible she says state of the music industry is and that she might stop recording. Now that I am in my 30's, I figured I would still run out and by Cd's the way I did 10, 15, 20 years ago. The honest truth, I have only bought 3-4 CD's so far this year, and they are mostly greatest hits of older bands. (Journey Essential and Steve Perry's Hits). It seems that with so many of the radio station being owned by 2-3 companies, they all have the same formats and play the same tired songs (If I hear another Led Zepplin or U2 song I think I will just die) Dont get me wrong, I like those bands, but give US A BREAK! Play someting differnt, not the same 2-3 songs by the same bands. I can remember in the 80's when stations would play "depper cuts" from CD's, like "Stone in Love" or even "Rubicon" from Frontiers. When Arrival was released last year, only 1 station played 1 song once. That was it, yet they play the same TIRED Jimmy Buffet or Led Zepplin tune for the 1000,0000 time. So, what do we do? I dont know. I just cant understand what happened. Now I am off to crank up some Jounrey in the Cd player! Ahmen!"

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Date: 21 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: LAWoman
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Post: "Watching Live By Request I thought the tone of Carlos' guitar does sound a like like Neal's--more so now than earlier Carlos. Neal's is brighter or something and obviously much, much faster. My question is, though, did Carlos influence Neal's playing or did Carlos want Neal in the band because he already had a very similar sound and would fit in? I don't recall whether Neal ever said Carlos was an influence on his playing--I just remember Hendrix & Clapton. Hey, Neal...."

Date: 22 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: RunningAlone
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "Guess I'm looking at this from a different perspective. Personally, I've never felt that Steve Perry (or any other performer) owes me anything other than the concert/performance/cd etc. that I've paid for. I love the music he created and performed and respect him as both an artist and a person--but to feel that he 'hasn't done anything for me lately' implies that there's some sort of debt that he owes. I (and probably many other fans) don't feel this way. I certainly hope to hear from him again, but he's entitled to live his life in the manner that makes him happy."

Date: 23 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: jrnyman28
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Post: "Check this out... We need to get those numbers turned around, SO GO VOTE!!"

Date: 24 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Faithfully4JRNY
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "You know, I've been playing Journey songs on my piano since I was in high school. It is amazing to me that over the years, things have happened in my life that have created new meanings to the songs of this incredible band. I think that's why the songs are so timeless. When you get married, have kids, struggle through life, endure pain and hardship, find and lose and then find love again, make mistakes, act stupid, get your act together, put your life back on track....

"All of these life experiences bring new meanings with each listen. You might have listened to a song like "Walkin' Away from the Edge" a couple of months ago and thought it might be about one thing. But now when you listen to it, it means something completely different.

"Journey songs get you through life, the way I see it. They celebrate your successes, comfort you in your sadness, give you hope when you've lost a friend or loved one or when your relationship is on the rocks, give you joy when things work out for you.

"Journey is truly the greatest band ever formed! Thank you guys for always being there with me through everything I've been through and am going through in my life."

Date: 25 October, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I saw that webpage thing on the annoying deal. sorry to bring this up. I was thinking, this is man who's dream was to sing in a great band like Journey. Not only that, but doing this for his family. For Steve Augeri it's not about who's better, its about creating music and having fun. I think some people are taking this band too seriously in some ways. These guys are grown up now and been in the music world a long time. I think we should learn to except change and grow with it. Steve Augeri has done nothing but positive things for this band and its fans and shown great respect to it as well. We owe a great thank you to this man!"

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Date: 30 October, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Afterthefall
Original Location: The Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "It has finally come time for me to give up on the Steve Perry dream. Eight years was a long time to wait for him to record new music, but we got it in 1994. Now it has been another LONG six years past Trial by Fire -- and incredibly, ANOTHER EIGHT years after FTLOSM. How long are fans realistically supposed to hold out? Eight years a pop is asking a lot from anyone.

Based on everything I have read (ie: everything posssible that is available online or from other sources) and six years of observation and objectivity--I believe Perry did not promote TBF to get back at Sony for not promoting FTLOSM to his expectations. If he couldn't tour because of his hip--he could have at least did the Grammys and anything else but he didn't. He is not motivated to release new material (isn't it clear by now? Or will it be clear in 2004? Or 2005?) so I do not know how motivated I am to keep him on the pedastal I have placed him on. I am officially giving up on the Steve Perry dream of new music. Don't believe it will happen and I'll place my hopes in other things that I believe will actually bear fruit -- things that will actually reward my diligence, my money, and my patience.

Things like NEW Journey. Things like Paul Rodgers--who is recording with Bad Co. and will go out and tour behind it and not disappear for 8 years at a go. That's something I can get excited about as a fan.

Perry fans are left to scour the internet straining to listen to what may or may not be Perry 'background' vocals on some obscure song and album somewhere. It's sad. I've held in there and kept the fires lit for as long as I could--but the tribe has spoken. Time for me to let go.

I am still a fan of Perry and I am sure the misguided with too much free time will interpret this as an attack on their prince. Not so--I am just giving up on hearing from him again in the form of new music. The way Perry has behaved, IMO: he deserves to lose fans' faith. He just has not done enough to even try to keep it alive.

And I'll say it before you do: Perry owes me nothing.

But Six to Eight years per album? I think I'll find something else to get excited about."

Date: 31 October, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: dyoung
Original Location: The VH1.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "Journey released DVD footage for Higher Place and All The Way because Sony didn't want to finance a video. But Journey also realizes that it IS a big financial risk to spend that kind of money on something that might not ever be seen. MTV hardly plays videos at all, and VH1 is starting to follow suit. And since Journey's music is hard to catagorize, it is hard for them to find a place to fit.

"I think Journey is making smart decisions and the are achieving the things they want. I think Jounrey is being realistic that they will not be huge like they were in the 80's...I think they are approaching this more like they did in the late 70's. Tour, record, tour, record...if it breaks, GREAT! Success has a different definition with age...I think Journey is successful by their definition."



Date: 01 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Monker
Original Location: The MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "[Regarding a recent post on Dennis DeYoung and Styx in comparison with Steve Perry and Journey] ABSOLUTELY! It is not just that Dennis was taking Styx down the more mellow path, he was keeping them off of the road so he could concentrate on his personal (Hunchback) projects. I do not believe he could fully dedicate himself to Styx because of it....and Styx was just tired of it. In fact, I think Styx has toured more since Dennis left then Journey has since Perry has left.

"[Regarding Sony's penchant for ballads on Arrival] I agree with this too...But, I think people misunderstand Neal's attitude towards ballads. I do not think he 'hates ballades'. The fact is that by his own admission he was catalyst for some of the ballads on Arrival. I think he looks at the total package and does not want Journey's albums DOMINATED by ballads...He is also looking at the tour and he knows Journey does not NEED any more ballads for the live show because of the popularity of the ballads in their past catalog."

Date: 02 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: jimzdeen
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Post: "I think a blowhard like Stern would primarily do nothing but give Steve Augeri a hard time about being Steve Perry's replacement. As much of a gentlemen as Steve Augeri has been with following in Steve Perry's footsteps, (i.e. the acknowlegement on Red 13's liner notes, & the Behind the Music) Stern would have a field day and not let it go.

Stern doesn't care whose feelings he hurts, being a jerk on the air is what gets him listeners, listeners get ratings, ratings get advertisers, and advertisers get the station money. And the band needs positive publicity, not negative.

Watch "E" sometime, they always show at the end the celebrity walking out of the studio saying something like 'Man, I thought he was real rough on me' or 'I escaped out of there with a light scathing.' Most of the time the celebrity is actually frightened about appearing!

Stern and Journey, not a good call."

Date: 03 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: princessofquitealot
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hello everyone! I just talked to Deen and I am here to report that he has seen a doctor and is recouping from bad bronchitis. He is on an inhaler and some steroids to help with the inflammation, plus an antibiotic. He called me to let me know he was ok because he knew I would be online here and see the posts about his health and worry! He wanted me to thank everyone that is concerened about him and once again stated that Journey's fans are the BEST!! Feel free to send him a card to the cafe address in the Deen's health post. Hope this puts everyone at ease. I got on him pretty hard about REST!! He's got 3 weeks!"

Date: 04 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Trial by fire
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Post: "Just got myself satellite radio. For those of you who are not familar, you can get over 100 stations of talk and music. Some stations include unsigned bands, new releases, etc. So what is my point? Well, I firmly believe satellite radio is the new frontier like FM was many years ago. Remember the days when Journey ruled the radio? Remember when the 70s and 80s music gave you a positive, happy, uplifting feeling while cruising down the road? Remember when singers actually sung? This Hip Hop, boo hoo feel bad for me negative rock has made me shut off the radio. I`m sure you can relate if you are in your 30s. These satellite stations are not slaves of the billboard or any of those labels like Sony who forgot what real music is. Journey should hop on the satellite radio wagon and target this wonderful resource. Trust me, satellite is up and coming and draws a more diverse audience, not just teeni boppers. Red 13 should go satellite and say "nah nah nah nah nah" to commercial radio."

Date: 05 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: NYJourneyfan1986
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Just looking through the reviews and I'm happy to report that most were good, but a few of them really ticked me off. One of the reviews claims that all of the classic songs are played at least a full key below their original versions and Augeri still struggles with some parts. I believe that while Augeri does struggle with a few of the high notes, he does perform most of the songs flawlessly (and in the original key!) Also, this same reviewer compares Steve's stage presence to that of a "drunken truckstop stripper." This gives me serious doubts about whether this reviewer has ever seen Perry or Augeri perform! I'm not trying to bash Perry, but Perry usually stood in one spot while performing while Augeri makes an effort to move around, and I personally like Augeri's stage presence better. On a positive note, this reviwer was nice enough to write good things about the rest of the band, and he also said that Augeri probably sounds better than Perry would at this point.

The next reviwer talks about how Augeri is too similar to Perry, but then he later contradicts himself by talking about Augeri's INABILITY to mimic Perry's voice!!! Also, this reviewer claims that Augeri is being aided by a pre-recorded track, which I don't believe to be true. Lastly, he says Neal was "not given an opportunity to shine." In my opinion, Neal SHINED on every song the band performed that night, as well as on his great solo.

The next bad review was written by some idiot who has never even seen the DVD!!! He even admits that he refused to purchase and/or listen to Arrival!!! He calls the new Journey "a big joke" without even listening to them!

Yet another one says that the new songs are too simplistic and meaningless, and does not even mention the DVD itself.

Most of the others have nice things to say, so I guess they kind of make up for it."

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Date: 07 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: KARR
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Some of you may have read some of my previous posts about my 5-year-old daughter Madi (not the one in my sig, that's Kami!). Madi has special needs, and she loves the song Lights. She'll say 'I want Journey song - I want Lights!' She either wants to watch the DVD or listen to the audio of the DVD on my computer, and she plays her toy drum.

"Well, the other day she sits at my computer and tells me 'I want Lights!' So I thought, 'Hey, I've got Lights from Greatest Hits Live with SP, I'll play that and see her reaction.' I started playing it, and she just stared at the computer, obviously unhappy, then blurted out 'NO, THAT'S NOT--THAT'S NOT (JOURNEY)!'

'So then I thought I'd tease her some more. (Daddies are supposed to tease!) A while ago I mixed the GHL version and DVD version of Lights together so that it starts out with Steve A., switches unnoticeably to SP, then back and forth again, just for fun. I played this for Madi. She started out very happy, but when it switched over to SP... she was NOT happy with Daddy!!

"Yes, I did finally give her what she wanted!"

Date: 08 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: pb01
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I'm sure this was a re-run but I wanted to let everyone know I heard Journey on tv last night. It was during the Simpsons as Homer's dad was cruising in some car with chicks listening to "Anyway You Want it." I almost fell off my seat. Its about time some of these shows bring more Journey into the scene. Now if those South Park characters I saw posted here once before got added that would be really nifty. Have a good weekend everyone!"

Date: 09 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Deedee
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Whenever I place a well-protected memory, of immeasurable worth and in which a past or the current lineup took part, in my CD player, I hear and feel the presence of the hearts that beat 'Journey,' the souls that overflow with the unparalleled music they painstakingly created, and the men who have turned their artistic abilities into the unmatched gift of timeless happiness that they have generously presented to the world.

"If I concentrate solely on Steve Perry, I absorb 25 years (once a memory is born, it lives and breathes inside of me regardless of whether or not it's 'parents' appear or perform in public) of the emotional pain and exhilaration, inspired by the disappointment and gratification in life, being offered to every word and note. I see a man who has utilized the lessons he has learned, through his personal life experiences, to continuously pour his heart into the music and who has repeatedly connected to, moved, and controlled my soul with the magic in his voice and the passion in his soul. I feel the need to embrace this man, who may have (I'm only speculating) placed his own dreams 'on hold' in order to extend those of his mother, the band and the fans...with my sensitivity, compassion, and gratitude.

"If I focus my attention on Steve Augeri, I feel the sensitive touch of his humility and graciousness, his high regard for Journey's legacy, and his ongoing appreciation, with a large portion of it belonging to his predecessor for clearing a vacant and fertile spot for him to plant, nurture and fulfill his dreams with warmth and a steady flowing stream of passion. I'm in touch with a man who is also a husband to a devoted wife, a father to a loving son, and a friend to many and never loses sight of, or his thankfulness for, his family and the other people who are an essential component in his ability to recieve joy from life and who eagerly support his dreams. His voice, stage presence, and humanness have repeatedly placed my heart in the palm of his hand.

"In my opinion, both Steves have caressed the music with voices that are as smooth as silk, as soft as velvet, as inspirational as a dream, as powerful as a prayer, and as sincere and warm as a hug. My respect and gratitude for each one making the choice to thoroughly give himself to the music are endless.

"Over the years, Journey's music has saved us the high cost of a psychotherapist, has created a soft, warm, and cuddly security blanket to which we can cling, has accompanied our prayers, constructed a sturdy bridge between hopelessness and hope, and has often been there to rejoice with us when our prayers were answered and life blessed us. The changes, we, the band, and the music have gone through, have helped us to grow, mature, accept adversity in our lives, clear the obstacles that block the road to happiness and reach for the fulfillment in our goals and unexplored dreams. Every voice, guitar, keyboard and drum have played an essential role in the richness and fullness we draw from our lives and in Journey's history.

"It's wonderful to know that so many of you are on the same 'page' with me, are absorbing the value of the decency, sincerity and positivity in each chapter's contents and will continue reading the book until the last word in the final chapter has been written, with the awareness and satisfaction that these precious and countless 'magic moments in time' can be revisited whenever the desire beckons us to do so."

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Date: 11 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Afterthefall
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Y'know, I like [Arrival] more now than I did upon its release.

"It's unfortunate the band did not get the radio play or support it should have gotten. The poor sales are not reflective of content -- rather of visibility.

"I dig the new Red 13 material -- but ultimately it is only 4 songs. I hope that a new direction is just the band truly wanting to flex new muscles, instead of a knee-jerk reaction to the percived 'failure' of Arrival. In other words 'they didn't respond to that sound, so we better go in a new direction quick...'

"Journey is Journey and the way they sound is what keeps me a fan (different, but always melodic) No other band has the polished versitily and combined skill that they have.

"The last half of Arrival (japanese version) is the sound I would really like to see an Augeri-fronted Journey pursue: particularly 'Kiss me Softly'--in AC classic that no one got the chance to hear.

" 'Live and Breathe,' 'I'm not that way,' 'To be alive again,' and 'We Will meet again' are all strong and varied sounds that close out the album in a solid, confident fashion.

"Red 13 is good--but it lacks the melody and immediate hooks that the best of Journey's canon all exhibit.

"So keep with the raw, adventurous explorations of Red 13--but maintain the hooks and classic melodies from Arrival--and the rest of Journey's popular catalogue."

Date: 12 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: RomanticGuy22
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Open Arms was released 21 years ago. When I heard the song for the first time in 1983 at the age of 4 little did I know that this song would in a sense become the song for my love life to a person. I just want to share this story. At the same time my thanks go out to Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain for writing such special songs even more thanks to Steve Augeri who sings that song so beautifully.

Back in 1997 in high school I met the girl who I think is my soulmate. We went through an ugly break up in 2000. Summer of 2001 we tried to work things out but someone kept getting in the way. In the fall of 2001 we stopped talking for good I vowed that I never ever would talk to her or want to be there for her again. I talked to her mom a few days ago. She gave my number to her. This afternoon, I spent 2 hours talking to her. I love this woman very much. I turn to her with open arms. It was the first time we spoke since October 16, 2001. It felt like nothing happened. The chemistry was still there between us. Its almost as if things had been the same. I feel in my heart after all we have been through we are going to get back together. I am sharing this story because its journey related and I hope it can touch someone. My point of the story is love is blind. People change for the better. When we got out I will dedicate open arms to her. That is our song. Journey wrote it I feel that Steve Perry/Jonathan cain wrote this beautiful song with the intent to touch as many people as possible. I thank both of those guys for writing such a beautiful song and steve augeri who brings this song to life everytime he sings it. I think that we should all forgive and forget and move on. It was hard to do that with her. She just keeps popping up in my life. I feel she is my soulmate. Its just amazing how we spoke for a few hours just laughing talking, talking about some funny moments that we have shared. OPEN ARMS is a true love song. I believe there are over a hundred different stories that are open arms related this is just one of them.

On a vh1 note Open arms should have been #1 as greatest love song."

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Date: 18 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: csmartel
Original Location: Precious Time Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Great, great [Gregg Rolie] show at Mohegan Sun [in Connecticut last night], took time to talk with me during the show, as I was front row/right sitting at his feet. Hasn't lost anything and put on a wonderful show. He took time to sign the new CD (Roots) and a couple Journey LP's (Infinity and Evolution).

Here's the set list [Edited by Jrnydv.Com]:
Goin' Home (Roots)
Love is Everything (Roots)
No One to Depend On
As the Years go Passin' By
Domingo (Roots)
Con Todo me Corazon (Roots)
dueling congos/timbales
Instrumental free-for-all
Give it to Me (Roots)
Black Magic Woman
Oye Como Va
Encore: Everybody's Everything

Although no Journey songs were played it was an honor to hear and see this man, who was having a ball himself...he looked great and healthy, and I hope you enjoy what I got, it was a honor!"

Date: 19 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Sngrchk
Original Location: VH1.Com Steve Perry Board
Post: "When you're sitting on the CEILING and Steve requests that a spotlight be put on the upper decks and it hits RIGHT ON YOUR ROW and he stands there, hand over his eyes following the spotlight and WAVES AT YOU when it hits you (because you're LOSING YOUR MIND jumping up and down like a maniac and waving), well, NOTHING beats it....and next year will be 20 YEARS since that's like it was yesterday.

Or, another time, at FTLOSM--I was standing at the foot of the stage, and he was looking at everyone in the crowd, and looked at me....and did a double-take (I'm NOT KIDDING) I don't know WHY he did, but he did.....I didn't lose my mind, either (shocking LOL).....I just looked at him, smiled, and nodded my head. There's no way that he would ever know that I was the 15-year-old sitting in Section 215 Row MM that night of the 'Frontiers' tour w/ the spotlight...but I could not BELIEVE that I was THAT CLOSE to look into his eyes that night."

Date: 20 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: kaneohegal
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Hi Everyone! I'm at work so I have to make this quick. I was going to wait until my computer at home is fixed, but couldn't resist and had to write something now. I've been a fan since 1979 when I heard 'Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'' on the radio in high school. I was lucky enough to see Journey in '83 - sat diagonally across the stage from Neal - great seats! For more than 15 years I was hoping to see Journey in concert again and finally got my wish in October. It was awesome. I am looking forward to seeing them again and again. I've been checking out this website for about a month, and, I'm not joking, but everytime I log on, after a few minutes a Journey song will start playing on my desk radio - I listen to a classic rock station. Anyway, I logged on a few minutes ago and 'Don't Stop Believin' started playing - that settled it, I had to write something! Also, here's fair warning -I've never joined a forum before, so please bear with me! Did I say this was going to be a quick intro? Sorry about that! I'm signing off now! Nice to meet everyone!"

Date: 21 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Jonny C
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Just a quick note...this past Saturday evening myself along with my 2 sons and my best friend were in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay to see Dio with Kings X and Hammerfal at the House of Blues. During intermission they were playing different songs over the PA system when all of a sudden they played Don't Stop Believin' by the Boys. Well maybe this isn't too unusual but you have to remember this was a Dio concert, kind of a heavy metal lineup with a great deal of metal heads in the audience, all of a sudden the entire crowd started singing along with the music of our boys Don't Stop Believin', it was awesome I could not believe it all these metal heads knew the entire song and did not miss a beat...who says Journey is old hat, guess not."

Date: 22 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Monker
Original Location: VH1.Com Steve Perry Board
Post: "Sony doesn't NEED Journey OR Perry any longer...TBF should have been big as the Eagles reunion. That's what Sony wanted...a HUGE profit on record sales. That is what Sony NEEDS...and what they did NOT get with TBF.

"So, why should they care about Arrival? Even with Perry it was not a huge album for them...why should they expect anything but what they got? They are not going to spend any more money on Journey. Even with Perry in the band, I doubt they would have received much support from Sony past the reunion.

"How could this influence them to get back together? It's not Journey that is keeping Perry out. Even Neal has said that he would think about doing a reunion with Perry, but only because of the $'s. Perry just isn't interested. How can the less then stellar sales of Arrival convince Perry to join the band? Are you talking about not signing Perry to a contract? Well, Perry isn't exactly trying to GET a contract either, so why should he care if Sony doesn't want him? Also, if you read what JDK says, he isn't even completely sure that Journey would get a contract even if Perry was back in the band...doesn't sound like that was Sony's goal to me.

"I just don't buy into this Sony conspiracy theory. I think you simply have Journey and Perry who don't want much to do with each other any longer...and Sony who doesn't want much to do with either of them.

"Quite frankly, I have said for YEARS that Perry did not want to be in Journey...even before the original reunion lineup with Gregg and Chalfant in the band. What Moyes said is just a bit more evidence of that.

"And, Sony DID support FTLOSM...He had a couple videos, a couple CD singles, three singles (at least) released to radio...Perry had more support from Sony for FTLOSM then Journey did with Arrival. I don't get what Moyes is saying there...How can they kill an album by promoting it like that? The truth is that people did not buy the album and it didn't get airplay despite the promotion. I also do not understand how Sony can stop Perry from touring."

Date: 23 November, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dr. Reinhard Miedl
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "So many years I dreamed of seeing Journey live on stage in Germany once in my life. Because I could not stand it any longer I took the first chance for me to fly to the USA. Now I'm sitting in my hotel room in the Aladdin and can't believe that yesterday my dream came true. Thank you for the most beautiful evening I remember and a wonderfull show. I hope to see you again."

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Date: 25 November, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: faith20yrs
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "As this year's road trip comes to an end I was reflecting on how as fans we always thank the band for being SO amazing. (Well, they are....) I just wanted to take a minute and thank Amber, Lydia, and well as the ENTIRE families of the Band Members AND crew!

"If you ever have the chance to meet up with them, they are the most gracious, wonderful people to visit with!

"They give up their husbands, fathers, brothers, etc.... Then they sit back SO patiently, and share them with us! I can only imagine the difficulty this presents them with in 'real life.'

"So thank you, and I hope that you enjoy some time together now that the tour is over."

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Date: 27 November, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Lunchbreak
Original Location: Dixie Highway of Back Talk
Post: "At the Vegas show, even though I was several rows back, the rows curved so that, being on the end of my row, I was right up to the stage on Jon's side. Before the show started I struck up a conversation with a very beautiful young Hispanic woman next to me. She explained that Journey had a special place in her heart because when she first came to the US, she learned to speak English by listening to their music. She went on to say that every time they come to town, she makes sure she sees them.

During the show, even though security was vigilant, when Steve came to our side of the stage, she and I still found a chance to get up to him and shake his hand. She grabbed his hand, kissed it, then held it tightly to her forehead! She didn't want to let go! But she eventually did, and then I was next to shake Steve's hand (a treat in itself!). When we got back to our seats, she said to me, 'Can you believe I grabbed his hand and kissed it?' She was laughing and crying at the same time!

During the show I looked at her a few times and saw tears of joy running down her cheeks. After the show was over and the lights came up, we just looked at each other and hugged. Words were not necessary.

It was just so touching to see someone experience that much happiness from Journey's music! So Steve, if you remember this young woman who didn't want to let you know the rest of the story."

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Date: 29 November, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Jrney1
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I was part of the fan club ticket program last time it was offered and was lucky enough to get two of the 50 seats for the Pittsburgh show. While I am grateful for the opportunity to get the seats, I had a few problems....

First, They were in the 7th row. I had purchased seats through ticketmaster earlier (cause they went on sale prior to the fan club seats) and gotten 2nd row. Not wanting to go to the show and run the chance of getting arrested for scalping(it's illegal in Pittsburgh), I sold them at cost thinking the fan club seats would be better or atleast 2nd row too. Sorry to say they weren't. Not a big problem....

Secondly, I had gotten to the will call window late to pick up the fan club tickets and got the chance to hear some of the comments from other "fan club" members getting their seats and backstage passes. Some were on their 3rd or 4th SET of backstage passes. Some just previously the night before. Now this kinda burns my butt. How about 'spreading the wealth'? Sure, I'd like to get backstage. I've been back there before. But now my son, who adores Journey, would like to too. This is an opprotunity that I personally feel time is running out on. Journey will not be here for 10-15 more years. That's just the way it is. We are all getting old. But to sit there and not get back stage passes while some are working on their 3rd or 4th night of getting them??? Somethings seems to be wrong there. I may be wrong, but it just doesn't seem right. Just my thought on this. I personally, don't really care one way or another anymore. I think Tyler will get to meet the band in time."

Date: 30 November, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Afterthefall
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "There's a statment from J. Cain in the new newsletter in regard to if Journey will record a new full length cd:

" 'This EP is a great idea. It’s not like making a whole album. We’ll do it again next year. I think it’s less formal. People don’t have time to listen to a whole CD anymore. At some point in time we might want to make a compilation of the best of those (EPs) then so be it. It takes a long time to make a record. It’s a huge commitment and we found that our fans really like the four-song format. They’ve got the old stuff, they’ve got Arrival where we did 15 songs.'

"I'm wondering how many fans are honestly in agreement with this statement. Invariably, there will be those who will say 'Any Journey is good Journey, I'll take what I can get...4 songs or 11, I don't care, etc.'

Well, I do care, and I'd rather see a new full length CD over another EP, or series of EPs. Granted, there is nothing wrong with an EP. Many big bands have released several, and this is only Journey's first. It's a welcome experiment; not only to explore the new direction, but also distribution and the managing of their own label. It makes sense for them in the age of Napster-esque sites on the web to do this themselves and have more control as well as a larger profit margin. In a nutshell: it's fun--but not as a long-term change of format.

"As a fan, I disagree that people just don't have time to listen to full cd's anymore. On the contrary, Journey is one of the few bands that are varied and talented enough to produce a disc you can listen all the way through without having to switch can just 'let it play.' The EP feels like a nice burst of controlled energy that you wish was sustained for a few more songs. You keep hitting 'repeat' because there are only four and the songs get burned out a little quicker, I believe.

"Arrival is a great, underrated record. Particularly the second half. But it is also, in places, too close to the 'Perry era.' I am excited by the experimental, adventurous sound of Neal, Jonathan and Ross reclaiming the Journey sound on Red 13 (with Deen and Steve's help.) I feel for the band to TRULY realize the potential of THIS incarnation--they need to do it by galvanizing their efforts on a NEW full length cd that blazes. To instead disperse that focused energy on a series of EPs does not excite me as a fan.

"This is not meant to be controversial...ask yourself a very simple question, and try not to qualify it. As hard core should go without saying that all of us will be happy with whatever we can get in any capacity in regard to new music from these gentlemen."



Date: 01 December, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: Cheryl
Original Location: Journey Digest Mailing List
Post: "[If elected to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame] I think that all of the guys have the class to get up there and accept the award, even perform together without making a scene...after all that would be about the 'entire' history/band...not just one member being focused on...they deserve to be there but I doubt it will happen, took them forever to get a grammy nomination and they had plenty of songs that were grammy material, 'Faithfully', 'Open Arms' come to mind right off the bat. Happy Holidays!"

Date: 02 December, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: rustygreen
Original Location: The General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "It's been sometime since I started a thread so here goes nothing, or should I say something.If you met someone who never heard of Journey and they wanted to know what album they should buy that would best show them what Journey was all about, what album would that be and why? Now to make it tough. No box sets, no greatest hits and/or best of and no live albums. My Pick: Trial By Fire This album was the end of something and the start of something all at the same time. It was to be the last album with SP but if recorded today with SA it would be just as great. I believe Arrival in some ways could have been a second part to Trial By Fire. Although still with Sony at that time I see a bridge from Arrival to Red 13. Most people say that Red 13 is this new direction but I see it only as an extension. The songs on Red 13 scream Journey all through it. I look at this way; Arrival is Journey with their clothes on and Red 13 is Journey with their clothes off. If you really listen to Red 13 it sounds a bit like Arrival but would not be possible without Trial By Fire.So if it were someone who never heard of Journey....Trial By Fire is the one. From there it's easy to move backward and forward."

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Date: 04 December, 2002
Editor: gumonmyshoe27
Author: onthefritz
Original Location: Precious Time of Back Talk
Post: "Red 13 is about hope, faith, and love. The lyrics are inspirational. But I see no mention for Perry to come back in them. I do hear Steve Augeri's influences all over them though! Especially after listening to Tyketto. Steve A's his best with a great rock band! The EP rocks though."

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Date: 08 December, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Goldie
Original Location: Dixie Highway of Back Talk
Post: "[Augeri's] first public US show [with Journey] was in Louisville, in August '98. I was at both, Louisville & Detroit. Let me say I was very skeptical going into the Louisville show, but was won over in the first few notes. Then in Detroit, we had a guy sitting in front of us who was very skeptical. We kept telling him he had nothing to worry about, but he still was worried. That is until he heard the first few notes. I can still picture him turning around to us & giving us a high 5.

"Steve's performance at those shows totally captured us. The only difference between then & now is how much more confident he is onstage, how comfortable he is with the rest of the band & they with him & how much more fun they seem to be having right now."

Date: 09 December, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Bonnie
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Have you seen Steven Tyler lately? He looks like he's been rode hard 100 miles... (and, I love that band!)

"And then look at Mick, and Richard...(but don't look at Jon and Richie)!

"Our guys look great, dont' they? They are fit and healthy, wealthy and happy...go JOURNEYMEN!

"We love the way you rock and the way you look!"

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Date: 11 December, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: kcnasterpiece
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "[I] am a 51 year old man who has loved music ever since my father introduced me to Glenn Miller, jazz, and big bands in my early childhood. When I was old enough to start listening to my own music, I discovered my loves, likes, and dislikes. I can remember when I had my first albums:to those of you who don't know what that is, it was a vinyl platter that you had to move the arm of the turntable to put it on the song you wanted to hear. I still have many of those albums and every now and then pull them out. What I discover is that the songs I liked the most were more worn than the rest. My point here is that music is a very personal thing. Go into any record (that's an old person's term)store and you will discover row after row of different artists, styles, sounds, etc.

"In the late 70's and 80's I listened to Journey on the radio. I had my likes and dislikes even then. If I didn't want to listen, I changed the channel. I didn't even know who the band members were, just that I liked the music.

"I became connected with Journey in 1999 at the ripe old age of 48. On my birthday, My wife and I went to a concert to see Billy Squire, Foreigner, and Journey. Actually, we went to see Foreigner because my wife had always liked them and it reminded us of when we dated and the early years of marriage. However, something very magical happened that night. When the first bars of "Separate Ways" started both my wife and I felt something inject some life and spirit in us that continues to grow today. I have since seen Journey live 5 times since then. I embrace this band because of their music and their performance presence. I know no other line-up live except the current members. To listen to classic Journey on the radio is not as fulfilling for me as to watch Journey 2001, listen to Arrival or Red 13. By the way, I have not embraced Red 13 as some's a personal thing.

"Because of my wife's total dedication to Journey, I have learned more about the history, turmoils, success, and personal insights. Quite frankly, I don't really care anymore about what "happened". What I care about is today and how these extremely talented musicians made a decision to keep the JOURNEY alive and well today. Do I care if they ever hit #1 again? It's a resounding NO! It's a personal thing...what touches me...touches me. I am not arrogant enough to feel that my opinions and my thoughts about who plays, what they play, where they play, should be discussed in a forum setting. I am not right and you are not wrong.

"My love of music has caused me to listen to countless debates about
1. Old Beatles vs New Beatles sound
2. Sammy vs. Dave
3. BeachBoys with/without Brian Wilson
4. Jefferson Airplane/Starship with/without Grace Slick
5. REO with/without Gary Richrath
6. Doobie Brothers McDonald sound vs. Johnston sound

"Quite frankly, it annoys's a very personal thing. I know what I like and what I don't like. If I don't like it, I punch in something different (New technology..this old dog has learned new tricks)or I ignore it. I don't debate it.

"I have posted very seldom here, because there are so many discussions of old vs. new it takes away from what is a very personal thing. I respect others feelings and opinions however, when those feeling and opinions are expressed with the intent of changing mine, I object.

"I have been extremely blessed in my life to have met some very special people including politicians, athletes, and entertainers. I must say that with all whom I have met and talked to, these peers (age relevant), meaning the current Journey, are the most humble, genuine, and thoughtful of them all. It's a very personal thing.

"I want to say, finally, that this year has been very special for my wife and I. We have gone through some difficult times. However, music has sustained us. The music of Journey both past and presnt has touched us deeply. I am forever indebted to those who have come, gone, and are present for their magical sound that has touched me deeply. I have watched bands come and go. This band remains and I am extremely grateful for the decision to keep the Journey continuing. Thank you to all who make it possible, staff, road crew, moderators, web site managers, and especially, Steve, Ross, Neal, Deen, and Jonathan.

"Happy Holidays to all


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Date: 13 December, 2002
Editor: Andrea86
Author: Dedee
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "With the help of my passion for writing, that the band awakened and nourished many years ago, and by surrounding myself with the music's magic, I'm managing to beat the holiday madness and rediscovering the peaceful beauty of the Christmas spirit. Happy holidays to all Journey fans!

"Journey Bells

"Posting at Back Talk, in the morning and at night
Watching what we say, avoiding costly fights
Sharing inner thoughts, with all die-hard fans
We're pouring out our hearts and souls, while praising our dear band

"Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing
Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing

"Attending summer shows, embracing forum friends
Beneath a moonlit sky, the magic never ends
We gather memories, then handle them with care
Knowing twenty years from now, they'll bring us back there

"Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing
Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing

"We get an extra smile, when Stevie types a post
We're thankful that he's young, and hasn't turned to toast
He's energized our band, while wrapping us in love
The angels cry each time he sings, then thank him from above

"Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing
Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing

"If you once adored, the music you heard
Haunting melodies, and captivating words
Why don't you climb onboard, then stay close by our sides
There's no greater feeling than, a heart bursting with pride

"Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing
Journey bells, Journey bells, may they always ring
Oh what happiness we find in the songs we often sing


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Date: 16 December, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: Hamlet
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "I just got my CD in the mail today! I am playing it right now. If you don't have this...You should get the CD! It is so wonderful. Jonathan has done a great job with the Pleasant Valley Singers. All proceeds from sales of this CD go to the Pleasant Valley PTA! Awesome project for a great cause."

Date: 17 December, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: augerifan
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Of course, I think [Augeri] did a great job on both [Tyketto] CDs. If you listen to Take out and Served Up Live you can hear the Stevie-live personality showing through...and I think you will find it is very similiar to the one we know now! I can tell he has developed his vocal range since then but I think both those CDs show off the fact that he has a lot of depth both in his vocals and in writing abilities. I asked him before about performing those songs again and he told me that it was doubtful but he has learned to never say 'never'."

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Date: 19 December, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: LAWoman
Original Location: MelodicRock.Com Journey Message Board
Post: "I don't think any Journey fan hates Perry. Perry is not the one who keeps criticizing every move Journey makes. Perry is not the one who keeps posting ridiculously mean things about Neal all over cyberspace. I've never hear Perry make one comment about Steve Augeri. Perry actually seems to be content Journey's current situation and in the interviews I've read he even wished them well and said everyone was doing what they felt they had to do. Perry obviously signed legal agreements so that Journey could go on in the current formation.

It is the radical Perryheads who seem to have issues. There are a select few Perry fans who seem to believe the world should have stopped when Perry had medical issues. I think they are the ones who should grow up and realize life goes on."

Date: 20 December, 2002
Editor: I'llBeAlrightWithJourney
Author: PKRBKR
Original Location: General Forum of Back Talk
Post: "Nice to hear [that over 4,000 people were in queue to download Red 13]. On the downloading front, I say the artist should let its fans download their songs from their own websites for a minimal fee."

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